Fatherly Thoughts…
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Fatherly Thoughts…

Ah Michael….where do I begin?

Do I start with the fact that you don’t even know the schedule for the very company that you are the Champion of? There is literally ONE page called SCHEDULE.

Do I start with the fact that you SELFISHLY, which is a known character trait of yours passed down by me, want me to disregard all the hard work the other guys do weekly and just cancel their PPV matches to put them in a match with you? A tactic that is clearly meant to set up the excuse for when you lose at ICONIC.

Maybe I start with the fact that you said I am the one devaluing the World Championship?

Ya…let us start there shall we.

I did NOT toss the World Championship over the side of a bridge and into a river just so you could make your own version of the belt so you could pop yourself…………….you DID that.

I did NOT use this whole PPV period to do NOTHING to promote the fact that you are taking on the PWA CO WORLD CHAMPIONS AND BEST TAG TEAM IN FOUR DIFFERENT COMPANIES IN THE FINAL MATCH ON THE FINAL SHOW OF THE YEAR…..you DID that.

But I am the lazy fuck?

Pretty cute coming from a guy that will tell EVERYONE that HOW is 50% his and yet you do less than 1% of the work to get this place running. You won the LSD Championship and didn’t do a fucking thing to promote that. You won the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP for the 11th time and you don’t do a fucking thing all PPV period other than react to what I am doing….and lets not get into the fact that you would not even know what the fuck I am doing unless I shot you a text and asked you “Did you see that?”……because you are the one that left HOW a long time ago and have never fully came back.

You couldn’t cut it anywhere else and you were working with children….actually you had NO WHERE else to go…..I welcomed you back with OPEN ARMS and what do you do…Mr. 50% guy?

Nothing. You complain and complain about how I am running the joint…but you do NOTHING to help.





Up till today I have not said one word about all the shit you been spewing….but I wont lie…you got me with that Lazy line.

Call me anything you want….but its not lazy.

Look in the fucking mirror there Son.

You have NO CLUE what is going on around you….you have no sense of how good the roster is doing without you…..because you want all the eyes on you but you refuse to even watch the show live or read about it on the webs of the intra.

Nope…Mr. 50% is clearly the 1%.

So quit playing the “you know what is best for this company” card anymore.

I am LUCKY that I have so many folks that actually give a fuck about HOW to come back and keep our roster where it is at.

The reason for the lack of new folks…or why the perception of HOW went from the BEST in the land to the WORST???

The answer is you Michael. You are the one that drives away all the talent. You and your shitty fucking attitude and gatekeeping of our industry has created such a negative energy around HOW that the REST of US that put in the WORK weekly are the ones hurt by it.

The Company cannot grow when you have killed off everything around us.

HOW is still going IN SPITE of you Michael……..not BECAUSE of you.

Let that fucking sink in.

I love you SON and when this ship finally sinks I will be standing side by side by you……but just know this……you are the problem….you used to be the solution.

PS: You didnt think I knew you were autistic?? Why do you think we do the Autism Speaks donation drive every year….you refuckingtard!!

See you in UTAh…..SON