Health Update on Darin Zion
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Health Update on Darin Zion conducted a brief interview with Vickie Hall, a member of THE LOVE CONVOY® at the Mexico City Adidas Store. Vickie’s currently subbing in for Darin Zion, unfortunately suffering more symptoms from his aggravated concussion at the hands of Aceldama. Darin is unable to attend his scheduled HOW signings this week due to his current health situation. During the interview, Hall expressed her frustrations about Zion’s condition and how it may impact his chances of winning the 2023 War Games match.

“The state of individual healthcare is HOW is absolutely appalling. Seeing Aceldama viciously strike REAL LOVE’S® skull multiple times was a nauseating display. It’s such a heinous act committed by a depraved individual. Shockingly, HOW Medical officials stood by and did nothing while Zion convulsed each time that Lee Best’s prisoner of war attacked him. You can rest assured; I have initiated talks with many lawyers and will seek justice for Lee Best unleashing this savage beast onto the HOW roster.”

Vickie’s demeanor shifted as her mind reawakened the memories of Darin Zion’s state in the backstage area after his match.

“Last night, Lee Best recognized Darin Zion as a major threat in the upcoming War Games match. It truly makes me a proud mama bear. Under the guidance of my husband Jonathan-Christopher and myself—Darin Zion’s got the best chances in the 2023 War Games pound for pound. His improvements are a testimony to his hard work and diligence. One could argue Zion’s odds shifted after besting a former HOW World Champion last night.

Zion’s ascended from the rest of those bottom of the pack nerds. This time last year, he couldn’t crack the Top 10. Now he’s seated amongst some of the best HOW competitors the worlds ever seen.”

Upon further questioning, Vickie continues to passionately extol the virtues of her client, Darin Zion, with unbridled enthusiasm.

“TEE HEE HEEE! I can declare with confidence that the 2023 will mark the ultimate culmination of Darin Zion’s efforts. Since 2014, he’s dreamt of conquering the main War Games match. He’s tasted the passionate victory in War Games once before against those moronic Boardwalk dorks. He came incredibly close to winning the main affair against Jace PORKER Davidson that same night.

The Final Alliance’s relentless attempts to take Zion down will be in vain. REAL LOVE conquers all. With time running out on Zion’s contract—this War Games could very well be REAL LOVE’S swan song at the pivotal event. I promise—myself, Jonathan, and Tristian will make damn sure that we magnify Darin Zion’s message—that the POWER OF LOVE® will move mountains. The POWER OF LOVE® will tear down dictators. And mark our words, THE POWER OF LOVE® will change HOW for ever right here in Mexico City.”

HOWrestling attempted to inquire about any health updates regarding Zion’s condition from Ms. Hall. However, she refused to disclose any new details, teasing the LOVE CONVOY has some surprises up their sleeves. Despite persistent questioning, Vickie remained fixated on sharing the message of LOVE, waxing poetically about its miracles…whatever that means. HOW journalist fled the scene before the LOVE CONVOY’S cult leader would stop talking. What is Zion’s health update? Tune into this year’s War Games to find out.