What Does GOD and Houston Have in Common?
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What Does GOD and Houston Have in Common?

We at HOWrestling.com just received word that the GOD of HOW himself, Lee Best, will be in Houston, Texas for Chaos 31. With Lee returning on the last show before War Games we know big things are in store and we have been given permission to reveal one at this time.

On Chaos 31, in the match between Marvolo and Brian Hollywood, a special referee has been assigned to that match and the person for the job is none other than the “Demi-God of HOW” Scott Stevens.

When asked why was Stevens added to the match it was simply put that Scott Stevens is the perfect man for the job. His talents are used best when he’s inside the ring counting to three.

We also want to send word to Scott Stevens that Lee had a special message for him.

“How’s that for acknowledgement dickhead?”

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