A Holiday Thank You
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A Holiday Thank You

Just wanted to take a quick moment of time to say something I probably do not say enough….Thanks….to those that helped in 2023.

It has been a tough year…..the ol Big C came back and I spent a good portion of the year getting treatments for that…and now dealing with the ol Co Co.

But thru that all…..The Machine powers on…..with help as always:

Bobbinette: Thanks for powering thru your own shit and taking part in several feuds over the year. Way more than we ever thought when you came back

Hollywood: No matter what you continue to at least show up….even if at 11:59. Prob your worst year ever in the ring but your attitude behind closed doors has been welcomed.

CDL: One of the better “new” signings of 2023. Your life outside the ring has kept you from attaining championship gold but i appreciate your efforts and your willingness to help out.

Dan Ryan: Although Ive spent little time with you over the last couple months, but you continue to be a hoss in and out of the ring. I was one of the few that stood by your side as you took your medicine last year for past transgressions and you have paid me back with working your ass off all year to make it to the Main Event of the last show of the year. Dont squander it.

Zion/Stevens: As always I do not let the opinions of many dictate your positions here in HOW. You both show up and put forth effort and that is more than some that talk the loudest about you do.You both are annoying fucks there are no doubts…. but you are HOW’s annoying fucks. Everyone else needs to cope better.

Evan Ard: Never go full Catatonic and you did. No matter how fucked up your brain is you have been a vital cog in the machine as weekly you help put the shows on while often competing on the very same shows you are helping with. Massive reason for the success of HOW in 2023.

Fuse: An elite hug from me to you Mr. LSD Champion.

Jace: Your desire to rub one out to twitter porn and set folks on fire is unmatched. What also is unmatched is the amount of work you put in. You are a blister on my taint and I KNOW I am not your favorite person (drip drip drip) but man do I appreciate a hard worker and no one can deny you work hard for HOW.

Jatt Starr: Hate to see you leaving after ICONIC and I do not have enough time to talk about our 20+ years in this company together but just know there is no one rooting harder for you to leave ICONIC with the World Championship one more time than me.

Sektor: I have zero doubts you will run the gauntlet and finish 2023 as the number one wrestler in HOW. What an amazing achievement considering you only came back recently. There is no doubt you are the Gold Standard and the living embodiment of a wrestling Machine.

Townsend: I don’t necessarily like your weak ass mind when it comes to your #PREDICTABLE PPV losses but i got nothing but respect for your work in the ring. You bring your best each time and much like Ward and others you continue to provide support weekly to make sure the shows go on as scheduled. Your long term future in HOW will be in the backroom and production area and I look forward to seeing you play a part in leading HOW into a new era.

Scottywood: Your time as a FT wrestler are over. I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done over the years to make HOW what it is today. Many stand on the very foundation you helped build.  Glad to see you one more time in the ring at ICONIC.

Shane Reynolds: One of the better comeback stories this side of America. You continue to fight your inner demons and continue to stack up impressive performances. Seeing you near the top of the table since your return has been an amazing sight to behold. You are one of the most talented to ever lace them up in HOW and hopefully you have some peace with that knowledge.

Solex: You only need 3 motherfuckers in your life to count on and Solex is one of those three for me. No matter what amount of CHAOS is going on around HOW, Solex has always been able to see thru the baby soft bullshit and be there to support myself and HOW in general. He will be the one by my side when we turn the lights off eventually……..and oh by the way…..he wss the number one wrestler for over 6 months. Carrying the slack of others behind the scenes has taken away some of his sharpness in the ring lately, but there is still no one better to have by your side in a fight.

Xander Azula: Appreciate you waking up to read this….or at least the copy and paste of this someone sent you.

Zach Kostoff: I killed your dad and am killing your career before it starts. You are welcome. Cope better.

Finally, to all that helped in 2023 to keep the Machine rolling on WEEKLY, I Thank You.

Thru cancer treatments, long hours in the board room, birthdays,funerals and now the COCO…..I have not missed being the one to make sure the shows made it to air………but every name mentioned above (minus newest signings and maverick who is xpro baby shit green) helped along the way. I probably left some names off but time is short.

BUT before I go I would be remissed if I did not talk about my Family……

NOT ONE TIME in 2o23 did I get help from the Family I love so much. Apparently fresh pussy and PS5 gaming is more important usage of time when you are the other “half” of ownership and hometown Golden Boy with homefield advantage. Often I just covered for said Family and sent them an annoying text to let them know what I did so they could fast forward thru the shows and go back to what is MOAR important to them…..being a simp to a vagina and a vagina looking console. At least now I know who my three are now.

Here is to 2024 everyone!!!!!