The HOG: Chaos 045
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The HOG: Chaos 045

As the wrestling community gears up for High Octane Wrestling’s Chaos 045, the air is thick with anticipation. The card is stacked, the rivalries are heated, and High Octane Gambling—the definitive sportsbook for HOW aficionados—has just dropped the gambling odds. This week’s event is especially noteworthy for its six-man tag team match, featuring some of the biggest names in HOW, and another HOTv Championship defense.

Scott Stevens vs. Drew Mitchell: The Quest for Redemption

Scott Stevens is out for revenge after last week’s loss to Drew Mitchell. High Octane Gambling has set the odds at +300 for Stevens and -400 for Mitchell. Mitchell is the favorite, but Stevens’ burning desire for a win could be the game-changer.

Evan Ward vs. John Sektor: The HOTv Championship Showdown

The 14th-ranked Evan Ward is set to challenge the 6th-ranked John Sektor for the HOTv Championship. Sektor, the current titleholder with an undefeated 5-0-0 record, is the clear favorite. High Octane Gambling has set the odds at +250 for Ward and -350 for Sektor. The sportsbook is confident that Sektor will defend his title, but Ward’s underdog spirit might just defy the odds.

The Locker Room vs. The Final Alliance: The Six-Man Tag Team Spectacle

This is a six-man tag team affair that promises fireworks. World Champion Conor Fuse leads one team, flanked by Xander Azula and Zach Kostoff. They will battle The Final Alliance, featuring PWA Tag Team Champions Dan Ryan and Jatt Starr, along with Steve Solex. The star power in this match is off the charts, and High Octane Gambling has the team led by the World Champion as heavy underdogs at +500 while The Final Alliance comes in with a -700 price point.

Bobbinette Carey vs. Mike Best: The David vs. Goliath Duel

Bobbinette Carey, ranked 10th, faces an uphill battle against top-ranked and LSD Champion Mike Best. High Octane Gambling has set the odds at +400 for Carey and a jaw-dropping -600 for Best. The HOG is banking on Best to continue his reign, but Carey’s resilience could be the wild card.