A Very Octane Father’s Day
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A Very Octane Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, HOW. 

Since I will be celebrating my Father’s Day by sonning El Hombre Blanco and capturing my fourth HOW LSD Championship in tonight’s main event, I wanted to take some time out of my afternoon to give a shout out to all the dads of High Octane Wrestling. From Steve Solex, the ultimate pro wrestling dad and a truly great friend of mine, all the way down to Scott Stevens, who is the father of all of PRIME Wrestling… happy Father’s Day, guys. 

Have a beer on me. 

Not literally, of course, I just mean that the amount of money I’ve drawn, and the success that I’ve had, is reason you all get paid as well as you do around here, so you know… don’t cheap out on yourselves. Spend that extra couple of bucks on something that isn’t piss water. 

Most of all, I’m posting this for my father. 

Lee Best. The GOD of HOW. Maybe the most underappreciated man in the history of the sport. While he might be my biological father, Lee is the consummate Father of HOW— I grew up with a man that I called Dad, but no one has ever felt sincerely like a father to me more than a man I only met in the year 2009. Kind of wild, right? Kind of wild that we’re all on this ride together, and the mastermind of it all is my fucking dad.

So thank you, Lee. 

Thank you for all that you do. You are a great friend, a great father, a great boss, and the owner of the greatest wrestling company in the world. And that comes from your SON, but it also comes from a douchebag with a red check mark on his shirt, waiting for 6PM on a Sunday. I have some Father’s Day presents lined up for you over the next couple of weeks… hope you like them.