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-Due to losing his smiley emoji, Conor Fuse is retiring from HOW effectively immediately. Conor is forfeiting the LSD Champion. Conor knows he wasn’t a good champion anyway and that belt is best served on someone who can work for it. Conor also hasn’t been cleared to wrestle in some time, since he was injured by Arthur Pleasant during a DEFIANCE show. Go figure, that dipshit used to be a second round pick.
-Conor would like to say a little more before walking away.
-Conor never took the opportunity before to congratulate Mike Best on winning the World Title once again. No sarcasm, Conor obviously considers Mike the greatest wrestler in the world. Godspeed with your dad.
-Conor Fuse will ensure the LSD Title is returned entirely in one piece, with bubble wrap and also in a glass padlocked case because Conor knows management has anxiety around titles ATM and he doesn’t want to upset anyone further.
-This being said, Conor would also like to THANK said management and Lee Best in particular. Conor Fuse entered High Octane as a joke and exits as a three time World Champion. This is absolutely nothing to piss at and Conor is extremely grateful for the opportunities he received. Lee and Conor may have their differences but Conor will ALWAYS appreciate the PLATFORM. Conor is a far better wrestler today than in 2020. He owes Lee Best and High Octane Wrestling a GREAT deal of gratitude.
-Conor Fuse is going to leave the wrestling game for now. He might walk into the ocean but rest assured, he may resurface. He ain’t killing himself over nothing unlike that weak-ass, tiny dick Stronk Godson, who Conor wishes he could murder all over again. Conor may look for Stronk Godson at the bottom of the water but he doesn’t think he will find much of anything unless there are Sonic the Hedgehog air bubbles for Stronk to be sipping on. Conor believes those are only found in SEGA games.
-Conor Fuse would like to thank Bobbinette Carey for her unwavering friendship. Conor Fuse would also like to thank his further end-of-the-asylum enemies in Jace Parker Davidson and Jatt Starr. Conor hates you both so very much. Die of gonorrhea and don’t forget to rot in hell.
-Conor doesn’t actually hate Jatt Starr. Jatt is the reason Conor won three titles. Conor would kill for Jatt, but don’t tell anyone.
-Conor doesn’t hate Jace, either.
-Conor will always celebrate being elite over entertainment and could care less what 800K looks like. He can’t control it. Neither can you.
-Conor thanks you for reading this and wishes you the best in your future endeavors.
-For the record, Conor Fuse believes he completed the High Octane game at a 97% completion rate.