High Octane Rag Sheet: Medical Update on Ward
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High Octane Rag Sheet: Medical Update on Ward

Evan Ward, a Hall of Fame Wrestler with High Octane Wrestling (HOW), has sustained significant leg injuries during recent events, including War Games and 97Red PPVs, while wrestling against Steve Solex.

Ward himself has publicly claimed that the injuries are multiple massive breaks, but HOW’s medical team has disputed those claims. According to the medical professionals associated with HOW, the injuries sustained by Ward are indeed serious but consist of smaller fractures rather than the massive breaks described by Ward.

These injuries were first incurred at War Games and were further aggravated at the 97Red PPVs event. In addition to the leg injuries, Ward is also undergoing a recovery process from a catatonic state, a condition that has necessitated both physical rehabilitation and psychological counseling. The combination of these treatments is aimed at ensuring a comprehensive recovery for the wrestling star.

The discrepancy between Ward’s description of his injuries and the medical team’s assessment has drawn attention, but the focus remains on Ward’s well-being and recovery. HOW is fully supporting Ward during this challenging time, providing all necessary medical care and assistance. Evan Ward’s resilience and determination, coupled with the support of the HOW community, are expected to be instrumental in his return to full health and the wrestling ring. High Octane Wrestling continues to monitor Ward’s condition closely and will provide updates as they become available.

We reached out to Lee Best for comment and here is what the GOD of HOW had to say:

“Ward is a soft fuck. That is all”