Xander Azula Responds To Chaos 27 Challenge!
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Xander Azula Responds To Chaos 27 Challenge!

Roughly twenty-four hours after HOW Hall of Famer Scott Stevens issued a challenge to hold their War Games qualifying match inside a roofed steel cage, HOWrestling.com has been given a statement from the Head Disciple himself, the Fighter known as Xander Azula. Courtesy of a video recorded from The Complex, Xander lays things out as such:

“First and foremost, Stevens, the fact that you and Lee Best are on the outs does NOT mean I suddenly like or respect you. Second, and this is important…what you’re asking for is essentially a bigger version of the gilded cage. But hey, if that’s what you want…it’s what I want.”

“A bigger cage means more room to throw my weight around…and to throw YOU around. So, consider my interest piqued. Just do me a favor…try not to cry too hard when I beat you into oblivion AGAIN, especially when you watch War Games from the sidelines like you should’ve last year.”

With that, the video cuts to black, leaving us with just one question…will this steel cell match be made official ahead of what ought to be a massive Chaos on April 9 from the BOK Center in Tulsa?

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