Press Release:  Darin Zion Invites Jace Parker Davidson to Couples Counseling
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Press Release: Darin Zion Invites Jace Parker Davidson to Couples Counseling


Monday, March 20th, 2023

The #2 Ranked HOW Wrestler, January Wrestler of the Month, and current #1 Contender to the LSD Championship–REAL LOVE® Darin Zion has invited the current, reigning LSD Champion Jace Parker Davidson to COUPLES THERAPY…for Tag Team Wrestlers this week at the world renowned Thriveworks Counselling Center for an all-expensed paid session with World Famous Couples Counselor Dr. Shelton Briggs.  Darin Zion recognizes the uphill battle that he and Mr. Davidson face in taking on Final Alliance members STRonk Godson and the longest reigning HOW World Champion in history–Christopher America.  Mr. Zion understands the historical flaws he’s made in his relationship with the One-Eyed King of Everything over the past 8 years.  He wants to make sure both he and JPD can function as a HEALTHY, PRODUCTIVE couple when rising to this momentous challenge that bastard Lee Best has put in front of both the champion and challenger this week.  He understands it’s in the best interest for both champion and challenger to become a well-oiled, functioning unit to survive for their epic encounter over the LSD Championship.

It will take a miracle, but Darin Zion understands that even in the toughest situations–LOVE CONQUERS ALL®.

Topics that can be discussed at this sessions are not limited, but include the following:

  • The sudden loss of Jace’s eye ball and the lack of depth perception the LSD Champion lacks.
  • Jace Parker Davidson’s mommy and daddy issues
  • Stopping Jace Parker Davidson from “Having a Seat” an intervention with Chris Hansen
  • Jace Parker Davidson’s lack of commitments and boy there’s a laundry list of those:
    • His failed marriage with Ta…we don’t talk about her….
    • His failed relationship with Madison (or Meredith to Jatt Starr)
    • His failed Tag Team Partnership with Scott Stevens
    • His failed Stable Partnership with Conor Fuse and Jatt Starr
    • His horrible heart break with STRonk and DOG
  • Jace Parker Davidson’s hardcore narcissism which makes him think he’s the “King of Everything”
  • The passive aggressive relationship Jace’s had with Lee Best.
  • Any past issues with Darin Zion and his lame Twitter game from 2014-2016

Zion understands this is a one week affair–another one of Jace Parker Davidson’s flings.  Zion recognizes this isn’t TRUE LOVE®, but strictly an business engagement for both parties. But Zion wants to make the best of this horrible situation that GOD has put him through.  He hopes to see his long time rival and FINAL BOSS to his story at this therapy session.  After all, it’s important to REAL LOVE® to stop ANY ITERATION of the Best/Final Alliance at all costs.  Taking down the HOW World Champion and Daddy Best’s new pride and joy is crucial to the health of all HOW contracted wrestlers.



PS:  Vickie Hall is BANNED from attending these proceedings.