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Breaking News….

The HOW logo flashes on the screen briefly before we cut to a live feed. The camera is panned in tight on a podium, positioned outside. As the camera slowly pans back, we see the podium is placed in front of some storefronts with signs that says “Farmacia Pharmacy” and “Panderia Mexicana.”

The camera continues panning back to show a brick wall constructed around the podium. The crowd gathered outside are talking and laughing as they occupy themselves and kill time.

Suddenly, “Undead” by Hollywood Undead plays over some speakers set up just off camera as the crowd quickly quiets down. From the left side of the camera shot walks The Final Alliance. STRonk Godson, Steve Solex, HOW World Champion, Christopher America, Evan Ward, Jatt Starr, and Dan Ryan.

Dan Ryan looks back at the pharmacy, seeing a sale on some steroids. His eyes go wide and glaze over with excitement. He starts to wander towards the door when Solex walks over and snaps him out of it.

As America approaches the microphone, he drapes the HOW World Championship across the front of the podium, letting the natural sunlight highlight the belt’s beauty.

After a quick salute to all the Americans watching at home…..the HOW World Champion begins.

Christopher America: Thank you all for being here today.

I would like to thank Hortega for finally doing some good in erecting this wall to keep the poors, the NERDS, and most importantly the Mexicans away from me. I’d also like to thank him for deducting the cost of the materials from his paycheck.

Finally, the Mexicans paid for the wall.

Now, shifting gears…

At PWA 1, I faced off against PRIME’s living mountain, their walking behemoth. A man known…

America can’t bring himself to HIS name.

Christopher America: A man known… for beating his opponents senseless and crushing them under his might.

Maybe I was overly arrogant. Maybe I thought that since I was a World Champion and he wasn’t that it would be a walk in the park. Maybe I underestimated him. Or maybe… maybe he was just simply better than me.

On that night.

You see, one thing I don’t handle well is loss. I have this unfortunate quirk where I have to do everything in my power to either win or, at the very least, level the playing field. And right now, this playing field is tipped in PRIME’s favor.

And that is something I can’t fucking stand.

And so, at PWA 2, in the shadow of the holiday known as Flag Day, a proxy match has been set up. A wrestler of HIS choice vs a wrestler of my choice. To compete… in a Flag Match. Where the winner will get to choose the stipulation of HIS and my match at PWA 3.

I’ve thought long and hard about who I was going to choose. Would I pick someone like Evan Ward who just put Conor Fuse on the shelf? Would it be the current HOTv Champion and soon to be HOTv Tag Team Champion, the Hammer of God, Dan Ryan? Maybe I pick Captain Jace Sparrow, who’s having a helluva LSD Championship run?

America pauses momentarily.

Christopher America: I heard that HE chose Lindsay Troy, that self entitled bitch who refuses to step back into HOW because she could NEVER win the big one.

That floundering mess of a woman who couldn’t even rise to the levels that women like Bobbinette Carey and Kirsta Lewis achieved.

A woman who calls herself a Queen of the Ring but never could rule without kings like Mike Beat propping her up. A puppet if ever there was one.

America looks right into the camera and smiles, as if looking Lindsay Troy right in the eye.

Christopher America: We’ll, when I heard that Lindsay Troy was chosen, that left me with one simple choice. You see, when dealing with women with over inflated egos and some semblance of self worth, then you need a MAN to put a bitch right back in her place.

For my choice, I’m going to select a man who would do anything for the American flag, a man who knows where a woman’s place is, a man who knows how to take a fucking nerd like Lindsay Troy and shove her back in her PRIME blue locker.

At PWA 2, Christopher America selects Steve Solex!

America turns and looks at Solex. Solex looks right back at America. The two men scowl at each other, their hatred for each other still runs in their veins. Solex gets nose to nose with America before America smirks, steps to the side and graciously motions for Solex to take center stage. With a measured pace, Solex saunters past the HOW World Champion. As he takes the podium, he takes a beat to ensure that his letter jacket sits perfectly on his broad shoulders.

Steve Solex: It was no surprise that Christopher America called on me to be his – and HOW’s – representation for this match against Lindsay Troy. It should also be no surprise that not only did I accept this nomination, but that I immediately raised my hand to volunteer once I heard that Stansilav has picked you, Lindsay Troy.

Solex wads up a loogie and spits it toward the camera.

Steve Solex: I always knew you were a commie bitch, Lindsay Troy. I just never thought I’d live to see the day that you’d fully embrace it.

Solex slams his fist into the podium with a guttural snarl.

Steve Solex: Lindsay Troy, you and I have unfinished business and at PWA-2, I will get my revenge.

The Final Alliance applauds for Solex as he holds a finger high up in the air as the scene fades to black and the feed to and comes to an end.