More details on XPRO….
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More details on XPRO….

The following press released was just announced on and we are making it available here as well…



July 14, 2023


We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between The SHOOT Projects’ house show touring brand, REIGN, and High Octane Wrestling’s touring brand, XPRO. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the wrestling industry, bringing together two of the most dynamic and exciting brands in the field.

The SHOOT Project, renowned for its thrilling wrestling events and talented roster, has been a staple in the industry since 2001. Its touring brand, REIGN, has consistently delivered high-energy, captivating shows that have drawn audiences worldwide.

High Octane Wrestling, a powerhouse in the wrestling world, is known for its innovative approach to the sport and its commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences for fans. Its brand new touring brand, XPRO, promises to be at the forefront of wrestling entertainment, showcasing some of the most talented wrestlers in the industry and from High Octane’s past.

This partnership will see REIGN and XPRO working together to deliver a series of untelevised events, combining their unique strengths and shared passion for wrestling. Fans can expect an unparalleled wrestling experience, featuring the best of both brands.

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting collaboration and the upcoming tour schedule.

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About The SHOOT Project

Established in 2001, The SHOOT Projects is a premier wrestling organization known for its high-quality events and talented roster. Its touring brand, REIGN, has been a fan favorite, delivering thrilling shows around the globe.

About High Octane Wrestling

High Octane Wrestling is a leading wrestling organization, recognized for its innovative approach to the sport and commitment to providing unforgettable experiences for fans. Its touring brand, XPRO, showcases some of the industry’s most talented wrestlers in exciting, high-energy untelevised events.