War Games Qualifier = War Games Type of Challenge
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War Games Qualifier = War Games Type of Challenge

We here at HOWrestling.com have just received word from the Demi-God of HOW himself after he heard who his challenger is for his War Games qualifying match up.

Scott Stevens is challenging Xander Azula to a…..



And according to the Texan, “This isn’t your typical HOFC MMA cage bullshit, but the regular steel cage with an added bonus of the top being covered just like War Games. Also, the only way to win is pinfall, submission or knock out.”

When asked why the Texan replied, “Because I want to take Xander to war and back! He’s always begging for an opponent for every pay-per-view and I want to prove to him that he’s not ready to be in War Games. Plus, I want to show those undeserving captains of War Games a little bit of brutality they will receive when I’m inside the ring. I want Lee Best to recognize the mistake he has made because at War Games I’m leaving with 97 Red and there is no one that can stop me.”

We will have more information when it breaks.

Stay tuned!