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We here at have some updates to share as we head towards Chaos 033 this weekend.

  • Benny Newell will be at Chaos. He has some bruising and soreness but physically..he is fine after the ASSAULT by Lindsay Troy last Sunday at PWA02.
  • Lee Best had to get 13 staples to close a wound on his head due to the ASSAULT carried out by Rhys Townsend at War Games. He is said to be in “one of his moods” heading into Chaos 033 where we will see him for the first time since War Games where he will be in the ring with Jatt Starr for a special Starrgazing segment.

Finally, we still have no update regarding the whereabouts of Christopher America. There is some real concern that PWA02 could have been the last time we will see America representing HOW in any sort of wrestling capacity. All concern is on finding him as quickly as possible and unhurt. Please send ALL the positive vibes to Lee Best and the Final Alliance as they mentally try to cope with the ASSAULT on America at PWA02.