Welcome to the Chaos…
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Welcome to the Chaos…

We here at HOWrestling.com were sent the following video earlier this week for release today……

Please see below…

“The world is buzzing as news has leaked of Raziel Reynolds next endeavor..,”

As the woman’s voice is heard in the background the view of a crowd gathering around a stage is seen, as the low voices of those gathered can be heard a man’s voice joins in narrating the scene.

“Son of tech billionaire father Marcus Reynolds and supermodel mother Parker Odelia, Raziel and his sister Alexandria have been front page news since their birth. While Alexandria has established herself as a promising young business mogul, Raziel has seemed to struggle to find his way,”

As he speaks you can see images of the siblings on the screen, the young attractive young Alexandria is often depicted in business suits and at awards ceremony while her brother Raziel is portrayed as much more of a slacker and party animal often shown topless in the midst of gorgeous women. The woman’s voice is heard again.

“Despite his non traditional success Raziel has become a very prominent social media influencer, still that is a far different trajectory then most expected of the young but naturally talented Raziel,”

Her male counterpart adds on “At an early age Raziel was a stand out in Sports, Football, Basketball and even a prospect to go pro an home run hitter in baseball, but as soon as he left the nest and hit the college scene those priorities seem to have flown out the door,”

We see the early footage of a teenage Raziel on the field playing various different sports.Images of him hoisting up trophies and being carried on the shoulders of his team mates paint a drastically different picture of the young celebrity, The woman’s voice continues the story

“It was over 6 months ago when we last saw Raziel being carried away in handcuffs from a New York Strip Club, despite no official charges ever being pressed against Raziel his family did make a statement that Raziel would be taking some time to realign his priorities”

The images of Raziel’s mug shot and a few cell phone videos of him being hauled off by the police begin to fill the screen, eventually the man’s voice takes over.

“Raziel has not been seen in public since then, with many citing that he was spending time in rehab while others claiming he was on a spiritual journey of self discovery purging himself from social media and the social scene that has distracted him from finding his own success outside of the rest of his family’s shadow. When the announcement came that TODAY he would be addressing the public to speak for the first time since the incident it has drawn the attention of EVERYONE,”

The woman interrupts “Wait we are getting word that Raziel is getting ready to make a statement, lets go to the live feed,”

The scene is returned to the crowded stage as the entourage is seen coming onto the stage, the familiar images of Raziel and his sister Alexandria can be seen. With them is a very large man who seems to be working as security for the siblings. As the reporters begin to stir we get a good luck at Raziel first, his eyes covered with shades, but seemingly in great physical shape and a large smile on his face he seems to be whispering something to the large man next to him Despite this entire ordeal being about him it is his sister, Alexandria who steps up to a podium with microphones to speak.

“First off we will not be taking any questions at this time, instead I am here to address the public on behalf of my brother,”

A loud moan can be heard from the audience as she clears her throat and continues.

“For over 6 months now my brother has taken time away from the public eye, during that time he has worked closely alongside his good friend and personal trainer Scott Mckalyn”

She pauses as she gives a slight nod in the direction of Scott, the camera cuts to the big man standing next to Raziel.

“to get his body physically ready for the next phase in his life. There have been rumors of him looking to return to baseball or even pursuing one of the other sports he has had prior success in. However after many hours of contemplation he has decided something else would be much more suitable for his star power, his ability to generate buzz and make headlines combined with his natural physical gifts. So from now on if you want to know what is happening my brother life you will have to tune into High Octane Wrestling where he alongside Scott have just signed a multi year deal with the promotion and will be taking their talents inside the squared circle,”

The reporters began to shout questions despite her remarks earlier and she just smiles as she says “That will be all,” And with that the trio turn and exit leaving the rest up in the air.

End of video