World Champion Responds To Last Night’s Events
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World Champion Responds To Last Night’s Events

On an early morning call, a groggy Michael Lee Best spoke with staff regarding the events at the end of last night’s Monday Night Chaos. Speaking through a mouthful of local muffins, the HOW World Champion was clearly irritated even a good night’s sleep removed from the main event.

Spoilers inbound for those who have not yet caught the replay of the show:

”Yes, I’m fucking annoyed.” Best said. “I’m annoyed that Scott Stevens got TV time. I’m annoyed that the most predictable thing that could have happened happened, right after I talked about how predictable everything was. Shout out to Rhys Townsend, your nickel for that copyright is in the mail. But mostly, do you know what I’m annoyed about? I’m annoyed that we’re having an entire non-feud over a fucking jacket that means SO LITTLE that now Zion and Stevens are wearing them. It’s becoming a joke.”

Continuing to speak with a full mouth, the champion went on to speak about his new championship and the overall build to ICONIC:

”Oh yeah, he kept that belt off TV as much as he could.” Michael lamented. “Live crowd saw how beautiful that belt is. Fans at home are gonna have to wait a week. Nothing like hearing all week via passive aggressive text that you’d better show up with a belt on Monday, just to have it censored off television. Lee Best is a millionaire who should be a billionaire, but lately this motherfucker seems like he’d struggle to manage a Walmart.”

The elephant in the room remained, though. After making a wager with his father for this week’s main event, the champion finds himself on the losing side after being turned on by Darin Zion.

“I’m a man of my word.” Best confirmed. “I won’t use the knee for the remainder of the year. It’s the strongest weapon in my arsenal, and now I won’t have it going into the biggest PPV of the year. But as you’ll learn when you see my beautiful new World Chanpionship… I rarely throw something into the garbage without a replacement already in the chamber .”

Best ended the call with a reminder that Darin Zion is so thirsty for the World Champion’s piss that he’d drink it from the hose and pay a cover charge. His words. Not ours.