Blaire and the Machine: Split Decisions
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Blaire and the Machine: Split Decisions

Blaire Moise stands in the bustling lobby of the Melbourne Clinic, the largest private mental health clinic in Australia. The air is thick with anticipation, a palpable energy that buzzes around the room. The walls, painted a soothing shade of blue, echo with the excited chatter of patients, their voices bouncing off the polished marble floors.

First, Blaire approaches a young woman, her eyes bright behind the lenses of her glasses. She’s clutching a Bobbinette Carey t-shirt, her fingers nervously twisting the fabric. Her hair is a vibrant red, contrasting with the pale blue of her shirt. “Who are you rooting for in the upcoming match?” Blaire asks.

“Bobbinette,” the woman replies, her voice shaking slightly with excitement. “She’s been my favorite for years. I believe she can take the title from Shane.”

Next, Blaire moves towards a man leaning against a wall. He’s tall and lanky, with a scruffy beard and a Nettie shirt that seems to have seen better days. His fingers drum an erratic rhythm against his leg. “And you, sir? Are you team Bobbinette or team Nettie?”

He grins, his eyes lighting up. “Nettie, no doubt! She’s unpredictable, just like me. That’s what makes her matches so thrilling.”

A group of three friends sit huddled in a corner, their voices a low murmur in the busy lobby. They are a diverse trio – a young man with a restless energy and a shock of black hair, a woman with a serene smile and long, flowing locks, and another woman, her hands constantly fidgeting with a bracelet, her short hair dyed a rainbow of colors. Blaire approaches them, “Who do you think will win the HOTv Championship?”

The first, the young man, answers, “I think Shane will retain his title. He’s a tough competitor.”

His friend, the woman with the serene smile, disagrees, “I’m rooting for Bobbinette. She’s been in the game for so long, it’s her time to shine.”

The third friend, the woman with the rainbow hair, adds, “I’m team Nettie. She brings a whole different energy to the ring, something I can relate to.”

Blaire then turns to a middle-aged man. He’s stocky, with a bald head and a thick beard. His eyes are intense, his hands clenched into fists at his sides. “Who are you supporting in the upcoming match?” she asks.

Suddenly, the man lunges at Blaire, his face contorted with anger. But before he can reach her, two security guards tackle him to the ground. One of them quickly administers a shot, and the man’s struggles slowly cease. They drag him away, his eyes still locked on Blaire.

Blaire, slightly shaken but professional, turns back to the camera. “Well, it’s clear that the fans are divided. The anticipation for the match between Bobbinette Carey and Shane Reynolds at 97Red is palpable. Now someone get me the hell out of here.”