March to Glory Hype….
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March to Glory Hype….

Earlier today several promotional campaigns kicked off throughout the United Kingdom to build up hype for the March to Glory PPV.

With the majority of the roster preparing for the event, Lee decided on an unlikely person to be a stand in for some of the promotional events.


When asked on why he picked Marvolo here is what the GOD of HOW had to say:

“Look would I prefer that stronk was sitting next to me on top of a bull…..absolutely. But he is getting ready for War Games. Would I prefer that my Son was around to help? Absofuckinglutely. But here we are……and to his credit Marvolo is doing just fine and earning his stripes here in HOW…..not to mention I am saving on expenses. #KidsMenu.”

We here at did get the following image of a video that will be playing in theatres across the United Kingdom as High Octane Wrestling takes over Manchester for March to Glory on March 12th.