Happy New Years from the Stevens Dynasty
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Happy New Years from the Stevens Dynasty

We here at HOWrestling.com caught up with the former HOW World champion, Scott Stevens, as he was getting ready to return back home to Texas.

When asked about his medical status, since the last time we saw him he was bleeding like a stuck pig.

“I have a migraine the size of the Grand Canyon and a cut filled with stitches the size of Texas. I have no concussion thankfully, but with the upcoming break I have the proper time to heal and recover.”

When asked about his thoughts about ICONIC and his match.

“I thought  the show was incredible. Ward and Townsend show why they tear the house down every time they battle one another. The gauntlet match was absolute chaos in the best way possible. Jace proved why he is not only the workhorse of HOW, but it doesn’t matter what division he participates in he is great at them all. Sektor continued his dominance as the HOTv champion and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a another championship on his other shoulder in the near future.”

“As far as my own match, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t walk out the champion, but it wasn’t meant to be so that means I’ll have to work harder and try to capitalize on the next opportunity whenever it presents itself.”

When asked about facing Jatt Starr and Mike Best.

“They both brought their absolute best that night. If this is truly Jatt Starr’s last match not just in HOW, but wrestling in general, he proved he still had it and belonged in the Main Event of ICONIC as he put on a performance of the ages. Mike showed that fire and desire that has been missing for a long time and hopefully it continues in his latest reign at the top, but if it doesn’t I’ll be happy to run it back with him inside of the ring whenever we return to television.”

When asked about his contract status.

“Look, it’s no secret all of our contracts expire at the stroke of midnight. However, I’m sure I’ll be hearing from Lee in the next day or two with a substantial offer. If not, it’s not like I won’t have offers coming in, but in the mean time, I’m going to enjoy my time off and spend some quality time with the family.

From myself, Lisa, Jason, Junior, Emma, Cary, Ricky, George, and Bo,

The Stevens Dynasty wishes everyone a safe and Happy New Year.”