Adam Ellis Takes Shot at HOW
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Adam Ellis Takes Shot at HOW

Last night on PRIME’s ReVival 33, former HOW Tag Team champion Adam Ellis spoke out during a segment involving Nate Colton and dirt sheet scandal monger Savannah Scandal.  Scandal’s recent column contained vicious innuendo and outright lies about several members of PRIME’s roster- including Ellis and his wife Ginny Van Lear.  Adam was one of several who spoke up to Colton about her column and this is what he said…

You didn’t write the words, Nate. But you knew what she was, and you let her in here anyway. And I can’t believe that someone who grew up in the business like you would do something like that. This isn’t HOW.  This is PRIME.

Ellis had more to say in a pre-match promo before he faced Arthur Pleasant in a match last night.

Tonight’s match is gonna be different from our last encounter. There’s a big difference between the Adam Ellis who teamed up with John Sektor to defend the HOW Tag Team titles against Arthur Pleasant and JJR last April and the Adam Ellis who’s stepping into the ring tonight.  Yes, I can still feel the sting of that loss that cost us the HOW Tag Team titles.  John had an off night… and I wasn’t ready to pick up the slack.”

It’s worth noting Adam Ellis and Lee Best have been at odds with each other since Ellis chose to sign with PRIME a year ago after the Dead or Alive pay-per-view show.