Wrestling Fan Reported Missing After War Games
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Wrestling Fan Reported Missing After War Games

Lost in a sea of other news coming out of HOW’s annual War Games event is a report that a wrestling fan has gone missing…notably, a fan connected to the self-proclaimed REAL World’s Champion of High Octane Wrestling, Xander Azula.

The fan in question, referred to only as “Horace” by Azula, was last seen at the United States-Mexico border, where he was allegedly left behind by the Fighter on route to his arrival in Mexico City.

Azula denies these claims, though he does express a level of regret letting the fan wander off for a “potty break” as the crew were preparing to travel into the country.

With any luck, the fan will either hobble his way home or end up at the intended destination just in time for PWA-02, emanating from Arena Mexico on June 11.