The Mom Squad Arrives To The Fieldhouse of Epicness
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The Mom Squad Arrives To The Fieldhouse of Epicness

Here at we’re received more news from Cleveland before tonight’s Lethal Lottery event. This is a bit of preview of what is happening behind the scenes. This exclusive footage is from the backstage area of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse was acquired from an anonymous source but we’ll show you it right now.


The backstage area of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse (The Gund or the Q to those of us who grew up here.) is busy with both HOW officials and superstars making their final preparations for tonight’s event. Everyone is on edge with the uncertainty of just how the Lethal Lottery will shake out later tonight. The cameras focus on the two members of the Mom squad who have arrived at the arena for the hometown event. The purple-haired Leah and slender tall light brown hair Michelle walk through the bowels of the arena with their dress bags and VIP passes.

Both ladies are absolutely beaming and excited for tonight’s show but absent from the group is The Queen of Epicness herself. With all the hype and potential of tonight’s event live from Cleveland just hours away, both women become concerned about how their friend is nowhere to be found. Anyone that knows Bobbinette Carey should know that with an obvious home-field advantage tonight, The Queen would be front and center. The two Mom Squad members continue to search but come up empty until they notice Conor Fuse off in the distance. The two of them scurry over toward Fuse and get his attention.

Leah: Conor!!

Conor Fuse smiles sheepishly as he greets them.

Conor: Mom Squad!! Cleveland shows! So great to be here tonight!

Conor says, looking at them.

Leah looks at Michelle, who again appears to be fangirling in a weird mom way over Conor.

Michelle: There he is! We know you’re busy, but we’re looking for Bobbie. She told us to meet her here. You’re here though-

Leah cuts her off before she can make a fool of herself.

Leah: She gave us backstage passes. She’s late, she doesn’t like being late to things because she doesn’t like how people accuse her of being a stereotype. I thought she was with you, do you know where she is?

Conor: She isn’t with me. She told me she’d see me at the show. Bobbie has been a little off.. Wait, are you guys making me an honorary member of the Mom Squad? Is that what’s happening tonight?

They look at him shaking their heads.

Michelle: Well, you already are after the save.

Leah shoves her.

Leah: She said it was important… maybe we’ll wait in her dressing room to see if she gets here before the show starts.

Conor: Sounds cool, if you ladies will excuse me, I have to check on something.

Conor waves to the Mom Squad members before walking off. He pumps his fist into the air with a loud exclamation of ‘Mom Squad Rulez!’ as the two women head towards Carey’s dressing room. Suddenly, Leah stops dead in her tracks and grabs a hold of Michelle. She pulls her behind a corner and talks in a hushed tone.

Leah: It’s him!

Michelle: Who? Conor? We literally just saw him.

Leah: Not him, HIM!

Leah looks around the corner and points off in the distance. Michelle turns and looks over where Leah is pointing and then lets out a loud gasp.

Michelle: oh my god it IS HIM!

Leah: I know! And shhhhhh! The last thing we need is to run into him, of all people.

Leah shivers, making a grimace.

Michelle: He’s just so creepy! Wait, what’s his name again?

Michelle nods as her face matches the disgust.

Leah: Shelley Greenwich.

Michelle: No, it’s like Muhammad Chews or something like that.

The two looks at each other confused.

Leah: Shelley is easier to remember.

The two women continue to argue in hushed tones before looking around the corner again at Abdullah Choi. The manager of the LSD Champion begins to make his way through the backstage area unaware that he is being watched.

Michelle: He’s leaving.

She points. Leah smacks her hand down.

Leah: You think he’s going to find Stronk?

Michelle: Or even worse… what if he did something to Bobbie?!

Leah: We need to follow him.

Michelle: Do we have to?! Our husbands were pissed after what happened last time…

Leah: Bobbie is missing and if he’s done something with her then we need to rescue her!

Michelle still seems unconvinced but Leah jabs her in the arm and then begins to follow in the direction Choi is headed. Michelle groans but then follows behind her Mom Squad friend. They continue to follow Choi who looks around nervously as he turns a corner. Once he thinks the coast is clear, Choi heads into an unattended room. Michelle and Leah stop and stay out of sight as they huddle together.

Michelle: Is that his dressing room? Or is Jace in there? I don’t like where this is going.

Leah: I bet it’s not his dressing room at all. It could be where he’s taken Bobbie and he could be planning on doing some weird stuff to her.

Leah shivers with disgust. Michelle slowly shakes her head in disagreement with the shorter friend.

Michelle: Maybe we should just call Bobbie’s phone.

Leah: Then he’ll know we’re on to him and his nasty ways. We have to get a closer look.

Michelle: EWWWW! I don’t want to see him doing… stuff!

She gesticulates with her hands.

Leah: Neither do I! But we have to find out if he did something to Bobbie!

Leah grabs a hold of Michelle by the arm and then pulls her to a spot closer to the room where Choi went inside. The two women find a spot to hide with a good view of the inside of the room. Choi can be seen looking around inside the room until he finds a suitcase tucked away in the corner. Choi kneels down and begins to open the suitcase and rummage through its contents. The Mom Squad members are appalled by his actions as Choi grabs a hold of a white lace bra and pulls it out of the suitcase.

Leah: What a freaking pervert! He’s going through some poor woman’s luggage!

Michelle: That could be Bobbie’s things!

Leah: No, no way that bra could fit Bobbie.

Michelle looks down and narrows her eyes at Leah. Choi tosses the bra away and then goes through the suitcase once again.

Michelle: We could totally take him.

Leah: WHAT?! Have you lost your mind?!

Michelle: Think about it, he’s in there all by himself and he’s defiling some poor woman’s underwear. There are two of us and just one of him. Not only could we get revenge for what happened in that parking lot last year but we can interrogate him on Bobbie’s whereabouts.

Choi pulls out a pair of skimpy white panties and holds them up to his nose.

Leah: Or we can just call the police. I really don’t want to have to touch him, like, at all.

Michelle: The police would take too long to get here. This is our chance!

As the two Mom Squad members debate back and forth, someone enters the room. Choi jumps to his feet when he hears a woman scream. Leah and Michelle turn to look inside the room where HOW interviewer and Hall of Famer Blaire Moise is berating Choi.

Michelle: It was her luggage!

Leah: Should we go in there and help her?

Leah asks but Blaire begins to literally kick Choi’s ass for going through her things. Blaire kicks Choi in the balls and begins to stomp away at the so-called Manager of Champions. Blaire snatches her panties back from Choi and tosses him out of her dressing room. She slams the door behind her as Choi runs off with his tail tucked between his legs looking for safety.

Michelle: Looks like she didn’t need our help…

Leah: Yeah, but that still doesn’t give us an answer on where the hell Bobbie is right now.

Michelle: Let’s just find her dressing room. If she’s not in there then we’ll worry.

The two women nod their heads and head off in search of The Queen of Epicness’ dressing room.


This leaves us here at with a lot of unanswered questions. The first being, will Blaire Moise decide to press charges against Abdullah Choi. Especially seeing as he snuck into her dressing room while she was making the report from outside of the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse earlier? Secondly, and most importantly, where is The Queen of Epicness Bobbinette Carey and will she appear at the Lethal Lottery tonight in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio?

We’ll keep everyone updated as this story progresses but tune into The Lethal Lottery tonight. Three Championship matches line the card and it can be seen live from the HOTv Network and PWA TV.