It Will Be A Long Time Before You See Me On Chaos Again
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It Will Be A Long Time Before You See Me On Chaos Again Digital Exclusive


Hours after Chaos has ended, we see Scott Stevens walking down the corridor of the HSBC Arena with bags in hand heading towards the parking lot when when see Blaire Moise chasing after him.

Blaire Moise: Scott! Scott!

Blaire’s shouting causes Stevens to stop and turn around.

Scott Stevens: What do you want Blaire?

Stevens rudely asks not wanting to talk.

Blaire Moise: Tough loss tonight, and I just wanted to get your thoughts on your future going forward?

The statement causes the Texan to sigh before he drops his bags on the ground and he turns his full attention towards Blaire.

Scott Stevens: Tough loss? No, tonight fucking sucked!

Stevens growls.

Scott Stevens: Another loss, another defeat, another being the fucking joke of the company.

Scott steadies himself and regains his composure before continuing.

Scott Stevens: Blaire, I know I haven’t been doing well and I know I’m at the end of my career. More importantly, I know my best hasn’t been good enough and that’s why I’m stepping away.

Scott’s answer leaves Blaire with a confused look.

Blaire Moise: Look, you don’t have to retire….

Scott stops her.

Scott Stevens: Who said anything about retiring? I was just talking about taking a break.

Blaire Moise: Maybe a break will be good for you, you know? A time to reflect and change things up.

The mere words from Blaire’s lips causes the Texan’s blood to boil.

Scott Stevens: Change things up?

Scott asks bluntly.

Blaire Moise: Yes.

Scott Stevens: I hate to break it to you Blaire, but every time I try and change things up it gets it’s legs cut out from it before it can even get started! I tried to change things by being the “Demi-God of HOW” but it was dead as soon as I said those words because the Final Alliance and Lee Best shit over it before it could fully take shape.

Blaire Moise: That’s not true.

Scott Stevens: Really? How can I be accepted as the “Demi-God of HOW” when the person I’m praising can’t take thirty seconds on a fucking show to give me a nod, a wink, or even a fucking thumbs up. Hell, I could’ve been in Evan Ward’s spot in the Final Alliance because I could’ve been a more convincing douche bag than him, but I’ll never be given that position because the Best Family has this preconceived notion of what I’m supposed to be and when I’m not the tampon eating, lonesome loser everything I do is stupid and shit on.

Blaire Moise: You’re just spewing your biased….

Scott immediately interrupts.

Scott Stevens: When I was the FIST of DEFIANCE champion I was doing things that I normally wouldn’t be doing and I was succeeding as the top guy, but it was constantly being shit on by the Best family. When I was in OCW and I wanted to stand out, I wore a mask and attacked people from behind and I collected trophies of my victims. I took a guy’s hair and from that point on in HOW and OCW, Mike Best and company proceeded to bury me as some weird hair pervert when I had nothing to do with them. Hell, I regularly compete in MVW alongside my family and we have been rather successful, but that’s because it’s the minor leagues and not “big time.” Mother fucker please! MVW has produced more successful individuals in HOW than any other company that has sent members over. How’s that for being minor league?

Stevens stops himself and picks up a piece of paper off of the floor and tosses it in a trash can.

Scott Stevens: There’s my new gimmick, “The Trash Man” Scott Stevens.

Sarcasm is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

Scott Stevens: I’m changing it up Blaire, it’s a gimmick that’ll get me over.

The Texan spews his hate as he takes the microphone.

Scott Stevens: I’m sick of the gimmicks, I’m sick of the jokes, I’m just sick of the bullshit and that’s why effective immediately I will be exclusively touring on the X-Pro House Show circuit.

Blaire Moise: Oh wow.

Scott Stevens: It seems certain higher ups don’t want me on Chaos anyway unless I’m being brought in to pad certain people’s stats and I would rather be competing in an environment against the past, present, and future of this business in front of people that want to see me give it my all without the constant bullshit criticism. However, the main thing is I can give constructive criticism to young and up and coming people in this business if they ask and not give them rhetorical bullshit that won’t work like from certain people I know.

Scott hands the microphone back to Blaire.

Scott Stevens: I’m on borrowed time Blaire, and I’d rather be doing the thing I love to do without the negativity then come to Chaos and deal with a ceiling I’ll never break through. Now, if you will excuse me.

Scott picks up his bags and heads towards the exit.