So it begins…
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So it begins…

Some high level news and notes now that March to Glory is in the books:

  • War Games Captains are Clay Byrd (2022 Wrestler of the Year) and Steve Solex (#1 Ranked Wrestler coming out of MTG). Third Captain will be revealed at Chaos.
  • War Games PPV will take place on May 28th with the go home show on May 7th. Use the extra days wisely everyone.
  • There will be a War Games draft to fill out the teams. MOAR information to be released this week
  • There will be eight Chaos shows before War Games. Some of that build will be focused on PWA02 which is June 11th.

MOAR information to come every day leading up to Chaos…..where we WILL hear from Evan Ward regarding his return and we will see Zach Kostoff potentially sign his official HOW Contract.

Have a day assholes…..for now I sleep.