Busy week ahead…
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Busy week ahead…

This week marks the return of Scott Stevens to the main roster. The Texan wrestler, who has been honing his skills in XPRO, is set to face Charles de Lacy at the upcoming Chaos 039 event.

Though Stevens expressed some reservations about his swift return, citing a desire to reach a higher level of performance, he has embraced his role as a company man and will embark on a week-long tour. The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: A radio interview in Houston, Texas.
  • Tuesday: A public meet and greet in Dallas, Texas.
  • Wednesday: Participation in WrestleCon in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • Thursday: A radio interview in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Friday: A public meet and greet in Jefferson City, Missouri.
  • Saturday: A radio interview in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Sunday: A public meet and greet in Chicago, Illinois.

For more information on Scott Stevens’ return and to follow his tour, please tune in to PWA: TV and HOTv.