Darin Zion responds to Evan Ward
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Darin Zion responds to Evan Ward

The Final Alliance’s newest toy, Darin Zion works on every holiday, including Thanksgiving weekend.  Darin Zion received Evan Ward’s letter to HOW’s complaint department.  Darin Zion has penned the following response that HOWrestling.com has released to the public:

Dear Mr. Ard—

You talk too much.  I liked you better when you sat and spun around in your wheelchair.  Please go back to that version of you.  That was when you peaked.


HOW’s Complaint Department and GOD’S FAVORITE NEW SON

When pushed to for more comments about Evan Ward’s comments, Darin Zion simply responded back with BEEP!  BOOOOP!  BOP!  BEEP!  BEEP!