Good Luck Adam Ellis?
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Good Luck Adam Ellis?

Good Morning HOW fans! We have just received this statement from the NEW HOTV champion, John Sektor, who has asked us to publish it on his behalf:

“Adam Ellis! Mi joven aprendiz! Tonight you are competing for a championship, (forgive me I didnt care to remember the name of it), against a man who the wrestling world doesnt care to remember, in a company that arguably isnt even second best to the greatest wrestling promotion of all time, HOW. I am writing to wish you Good Luck! As your former mentor and trainer I would ask you to remember that you are a reflection of ME. You were trained by one of the greatest champions of all time and if you’ve been paying attention you will have noticed that I am a champion once again. So don’t let me down and don’t embarass me.

I believe in you!

All the best..

John Sektor!”

We tried to reach out to Sektor for more narrative around the reasons he has chosen to make this statement and also the timing. Be sure to keep following as more news unfolds.