The HOG: Chaos 042
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The HOG: Chaos 042

The wrestling universe is abuzz as Chaos 042 looms on the horizon. With a card that promises to deliver high-octane action, the stakes are higher than ever. But what are the odds? Let’s delve into the intricacies of the matchups, spiced up with some historical context that could tip the scales.

The Standings: A Quick Recap

  • Mike Best: LSD Champion, 7-0-0, 21 points
  • Dan Ryan: 7-1-0, 20 points
  • Steve Solex: 7-4-0, 17 points
  • Stronk Godson: World Champion, 5-0-0, 15 points
  • Conor Fuse: 5-2-0, 13 points

Source: High Octane Wrestling Standings

The Odds for Chaos 042:

Conor Fuse vs. Stronk: World Championship Match

Odds: Stronk -150, Conor Fuse +130

Last year at Rumble at the Rock, Conor Fuse defeated Stronk in an Infirmary Match that left fans believing Stronk had suffered a fatal heart attack. This shocking turn of events adds a layer of unpredictability to the odds.

Xander Azula vs. John Sektor: High Octane Television Championship Match

Odds: John Sektor -500, Xander Azula +400

Sektor is the clear cut favorite, but Azula’s underdog status could make for an interesting bout. The Gold Standard of HOW continues to solidify his HOTv Championship run.

Dan Ryan vs. Evan Ward: Singles Match

Odds: Dan Ryan -250, Evan Ward +200

Dan Ryan, one-half of the Tag Team Champions with Jatt Starr, is seemingly feuding with Rhys Townsend and Evan Ward. At Chaos 042, Ryan faces off against Townsend’s tag team partner, Evan Ward, adding extra spice to this already rivalry that is heating up with each passing week.

Steve Solex vs. Charles de Lacy

Odds: Steve Solex -180, Charles de Lacy +160

Though Solex and de Lacy have never met in one-on-one action, they did participate in a fatal four-way a few weeks ago. Conor Fuse emerged victorious in that bout, securing his World Title shot against Stronk at Chaos 042. At Chaos 042 these two men meet where Solex looks to get back in the winning column while de Lacy continues to carve out an impressive resume here in his rookie year in HOW.