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We’re greeted by a visual in front of a large building. The words “EARLIER TODAY” are prominent in the corner of the screen. A middle-aged woman stands in front of the large building. She’s dressed in business casual attire but it looks like she’s been through some sort of ordeal. She holds her glasses in one hand and uses her free hand to wipe the sweat from her brow. As the camera pans back we can see the parking lot where several police vehicles can be seen scattered around. People off in the distance look on and speculate between each other over what the situation is.

After a few moments, one of the police officers on the scene begins to walk up to the middle-aged woman who is fussing over her hair and clothing. The officer gives a reassuring smile before speaking.

Officer: Are you Mrs. Howard?

Middle-aged Woman: Doctor Howard, yes.

The woman corrects the officer with a certain sense of pride in her tone.

Officer: My apologies, Doctor Howard. You work in that building behind us, correct?

Doctor Howard: That is correct.

Officer: And you’re familiar with the individual that caused the disturbance here today?

Doctor Howard nods her head.

Doctor Howard: Yes, he is a patient of mine.

Officer: Patient?

Doctor Howard: I am a psychiatrist and the person you are talking about is one of my patients. I was in the middle of a session with him before everything just went sideways.

Officer: Can I get a statement from you about what exactly happened?

Doctor Howard lowers her head and sighs. She takes a moment to compose herself before raising her head.

Doctor Howard: I don’t make a habit of reporting things that happen with my patients. However, I can say that sometimes when a person deals with the death of someone that hold dear. It can be hard for them to mourn properly, and express their emotions in a healthy manner.

Officer: Your patient recently had to deal with the death of someone? Was it a family member?

Doctor Howard: It was a dear friend. Someone that he considered as close to family as one can get without actually being related.

The officer has a notepad and pen in his hands. He begins jotting down the information before speaking again.

Officer: So, this person has been trying to cope with the death of a friend and then he just snapped?

Doctor Howard: Not exactly…

Officer: Okay, so what did happen then?

Doctor Howard: My patient was fully aware that he was having problems dealing with the loss. Which is why we’ve been meeting once a week since it happened. He was spiraling deep into a maniac behavior. I was trying to talk him into taking medication to help calm himself and his mind.

Officer: And that pissed him off?

Doctor Howard: No, it was when he got a notification on his phone that things escalated. He checked the message and that’s when he as you put it… ‘snapped.’

The officer keeps writing on the notepad.

Officer: Do you know what was in this message?

Doctor Howard: No, I do not. All I know is that once he read the message, he shot up to his feet and started screaming.

Officer: Screaming what exactly?

Doctor Howard: It was hard to make out a lot of it. Something to do with a bald son of a bitch and the fact that he’s not dealing with a stepmother or some kind of parental trauma. He had been taken over by rage and was destroying my office with his bare hands. He even flipped over my desk, so, as you can imagine. It was quite an intense situation which is why instead of listening to what he was screaming, I called 911.

The officer finishes writing on the notepad before placing it in his pocket.

Officer: Are you looking to press charges for what happened and for the damage done to your office?

Doctor Howard shakes her head no and takes her glasses off again.

Doctor Howard: As fearful as I was for my well-being, I know my patient was in extreme distress. I am not going to press charges on him. I just want him to cool off and be able to get the help that he needs. I’m sure we can work out an agreement on compensation for my office furniture.

Officer: Thank you for your cooperation, Doctor Howard. We have your phone number and will get in touch with you once everything has been processed.

Doctor Howard nods her head and smiles. The officer turns and walks away before speaking into the com on his shoulder.

Officer: The suspect has been arrested and placed into custody. We had a hell of a time getting him down and getting a pair of cuffs on him. He’s a big, strong fellow but there are no charges being pressed at this time.

A voice from the com speaks up.

Voice: Do we have an ID on the suspect?

Officer: Yes, the last name is Davidson. Jace Parker Davidson is the full name. He’s in transit on the way to the station as we speak.

Voice: 10-4.