Zion’s Comments on Chaos 050
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Zion’s Comments on Chaos 050

HOWrestling.com caught up with Darin Zion after last night’s chaos.  Zion answered the following questions we asked him:

“Michael Lee Best—

I’m so glad we got a chance to cross paths once again on Chaos 050.  It’s no secret we’re enemies, we’ve known this for 10 years.  Of course, everyone and their fuckin’ dog knew I’d stab you in the back any chance I fuckin’ got.  Hell, it was a swerve so obvious that Ray Charles, Matt Murdoch, Stevie Wonder, and Helen Keller could see it coming.  Yes, let’s get the obvious, snarky jokes out of your system Mike.  Everything always must be about Michael Lee Best.

Lee Best knew I couldn’t keep a fuckin’ secret.  I merely was the appetizer to the main course of the plans he unleashed for such an ungrateful fuckin’ son.  You deserve everything that’s coming to you, bastard.

You didn’t appreciate the offer your father gave you to sit at the right hand of his throne.  But I did appreciate him.  I appreciate everything Lee Best has given me over the past 10 long years.  He’s been patient, kind, loving, and merciful.  Unlike my real father, Lee gives me the order and structure I’ve needed for years.  He’s shown me the light.

I thank him for being such a great father to me.  Sure, I might not be related to him by DNA.  He hasn’t officially adopted me.  But I’ll treat him like the father I truly never had.

So, if you don’t want his wonderful gift to you—I had no problem with taking it and doing my part like a good son would do.  The father giveth and the father taketh away.  His punishments are just.

Just remember Michael, you brought this upon yourself, NEEEEEEEERD!”

We asked him why he didn’t want to wait until the next show to give answers:

“Simple!  Why do the plebs deserve an answer via a segment.  Everyone and their dog waits a week, markets themselves up and shares their stuff in a cute little promo.  My father, GOD himself, demands the plebs full attention.  You should not only give Lee your eyeballs every week for the greatest wrestling product out there.  You need to give him all your clicks and attention too.  My father demands your attention 24/7/365 and not a moment less.  He doesn’t deserve anything less than that.”

His thoughts about Stevens getting a jacket:

“It’s Lee Best’s call on who gets a jacket and who doesn’t.  It’s none of my business to talk shit about who he gives these fine looking jackets too. It’s obvious Lee is rewarding his most loyal people. After all, Stevens and myself have never strayed from HOW.  Those who have any issues with what occurred on television this week–well–they’ll be #muted by myself.  All the haters enjoyed my suffering and plight over the years.  Instead of sitting back like these worthless plebs and nerds.  It’s time to dish out my pent up frustrations as GOD’s justice to the world.  You’ll all see.”

When asked for any final thoughts, Darin Zion stormed off and gave us the middle finger after screaming “More to Come” and “T-T-F-N, LOOOOOOOOSERS”