Bare and the Machine interview the fans
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Bare and the Machine interview the fans

Brian Bare, interviewer from High Octane Wrestling, is in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. His eyes are wide, a little too wide, and his energy is off the charts. The upcoming 97Red PPV event on August 6th, 2023, is the talk of the town, but the fans are more interested in discussing their disdain for Jace Parker Davidson. These aren’t just any fans, though. They are representatives of PETA, and they are livid.

Bare, microphone in hand and a wild grin on his face, turns to the first PETA representative, a burly man with a thick Australian accent. “Hey, buddy! What’s your beef with Davidson?”

The man’s face twists in disgust. “Davidson? He’s a bloody disgrace! Kicking DOG in the head? That’s not wrestling, that’s animal cruelty! And I heard he once used a koala as a punching bag during a training session!”

Bare, laughing a little too hard at the man’s anger, moves on to a woman in a STRONK t-shirt. “And you, darling? What’s your take?”

The woman’s eyes are ablaze with fury. “Davidson’s a coward! He’s messing with STRONK’s animal friends to get a rise out of him. But all he’s doing is making us hate him more. And it’s not just DOG and MONGO. I heard he once used a kangaroo’s pouch as a spittoon! STRONK will make him pay at 97Red, just you wait!”

Next, Bare stumbles over to a group of young PETA representatives, their faces painted in the colors of the Australian flag. “And you, kiddos? What’s your two cents?”

One of the boys steps forward, his voice shaking with emotion. “It’s just… it’s just not right, you know? MONGO was a part of the show, a part of the family. And Davidson just… just killed him. He’s a monster! And don’t get me started on the time he used a platypus as a frisbee!”

The sentiment is echoed throughout the crowd. The fans are united in their condemnation of Davidson, their voices filled with anger and disappointment. But amidst the outrage, there is also a sense of anticipation. They are eager to see STRONK take on Davidson at the upcoming 97Red event, to see justice served in the ring.

As Bare wraps up the interviews, he looks into the camera, his expression serious despite his erratic behavior. “There you have it, folks. The fans have spoken, and their message is clear. Jace Parker Davidson has crossed a line, and they’re all eagerly waiting for STRONK to set things right at 97Red. Back to you in the studio.”

Just as he finishes his sentence, a bucket of red paint comes flying out of the crowd, splattering all over Bare. The crowd erupts in cheers as the PETA representatives make their final statement against animal cruelty in wrestling. Bare, now covered in red paint, can only stare in shock as the camera cuts away.