News and Notes for Chaos 034
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News and Notes for Chaos 034

Some high level news and notes for tomorrow’s show:

  • The Tornado Tag Team match will be contested under NO DQ rules but the finish must happen inside the ring. Only way to win is to pin or submit one of your opponents.
  • Show is a legit sell out of 7,097 fans and is the first ever HOW event to take place in Trujillo Peru
  • We have received word that we will get another update regarding the status of Christopher America tomorrow night post main event
  • It has been leaked that although we are scheduled to hear from the returning John Sektor, it has been noted that he is NOT in South America, let alone Peru.
  • With a win and a Solex loss, Charles de Lacy will move into 2nd place in the standings. We know whoever is in the top 5 after Chaos 036 will have a shot to take on STRONK for the World Championship at Chaos 037.

Have a day assholes!