Sunny O’Callahan Post-Chaos 30 Interview with Blaire Moise
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Sunny O’Callahan Post-Chaos 30 Interview with Blaire Moise

After the show last night, Blaire Moise tracked down Joe Bergman’s valet Sunny O’Callahan with the HOTv cameras following.

Blaire sees Sunny as she’s about to leave the arena.

Blaire Moise: Sunny!

Sunny hears her name and turns back to see who’s calling her.

Blaire Moise: Sunny, can I have a moment?

Sunny O’Callahan: Sure.

Blaire Moise: Does Joe have any comment about what Christopher America said tonight.

Sunny O’Callahan: He doesn’t.  But I didn’t see anything in Christopher America’s rambling, two thousand word bloviating bullshit trying to deconstruct Joe’s arguments as if they were in a debate before the National Speech and Debate Association addressing the main issue here- the fact he can’t be Joe Bergman in a fair fight.  I mean… seriously.  Let’s deal with facts here, Blaire.  America couldn’t beat Ivan Stanislav at the PWA 1 show and he couldn’t beat Xander Azula without help that proves Joe’s point that he can’t win unless Papa Lee Best tilts the scales in his favor.

Blaire Moise: America brought up Joe not being at the PWA-

Sunny O’Callahan: Joe wasn’t asked to participate in PWA 1. However, I’m sure if Christopher America asks nicely enough, Joe would be more than happy to face him at PWA 2 when there’s an even playing field.

Blaire Moise: Will Joe Bergman be at War Games?

Sunny O’Callahan: Joe Bergman will fulfill his contractual obligation to be at War Games.  After that, I cannot comment any further based on information that’s just come to my attention.

Blaire Moise: All right.  Thank you again Sunny.