The HOG: Chaos 041
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The HOG: Chaos 041

As High Octane Wrestling’s Chaos 041 event nears, the High Octane Gambling sportsbook has revealed its odds for the show.

Scott Stevens vs. Brian Hollywood

Brian Hollywood emerges as the favorite at -140, reflecting his recent form in the ring. Despite a 3-8-0 record, Hollywood’s recent performances give him the edge over Scott Stevens, who holds a 1-9-0 record and -6 points.

Darin Zion vs. Rhys Townsend

Rhys Townsend stands as a heavy favorite at -170, bolstered by his strong 3-1-0 record. Darin Zion, with a 4-5-0 record, takes the position of the underdog at +150.

The Final Alliance vs. Bobbinette Carey, Jace Parker Davidson and Conor Fuse

In this six-man tag team match, The Final Alliance holds the favored position at -140. Conor Fuse, who has an impressive 5-2-0 record and 13 points, leads team Carey/JPD/Fuse, but it’s not enough to tip the odds in their favor as they take on a team led by the World Champion STRONK!

Zach Kostoff vs. John SektorĀ© (HOTv Championship Match)

John Sektor is the overwhelming favorite at -250, thanks to his impeccable 2-0-0 record and 6 points. Zach Kostoff, struggling with a 0-4-0 record and -4 points, is the underdog at +200.