Sektor at Heartland?
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Sektor at Heartland?

Blaire Moise here reporting some breaking news:

It was leaked earlier today that HOTV champion, John Sektor, has purchased tickets and is planning on attending MVW’s Pay Per View tonight, Heartland.

With tensions brewing for weeks now between Sektor and his former apprentice Adam Ellis, we attempted to reach John Sektor to ask the all important question that’s on everyone’s mind.

Is he there to confront Ellis?

Here’s what he had to say:

“Honestly I find it hilarious how everyone seems so obsessed with this so called ‘bad blood’ between me and Adam…EXCEPT, Me and Adam.

No, I’m not here to confront him or anyone. I’m here to watch a wrestling show on my week off and to potentially find some new talent for the HOTV division in HOW, seen how I have already blown through everyone contender we currently have.

I have no ill will toward Adam. He’s doing his thing…I’m doing mine.

Sorry to dissapoint you all.”

MVW Heartland is due to air alongside tonight’s episode of Chaos. If there is any more to this story we will be sure to update you all as it happens, so make sure to tune in!