XPRO set to visit High Octane Wrestling
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XPRO set to visit High Octane Wrestling

Chicago, IL – High Octane Wrestling (HOW) is set to welcome the spirited athletes of XPRO Wrestling to The Best Arena for tonight’s Chaos 048 event.

The XPRO wrestlers’ presence tonight is a gesture of solidarity with their fellow competitor, Drew Mitchell, as he prepares for a demanding match within the confines of a steel cage. This encounter is one of many exhilarating matches scheduled for the evening, but it stands out for the sheer determination and grit that both competitors will need to bring into the match to secure victory.

Beyond the night’s competitive agenda, the XPRO delegation is also scheduled to engage in a pivotal meeting with Lee Best, the Architect of HOW. The discussion will revolve around the strategic planning of XPRO’s 2024 schedule, highlighting the ongoing commitment to growth and excellence within the organization.

As the community of wrestling enthusiasts converges on The Best Arena, the anticipation for the evening’s lineup, especially as the road to ICONIC begins, is palpable. This event is pivotal to the vibrant future of XPRO Wrestling as it continues to evolve under the HOW umbrella.

For more details on tonight’s Chaos 048 event and updates on the XPRO schedule, fans are encouraged to check in with Penny Lane, our resident head of public relations.