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This is a FORMAL invitation to join ME, Conor Fuse, you’re most lovable and adorable BRAND NEW Champion in the ring on Chaos 43 from Norfolk, Virginia! Since I have evolved beyond my former gaming ways, please be respectful of the following requirements:

-grown-ups only
-no Best’s allowed
-dress code in effect: white-tie creative formal (may accept the use of a 97red tie instead)

Light snacks and refreshments provided. High class options only, no more Cheetos and shit like that. Menu included but not limited to: crêpes suzette, coxinha, yukhoe, gruyere and crab palmiers, coconut rum cake pops, rustic tuscan pepper bruschetta, crispy sriracha spring rolls, gentleman’s whiskey bacon jam, tzatziki shrimp cucumber rounds, pineapple salmon mousse canapes, Moroccan stuffed legalized mushrooms, poutine apricot-glazed bacon spirals, maple syrup crab crescent triangles, and anything else with bacon, prolly.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, September 13th before 8pm because I usually watch other shit then and I’ll have to order the appetizers the following morning.


PS. There will be cake. Obvi.