Match Order for 97Red
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Match Order for 97Red

Main Event
Outback Brawl for the World Championship
Jace Parker Davidson vs. STRONK!©

Submission Match w/Boettcher as Referee
Rhys Townsend vs. John Sektor

Steel Cage Match for the HOTv Championship w/Hortega as Referee
BobbiNettie Carey vs. Shane Reynolds©

Singles Match (TRENT BARRED FROM RINGSIDE) w/Boettcher as Referee
Steve Solex vs. Evan Ward

PWA Tag Team Championship Match w/Hortega as Referee
The Alabama Gang (MVW) vs. The Final Alliance© (HOW)

HOFC Fight for the LSD Championship w/Rick Stevens as Referee
Conor Fuse vs. Michael Lee Best©