Former Final Alliance Member Comments On Chaos 50
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Former Final Alliance Member Comments On Chaos 50

After all the events which happened at Chaos 50 our intrepid reporters at have been reaching out to the roster to gather their opinions. Yesterday afternoon we caught up with Evan Ward to get his thoughts as a former member of the Final Alliance:

What the hell’s up with the Alliance? Back when I joined it was all “THIS is the FINAL Alliance, it is now COMPLETE!” And I’m sure many would agree. There was never a better version of the Alliance than that. Then, for reasons completely beyond my comprehension, they all turned on me and kicked me out and since then it’s all gone to pot. Those jackets used to mean something, they used to be a symbol of prestige, the best of the best… now Lee’s giving them out to whichever hobo he trips over on his way to the arena! What’s it being called now, FinalAlliancev2.5_Revision_3_Final_2ndDraft_Final.jpg?

The new Alliance members think they’re sooooo special having those cheap, mass produced jackets, but did they even pay any bloody attention to the show last night? They’re just cheap knockoffs of the real thing. It’s like Solex and Dan said “Daddy Best, we want new Final Alliance members!” to which he said “Fuck off, we’ve got new Final Alliance members at home!” The Final Alliance Members at home: Those two dweebs. They’re Final Alliance from TEMU. Since I got booted, America got kidnapped and STRONK copped it, the Final Alliance has lost a lot of its intimidation factor as its numbers were depleted. These two joining, though, have reduced it even further. Honestly, it’s devaluing the brand to hell. 

Whatever, though, it’s not my problem, congratulations to Bozo The Clown and Kid Kostoff on finally living your dream of gaining relevance by joining the Final Alliance. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Our reporter had to correct Evan Ward that it was actually Scott Stevens and Darin Zion who joined the Final Alliance, to which he had just a single line response:

Fuck me, that’s even worse!

We followed up asking for his thoughts on the actions of his pay-per-view opponent, Rhys Townsend, interferring in his match against the up and coming Drew Mitchell:

First he puts my head through a door, next he costs me a match against a dude who doesn’t know how to tie his boot laces, let alone a collar-and-elbow tie-up? Fuck Rhys Townsend. Don’t worry, he’ll get what’s coming to him in Denver. He better watch his back against Azula. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got a table booked at this niche German restraunt where I’m eating an acquaintance for lunch.

Once again our reporter could not stop themselves from correcting him, suggesting he meant to say “meeting an acquaintance for lunch.”

I said what I said. Now would you kindly fuck right off?

There you have it, folks, Evan Ward’s thoughts on the current Final Alliance situation and a threat against the man he’ll face at ICONIC. Be sure to tune in to Chaos 51 at the Ball Arena in Denver, this Monday.