Challenge Accepted For PRIME rEvIVAL 31
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Challenge Accepted For PRIME rEvIVAL 31

As per the challenge set out by Cecilworth M. Farthington for an aerial kickboxing match at PRIME’s rEvIVAL 31 show, Michael Lee Best has reached out to the High Octane Wrestling staff to inform them that he accepts:

“Yeah, I’ll undulate. You think I’m afraid to fucking undulate? I will do assaults and kickboxing at Rev 31, and now that I have accepted this IN WRITING CHALLENGE, any attempt by PRIME to block it from happening will be absolute proof that HOW has dominated this PWA invasion. If they’re truly afraid to have the Son of God undulating all over the roof of whatever backwater pool hall is running their next event, I’ll of course understand… but I’m accepting the challenge. If it doesn’t happen, it’s because they are afraid. You heard it here first.”

And you did hear it here first.

You did.