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Try Harder caught up with Darin Zion at the site of Chaos 036 leaving Lee Best’s office. asked Zion the following questions:


Nearly two weeks ago, you challenged Brian Hollywood to a match at #97Red; however last week; you didn’t appear on Chaos 035 to hype the match.  Why did you fail at pushing this match forward?

Simple!  I left the ball in Brian Hollywood’s court.  I may not be the best thing HOW has to offer, but Brian Hollywood’s effort in HOW has been nonexistent as of late.  All Brian Hollywood does is grab a microphone from Blaire Moise or Brian Bare and bitch about not getting a shot at wrestling a high profile match at any HOW PPV.  He often wonders why a former HOW World Champion like himself gets left in the dust.  But I can count at least THREE different occasions Brian Hollywood’s had a secret hand out given to him.  And you know what happens?  Brian Hollywood sleeps on himself.  He fails to bet on himself.  He’s too wrapped up in his little Bourne Identity Rip Off of a life and fails to show up to the arena and fuckin’ perform.

Whereas, I show up every week.  Sure, I haven’t done anything worthwhile these days.  But honestly, I still get PPV opportunity after PPV opportunity.  I put in the GOD DAMN work every fucking week.  People may hate my fuckin’ guts–but they respect the fact I’m one persistent fuck who continues to push the MACHINE forward.

Hollywood could learn a thing two about work ethic from me.  If you want a PPV match–you gotta win sometimes and challenge a few fuckers along the way.  Sure, Hollywood’s beneath me at this time.  It wasn’t like this 7-8 years ago.  But I’m doing this fucker a favor by even wasting two weeks of my time.  If he wants his fuckin’ shot–shoot it, mother fucker.  He needs to stop chasing people like Mike Best, John Sektor, and other HOF and work on himself for a GOD DAMN CHANGE.

If he wants to chase failed tag team endeavors with Rhys Townsend and Scott Stevens, be my fucking guest.  But if he doesn’t have an answer by the time Chaos 036 goes off the air…his ass is getting left off another PPV and I’m moving onto an opponent who can APPRECIATE the opportunity I’m presenting them.  I’m sure if Brian Hollywood doesn’t have the balls to face me–Scott Stevens would.  Maybe even Zach Kostoff would step up to the fuckin’ plate.  Who the fuck knows?  The opportunities are endless in HOW.  Surely, THOSE people would appreciate the chance to get the spotlight on such a prestigious PPV.

You and Brian Hollywood used to be best friends….what happened?

We still are surprisingly enough.  Honestly, I’m offering my best friend an opportunity of a lifetime.  I could have easily picked someone like Zach Kostoff, Charles De Lacy, Scott Stevens, Scott McKlayn for a new, fresh, and exciting feud.  Let’s be real–Hollywood vs Zion’s been done to death across the indies and HOW.  Seriously, we’ve probably faced off nearly 97,970,790 times across the span of my 20 year career.  Hell, everyone on Stabber is making jokes about how unoriginal this fucking feud is.  Hell, even I wonder why the hell I’m giving this washed up hack a chance.  Everyone’s told him the same advice I’m giving him:  TRY HARDER.

I happen to agree with Mike Best’s assessment of him this week.  He’s a nice dude and his heart needs to be in this fuckin’ game.

But I know I’m the only asshole who can dish him some tough love and mean something behind it.  I’ve been the only man to pull out the best out of Brian Hollywood.

So to answer that; I am doing this 100% to help get Hollywood’s heart back into this.  I want him to understand LOVE and the LOVE HOW has for him.  I’m not doing this to break him or snub Brian Hollywood out of HOW.  That’s why I am not asking him to put his career on the line.  I’m solely doing this for the greater good of the MACHINE and the love I have for it.

So what do you have planned for Brian Hollywood on Chaos this week?

Funny enough, it’s why I was in Lee Best’s office.  Let’s just say–I’m giving Brian Hollywood some “motivation” to accept the match this week.   I went into meet with Lee and let’s just say–I’m adding some more depth to my talents here in HOW.  I’ll be out on commentary for Chaos 036 with Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell to hopeful “inspire” Brian Hollywood to accept this match.  If Hollywood fails to sink his teeth into this opportunity–well–I will have successfully called Brian Hollywood out on his bullshit these past two years in HOW.  I’m sure everyone’s tired of Hollywood whining about getting left of the PPVs and then not doing anything.  Well Hollywood…do something about it.  Cut a promo to accept the match.  Punch me in the GOD DAMN FACE.  DO A THING!  Literally!  I’m tired of carrying your ass and being responsible for you.  You’re 37 years old and it’s time to be responsible for your own god damn future.

I’ll be fair and call your shit down the middle.  But…now’s your chance Hollywood.  Stick out and be the star you claim that HOW’s missing out on.  We might be curtain jerking the damn thing, but for God sakes, guess what?  It’s a start.  Time to get out of the your baby harness and take your first steps, Hollywood.  Time’s running out.  You’ve got 48 more hours.  Hopefully when you see me on commentary–it awakens something in you.

Tune into Chaos 036 to see what happens next.