LSD Champion rushed to the hospital
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LSD Champion rushed to the hospital

We’re getting a breaking news report here at Earlier tonight after the Scott Stevens vs. STROnk Godson match, the current HOW LSD Champion, Jace Parker Davidson made his presence known. Davidson pushed Godson off of Stevens and then tried to reason with his former best friend. The effort was futile and things got physical. Davidson had Godson in a position to connect with Bend The Knee but he couldn’t go through with it.

This led to Michael Oliver Best getting up on the ring apron to distract the LSD Champion. This allowed Godson time to get back up to his feet and wrap his massive arms in barbed wire. Godson proceeded to lock in the banned Body Dysmorphia hold on Davidson. The graphic scene caused production to cut away from the ringside area and focus on another section of the Simmons Bank Arena. Godson was eventually pried off of Davidson, who was given immediate medical attention by the staff on hand.

Davidson was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. He was taken to UAMS Hospital to receive further treatment. We were able to connect Jace’s former manager Madison Carter who was in New York City at the time of the incident. Miss Carter had been in contact with those close to Davidson and provided us with her opinion on what happened.

“I’ve seen the replays of what happened on Chaos 28 and I am beyond mortified by it. I know STRONK Godson, I’ve met the man before and been in his presence. The STRONK I know would have done such a thing to Jace in a million years. It’s obvious to me that STRONK is being manipulated by someone or a group of people that are dead set on Jace’s demise.”

When asked about the condition of the LSD Champion, Miss Carter had this to say.

“Jace lost consciousness for a good while during and after what STRONK did to him. The doctors say that he didn’t suffer any major injuries but they are keeping him overnight to run more tests before they feel comfortable releasing him. They are worried about how long Jace went without oxygen to his brain while in that Body Dysmorphia hold. Everyone is going to do our best to be there with him as soon as humanly possible. We’re praying for a speedy recovery.”

We asked Miss Carter what she thought about the current state of the team that Mr. Davidson was on heading into the War Games event in Mexico.

“My question is where were they? Scott Stevens was right there on the outside of the ring but I didn’t see or hear anything about him jumping back into the ring. I didn’t see him try and pull STRONK off of his own partner for the War Games match. The same guy that carried him to a tag team title reign. What about Conor Fuse? What about Scottywood or the Kostoff kid? None of them were anywhere to be found. The captain of the team, Michael Lee Best was too busy playing video games or something while talking about beating up all of the members of his team in a cage fight. Nothing about any of this makes a lick of sense.”

We informed Miss Carter that the LSD Champion was booked next week for Chaos 029 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s scheduled to team with Zach Kostoff to take on the team of Jatt Starr and the current HOTv Champion Dan Ryan. The HOTv World Tag Team Championship belts would be on the line. We asked her if she thought that Mr. Davidson would be cleared to compete by next Sunday night.

“I’m no doctor but common sense says hell no. At the very least, Jace will be significantly less than 100% but I know him. He’ll wheel himself down that ramp in a wheelchair if it meant he got to get into that ring. When is enough really enough? Jace was stabbed in the eye with a pen by Lee Best over some trash talk thrown back and forth. Now his own friends are being brainwashed to turn on him and try to take him out. Lee is obviously doing everything possible to try and break Jace before War Games even gets here. I hate to admit it, but, he may just accomplish that goal.”

That’s all the information that Miss Carter could provide us at the time. We’ll keep you updated on the health of the LSD Champion as the story develops.