ICONIC Gauntlet
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ICONIC Gauntlet

Some quick hitting notes regarding the Gauntlet match for the HOTv Championship.

First…some housekeeping…The LSD Champion was always meant to kick off this match versus the HOTv Champion but seeing as I have not signed anyone named “Vacated” yet I will do the next best thing and give Mr. Greatest LSD Champion of all time Jace Parker Davidson the absolute HONOR of starting off the ICONIC GAUNTLET with a shot to win the vacated LSD CHAMPIONSHIP.

Oh by the way……Yes, I heard what you said last night Jace and I know you want Solex and if you beat Solex you want your hands on me….blah blah fucking blah. I will meet you halfway. I will give you Solex to kick off the ICONIC GAUNTLET match and if you make it all the way till the end and come out the winner I will gladly walk down that ring by myself and you can set my ass on fire for all I care.

So with that said…..Jace Parker Davidson will take on Steve Solex to kick off the ICONIC GAUNTLET. The winner will then take on Jackson Cooley. The winner OF THAT will face Scottywood. The winner OF THAT will be crowned the LSD Champion and will then take on John Sektor to kick off the remainder of the ICONIC GAUNTLET.

The rest of the ICONIC GAUNTLET order will be random entry. We go until only one man is left.

So to summarize for the skimmers and idiots….

This match is not just for the HOTv Championship anymore. The first four men will compete for the LSD Championship before meeting John Sektor. After that the HOTv Championship is on the line in every other fall after that.

Yes, we will be alternating which Championship is on the line all the way until we hit the final two. Should be VERY interesting.

I hope you are happy Jace. I have given you what you wanted…..a chance to go thru the last of the Final Alliance and if you SOMEHOW do that…..I will meet you in the middle of that fucking ring and you will get your ass kicked by an old ass two time cancer survivor. Hope your ability to COPE has improved.

Good luck to the rest of you cunts and may you tap quickly when you go head to head with the GOLD STANDARD and THE MACHINE of HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING….

John Fucking Sektor.