This Week in HOTv History….The Final Mayhem
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This Week in HOTv History….The Final Mayhem

Mayhem Monday 9th Feb 2009
The Best Arena, Chicago IL
Where it all started..



Pyros go off all over Joe Louis Arena as the first ever Monday Nite Mayhem kicks off. The arena is packed and everyone is on their feet. The camera pans all over the arena as fans look stupid trying to get on TV. The broadcast starts with our announce team of Joe Hoffmann and the returning on demand….Chris Tucker!

Joe: Welcome everyone to the first ever Monday Nite Mayhem. Tonight we will crown the first ever champions of our proud new organization….High Octane Wrestling. Back by high demand is my broadcast partner, Chris Tucker. Chris, why do you think about the upcoming matches??

Chris: I really don’t give a damn. I am hear to promote my movie and because Best gave me a shitload of green, for the shit he took last week. I knew someone took my shit!!

Joe: As well as that my be, tonight will be a great contest of wills. Someone is going to have to win three matches tonight to become the first ever Hardcore champion. Then to top it off we have the highly anticipated match up of the tow finalists of the Rumble on last weeks TNT…..Jason Sinn and the wrestler formerly known as Mcleod…Miniac.

Chris: Who? God damn. Cant anybody keep their damn name the same anymore? What is this Purple Rain?

Joe: Huh? Well never mind lets get straight to the action. Our first match up is a first round match in the Hardcore Title tournament, pitting Jason Ice and The Crow. The winner of this match will face two other winners in a triple threat matchup later in the show. The stakes are high for this one.

Chris: Don’t the guys start getting paid for winning matches now? If its about money…I got my boy Ice Cube winning the tournament. I mean CMON..who else it gonna be?

Joe: We will soon find out…..


The HOTv logo gives way to a live shot inside The Best Arena as the crowd stands as one as the opening pyros go off all around the arena and culminate with a big flash around the outside of the brand new High Octane Vision screen that has taken the place of the HOTv screen that stood on top of the entrance ramp.

Joe Hoffman:

Welcome everyone to the FINAL MONDAY NIGHT MAYHEM!!!

Welcome to the Jungle, the longtime theme for Mayhem, then begins to play and as Axl Rose asks “Do you know where the fuck you are?” the crowd is literally in a frenzy as they know that this is a very special show indeed and one has to wonder just what is in store for the fans and viewers at home.

As the classic GNR tune fades out Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell are shown and both are wearing brand new HOW apparel with Benny sporting the new Best Alliance shirt while Joe has on the brand new Bobbinette Carey shirt.

Joe Hoffman:

Tonight is one of those shows where you know you are going to see some special things but at the same time it brings on a bit of sadness because quite frankly I was on the first Mayhem and I am darn proud to say I will be on the last.

Benny Newell:

As true as that is Joe lets remember the bigger picture here. Tonight is not about this being the final Mayhem. Tonight is all about finding out the group winners of the Best Invitational and tonight is the night that will go down in history as the night that Graystone defeated Sektor inside the Steel Cage and retained the World Title and slammed Sektor down to his proper winless jobber role.

Before Joe can rebuke Benny, the HOV comes alive and we see the very first Mayhem logo….followed by all the past Mayhem logos and the transitions end on the current Mayhem banner and the crowd cheers as the logo explodes and the HOV goes black.

Joe Hoffman:

Well that is fitting to say the least. Tonight we end an era and move forward to another….we just don’t know where or when that era is starting as it has been announced that will learn all that information tonight from Lee Best.

Benny Newell:

Who cares what night and what time we air. All that matters is the new show will feature Graystone as the World Champion and will house the in ring return of Jatt Starr at some point because tonight he finally signs his new HOW contract!!

Joe Hoffman:

That is right. The HOW Hall of Famer returned two weeks ago to help Lee and the rest of the Alliance literally destroyed who appeared to be none other than Splinter.

Benny Newell:

It was Splinter and lets be honest…that wasn’t the first time Jatt and Splinter shared on air time on Mayhem and if my sources are right that won’t be the last.

Joe Hoffman:

Who can say for sure. All we know for sure is tonight we will learn the group winners of the Invitational and that Graystone will defend the World Title against the man that never lost it….current LOD member..Sektor!

Benny Newell:

Trust me Graystone is not losing tonight. No way in hell is Lee going to allow a BA Member to lose in the Main Event on the last Mayhem…no fucking way.

Joe Hoffman:

We will find out in due time. We have a lot to cover tonight folks and time for talking is over…let’s get this show started!!

Faze of HOW?

The HOV comes to life and footage of last week’s AoA attack on Ryan Faze is. The crowd boos as Christopher America is revealed as the 3rd member and beats Faze with his American steel chair. The footage ends and a brief hush comes over the crowd before “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin hits the loudspeakers. The fans rise to their feet in anticipation and begin a loud “Faze of HOW” chant. A few moments pass before Ryan Faze, wearing street clothes, emerges from the back on a pair of crutches.

Joe Hoffman: As you just saw on our sparkling new HOV screen, Ryan Faze was brutally assaulted last week by the Argonauts of Awesome and their newest member, Christopher America. He’s showing guts by even being here tonight.

Benny Newell: Save it, Hoffman… Faze had it coming all along. If he would’ve just shut his mouth in the first place, he’d not only be a Stable champion, but he wouldn’t be hobbling around like a fucking gimp. Forget him, though… he won’t even have a job after he fails his physical. Lee Best is a genius! Why the hell is he kicking off the final Mayhem anyway?

Joe Hoffman: You’re so up Lee’s butt you can probably see what he ate for breakfast and does it matter who kicks off Mayhem, the fans sure don’t seem to mind!

Faze stands at the top of the entrance ramp with a bruise on his neck and a large bandage on his forehead from Triple P’s Singapore cane shots. He leans forward on his crutches for support as a crew member runs up and hands him a microphone. He takes in the cheers from the crowd and acknowledges them with a wave.

Faze: I’d like to start off on a serious note. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank each and every one of you fans for all the support you’ve shown me over this past week.

Benny Newell: I think I’m going to be sick…

The cheers get louder and louder as Benny Newell tosses his empty flask toward the direction of Faze at the top of the entrance way.

Joe Hoffman: Have some manners, Newell, this is a touching display of gratitude.

Faze: I’m flattered and humbled by all the letters, e-mails, and get-well cards I received. Now I did visit with my doctor, and unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to talk about my knee until I take this physical demanded by Lee Best.

The Chicago faithful boo as they hear Best’s name. Faze holds up his hand in an effort to hush the crowd.

Faze: Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for the opportunity Lee’s given me. As a matter of fact, there’s been some recent speculation about “The Phenomenal One” supporting his bid for full share in the company. Well I’m here tonight to shed some light on those rumors…

A ‘Carey’ chant breaks out amongst the crowd, who obviously want Faze to donate to her cause.

Faze: As you all know, I’ve been keeping a real close eye on the bidding. I’ve gone back and forth and back and forth… Donate to Lee? Donate to Carey? Donate to Lee? Donate to Carey? Well amidst my heaping piles of fan mail, I received an interesting letter from the Milton-Karson investment firm. I won’t get into too many details, but their proposal may ultimately be too good to pass up. In fact, they were the only ones from High Octane Wrestling to express their concerns for my knee.

‘Milton-Karson’ clap, clap, clap clap clap. ‘Milton-Karson’ clap, clap, clap clap clap. Can be heard faintly in the arena. Faze pauses for a minute as another “Faze of HOW” chant gets louder and louder.

Faze: Still… as of right now, I’m not making any promises to anybody. The bidding is close, and I’m not budging until I’m absolutely positive my donation will go towards the good of the fed. I don’t know if I’m going to hear from Lee or Carey , but all I can tell you is that until I make my decision, I’m going to keep coming out here for you… fans of HOW… and giving everything I can give in that very ring. (big crowd pop)

Benny Newell: Hey Faze! This isn’t the CWA… the Cripple Wrestling Alliance.

Now Lee Best… listen to me real closely. “The Phenomenal One” NEVER lays down for anyone. Not for you… not for the AoA… NOBODY! You may think you’re pulling a fast one by giving me a physical only a week after a 3-on-1 assault… but I’m smarter than that. You screw with my job, and I’ll sue your ass so fast, you won’t have any money left to bid with for your precious company. Just think… Bobbinette Carey could be giving you a Bottom Line… right in your one-eyed ass!

The crowd roars at the thought of Lee Best getting a taste of his own medicine.

Faze: Speaking of asses, let’s shift our attention to the AoA for a moment.

Faze’s facial expression suddenly turns bitter after what Triple M, Triple P, and Christopher America did to him last week. The cheers from the crowd turn into a loud chorus of boos that are enough to shake the arena walls. Faze then smiles as he crutches his way from one side of the entrance ramp to the other.

Faze: Funny story about those guys… and seeing as how they have such a keen interest in photography, I might as well share this with you. You see, earlier today, “The Phenomenal One” got to the arena and literally stumbled over some duffel bags sitting outside the locker room. Needles… err, needless to say, I wasn’t too surprised by what I found. In fact, why don’t we put that brand-new High Octane Vision screen to good use and show the world some snapshots… courtesy of my digital camera. Let’s take a look.

Faze and the crowd turn their attention toward the HOV screen as the first picture is displayed. It’s of an opened red duffel bag with the letter ‘M’ embroidered into 3 of the sides. The HOV zooms in closer so the contents of the bag are visible.

Faze: Hmm, what do we have here?

After zooming in, we find an abundance of syringes, maybe 30 or 40, whose needles are sticking out the sides of the bag. Faze tries his best to keep a straight face and be serious.

Faze: Interesting.

Ryan pauses and scratches the top of his head.

Faze: Hmm, let’s see what else there is.

Next we find a DVD copy of ‘Anger Management”, starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. And finally, a How-To book entitled “Keeping your Singles Title for More than 7 Days.”

Faze: Now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this bag look like it belongs to Triple M?

The crowd laughs in reply.

Faze: Just wait, there’s more!

A new picture replaces the old one on the HOV screen and it’s another duffel bag, this time royal blue. We zoom in yet again to find a bag full of sugar canes, walking canes, and best of all, candy canes. We can only assume that this bag belongs to Triple P, as evidenced by a WWE video collection of Kane’s greatest matches and a Miami Hurricanes football jersey.

Benny Newell: What is this?! Get this idiot Faze outta here! Lee?! Security? Anyone?

Joe Hoffman: Ryan Faze is getting revenge on the AoA!

Faze: Miami Hurricanes? Now Paul… what would your Parasites think if they saw this?! Kirby Puckett is probably rolling around in his grave, thanks to you. How do you sleep at night? You’re no Minnesota Messiah! To me, this is a perfect example of Minnesota Mutiny.

A third bag appears on the screen… a white bag with a picture of the United States of America in red, white, and blue.

Faze: Ladies and gentlemen… people watching at home… the images you are about to see may be a bit, well… disturbing. So please, put your children to bed and brace yourselves for what you’re about to see.

We zoom in for a third time. An empty bottle of baby oil lies outside the bag amidst a large puddle of its contents. As we move closer, we see a DVD case for “American Pie – Gay Gangbangs”, that references the porn inside.

Faze: Ooohhh, this explains a lot. I mean, you’ve got Triple P who carries around his stick and Triple M who’s always sporting his wood… guess you couldn’t be left out, could you America?

Benny Newell: This is just nasty.

Faze: Argonauts of Awesome… you guys really did a number on me last week. Although I can’t say I’m surprised. You’re probably used to “ganging” up on young men by now.

Benny Newell pukes aside his announce table as Joe Hoffman covers his nose in disgust.

Faze: I bet you were just expecting me to sit back and watch you get away with this, weren’t you? Well let me be the bearer of bad news… the “Faze of HOW” is here to stay, and I’m done being quiet.

Ryan tosses the microphone to the ground. After a thud, Faze raises his fist in the air to play off the crowd that is cheering his name. He mouths the words “thank you” to the fans before turning to head to the back.

Joe Hoffman:

Uh oh….

As Faze turns he is met face to face with none other than Lee Best.

The tension in the arena that bears Lee’s name can be felt throughout as Faze literally looks startled by Lee.

Lee pulls a microphone out from his inside pocket and brings it to his lips as the crowd hushes for the first time in god knows how long with Lee on the mic.

Lee Best:

When I arrived here today for this last Mayhem and looked over the rundown of the show I knew that because you paid for this time that it just had to happen. But what I didn’t know was that you would take this time to play some bullshit high school political game when the fate of the company I built is at stake.

Faze goes to speak but Lee holds up his hand and cuts him off…

Lee Best:

Don’t get all jumpy on me Faze. You had your time to speak and now it is time for you to get paid to listen to me. Did you get that…you are on MY TIME NOW…..I PAY YOU…..YOU WORK FOR ME….

Faze rolls his eyes as Lee continues…

Lee Best:

Ill give you credit where credit is due. I thought you would be just another flash in the pan like so many other people that come to HOW and think that they are big time only to crumble under the competition. Instead of crumbling you have managed to capture the fans attention and not to mention the attention of every superstar in the back……….and mine.

Lee takes a step closer to Faze and stares directly into the mans eyes as he continues.

Lee Best:

Look into my eyes……look into the fucking eye that Kostoff nearly punched off my face. You think that you know what HOW is? You think you know what it takes to be here in HOW? DO YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN LAST IN HOW? YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A HIGH OCTANE SUPERSTAR!!!

With that Lee kicks the crutch out from under Faze and the crowd begins booing loudly as Faze falls down to one knee, grimacing in pain as he holds his bad knee. He literally has to sit down and look up to Lee as the owner of HOW continues..

Lee Best:

Sue me I don’t give a fuck. You think it will be the first time? But for you to come out here and claim to be the man that will help determine what is good for HOW…well my friend that is a bunch of fucking bullshit. You don’t know what’s good for HOW and another thing…pointing out needles in Triple M’s bag..isn’t that like kinda ironic considering what’s in your bag??

Faze looks shocked as Lee bends down to Ryan’s level and continues..

Lee Best:

Oh I know all about what helps you cope with your gimp ass knee. I know everything that goes on in my fed..MY ORGANIZATION……you know what? I have wasted enough time on your pathetic ass…get the fuck outta here before I call the boys out from the back to personally escort you……..NOW!!!

Faze tries to stand but without his crutch he is unable to.

Lee Best:

I am waiting…this show isn’t going to last all fucking night….god knows I hope not.

Faze tries again and this time with great determination he is able to support his weight and slowly begins hobbling to the back. He gives Lee one final look before disappearing backstage as Lee smirks at the hobbled fan favorite.

Lee Best:

Now that what should be the lowest rated part of the show is over..starring Ryan Faze of course…it is time to move this show on. Cut this shit to a commercial and when we come back I want to see some damn action….CHICAGO….PREPARE FOR MAYHEM!!!!

Mayhem cuts to its first commercial break as Lee holds his hands up high in the air as more pyros go off.


With no sponsors the HOTv feed joins the first ever match on Mayhem while in progress….

Crow sets up the table in the corner and walks up to the dazed Jason Ice. Crow walks backward with Ice in hand. With a look behind him Crow throws Ice into the table via a devastating belly to back suplex. The crowd is stunned by The Crow’s utter dominance.

Cover. 1….2……foot on the ropes by Ice. e: What a mistake by The Crow. You have to know your ring position. Have to believe that he had the match won if he had covered him in the middle of the ring.

The Crow is more frustrated at himself now. Crow signals for his finisher. He drags Jason Ice to the middle of the ring…picks him up on his shoulder and puts him in the tombstone position.

Joe: He’s going for his finisher The Crow Effect.

With full force The Crow drives Jason Ice’s head into the chair with his finisher The Crow effect. Crow slides the chair out of the ring and tells the ref to get in position for the 3 count.

Cover. 1….2…..

Chris: WHAT THE FUCK?? The damn lights just went out. Wheres my shit. CMON wheres my shit…..they aint getting mine. This shit has the red buds…I mean…

Suddenly the lights come back on in the arena. In the ring Jason Ice is pinning The Crow. The ref looks confused as both men appeared to be out of it. With a little hesitation the ref makes the count.



The winner of the match via pinfall Jason Ice.


Chris: Shut up Joe. Look. That damn bird is up and moving around. Looks like he got hit in the head. Oh shit…he looks like someone just stole his shit!

The Crow is holding his head. He has been busted open. He looks for the ref, but the ref had already ran to the back. Next The Crow looks down at the slow moving Jason Ice. Still holding his head The Crow slides out of the ring and retrieves another table. He sets it up in the middle of the ring and delivers a few blows to Ice. With a crooked smile Crow once again slides out of the ring and reaches under the ring for the items he shook his head to earlier.Joe: Get someone out here now! The man has gasoline and a mini blowtorch. Oh no, he just doused the table with gasoline….he just lit it on fire!!

The crowd is on their feet as The Crow picks up Jason Ice. Crow points to the table and the crowd starts to cheer, wanting to see Ice go thru the table. OH MY GOD CROW JUST


Chris: Now that’s some cool shit. Man Ice smells like chicken..what the fuck

HOW security men jump into the ring and put the flames out. The Crow jumps the guard rail and walks out thru the crowd. Meanwhile HOW medical personal carry Jason Ice out on a stretcher.

Silent Witness – 0% v Damien Ryan – 0%

Back live…

Damien Ryan is already in the ring warming up, as Silent Witness music hits. Witness is visibly angry at something. Hoffman says that it is painfully obvious that Witness is not used to losing, and will be looking to change things up to pick up the W.

Big Buff says that the only thing he needs to do is change his diaper because he is a whiny little bitch.

Hoffman shakes his head as Witness slides into the ring. Mike Shea goes to call for the bell, but Ryan takes his eyes off Witness to acknowledge a front row fan, and Witness clobbers him with a running forearm shot that nearly takes out Mike Shea.

The bell rings, and Witness picks up Ryan and immediately applies the SILENT NIGHT. Within moments, Damien Ryan is tapping out and Big Buff says he looks like a pathetic bitch.


Post match Witness however refuses to break the hold and is yanking the smaller man back and forth, and Ryan goes limp. Hoffman notes that Silent Witness looks very focused and ruthless, and this aggressiveness may be key to him making a title run in the coming weeks to the Pay Per View.

Some EMTs come to ringside to check on the unconscious Ryan and make sure he is breathing as Hoffman notes that the LOD as a whole needs to be more aggressive.

Big Buff Benny Newell says it wont matter because as long as Kostoff is the leader, he will find a way to lead them into inferiority to the Best Alliance, who hold two belts the LOD is after.

Hoffman says only time will tell as Sektor has his shot tonight and Darkwing has yet to really make any type of title run and he LOD can only get better and move forward as we progress.

Scene cuts to elsewhere…..

America’s Time


Blaire: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing here with the new number 1 contender to the LSD Championship: Christopher America!

The crowd boos Christopher America.

Blaire: Christopher, you recently joined—

Christopher: Please, call me by my new Argonauts of Awesome name… Triple A.

Blaire: Okay…Triple A. You recently joined the Argonauts of Awesome and took out Ryan Faze. What do you have to say to that?

Christopher shrugs.

Christopher: I guess I’d like to thank all the little people?

Blaire: No serious comment?

Christopher: Look, the pictures I found of Faze and Amanda needed to—

Blaire’s eyes go wide as she realizes she may have a scoop.

Blaire: You found the pictures?

Christopher: Of course. I found the pictures and decided that the only appropriate thing to do was to give them to two backstage workers who knew where Triple M was. You see, I am brand new and don’t know where everyone’s locker room is. Also, I felt I owed it to Triple M. This adulterer named Ryan Faze has been running around with a man’s wife and then she conveniently wants to get a divorce from him. That is unacceptable… in America!

Blaire: How did you obtain the pictures?

Christopher: I obtained them…okay? Details aren’t necessary at this point. And you know what? I thought this was going to be about my upcoming match. But I guess it isn’t. So this interview is over… in America.

Upton Osgood – 0% v Ngozi – 0% v Scirrhus – 0%

Action returns to ringside where Joe is scrambling with his notes.

Joe Hoffman:

Folks I have to apologize. Due to the very short nature of the last match we didn’t even get a chance to go over the fact that the match was the final Invitational match for both Silent Witness and Damien Ryan and with that win Witness has moved into first place all by himself and will move out of group play if David Black is unable to beat Christopher America tonight. Of course things get complicated if America does win. When then have a tie in the Mark O’Neal group and we have yet to hear from Lee what the tiebreakers will be. But as of right now it is Silent Witness with 5pts, David Black with 4.5 and still in the running Christopher America with 2 points…..whew!

Benny looks up and realizes Joe is finally done talking and just shrugs and takes a drink from his returning official HOW Flask.

Joe Hoffman:

You can’t have that Benny!

Benny Newell:

Fuck off Joe. Haven’t you heard? We lost all our sponsors and half of the company is up for grabs…you think Lee is going to be pissy about me drinking on the show….just call the next match will ya. What is it anyway?

Flustered, Joe scrambles to get the notes for the next match in front of him.

Joe Hoffman:

Ah we go. Our next match folks pits three new HOW superstars….sorry if I mispronounce any of their names….um…first up we have…….what the heck??

Everyone turns their attention to the entrance ramp where we see none other than Blaze, Scottywood and Static of the Best Alliance literally dragging Ngozi, Osgood, and Scirrus out from the back.

Joe Hoffman:

Well I guess I can throw these notes away…

The three Best Alliance members drop the knocked out rookies at the top of the entrance ramp and Scottywood motions to the back and suddenly it is apparent what the Commissioner is up to.

Several HOW crew members emerge from the back with wooden stakes that have cement base to them to keep them upright. The crewmen set the stakes up on the far right side of the entrance ramp and between the crewmen and the Best Alliance in a matter of moments the three rookies are now literally tied to the proverbial stake.

Joe Hoffman:

You know the last time we saw this happen on HOW television is when Lee Best had Sigma tied to the stake for a whole PPV after he left HOW for the ICW fed…which was ran by Splinter of all people.

Benny Newell:

This is going to be good…

The crowd is silent as Scottywood, Blaze, and Static each pull out a small container from their pockets. The Commish gives them the signal and the BA members begins pouring liquid on the wrestlers bodies and Osgood starts to stir and soon enough all three men are screaming for their lives…

Joe Hoffman:

Gasonline? Are you f’n kidding me???

Benny Newell:

Damn I forgot my smores!!

After each of the Best Alliance members finish dumping their bottles the arena quickly goes black and there are hushed whispers throughout the arena as the only thing anyone can see is a single dancing flame appear from the back.

The screams from the wrestlers can be heard throughout The Best Arena as literally each and every fan has their eyes glued to the flame that is dancing towards the tied up men.

Joe Hoffman:

Lee cannot do this ….can he??

No one is able to see the man or woman holding the torch. Suddenly the flame seemingly falls but we quickly realize that it was just the holder of the flame lowering it because in an instant the first stake becomes engulfed in flames….quickly the second and third stakes do as well and suddenly the screen goes to black as screams from the men tied to the stakes are the only sound that can be heard in The Best Arena.

Mayhem goes to commercial…


With no sponsors for commercials we join the second ever match on Mayhem…

Bombs over Baghdad by Outkast play as Omar Rasheem makes his way to the ring on a camel. Halfway down the ramp Omar stops the camel and sand and pyros shoot out of the stage as Omar raises his hands. He leaves his camel at ringside, gets into the ring and poses on two turnbuckles pounding on his chest then raising his hands.

Joe: This match is hardcore rules and part of the tournament. Look at the newcomer, Omar Rasheem. Looks impressive, doesn’t he?

Chris: Man, I aint thinking about him. I’m trying to smoke this shit over here.

As Omar poses, PBD comes down to the ring. He starts to attack Omar but he gets the upper and puts

PBD into the corner with some hard right hands. He whips him but pulls him back into a reverse waistlock and nails a hard german suplex.

Omar slides to the outside and grabs a chair. He tosses it into the ring. He also grabs a stop sign. He gets back in the ring and begins to beat PBD in the head. He sets the sign on the ground and hits a piledriver on it.

Chris: Goddamn, you see that?

Joe: What a stiff piledriver by Omar. He seems to be getting the upper hand in this match up.

Chris: Damn right on that one. Man, you wanna hit this joint?

Joe: No thanks.

He picks up PBD and whips him to the ropes. PBD rebounds and comes back to Omar and eats a big boot. Omar stomps down on PBD. He picks him hits the Oil Mill on the chair.

Joe: What a maunuver there by Omar! He is really making a name for himself already.

Chris: Man the match is over.

Joe: How do you know?

He signals for the end. PBD staggers to his and Omar takes his head off with brutal Sand Storm. He covers…




Winner: Omar Rasheem

Chris: I told you ass it was over.

Joe: And what a quick match. Omar showed his strength and made a good showing tonight. His future in HOW is bright.

Chris: Not as bright as this joint.

Joe: Put that out before we both get fired. Do it quick,its time for our third match.

Commissioner and a Bottom Line??

Back live and the HOW crew have put out all the flames and the fans are still in shock at what they just witnessed. The entrance ramp is still being cleaned off as the action quickly cuts backstage where the commissioner is obviously not done handling business.

We see Damien Ryan walking down one of the hallways of the Best Arena, obviously dejected after another tough loss. He continues to walk down the hallway until from behind he is drilled in the back of the head with a steel chair dropping him to the floor. The camera turns around and we Scottywood standing there running his hand through his goatee with anger. He turns Ryan over and places his knee right into his throat.

Scottywood: Is that how a Battle Dome champion is supposed to wrestle? Your such a disgrace to the great legacy that is NGW. You should have never won the Battle Dome, it should have been me….and I’m gonna prove it right now.

Reaching into his pocket Scotty pull out a pen and smiles as Damien still is reeling from the chair shot and doesn’t know what is exactly going on. Scotty brings the pen back above his head, but instead of forcing it down at Damien he tosses it down the hall and shakes his head.

Scottywood: No, I’m not going to Bottom Line your ass like Lee would, though I imagine it must be a rush….no, I got something special for you Damien….

Scotty gets up from Damien but delivers a boot to his head as he walks out of view of the camera, which stays, on Damien who is just holding his head in pain. Scotty then returns with what is a roll of barbwire.

Scottywood: Let’s just call this a little payback…

Rolling Damien back over onto his stomach he takes the barbwire and wraps it around the neck of Damien and starts pulling as he drives his knee into Damien’s back. His face filled with satisfaction as the barbwire digs into his throat and his blood drips onto the concrete.

Scottywood: How does it feel? How does it feel to be choked out?…..Huh?…..Huh?

Security finally makes there way over and is able to pull Scotty off Damien who is now out cold and bleeding heavily from his neck. One of the guards radios for the EMTs as Scotty just continues to smile and laugh.

Scottywood: Good thing you guys are here, you can take out trash, because Damien….Your Fired!

The guards continue to check on Damien as they keep pulling Scottywood away as the camera cuts back to the announcers.

David Black – 0% v Christopher America© – 0%

As we come back from break, the High Octane Vision screen displays the current standings of the Mark O’Neal group. Joe Hoffman notes that this next match will determine the winner of the group and who will move on to the semi-finals in the Best Invitational Tournament. Silent Witness with his win earlier on in the show is the current leader with 5 points, Black is second with 4.5 points while Christopher America is not far behind with 2.

The National Anthem hits the loudspeakers and is cut-off by Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name”. Christopher America emerges from the back, proudly displaying his white Stable title around his waist. The red, white, and blue sparks that rain down from above come secondary to the chorus of boos heard throughout the arena.

Benny Newell praises America for joining forces with the Argonauts of Awesome last week. Joe Hoffman debates with him a bit, but still notes America’s status as the #1 contender for the LSD title.

After America slides into the ring, he places his hand over his heart as the American flag waves on the High Octane Vision screen. R. Kelly’s “World’s Greatest” interrupts him and David Black, with Jade, pops out to a favorable reaction from the crowd. He’s wearing his Knight’s of Epicness t-shirt after pledging his own allegiance to Bobbinette Carey last week on Mayhem. He’s as focused as he’s ever been here in HOW and obviously knows what’s at stake in this match.

The bell sounds and America and Black lock up in the middle of the ring. America gets the early advantage by backing Black into the corner and delivers a few American chops and right hands. A quick thumb to the eye from Black kills the early momentum and he lands some punches of his own. He takes further advantage by bouncing off the ropes with a well-executed Bulldog, right into a headlock.

Back to their feet, America re-gains the leverage with some elbows the midsection, then tosses Black over his head with an American Back Body Drop. After an elbow drop square to the chin, America covers for a 1 count. Frustrated, America delivers some American boots to the knee of Black, reminding us of his efforts on Ryan Faze last week.

As Jade pounds on the mat for encouragement, America picks David Black up by the hair. The crowd is really getting behind Black as they don’t want to see America advance. He uses this encouragement to regain the momentum once again. Black counters a waist-lock and spins around America for a German Suplex, then another, before finally releasing his grip.

As America struggles to his feet, Black signals to the crowd for his BLACKOUT finisher, only for America to surprise him with a drop kick, sending Black through the ropes to the outside. As Jade helps Black to his feet, an American baseball slide sends him back down to the canvas. Boettcher starts the ten count for both superstars and the new AoA member American-whips Black into the steel steps.

America sneaks back into the ring as Boettcher continues the count for David Black. After a nerve-wrecking 8 count, he’s back in favoring his shoulder. America goes right back to work and levels him with an American DDT. But as Black stands up, he ducks an American Clothesline attempt and counters with a drop toe-hold. America pops to his feet quickly and Black surprises everyone by landing his BLACKOUT finisher out of nowhere! A sure 3 count is interrupted by America’s foot on the ropes.

As Black argues with Mike Shea in disbelief, Jade tries to grab his attention as she notices America, while shaken, is very slow to his feet. Black is still trying to state his case for victory, when from behind, an American Low Blow leaves both superstars on the mat.

Both men are able to stagger to their feet and Black goes for his Blackout superkick finisher but America is able to duck under and screams out “FOR AMERICA” at the same time grabbing Black and nailing him with his FOR AMERICA cutter finisher.

America covers as Matt Boettcher makes the count…





Post match the HOV comes alive to show Silent Witness and Triple A’s names highlighted in the Mark O’Neal bracket signaling the fact that they have finished tied for the final lead in their group.

Joe and Benny speculate on the tiebreaker as the action cuts away..

Target Practice

The scene opens with Issac shutting his locker room door, without a match this week he’s looking forward to relaxing and watching the show, a little R and R never hurt anyone, and after his match With Silent Witness last week he’s showing some signs of wear and tear.

???: Issac!

He looks up at the sound of the familiar voice as Mary rounds the corner

Issac: Mary? What are you doing back here?

Mary: I had to thank you!

She said throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him

Mary: This ticket couldn’t have been cheap! Backstage access and everything! But thank you so much!

Issac is happy to see her but puzzled

Issac: I’m sorry Mary but I didn’t send you that ticket…if I’d known you were interested in coming I would have been happy to buy you a ticket, but you’ve been so busy with work lately…

Mary frowns and looks down at the ticket in her hand with a frown

Mary: It wasn’t you? That’s weird…ah well it doesn’t matter who sent it, I’m here now and ‘m going to enjoy my time with you.

Her Blue eyes shined brightly as she looked up at him, she brushed some of her black hair back behind her ears, and Issac could see the regular meals were beginning to fill her out, her skin looked a lot healthier although she was still a little pale.

Slipping her arm through his she walks down the hall with him looking around wide eyed at everything, they talk, mostly Issac explains all the backstage technicalities to her, as they round the corner the words on his lips die as Issac comes face to face with Darkwing.

Uncertain of what kind of Mood the Darkone will be in after his little “Present” the previous week Issac subtly puts himself in-between Darkwing and Mary.

Issac: Darkwing…what can I do for you? Come for another sing along? Afraid I don’t have any presents for you this week

Darkwing just smiles, and glances at Mary, who is staring right at him, jaw practically hitting the floor.

Darkwing: Issac Slade….you thought you were cute last week, huh? Well, I got presents of my own planned…and frankly I don’t need anything from you. The people who I am expecting presents from…..are already here.

Issac Slade stares at Darkwing somewhat confused. Darkwing is all smiles.

Still keeping himself between Darkwing and Mary Issac folds his arms across his chest

Issac: I’m pleased you remember my name; I thought your ego and your Hall of Fame status put you too far above the common folk to bother with remembering names.

Darkwing: Pat yourself on the back kid… might’ve thought doing your HOW homework would put me in my place, but by getting my attention you have also got my bull’s-eye on you. So gloat, make fun all you want. It’ll be the Darkone who laughs last…and it’ll begin tonight.

Darkwing goes to leave but Issac Slade rushes forward and steps in front of him.

Issac: Look…I tried being nice, I tried being humble, I even tried being respectful, when you showed me that that just wouldn’t work I took you down a peg, you want to talk about putting a bull’s-eye on me? Well here I am DW right in front of you, I just hope getting that title broken over your head two weeks ago hasn’t affected your aim!

Fired up and pissed off Slade shoves past Darkwing heading back to Mary.

Darkwing only laughs, not even bothering to turn around.

Darkwing: All the conditions except for one are complete Issac…..and that too will soon be complete. Don’t worry, when I do take Aim…..I aim for the head.

Issac grabs Mary and the two storms off.

Mary: Issac! Issac!

Mary pleads as they walk off.

Darkwing shakes his head.

Darkwing: He’s so thick-headed and naïve….he’ll end up just like Starr did.

Darkwing walks off smiling and scene cuts to a commercial!


With no sponsors for commercials we join a match already in progress featuring future LSD Stars…

After the near fall Chico picks up the ladder and stands it up in front of the turnbuckle. Chico ascends to the top of the ladder and waits for Crazy to get up. Crazy slowly rises to his feet. Chico is about to take off when…….

Chris: Look it’s the corona guy. He just pushed the ladder…causing Chico to fall off the ladder and out of the ring.

Joe: I have no idea what’s going on with AJ. He just appeared out of the crowd.

AJ takes off thru the crowd again. Crazy, still hurting, slowly climbs to the outside where Chico is in some serious pain. Crazy picks up Chico and drives him headfirst into the ring post. Crazy then slides Chico into the ring. Crazy covers.1….2…….kick out by Chico.

Crazy slides out of the ring and grabs a table. He slides it into the ring. Crazy climbs back in and delivers a swift kick to the now busted up Chico. Crazy sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Crazy turns around and is met by a ladder to the face!!

Chico drops the ladder as he is too weak to capitalize on the move. Crazy is now busted open. Both men stagger to their feet. Crazy charges Chico who executes a drop toe hold right onto the ladder. Chico picks up the dazed Crazy and puts him on the table. Chico then sets up the ladder in the corner of the ring and ascends the ladder carefully…looking around the whole time for AJ.

Suddenly Crazy is too his feet. He runs over and before Chico can do anything Crazy has climbed the first few rungs of the ladder. He grabs Chico by the throat and delivers a choke slam off the ladder and thru the table!!


Chris: Did you just say shit? You been smoking my shit?


1…..2…..kick out by Chico

Chris: HOLY SHIT. How in the hell did he do that?

The crowd oohs and aahs over the near finish. Crazy gets slowly to his feet and slides out of the ring. He reenters the ring with a chair in hand. He pounds the mat with the chair…waiting for Chico to get up. Slowly and surely Chico rises to his feet only to be hit with the most devastating chair shot of the night!

Chico is busted open bad. Crazy covers. 1….2…Crazy pulls him up!

Joe: Why did he do that. Chico is out cold! Oh wait he has just locked in his finisher…the Scorpion Death Lock. Chico can’t even tap!


The ref realizing that Chico is knocked out calls for the bell.

Winner of the match…..Crazy!!!!!!

But Crazy refuses to let go of the hold. It takes 7 HOW officials to finally get Crazy to release the hold and get out of the ring. Crazy walks to the back bloody, and to a chorus of boos.

Joe: Well thank god order is restored. The two triple threat matches are complete now. In the first one it’s Jason Ice vs. Omar Rasheem vs. Ice Cube. In the other triple threat, it will be The Executioner vs. Kanyoner vs. Crazy. After this commercial break we will have our first triple threat match to decide the first finalist for the Hardcore Title!!

Kostoff Explains…

Back live and the backstage area is buzzing as Blair is setting up to interview Kostoff and find out the reason he decided to team up with his long time enemy Lee Best. You can tell that the whole crew back stage is on edge as Kostoff makes his way onto the interview set. Shaking hands with everyone, Kostoff makes his way over to the nervous Blair. Seeing that the woman is nervous, Kostoff puts his hand on her shoulder.

Kostoff: its ok, I’m not going to rip your head off.

Blair: I’ve heard stories of your interviews in the past.

Kostoff: Hence why I don’t do that many.

Laughing nervously, Blair walks to the middle of the interview area. Following, Kostoff makes his way over.

Blair: Tonight I’m joined by HOW Hall Of Famer, the man known as Kostoff.

Kostoff: Thank you.

Blair: The question on my mind and everyone else’s in HOW as well as the entire wrestling world is this…why would you side with Lee Best over Bobbie Carrey or the other investor that came around?

Kostoff: That’s a good question really. But let me explain my reasoning behind it.

Clearing his throat, a small smile crosses his lips.

Kostoff: You see, as much as Lee and I hate each other, we both know what’s best for business. I mean let’s be honest, how many times have Lee and I tried to end each other? And yet he still offers me contracts and I still sign them. No matter what you hear or what people say, without Kostoff HOW isn’t what it is today. Now am I saying that without me here HOW wouldn’t be around? Hell no I’m not. HOW would be around, it’s just that I have gone up and down the road here. I’ve gone to war with Jatt Starr, Lynx, Shane Reynolds, Jay Luminary, Mark O’Neal, Darkwing…I’ve fought them all. Along with those guys, we paved the way for HOW today, for the likes of the AoA. Scottywood…to name a few.

Kostoff: So to answer the question, I did what I did as a show of respect to Lee and to HOW and what it stands for.

The crowd from the arena explode in cheers as Kostoff begins to pace back and forth.

Kostoff: Now with that being said, I’ve heard all the talk about why I did what I did. I didn’t do it because I felt as if sold to Lee. And people said that the LOD wouldn’t back me in this. Well I got news for all of you. The LOD is still as strong as ever. We are united in doing what’s best for HOW and for us. Does that mean we are siding with Lee? Not at all, matter of fact we are still going to go to war against him and the Best Alliance each and every time that we can.

Kostoff: Did I do it to push Bobbie out of HOW? Not at all. Let me make this clear to everyone…I have respect for Bobbie. I didn’t do this to disrespect her, I did this to better HOW as a whole. Not saying that Bobbie wouldn’t be good for HOW as a leader, but a proven commodity is what it is. I’m sure that everyone will try to read more into that but it is what it is.

Blair: Can you answer to those who say that this is all a ploy?


Kostoff: If this was going to be a ploy, I’d have gotten the LOD to pool our loot and go from there, or even better yet I’d just pony up the loot out of my own pocket and buy HOW all together. But what we did is this, the LOD backed me up in this decision and said that it was a good move for us as a team to do this. So with that being said, I want to address a few people.

Clearing his throat his gaze digs into the camera.

Kostoff: For all the talk about me being old and all that stuff, I’m sure these boys won’t have any issues in getting into the ring with the LOD and actually backing up those man pleasers that they call mouths. I’m talking about Mario, Paul, and their newest sidekick Christopher America.

Boos reign down from the arena as Kostoff’s gaze doesn’t budge from the camera.

Kostoff: Paul, you got lucky twice and that’s because you needed help to win. A win is a win, I’m all about that. But in a one on one fight, you don’t win against me. Mario and our favorite catch phrase jerk off, I’m wanting to see if you boys have the stones to get into a cage against the LOD and take us on, faction against faction in a brawl with no rules. I’m sure that America will have some witty comment to make about me and that’s fine, I’m used to your petty and pathetic attempts to get me mad. But let’s see just how good you fools are once that bell rings and we get to throwing punches.

The crowd begins to pop big time as Kostoff walks back to Blair. His eyes tell the story, anger and rage…the norm from him.

Kostoff: You guys have taken the easy road since day one here. I want to make sure that you boys are really willing to go that extra mile and just let it all go for broke. Come on boys, you love to talk big, now it’s time to back that noise up. I’m sick and tired of hearing you boys talk about how big and bad you are and how you are. So get into that ring and back it up, I’m sure that you boys can get the time to get into that cage and fight us. And I don’t mean a nice wrestling match, I mean an all out war. A blood bath where we all suffer. I’m wanting this, I’m not sure you want this.

Kostoff: I’ll get the LOD together, you get your boys together and we’ll settle this the old fashioned way. Fist to fist, knuckle up and bleed. You boys want to see the mean side of Kostoff, well you’re going to get it. See ya’ll in the ring boys….

Kostoff walks off as the crowd goes wild. Standing there Blair looks confused as the scene cuts to another part of the backstage area.

White Knights?

~Bobbinette watches David Black walk through the locker room with Jade in toe. Both looking dejected after Blacks tough loss to America earlier in the night. Dylan Nitro is already putting his things in his locker. Bobbinette looks at the two. Bobbinette stands up and walks over to Jade extending her hand.~

Bobbinette: Jade so uberly lovely to meet you. I wanted to introduce myself to you for a while now. You seemed like such a woman of substance and to be with someone like David you seem like quite the respectable female.

~Jade shakes Bobbinette’s hand. Jade looks nervously over at David who is shrugging his shoulders.~

Jade: Thank you…

David: Where is Robin?

Bobbinette: Who? OH! Livie… I have her put in a safe house right now. After last week with Crow I want to make sure she is safe. Now here’s the thing that I wanted to talk with you all about.

~Dylan looks up and over at Bobbinette.~

Dylan: What about?

Bobbinette: We are knights. Standing up for more then just ourselves… Which means we’ve got to protect those that aren’t protected.

~Everyone seems to nod in agreement of this statement. Bobbinette sighs a little.~

Bobbinette: Amanda…

~They all look at her.~

Bobbinette: Triple P could care less what happens to his partners wife. But it’s our job, our duty to save her. We stand up for justice and injustice is going on. She’s not guilty of her husband being an idiot. Crow’s just nuts.

David: Well we’re knights. Knight’s cant pick and choose justice.

~Bobbinette smiles hearing that.~

Dylan: If it’s what we stand for we have to don’t we?

Bobbinette: Okay I’m uberly glad you’re on board. I have a private investigator who said He should have Amanda’s location next week.

Dylan: So we save her next week?

Bobbinette: We work on the plan this week and save her next week.

David: So she’s only going to have to suffer for one more week.

~Bobbinette nods.~

Bobbinette: She doesn’t have to suffer as much as Jeff Harris’s son or Livie did. I think that if we are on the ball with this we can prevent other people from going through the same thing that three other people in the company have gone through.

~Bobbinette looks over at Jade then at David.~

Bobbinette: I also think we should show unity…If we all stick together then we don’t have to worry about others getting abducted.

~Her meaning was to watch out for Jade even though she didn’t say it. They all nodded their head agreeing as the action cuts to a commercial break~


With no sponsors there are no commercials. We join a match from an October 28th 2002 Monday night Mayhem…

….Houston is putting the boots on C.K. Chico, Xtreme, AJ are all on the outside, along with the ref. Chico is back up and sees AJ. He then picks him up and slams his head into the steel steps. And again. Three or four more times and AJ finally busts open, when he does things look like there about too get worse for C.K and Co. Jay, Omar and Starr all come from backstage and walk down to the ring. They stop at the bottom of the ramp. Chico invites them to come and get some, and Omar goes straight for him.

Chico though being a fast guy jumps over the barricade and goes into the crowd. Omar doesn’t give up though and gives Chico a chase through the crowd. Both Lynx and Houston are now stomping on C.K, and Xtreme enters looking to help out C.K. When he sees the rest of the Best Alliance outside the ring though, he changes his mind and rolls out of the ring. He walks past the BA, thinking he has got away without getting his butt whooped. How wrong.

Starr hits a superkick to the back of the head on 2Xtreme, who crashes down to the steel ramp, and rolls off the side of it. Starr then joins Jay at the bottom of the ramp and the both slide in to join Lynx and Houston. Starr looks down to see the ref is getting back up. Starr and Jay then drag C.K quickly up and hold him. Lynx then hits the Lynx affect, sending C.K down once again. The three of them get out of the ring and leave Houston to get the pin. Lynx goes round to help the ref up, who doesn’t know what’s going on or who the legal man in. He just sees Houston with his arm over C.K and begins the count


Winners Houston, Lynx and AJ.

Joe: Well another great screw job there from the Best Alliance.

Newell: Well I thought all this crap had stopped, but C.K has been made an example of, oh wait I don’t think there finished yet.

Lynx, Starr and Jay then slide into the ring and join the victor, Houston. There celebrating and they then see C.K on the floor. They then nod at each other and wave towards the top of the ramp. Lee Best then appears, greeted by boos. He waves at the fans and carries on walking down the ramp. He reaches the steps to the ring and Starr then opens the ropes for him to climb through. He nods at Starr and gets into the ring. He then calls for C.K to be stood up. Jay and Houston get him up as Lynx smiles, knowing whats about to happen. 2Xtreme then sees the boos in the ring and knows that he is down because of him. He gets up after the kick from Starr and slides into the ring, into impossible odds. He is stamped on as soon as he enters. Lynx and Houston quickly take care of him, throwing him over the top rope before he could get even close to Lee Best. Best then takes a pen from his top pocket.

Joe: I have heard about this, I don’t think I can’s watch.

Best then looks at the pen up and down, and into the face of C.K, who is barely able to open his eyes. He can’t look up at Best as he has been beaten. Best the shoves the pen into the eye of C.K. he gives a little scream and falls to his knees. Jay and Houston let him go. Best calls it the ‘Bottom line’. Best then puts a knee into the throat of Ck and begins to write onto the bloody head of CK. Finished Best stands and smiles. The camera zooms in and we see what Best wrote…


C.K is writhing in the ring holding his eye. A camera backstage shows that Omar has taken care of Chico, leaving him battered with a steel chair. Back in the ring, Best is looking down at C.K and whispers in the ear of Lynx. He sniggers as do the other men who heard what Best said. Best then gets out of the ring and stars to walk up the ramp. He walks round 2Xtreme and stops when he gets to the top of the stage. He nods at Lynx, signaling something. Lynx then picks C.K up as Best leaves through the curtain. Starr and Jay head back up the ramp to get ready for their matches. Lynx and Houston are left with C.K. They toss him over the ropes closest to the commentators then get out themselves. They see the announce table. Lynx and Houston look to know what there doing. Houston quickly gets back into the ring and on to the top turnbuckle.

Newell: I think we better move here Joe.

The commentators move to the side, away from danger as Lynx lets go of C.K just in front of the table. He is swaying, and Lynx hits a Atlantis kick, at the same time Houston leaps from the top rope. The kick sent C.K on to the table and the leg drop from the top rope that followed sent him through the table. C.K looks broken in half, as Lynx helps Houston up. They raise each others arm and the crowd begin to boo, and rightfully so. The commentators look down at C.K. Lynx and Houston then walk round the side of the ring and help up a bloody AJ, the three members of the Best Alliance then walks up the ramp, AJ in the middle who is being given some support from the other two. The titontron then shows Chico backstage, then 2Xreme on the outside and C.K through the table.

Joe: Well I think a commercial is called for here while things are cleared, and there is plenty to be done. I mean we need a new table we have a full show to do.

Newell: That’s right, here are some EMT’s anyway, so we will be right back after this.


A Starr Preview

:::The High Octane Vision comes to life showing the smiling face of Jatt Starr, who is wearing a three piece black suit, white dress shirt, and gold tie.::::

Starr: Tonight, the HOW will once again have the privilege to enjoy the Jatt Starr experience. Now, people are wondering why, after I had announced my retirement, would I return? Is it because of Darkwing and his oh-so-heartfelt plea he made after hearing of my retirement?

To answer that part, no and you are an idiot for even thinking that could be a reason. It is NOT because of Darkwing. In fact, in the contract that I will be signing later tonight, there is a clause that states that Darkwing and Jatt Starr will never, EVER have a sanctioned match in the HOW ever again!

:::The crowd boos at this little bombshell Jatt Starr dropped, but he smiles and continues.:::

Starr: And on top of that, Lee Best will also personally award me an official U.A.D. Championship belt made in sterling silver with eleven diamonds, one diamond for each victory I have scored over the Duck One. Yes, the davs of Darkwing versus Jatt Starr are over. I have given him ample opportunities to defeat me and he has failed every single time.

But, let’s get back to why the Ruler of Jattlantis is returning. For one thing, Lee Best offered me a record contract. The highest contract in HOW history! Money talks and Kostoff walks, what can I say?

And then there’s the Hall of Fame issue. Bobbinette Carey and her Knights of the Septic Tank or whatever they’re called. The biggest mistake Lee Best ever made was inducting that bimbo into the Hall of Fame!

:::Some chants of “Jatt Starr Sucks” begin resounding throughout the arena.:::

Starr: Bobbi, can I call you Bobbi? Well, I will anyway. Just because you held the HOW Championship doesn’t make you a Hall of Famer. Heck, it doesn’t even mean you are Championship material. Your induction to the HOW Hall of Fame is a joke. It makes the accomplishments of those who earned their place in there seem meaningless. Bobbi, you are nothing. Your little boobery septic cohorts are nothing. You are just the eye candy for horny old men, that’s it. That’s your only purpose here in the HOW. Get used to it, Bimbonette Carey!

That’s why the King of Grapple from the Big Apple is returning, no more, no less.

And as far the contract signing goes? Tonight, get ready….because after I sign that contract, I have an announcement that will shake the very foundation of the HOW. I will show video evidence of a top tier HOW superstar purchasing AND using performance enhancing narcotics! I have the evidence right here with me! All of you out there are probably wondering who it is….Is it Graystone? Max Kael? Benny Newell? Ryan Faze? Triple M? Well, you’ll see tonight!

And Lee Best has assured me, once he sees it, that person is getting a Bottomline and a booty call with Besty! Prepare to have your minds blown!!!

:::The High Octane Vision goes to black.:::

Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v Bobbinette Queen B Carey – 0%

The action returns to the announcers and Benny is literally wiping his lap with a towel.

Joe Hoffman:

Well now that Benny has been satisfied for the evening…

Benny Newell:


Joe Hoffman:

Yes that is right. Jatt is here and will be signing his contract here in a little bit. But right now lets focus in on our next match. It is the final match in the Narcotic group for both Stable Champion Triple P and HOW Hall of Famer Bobbinette Carey. If Carey wins this match then we will have a three way tie for the group crown. However, if Triple P is able to win this match he claims the top spot by himself and will move on alongside Blaze, the Lynx Group Winner, into the semifinals.

Benny Newell:

Blah..blah …blah. Get this match going….jatt is coming up!!!

On cue, Best damn thing” By Avril Lavigne plays. As There is a pink spot light with a pink shag carpet laid out almost like the red carpet at glam events. She walks down to the ring with Princess on her arm. She waves to the crowd in a royal smug wave and ignores fans looking down on them. She hands Princess over to the time keeper before getting into the ring. She gets in the ring and jumps on the ropes and works the crowd then stands in the center of the ring.

Hoffman and Newell talk about the importance of this match regarding the Best Invitation and remind the fans that If Triple P wins he automatically will advance into the semi finals, where as if Carey win’s it will be a five point tie between Triple P and Kostoff.

Perfect Paul Paras then makes his way down to the ring, the fans booing him chanting ‘PAUL SUCKS!’ as he makes his perfect entrance. He holds the Stable title up in one hand and a Singapore cane in the other for all to see as he approaches the ring and enters the action.

The bell rings and Paras gets an early advantage by swooping behind Carey, and locking in a hammer lock. He thrusts his groin against her butt smirking at the fans as he mocks her. But Carey’s jabs him in the ribs with an elbow forcing him to double over and release the hold. The fans cheer Carey as she quickly turns around and nails Paras with a spike DDT!! She covers and Hortega counts..


Paras quickly kicks out and Hoffman points out how Triple P’s blatant lack of respect almost cost him and embarrassing early defeat.

Carey goes back to the attack with an elbow across the throat of Triple P. She then runs to the ropes and back towards him but Triple P springs to his feet and hammers her down to the mat with a powerful clothesline, sending the crowd in “ohhhs” around the arena. Paras spends some time wearing Carey down. He eventually picks her up and drops her with a sidewalk slam and notices that she is holding her arm in pain after a bad landing. Triple P capitalizes on this by stomping angrily on it and eventually locking in a short arm scissor hold. He eventually releases the hold and pulls her to her feet by the arm and whips her to the ropes, dropping her down with a spine buster. He covers..



Carey gets a shoulder up but yells in pain from her arm. Benny mocks Carey as Paras continues to man handle her around the ring concentrating on the injured right arm. But Hoffman comes to life as he Carey catches him off guard with a sharp upper cut to his chin. She then runs against the ropes and hits a perfect bulldog. Paras gets back to his feet, holding his head and looking a little un easy. He turns around only to be greeted by a super kick to the chin from Carey. She hooks a leg and Hortega counts



Triple P kicks out. Carey catches her breath for a second and flicks her arm out, wincing in pain as she does so. She stalks Triple P as he pulls himself to his feet. As he does so she quickly hits a dropkick to the knee of Triple P causing him to go down to one knee, she then finishes off the combination with a kick to the side of his head. With the momentum in her favor she waves her hands up and down to the crowd to get behind her. Hoffman talks about the impressiveness of Carey in this match and the possibility of the group being a two way tie.

Triple P is getting back to his feet again, this time Carey runs against the ropes. As she comes back Triple P quickly rolls her up into a Boston crab for a Minneapolis crab. The crowd get behind Carey to hold in there as she pulls at her hair in pain. She tries to crawl across the ring to the ropes but Triple P is too strong for her to move. Newell cant see any way out of this for Carey, but she proves him wrong again as she pushes up with her hands, forcing Paras to give her some room to work with. She then shows great agility as she rolls forwards, sending Paras over her in a rolling sunset flip. She holds and Hortega counts for the




NO!!! Triple P gets his shoulder off the mat just in time. Carey cant believe it, but has no time to complain as Triple P is back to his feet. Both run against opposite sides of the ropes and Carey flies at Triple P with a cross body, but Triple P catches her in mid air with a running Yakuza kick. Hoffman points how dangerous a landing that was for Carey, as lies motionless on the mat. Triple P covers for the



CAREY KICKS OUT!! Triple P gets into Joel Hortega’s face claiming that it was three but Hortega is having none of it. Carey is still down on the mat, but is starting to move herself. Triple P drags her to her feet and completes a hip toss followed by an arm bar on her injured right arm. He uses all his strength to hyper extend the arm hoping that she will tap out. Carey manages to get a foot on the ropes, but Paras keeps the hold locked in until Hortega forces him to release.

He brings Carey back up to her feet and twists her arm around adding more pressure, but Carey sends a sweet kick right to his jaw causing him to fall back on his back. Carey struggles with her arm but manages to get some momentum as she connects with various kicks to Triple P before landing a standing drop kick that sends Paras down hard..

With the crowd cheering, and holding her arm in pain, Carey waits for Paras to get to his feet. She is signaling for a superkick which Benny reminds everyone she should be calling her chick kick.

Paras slowly gets to his feet and turns right into the coming foot of the HOW Hall of Famer…

But Paras somehow ducks and floats behind Carey and quickly locks in his anaconda vice finisher..

The Messianic Complex!!!

Carey struggles and struggles but she cannot break the hold and with her already damaged arm she has no choice but to tap after a few more moments.

Hortega signals for the bell as Paras rolls off of Carey and raises his arms in the air as ring announcer Amy Smeets declares Triple P the winner of the Narcotic Group


Post Match we Paras raises his hands in the air and Maurako & America come running down the isle and slide into the ring. America runs up and hugs Paras as Maurako stands over the fallen Carey who is still clinging onto her arm. A sick smile crosses the lips of Maurako as America & Paras turn around to see Maurako towering over Carey. Maurako instructs America and Paras to pull Carey up to her knees where she belongs. America grabs Carey’s left arm and Paras holds Carey’s right arm and then pull her up to her knees facing Maurako.

The fans start to cheer as Maurako begins to pull back his arm to punch Carey square in the jaw but when Maurako goes to swing his arm is caught by none other then Sektor from the LOD.

The camera gets in close and can hear the conversation taking place between Maurako and Sektor.

Sektor: You’re not hitting another woman on my show Mario.

Maurako: Why not?

Sektor: Because I’m going to do it.

Suddenly Sektor punches Carey right in the jaw as America and Paras let go of her and she falls to the mat. America pulls Carey up off the mat and yells “FOR AMERICA” and then takes Carey down to the mat with his finisher. America rolls out of the ring and starts looking for something and Paras picks Carey up off the mat by her damaged arm and then drives her down to the mat with a Parasyte (flatliner). The fans start to boo loudly as Sektor now takes his turn. Maurako picks Carey up off the mat and feeds her to Sektor who hooks her up in a pedigree position and then lifts her into the air and slams her down x-factor style with the C-Sektion.

On the outside of the ring America has found what he is looking for as he pulls his “American” Chair out from under the ring and slides into the ring with it. Maurako picks Carey up and clamps on Marvelousity (Full Nelson) and Paras and Sektor take turns slapping Carey across the face. America holds up his chair and signals to Maurako who then releases the hold and pushes Carey forward as Christopher America brings the Chair crashing down across her skull. Carey falls to the mat with a thud and the Argonauts smile. Paras extends his hand towards Sektor who shakes it and the four AoA members raise their hands to the enormous amounts of boos that come from the stands.

Paras, Maurako, America, and the newest Argonaut Sektor exit the ring just in time as David Black and Dylan Nitro run down to the ring to save Carey. The Argonauts walk to the back mocking David Black and Dylan Nitro for taking so long to get to the ring as the action cuts to a commercial.


With no sponsors for commercial we bring you this press conference that aired on the December 15th 2002 Mayhem..

Camera fades onto a podium and a man walks up. “Excuse me, excuse me, may I have everyone’s attention. We will be holding a mini press conference here shortly. Thank you.”

Newell:”What the hell? We don’t care about the announcements that there will be an announcement, just let us hear the damn announcement.”

Joe: “Oh God, there’s that damn podium again.”

The same man walks up and says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I now introduce to you, your boss, the man himself: Mr. Lee Best!”

Lee Best: Welcome everyone to this rushed press conference. I wasn’t expecting to be making this announcement until next week. But as you all know shit happens. With the PPV right around the corner I felt it would be best to get this outta the way asap. This conference will be shown tonight at Mayhem so there will be no questions. I am going to introduce a man, he will make some comments, and then me and this man will be heading straight to the arena to prepare for Mayhem. So without any further ado I would like to introduce the GM of mayhem, my brother, Michael Best.

Michael Best “Good evening everyone. It is great to FINALLY be able to be here in Albuquerque, and especially on the best damn wrestling show in the history of the sport, MONDAY NIGHT MAAAAYYYYHEEEEEEMMMMMM!!! Brothers of Loyalty here we are. As for the pain, well, from what I hear, TNT has been kicking our ass. Well, no longer will this happen because I KNOW that between me and my dear ole brother, TNT will look like a bunch of three year old girls running around in pink dresses playing skip-to-my-lou with beautiful parasols twirling behind them. Hell, we may even make them look worse than that… maybe we will make them look like the current, oh what’s the name of that pathetic organization…. oh yeah, that’s right… the WWE.”

“Well, enough about TNT. Frankly, all joking aside, it is time to get down to business. I know I haven’t been around much lately, but that is all in the past. Rest assured that I am STILL the General Manager of Mayhem and make NO MISTAKE, I will be for a LONG time. If you like it good, if you don’t then good. I am not here for your approval. I am here for two jobs. To run this show and to assist the Best Alliance by ANY means necessary. I play no favorites. If you and my brother get into it, the person who is right, is right. Now for my major announcement. I hereby, with the agreement of Redman, make Genesis an unique pay-per-view. I am not going to take into specifics here until I talk to Redman. But the basic idea is to have Mayhem guys wrestling TNT guys. So until I get feedback from Redman I am not going into all the specifics. That is all for now, everyone please enjoy Mayhem. I will be off camera tonight, but I will backstage. You will begin to see my influence tonight. That I promise you. Thank you everyone, and everyone prepare to see a new era on Mayhem. My brother has done it on his own too long now. Tonight starts the Michael Best era. Thank you.

Michael Best walks off the stage shaking hands and embracing his brother.

Joe: “WOW! Did you hear that? Our GM has finally spoken! So that means he is here right now?? I didn’t see him. I don’t like this or the fact that he is Lee’s brother.”

Newell: “I like him! He let everyone know who ran this show.”


Back live we see a monitor showing the taped arrival of Jatt Starr. As it pans back the tiny flags of Maxopotamia can be seen.. and then the dash of the Road Maxter 8000 with a driver in the front seat. Next to him sits Max Kael, the ICON title slung over his shoulder.

Max Kael:.. Jatt thinks he can show back up and claim some kind of.. dignity here?

The sour expression of Max Kael deepens as he turns to look down at the ICON title with a snarl.

Max Kael: You’ll learn to appreciate me Ike.. I’ve come to far, done to much and shown the world that I am greater then Jatt Starr.. I’ve become too much to let a thing like you disrespect me..

He turned his head back toward the monitor as he leaned forward from his seat, his eyes narrowing.

Max Kael: I’ll get you my Jatti.. and you’re little legacy too.. Carry on..

Max leaned back as the Road Maxter 8000 fired up. The mini-hummer door off down the back stage area leaving a trail of rubber as the camera refocused on the monitor of Jatt Starr arriving.

Crow – 0% v Scottywood© – 0%

We cut back to the ring where Scottywood is already waiting for his upcoming Invitational match against the former Icon champion Crow. He hands his LSD title to ring announcer and awaits Crow to make his entrance.

Hoffman and Newell talk about the how this match is the most important of the group stage for the invitational. If Crow win’s he will be tied with Max Kael and Triple M, the man who beat him for the Icon title. Hoffman also mentions how Crow has seemed bitter about the title loss, and after the show last week we sure suggestions that he might have Triple M’s soon to be ex wife in his possession.

Come with me by P.Diddy hits and the crowd give mixed reactions, as Crow makes his way out onto the top of the rank. He gives a cold and sadistic look to the fans as he makes his way down to the ring.

Both men are ready for action as Mike Shea calls for the bell. Scottywood puts his hands up for a lock up and as Crow goes to move in Scottywood tricks him and delivers a swift kick to the mid section, followed by some stiff right hands. The fans boo the Best Alliance member as he finishes his melee off with a DDT!

He picks Crow up and throws him to the corner, wearing him down with kicks to the mid section. He then backs up and runs at Crow, leaping at him for an elbow, but Crow swoops out of the way causing Scotty to bounce face first off the turnbuckle. He stumbles backwards and Crow drops him with a hard neck breaker.

Hoffman talks about Crow’s abilities as well as his aggression, as he continues to go to work on Scottywood with vicious kicks and elbows. He slows the pace down by locking in various holds such as leg locks and rear chin locks. Scotty manages to get out of the last hold, but is greeted by a running enziguri for his troubles. Crow covers for the first time of the match and Shea counts..



Scottywood kicks out.

Scotty manages to counter Crow after an attempt of a Fallen. He lands behind Crow and delivers a perfect German suplex, followed by a second which he bridges for the



Crow pops his hips to release the pin hold.

As Scottywood takes Crow to the outside of the ring, Hoffman makes his frustrations clear by saying that Scottywood is not in an LSD title match and should not be allowed to use Crows head as a drumstick against the ring equipment. Crow is looking dazed on the outside and Scotty goes to whip him into the barricade, but Crow reverses the irish whip and causes Scottywood to crash hard into the security barricade. Crow quickly drags Scotty over to the ring and throws him in to stop the ten count.

As he follows Scotty into the ring, Scotty takes advantage with a kick to his head. He attempts to carry on the advantage, but Crow is too quick for him as he dodges a right hand and boots Scottywood in the face. After a powerbomb, Crow covers



Scotty kicks out.

Crow gets several more close falls following a t- bone suplex and a spinebuster. Hoffman cant help but admire the resilience of Scottywood as Newell beams with pride.

Crow lifts Scottywood to his feet and attempts a vertical suplex, but Scotty lands behind and dropkicks him in the back of the knees. Scotty takes a moment to get his composure as she shakes off the cobwebs. Crow is back to his feet and is greeted with a kick to the gut and goes for a spiked piledriver but Crow is able to block it and drops down and nails Scottywood with a punch to the throat and then quickly lifts the Commish up and turns him and brings him down hard with his Fallen tombstone piledriver.

The crowd is on their feet as both men are out and Crow literally inches his way towards Scotty and makes the cover…





Post match the HOV comes to life and Crow, Triple M, and Max Kael’s names are highlight under the Jatt Starr group as all three men have finished tied for the group lead.

As Mayhem cuts to the backstage area Joe and Benny once again talk about what could the possible tiebreakers be??


Scene opens in front of Issac Slades locker room. A backstage worker appears and knocks on the door. The door opens and Mary sticks her head out.

Mary: um, yeah, whats up?

Worker: Um, you are are Mary, right?

Mary: Yes. Whats this about?

Worker: Well, I was told to let you know that someone wants to see you regarding an urgent private matter in the garage immediately.

Mary: Now?

Worker: Yes, now.

Mary: Well….who is it?

Worker: Im not sure, but they have some sort of gift for you.

Mary: Its gotta be Issac….he is so sweet in his own way.

Mary quickly leaves following the worker down the hall.

Moments later, Issac Slade holding a bottle of water. He opens the door.

Issac: Hey, I brought you the wa…..Mary?…..Mary?

Issac steps back and his face is one of panic. He runs off in the direction he came.

Scene cuts to commercial…


With no sponsors there are no commercials but we bring you the finish of an intense ladder match for the ICON Championship….aired on December 9th 2002

……..Darkwing gets to his feet and gets a table from the outside. He puts it in the ring and sets it up. He picks up El Nutso and puts him on the table. He gets on with hand and tries for a Shadow Smash but Nutso elbows his way out it and tornado DDTs him off the table. El Nutso shakes off his exhaustion and starts to climb the ladder again. Darkwing gets up and starts to climb the ladder also. Nutso is already at the top, jumping for the belt. Darkwing gets up there and both begin a slugfest.

El Nutso gets the advantage as he gives Darkwing an eyerake. El Nutso then jumps up and grabs onto the belt but he is hanging from it! Darkwing then realizes what is happening and spears El Nutso in midair and both men fall down through the table below! A huge “H.O.W! H.O.W!” chant is heard through out the crowd along with few “Holy Shit” chants. Both wrestlers lay in the rubble, not moving a inch. After a few minutes, Darkwing starts to get up.

He gets to his feet, picking up El Nutso. He sets him up for a powerbomb but El Nutso reverses that into a hurricanrana. El Nutso quickly goes up to the top rope and waits for Darkwing to get up. Darkwing gets to his feet and Nutso nails him with the shooting star dropkick. Darkwing falls back to the ground and El Nutso goes to another turnbuckle and climbs it. He tries for a modified frog splash bit Darkwing moves out of the way and he slams into the mat. Darkwing taunts him to get up. El Nutso gets to his and

Darkwing nails him with a spinebuster.

Darkwing then walks over to his head. The crowd starts to cheering for the Degenerate Drop. Darkwing bounces off each rope and drops his right forearm but Nutso kicks him in the head. Darkwing staggers backward and El Nutso runs at him with a clothesline but Darkwing ducks and drills him with the Shadow Smash! El Nutso is laid out. Darkwing falls to his knees, drained of energy but the crowd cheers him on. Darkwing summons some hidden energy and sets the ladder directly under the belt above.

He starts to climb it. He reaches the top and the belt is almost his when a chair is driven into his back. El Nutso is up and runs to the other side of the ladder. He starts to climb it and reaches the top. Darkwing slams a forearm into his head and El Nutso goes limp. Darkwing then grabs him and jumps off the ladder with a powerbomb on El Nutso but he reverses it into a hurricanrana to a sitdown facebuster in mid air!

Darkwing is driven into the mat with a loud and hard thud that causes the ring to shake. Both men are out. The crowd fills the arena with another “Holy Shit” chant. El Nutso gets his feet first, almost falling down in the process. He builds up some strength and climbs the turnbuckle. He then hits the 705 on Darkwing! El Nutso rolls off of him and staggers to his feet again. He climbs the ladder and gets to the top. He jumps up and grabs the belt. He unhooks it and falls down to the mat.

Winner and NEW ICON CHAMPION: El Nutso

Hoffmann: What a match!! Darkwing’s winning streak has come to an end. Wow..what a match.

Newell: yeah even I have to give it to El Nutso on that one. Darkwing and his team are not looking so hot. Bunch of losers.

Hoffmann: I hardly call Darkwing a loser. The guy is one of the best in the biz. Now that he no longer has the ICON title, maybe he will totally focus on the HOW World title. This could be a blessing in disguise.

Newell: Nothing is good from losing. Lets go to the ring and lets watch Lynx bring the World Title to the Alliance.

Hoffmann: Or….LOD will be in control of the top two belts in HOW. Lets find out!!

Run Bitch Run..

Back live and the scene cuts to the garage. Mary is seen wandering back and forth in-between cars not knowing where to go. Suddenly you can hear footsteps and Mary turns, her breath catches in her throat as she see’s who’s waiting for her.

The camera widens out and you can see to the right the older man, Mary’s former Pimp whom Slade had knocked out a few weeks ago. He is dressed in a trench coat and jeans the Chicago cold something he apparently not used to as of yet, as he is shivering.

Mary: I knew you’d come back…stay away from me you bastard!

Pimp: Shut up! I didn’t come to take you anywhere, it isn’t worth the trouble. I wouldn’t mind fucking up your little savoir, but I’ve been told to leave him alone. I don’t have a lot of time, and frankly I don’t want to be here. But I was told to give you this.

The man takes a large thick envelope out of his coat and extends it to Mary.

Pimp: Take it.

Mary stares at it and takes a step towards him, very cautious.

Mary: What is this? What’s in it?

Pimp: You want the fucking truth? I don’t know. I was ordered to wait here for you and give this to you. I was told to tell you if you asked, that the contents of it were…how was it….’something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time now.’

Mary inches closer, still untrustworthy. The Pimp stretches his arm out as far as he can, and Mary snatches the envelope and backs away.

Pimp: Put that shit away. Open it when you got privacy. Not here. Not even at wherever you’re staying at if you can.

Mary places the envelope inside her purse quickly.

Mary: That’s it?

Pimp: Yeah that’s it. Now fuck this cold, I gotta….

???: MARY!!

Issac Slade flies in out of nowhere and clobbers the Pimp from behind, knocking him into a nearby Mustang and then to the ground.

Issac Slade: What are you doing here you leech! Mary’s done working for you! I thought I made that clear last time!

Lunging to his feet the Pimp suddenly forgets his orders not to “Harm” Issac and goes for his throat, Issac dodges and sends a fist crashing into his jaw, following with a right hook Issac backs him up until the Pimp slams into the hood of a car, The pimp cries out in pain and slumps to the ground holding his back, Suddenly an arm comes from behind and turns Slade around, and nails Slade with a few fast right hands, the camera pans back and reveals Darkwing!

Darkwing steps back and motions with one finger for Slade to rush him, and Slade is a little dizzy, but regains his senses quickly and raises a fist to attack the Darkone, but Mary steps in between them!

Mary: Enough! Both of you! Issac…Issac I want to go…Please.

Issac looks into Mary’s eyes and then back at Darkwing, he shoots him a withering glare at which The Darkone only smiles, Issac looks like he wants to continue the brawl but Mary gives Issac’s hand a tug

Mary: Issac Please…

Issac Slade: Alright Mary…Alright.

Issac looks at Darkwing.

Issac Slade: This isn’t Over Darkwing…not by a long shot.

Letting out a deep breath Issac seems to regain some of his composure, still visibly angry he let’s Mary lead him away, leaving Darkwing standing there.

Darkwing: He was pretty angry……did she step in to protect him? Or in her mind was she protecting me……who knows….

Darkwing chuckles to himself and turns. He sees the Pimp standing there, holding his back, his face bruised, the coat ripped a little and scuffed up.

Darkwing walks until he is standing right in front of the pimp. The pimp freezes, apparently too much in pain to either talk or move right now.

Darkwing suddenly grabs the pimp by the head and smacks it into the hood of the Mustang. He then lifts the Pimp into a fireman’s carry, and then spins him off, hitting a modified version of the NIGHTFALL onto the hood of the mustang, denting it with a loud crack!

Darkwing, who was forced to fall to the ground to deliver the blow, gets to his feet, and dusts his hands off. He then walks off smiling and the scene cuts to ringside…..

Blaze – 0% v Static – 0% v Max Kael© – 0%

We return to action as Best Alliance members Blaze and Static are already in the ring ready for the Triple threat elimination match. They are being heckled and boo’d by the fans.

Hoffman and Newell talk about Max’s current success following his abandonment of the BA. Hoffman points out that since leaving the Best Alliance Max has won the Icon title and also kept himself in the runnings in the Best invitational. Newell touches on Max’s list to out do Jatt Starr and says quite categorically that he will never achieve anything even close to the greatness that Jatt did.

The arena is silent as Blaze and Static look around in confusion wondering why Max’s music hasn’t played yet. Suddenly the fans erupt into mixed reactions as they see Kael coming out from underneath the ring. He slides into the ring and nails both Blaze and Static from behind with a double clothesline. Boettcher calls for the bell and Max continues getting as much of an advantage as he can by going back and forth between the alliance members with stomps and kicks to the head.

After a brief spell of early dominance from Kael, Static gets the momentum back in the BA’s favour with a neck breaker to Kael. Blaze and Static are now double teaming Kael. After a beat down and some mud hole stomps in the corner, they lift him up and crash him down to the mat with a double vertical suplex.

Hoffman say’s he may not agree with everything Max does or says but the two on one advantage is simply unfair. Benny laughs and cheers as the Best Alliance inflict more punishment on Kael. Static holds Max from behind as Blaze continues to hit Max with hard right hands. Static then turns him around and drops him with a DDT. He covers for the



Max kicks out and straight away Blaze boots him in the head. The Best alliance goes back to the double team tactic but Kael manages to duck a big boot attempt from Blaze which instead lands between the eyes of Static. Some of the crowd are getting behind match as he dishes out a melee of right hands to Blaze followed by an eye rake and European uppercut. He then turns his attention to Static who was attempting a blind side attack. Max kicks him in the gut and delivers a snap DDT! He gets turned around by Blaze and kicked in the gut. Blaze looks attempt the Incinerator, but Max pushes out of it and delivers the Weapon of Max destruction. The crowd cheer as he covers for the



STATIC BREAKS UP THE COUNT. Static yanks Kael to his feet but Kael nails him with a low blow, which the Boettcher misses. Max the delivers another Weapon of Max Destruction and covers for the





Max quickly runs over to Blaze and attempts an elbow drop, but Blaze rolls out of the way causing Max to miss. Blaze dominates Max for a while getting two or three near falls. Action ends up outside the ring at one point and Blaze send’s Max head first into the steel steps busting him wide open.

Max stands to his feet and just as he does Blaze who is still groggy, grabs Max and this time is able to nail the ICON Champion with his INCINERATOR finisher….

Blaze covers as Boettcher counts…





Post match we see Static toss Kael out of the ring and the two Best Alliance members stand strong in the center of the ring as the action cuts away.

Masked Hero?

The HOV comes to life as Joe mentions that a tape arrived to the arena earlier today and this has been the time allotted for it to play…

As the footage starts rolling, we see an open field at nighttime, covered in moonlight. A dark silhouette can be seen off in the distance but it is impossibly to make out who or what it is. The night is quiet as the dark silhouette grows bigger, as it is approaching the camera.

Eventually the sound of a horses hooves can be heard breaking the silence of the night….click clock click clock…the sound growing louder and louder until the dark silhouette is no longer a silhouette, but it can now be seen that it is indeed the man called Zorro, complete with hat, mask, cape and even a sword, riding on his black stallion. Zorro rides all the way up to the camera and stops and looks into the camera before saying just a single word….

Zorro: Soon….

Zorro circles around on the horse a few times, before galloping off into the night again and a ‘Z’ is carved on the screen before everything goes black and the footage comes to an end.

Mayhem cuts to another commercial break as up next is the contract signing with Jatt Starr!!!!


With no sponsors for commercials we bring you footage from a Mayhem that featured a TNT invasion…

…….Outside the ring, Kostoff slams Starr’s head off of the steel post. Kostoff grabs a chair and wails on Starr’s head, over and over again. Starr falls to the cement floor with blood pouring off of his head. Inside the ring O’Neal gets Darkwing up and tosses him into the ropes, catching him with a spinebuster. Kostoff gets to his corner and begins to yell at Darkwing to get there. O’Neal spits at Kostoff, who flips him the bird in return. Darkwing low blows O’Neal. O’Neal falls to his knees as Darkwing crawls to the corner where Kostoff is reaching out for the tag.

O’Neal gets ahold of Darkwing’s leg and drags him to the center of the ring. O’Neal gets Darkwing up and nails a nut buster on him. Darkwing falls to the mat holding his balls as O’Neal gets back to his feet. O’Neal gets Darkwing to his feet and tosses him into the ropes, Darkwing comes back and hits a forearm to the mouth of O’Neal. Starr gets to his corner and hollers for O’Neal to get to there for the tag.

O’Neal gets moving as Darkwing gets to his feet and hobbles to the corner and tags in Kostoff. Kostoff hits the ring like a man possesed as O’Neal does not tag but goes after Kostoff. Starr yells as Kostoff takes the champion down and beats on him. Kostoff tosses O’Neal outside the ring and follows right behind him. O’Neal grabs a chair, Kostoff punches the chair as hard as he can knocking the chair out of O’Neal’s hands. Kostoff kicks O’Neal in the guts and flips him up and nails the No Remorse on the chair!!!

Kostoff grabs O’Neal by the hair and rolls him into the ring. Kostoff covers O’Neal….1,2,3!!!


Starr gets into the ring and looks at Kostoff and Darkwing. Darkwing enters the ring as both member of the Legion Of Darkness attack Starr!! Starr fights back but gets over powered by Darkwing and Kostoff. Kostoff signals for Darkwing to get to the top ropes, as Mark O’Neal slides slowly into the ring with a chair. Kostoff has his back turned to O’Neal as Darkwing begins to climb the turnbuckle.

O’Neal nails Kostoff square in the back, causing him to let go of Starr. O’Neal, bloodied and wobbeling, hits Darkwing as well, causing him to fall to the mat. O’Neal grabs Starr’s arm and drags it over the fallen



O’Neal looks down at Kostoff and throws the chair down. Starr gets to his feet and goes after Darkwing. O’Neal exits the ring as Kostoff rolls outside the ring. Starr grabs the chair and hits Darkwing right between the eyes with the chair, sending Darkwing to the mat. Starr covers Darkwing…1,2…kickout by Darkwing.

Starr gets Darkwing up and kicks him in the stomach, than quickly hitting the unprettier on Darkwing!! Starr falls on him for the pin….1,2,3!!!


As Starr stands over the fallen Darkwing, Kostoff and O’Neal restart their war outside the ring as they begin to battle again, this time looking even worse than before. The crowd stirs as Lynx, Daddy Mack, Malevolence, and Jason Knight charge the ring and begin to unload a vicoius attack on the last 4 men in and outside the ring.

Lynx charges Kostoff and nails him to the ring. Lynx grabs Kostoff and powerbombs him through the time keepers table!!! Mal grabs O’Neal and hits a reverse DDT on O’Neal on the cement floor. Knight htis the ring and drops a leg drop on Darkwing. Starr seems confused as Daddy Mack hits a spinning heel kick on Starr. Knight tosses Darkwing into the ropes and nails a spinebuster on Darkwing. Daddy Mack mounts the top turnbukle and waits for Starr to get to his feet. As Starr does and turns around…Daddy Mack hits a missle drop kick on Starr. Lynx and Mal get into the ring as Mayhem comes to a close with TNT’s main eventers standing in the Mayhem ring, looking at the destruction they have just caused.


:::Scene cuts to the backstage parking lot where Jatt Starr is seen closing the door to his rented Chrysler PT Cruiser. Starr looks at the videotape in his hand.:::

Starr: After seeing this, Lee Best will just award me the HOW Championship and once again, the Starrlite Express will once again be on—

:::Suddenly, Jatt Starr is grabbed from behind and is thrown into the back of the rental vehicle. The assailant is wearing a solid black mask and a black cloak with a coat of arms on it.:::

Starr: What the f—

The masked man reveals a stun gun and shock Starr, who convulses from the electronic surge and the goes limp. The masked man retrieves the video tape and hides it within his cloak, before dragging Starr to his feet and throwing him into the PT Cruiser’s backseat. The masked man shuts the door and walks off screen. When he returns, he returns carrying a gasoline canister and begins pouring on the vehicle. Once satisfied, he retrieves from his cloak a gold Zippo lighter.

Masked Man: Your past has come to send you to hell, Jatt!

The masked man flicks on the lighter and tosses it on the car. The accelerant causes the vehicle to go ablaze. Thirty eight seconds pass before the sound of the medical team and the emergency personnel approaching is heard. The Masked Man, satisfied with the Jatt Starr pyre, vanishes into the shadows before the arrival of the EMTs coming to put out the fire.

A shocked Best Arena goes silent as a tear rolls down the face of Benny.

Benny Newell: had to of been Splinter.

Joe Hoffman:

Um folks…I am being told we are being forced to take another commercial break and when we come back Lee Best is coming to the ring…..oh dear god……Jatt’s dead??


With no sponsors for commercials we bring you footage from the second Mayhem of 2008…a big title win for Graystone!!

………..Back in the ring Landzaat scores several near falls but is unable to finish off Graystone and it is at this point that Graystone gains the advantage.

Nijs is conferring with his manager when Graystone is able to blindside the larger man and quickly executes some perfect shots to the legs of the Landzaat driving the man down to the mat where Graystone begins to work on the legs, thus grounding the larger man.

This goes on for several minutes and Joe mentions the precision of Graystone is unparallel.

After several more minutes of Graystone offence Nijs finally catches Graystone by the throat and goes for a choke slam but Graystone counters with a DDT and then tries to lock in a scorpion leg lock maneuver but it is countered by the leg strength of Nijs. Frustrated Graystone goes for a elbow off the top rope but he is caught in mid air and Nijs goes for a running powerbomb but Graystone floats over and pushes Nijs headfirst into the corner resulting in the big man nailing his head off the steel. Graystone then executes a perfect reverse DDT and makes the cover as Hortega counts..

Uno ……dos…..tres…..


It is his SHOW!

Back live and Undead by Hollywood Undead begins blasting thru the PA system and Benny notes that this is Lee’s and the Alliance’s new theme song.

Lee makes his way out to a very shocking silence as the crowd is literally in shock over what they just witnessed with Jatt Starr. Lee has a look of pure business as he climbs into the ring and signals for his music to stop.

Looking out into the crowd Lee wastes no time and begins..

Lee Best:

First off I want to say….WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING!!!!????

Spits flies from Lee’s mouth as he stares into the hard camera.

Lee Best:

Who in their right mind would fuck with MY last Mayhem? Who would fuck with the debut of the greatest HOW superstar of all time? WHO WOULD FUCK WITH LEE BEST?????

Lee pauses and begins to circle the ring as he talks…visibly getting more and more upset.

Lee Best:

What did I ever do to deserve some masked piece of shit coming ONTO MY SHOW and attacking the MAN that is going to SAVE THIS COMPANY FROM FINANCIAL RUIN??? SHOW YOUR FUCKING FACE AND QUIT PLAYING THIS DAMN GAME……..

Lee then pauses and a dawn of realization comes over him.

Lee Best:

Splinter. You piece of shit. Was it you? Just because you approached me about coming back to HOW and I turned you down you think you can come here and try to ruin my big show? Is it because that piece of shit ICW never amounted to more than a glorified Fisher Price federation? It is because your friends over at SSE still hate and talk about me 5 years later?? What is it? Everyone already knows it was you so just show your fucking face NOW!!!!!!

Lee turns towards the entrance ramp but there is no one there. No sign of anyone coming out.

Lee Best:

You know what. You have already ruined one part of my show and ill be fucked if I let you ruin another part of it. Folks up next is the fucking cage match for the HOW World Title but before we get to that I gotta announce a few things before someone like Shawn Stevens or Ness shows up to bring the ratings down.

Lee wipes the spit from his mouth as he continues…

Lee Best:

As you all know half of the company is up for bidding and quite frankly it doesn’t matter who bids what….HOW is MINE..and will REMAIN MINE UNTIL I FUCKING DIE!!

The crowd is still in a stunned state of silence as Lee continues.

Lee Best:

I am running this company with no money. We have no sponsors and thus no commercials to hype our product. HOTv is a week behind from launching online and I have half of my roster conspiring to take what is rightfully mine right out from under me. I give and I give and I fucking give…and what do I get? NOTHING!!!!!!

Lee walks to the near corner and takes a seat on the turnbuckle and points up to the HOV.

Lee Best:

I am tired of wasting my breath….roll the fucking footage…

The HOV comes to life showing the Mayhem logo and like in the previous video it quickly explodes but this time it is replaced with a banner that reads..


The banner then fades out and is replaced by a list of names…

Blaze Triple P Silent Witness Christopher America Maximillian Kael Triple M Crow

The names then run together and then explode and when the graphic is done one word can be seen…


The video ends and the stunned crowd has turned into an anxious crowd as they turn to Lee who is still sitting on the turnbuckle.

Lee Best:

Thursday Night Turmoil. TNT. Perfect for all us old school guys that remember the glory days of HOW and Turmoil is perfect word to describe what has been going on here in HOW on a weekly basis. So with that said on February 19th HOW and HOTv will present the first ever Turmoil and the Main Event will be a Gauntlet match for the right to face the World Champion at March to Glory. Obviously Blaze, being the high point man, will come out last and Triple P cause of his clean group win, will come out second to last. The rest of the combatants will come out randomly and this is due to them all getting in via Ties within their groups.

Lee pauses as he hops off the turnbuckle and stares one last time into the camera…

Lee Best:

Make no mistake about it….I will do WHATEVER it takes to keep this my company. I will find the person responsible for the attack on Jatt Starr and I WILL break in the first Turmoil with a fucking BOTTOMLINE!!!

Lee drops the mic and starts towards the back as a Mayhem takes its final commercial.




Graystone© – 0% v Sektor – 0%

The scene cuts back to the ring, and there is a dead silence as the steel cage is lowered into place. Ring workers quickly secure the cage as we cut to Hoffman and Big Buff….

Hoffman: Good God Benny, can you believe the news we just heard!!? A gauntlet match to determine the winner of the Best Invitational tournament!

Big Buff: Ya…..Blaze and Triple P will enter last and second-to last respectively and the rest will be random….meaning Blaze will win.

Hoffman: No….that means Blaze has the BEST chance of winning, but regardless, anything could happen. With Blazes 9 points leading all groups, and Triple P winning his group outright, they deserve those distinctions…..but Benny, lets talk about the Steel Cage match we have….we thought it would be LOD versus Best Alliance….

Big Buff: But Sektor is a fucking idiot for joining the AOA….I mean, at least he looks better in LOD since they are all losing….now AOA is all winning and he is losing…what a fucktard.

Hoffman: Well, its clear to everyone you are backing Graystone here to retain the title.

Big Buff: As sure as this bottle of Grey Goose I got…..good shit….

Hoffman sighs as the cage is ready. Sektor’s music blares on the arena sound system as Sektor makes his way out.

Hoffman: Here he is! The challenger for the HOW World title.

Sektor is wearing the original HOW World title around his waist, he takes it off as he approaches the cage door, and holds it up to a ton of boos from the live crowd.

Hoffman: Certainly lesser of two evils here for the fans to choose.

Big Buff: Hardly. They have to back Graystone.

Sektor walks up the steps and holds the old HOW World title up….he hands it to Hortega who hands it to Mike Shea who is at ringside along with Boettcher to call any escapes.

Graystone’s music hits!!!

Hoffman: Here we go…..the World Champion making his way down the ring!

Graystone comes with the World title in one hand and he is staring a hole through Sektor. He drops the title and dashes for the steps and climbs into the ring, and Sektor meets him in the center and the two tackle each other!!!


Hoffman: Our championship match starts with a brawl!!!

Sektor and Graystone rolls around the ring punching at one an other, Hortega just watches them brawl.

Hoffman explains that you can win by pinfall, submission or escaping the cage through the door or over the top.

Sektor gets the upper hand, and slugs at Graystone who is covering up. Gray quickly shoves Sektor away and gets to his feet but Sektor is on him and backs him into a corner with rights and lefts. Sektor keeps the offense coming, then whips Gray into the opposite corner and connects with a clothesline bulldog combo!

Sektor hooks the near leg!!!!




Graystone kicks out and Hoffman comments that Graystone has to stay off the mat against the better technician Sektor. Sektor pulls up Graystone, and whips him into the ropes. Gray comes back and Sektor nails a HUGE back body drop!!!!

Sektor follows up with a high angle belly to back suplex!!! Another cover!!!!




Graystone kicks out and rolls away from the determined Sektor. Sektor pulls Gray to his feet, and Gray suddenly hits a thumb to the eyes. Sektor backs away, blinded, and Gray nails a northern lariat to the back of the neck, flooring Sektor and sending him face first to the mat!!!!

Hoffman: A HUGE Lariat!!!

Big Buff: Pin him!!!

Graystone looks a bit weathered, but begins to climb the cage! Sektor rolls to his back, and sees Gray trying to escape. He shakes the cobwebs free, and gets to his feet, and grabs an ankle of Graystone’s. Graystone drops from the cage and hits a double axe handle to the head!!! Sektor drops and Graystone covers him, laying his back on him and hooking the near leg!




Sektor suddenly counters with a modified cradle!!!!!!!!!!!!!




NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE KICKED OUT!!!

Hoffman: What a veteran move and it almost won Sektor the gold!

Big Buff: What? I’m got some extra shot glasses…you know what that means…

Hoffman: Please don’t sell shots at ringside again….

Big Buff: fuck you. I got a lot of credit card debt.

Hoffman: I bet….

Sektor now has Graystone in a body scissors, and Graystone is fighting to get out. Sektor reaches forward and drapes a forearm across the face, but cannot get enough leverage and stops. Graystone manages to pry the legs of Sektor free, and he scrambles to his feet, but Sektor scrambles with him, and nails a forearm shot to the face. Sektor then whips Graystone to the ropes, and connects with a belly to belly suplex!!!! Sektor then applies the leg scissors again, but Graystone scouted it, and breaks free quickly.

Hoffman comments how Graystone is trying to stay out of holds from Sektor.

Graystone hits some punches to the gut as he gets to his feet, but Sektor stops that with a knee lift. Sektor hits a backbreaker, and then quickly covers….

UNO!!!!!!!!! DOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TR-NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another near fall as Graystone gets the right shoulder up.

Sektor pulls the HOW Champion to his feet and hits a few right hands. Graystone looks out on his feet, so Sektor hits a kick to the gut, and chicken wings the arms!!!!

Hoffman: He’s going for the C-SEKTION!!

Graystone suddenly counters into a back body drop!!!!!!

Sektor is on the mat in some pain, Graystone runs to the ropes and comes back, and Sektor gets up and as Gray comes back, steps forward and locks in a sleeper out of nowhere!!!!

Big Buff: Break free!!

Graystone suddenly counters with a belly to back suplex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Buff: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graystone is lying on his back, and Sektor is down as well. The referee is not counting both men out and Hoffman notes that Hortega must’ve been instructed via Spanish translator by Lee Best to ensure that there WAS a clear winner.

Graystone gets to one knee and Sektor in the mean time is on both knees. Graystone crawls to the ropes and Sektor gets to his feet. Graystone sees Sektor coming for him, and hits a back kick to the gut. Sektor doubles over and Graystone gets all the way to his feet and nails a spinning neck breaker!!!!

Graystone gets up and starts climbing the cage!! Sektor is holding his neck, and Graystone is halfway up the cage….Gray gets a hand to the top of the cage as Sektor gets to his feet somehow….Gray now is pulling himself to the top…Sektor is now climbing! And he’s climbing faster than Gray! Both men climb to the top a the same time!!!!!!!

Big Buff: slugfest!!

Both men indeed start punching each other and Graystone hits a deep eye rake! Graystone tries to swing one leg over, but Sektor reaches out and grabs Graystone by the throat! Graystone manages to break free, but Sektor nails a huge overhand right that staggers Graystone. Sektor starts climbing BACK inside the ring, with Graystone by the hair….Graystone is forced to climb back in the ring or have his scalp ripped off…both men are standing on the ropes, and Gray knocks the hand away from his head and hits a dropkick that send him back into the ring and Sektor into the cage and crashing between the ropes and the cage!!!

Hoffman: OH MY GOD!!!!

Fans buzz at the move!!!

Graystone gets to his feet, and drags Sektor out by the legs, and covers him!




SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoffman says that looked like three to him, but was unsure. Bug Buff agrees with Joe….for once.

Graystone gets up and walks to the nearest corner opposite the cage door. He begins untying the turnbuckle pad. He looks back as Sektor is getting to his feet, dazed. He manages to get the padding off and tosses it aside. He walks over to Sektor and connects with a huge right hand. Sektor is wobbly. Graystone hits another right hand, and then tries to whip him into the exposed buckle, but Sektor counters the Irish whip into an elbow to the face, and then nails a leaping DDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sektor gets to his feet, and asks for the cage door to be open…..he walks over and sticks his head through the door to climb out…and as he does…….

STATIC OUT OF NO WHERE NAILS SEKTOR IN THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sektor is knocked back into the ring and is laid out! Hoffman goes apeshit as does Benny. The Best Alliance is walking down the ramp, Static staring into the ring, and Scotty Wood and Blaze smiling.

Back in the ring, Graystone crawls on top of Sektor as Hoffman screams that this cannot go down like this!

Count by Hortega!




Big Buff: GRAYSTONE RETAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoffman: WAIT!!!

Hortega is signaling that Sektor got his right should up at the absolute LAST SECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graystone and the Best Alliance can’t believe it. Graystone gets to his feet, pulling Sektor up. Graystone suddenly eats a low blow from Sektor!!! Sektor stands up, blood on his face from a small cut caused by the chair shot!! Sektor is woozy but sets Graystone up for the C-SEKTION, but Graystone drops to one knee! Sektor tries to muscle him into it, but cannot pull Graystone up! Graystone suddenly lifts Sektor up for a flapjack and back towards the corner with the exposed turnbuckle, but Sektor stops himself by grabbing the ropes! Graystone turns, shocked, but is still slowed by the effects of the low blow, and charges, but Sektor sidesteps and Graystone throws his back into the turnbuckle, eating the steel!!!

Sektor kicks him in the gut….

Hoffman: C-SEKTION!!! C-SEKTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sektor hits it!!!!!!!! Sektor hooks the near leg! Hortega is in position! The Best Alliance hits the cage to climb in, but the AOA rushes out and stops them!!! The BA and the AOA brawl as Hortega counts!!!!!!!!!





Big Buff: WHAT!!!!!!!!?

Hoffman: Sektor just won!!!!

There is a gasp in the crowd, but suddenly the fans are pointing to the ring, as does Boettcher, not getting the title belt! He explains in bad Spanish something to Hortega and points at Graystone……

WHO HAS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hortega waves off the title change, and explains to Sektor in broken English that he is not World Champion and the match will continue!!!

Hoffman surmises that Boettcher must’ve made the right call from the outside!!

Meanwhile, Scottywood and Triple M are exchanging punches while Blaze is fighting off triple P and Static is exchanging forearms with Triple A!!!!


Hoffman: THE LOD!!!!! WHAT IS THIS!!!?

The other two stables break off brawling, wondering if they now have to worry about the LOD, but suddenly, Darkwing charges forward and nails Triple A with the TRANS DARKWING EXPRESS!!!!!!!!

Kostoff and Witness attack triple P and Triple M, and the Best Alliance and the LOD beat down on the AOA TOGETHER!!!!!!

The LOD and BA beat down on the AOA forcing them to the back! Kostoff and Witness beat up on triple P while Static and Darkwing take turns on Triple A and Scottywood and Blaze nail a double suplex on the top of the stage on Triple m!!!!!

Hoffman and Benny can’t believe it, and quickly get back to action in the ring, as Sektor is signaling for his superkick, Graystone gets to his feet, and Sektor goes for his superkick….


But Sektor doesn’t go down, he backs into the cage, and Graystone calls for the door to be open. Grays scrambles for the door, but Sektor almost stumbles into him, trying for a clothesline, but Graystone low blows Sektor, and then nails a HUGE IMPLANT REVERSE DDT!!!!!!! Graystone covers Sektor!!!





NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEKTOR GOT THE SHOULDER UP AT 9/10THS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graystone cant believe it, He starts crawling for the door….He reaches the steps but out of nowhere Sektor grabs an ankle, and Graystone kicks at Sektor, but to no avail as Sektor is now onto of Graystone….the two men begin brawling weakly as each is worn out…they rolls under the ropes and fall through the door and to the floor!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Shea calls for the bell!

Hoffman: WILL IT BE A DRAW!!!?

Hortega looks at Shea, and Mike Shea separates the two men who are each so tired they have stopped punching, and Shea raises the hand of Graystone!!!!!


Shea is signaling that Sektor fell on top of Graystone to the floor causing Graystone to land first!!!!!!!!! Shea awards the title to Graystone!!!!


Graystone isn’t even really sure what’s going on, and he just lies there with the World title in his lap and Sektor lying next to him worn out. Shea raises the arm of Graystone again!

Hoffman: Well what a way to end the last HOW Monday Night Mayhem!!! Graystone retains the HOW World title in arguable the greatest cage match in HOW history and the LOD teams UP with the Best Alliance to destroy the AOA!!! We will see you on February 19th for the debut of Thursday Night Turmoil!!!!!!