The First Ever Turmoil: Feb 19th 2009
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The First Ever Turmoil: Feb 19th 2009

Turmoil Thursday 19th Feb 2009
The Best Arena, Chicago IL
So it Ends??

Undead by the Hollywood Undead begins blasting throughout The Best Arena as Thursday Night Turmoil is officially underway as the now half owner of High Octane Wrestling makes his way out to kick off the show.

Joe Hoffman:

Folks welcome to the debut of Thursday Night Turmoil. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by none other than Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny tonight is a huge night and you just knew Lee would be out here to kick start the show.

Big Buff:

You done? Come on…I gotta hear Lee’s new theme music.

Joe sighs as Benny acts as if the music he is hearing is someone soothing his soul. As the song fades out the Arena erupts into a MK chant…


The section that started the chant can be seen high fiving each other on the High Octane Vision screen.

Lee just smirks out into the crowd and adjusts his brand new HOW colored suit and looks out into his crowd.

Lee Best:

Chant those initials all you want. Tonight is one of those nights that will be remembered for a lot of things but the one thing that this first Turmoil will be remembered most for is the simple fact that tonight someone will die here in HOW and that person is the man that attacked Jatt Starr.

The HOV comes to life and several replays of the Cruiser erupting into flames are shown and the crowd goes silent at the sheer brutality of it.

As the video fades to black on the HOV, Lee looks back out into the crowd and the somber look of a man that has lost a long time pet returns.

Lee Best:

Jatt and I have had our differences throughout the years and lets be honest..we have had more downs than ups in the last couple years to say the least. But throughout it all I knew deep down in my heart that Jatt Starr would return to High Octane Wrestling and once again be proclaimed the greatest HOW superstar of all time….a fact that no one can dispute.

A faint Darkwing chant can be heard but Lee quickly begins talking over it…

Lee Best:

Tonight we will crown the number one contender for the world title and tonight we will learn the fate of the Stable Title as well. We will learn a lot about the upcoming March to Glory PPV that will be taking place on March 16th but as some of you have heard via the website…tonight the attacker WILL NOT be here……why?

Lee pauses as he knows he has the crowd in the palm of his hand..

Lee Best:

It is because that idiot called me and declared that he should get a damn title shot in his first match back and that if I didn’t give that to him then he was walking…..well guess what….I DON’T GIVE OUT CHARITY HERE IN HIGH OCTANE WRESTLING!!!!

Joe Hoffman:

Lee talked to the attacker??? Who the heck is it???

Lee Best:

Say that I play favorites to my BA members. Say that if you cross me then you will be pushed down the card. Say whatever the fuck you want to say but every fan here in the Arena and every damn HOW worker in the back knows that if nothing else I am fucking fair.

Lee’s somber look has been replaced by a look of rage.

Lee Best:

I told that fucking asshole to take a hike. So the ratings spike we would of garnered here later on in the show when that pussy was revealed will NOT happen…..all because he thought he had some power…well he doesn’t and quite frankly I am DONE talking about how I have lost a chance to sign Jatt Starr and now have lost the man that caused that to happen.

Lee puts the mic down to his side as the crowd is buzzing with what is being said by the half owner of HOW.

Lee Best:

Before I go I just want to address this MK group. They won the right to 50% of the company by bidding four million dollars. The investors have more than made their money back and quite frankly I am happy that no longer will I have to watch my ass or what we do here in HOW by a group that has no idea what is going on. But with that said this MK group is an unknown and several parts of our ownership deal has to be worked out and because of that I have allowed them to have time later tonight to talk about the privilege they now have of being in HOW and I promise that it will go uninterrupted.

The crowd starts chanting BULLSHIT as Lee just holds his hand up and finishes up.

Lee Best:

Enough bullshit talk though. Obviously tonight is all about the Gauntlet Match and those that listened to the HOR know, America and Triple M of the AoA will kick off the match and Triple P and Blaze will end it. The rest of the order….well….its unknown…..until now…..Cut backstage assholes…



The scene cuts to a locker room where all of the main event Gauntlet match participants are standing.

There is quite a commotion as the AoA members are talking to each other in a circle, Silent Witness is stretching, Max Kael is talking to himself, Crow is standing with a stern look on his face, and Blaze is at the front of the room talking to Scottywood. Finally, Scottywood shouts over everyone.

Scottywood: Hey!

The locker room gets quiet as all of the men turn and look up at Scottywood.

Scottywood: That’s better. Tonight, on the 2009 inaugural edition of TNT, each and every one of you will be participating in the Main Event gauntlet match to determine who will face Graystone for the World Title at March to Glory. With that being said, you all are here in this room right now to get one last run down of the rules so that everyone knows what to expect.

Suddenly, Scottywood’s cell phone begins ringing. Christopher America looks on with suspicion as the LSD Champion digs into his pocket and retrieves the phone, flipping it open.

Scottywood: Hello? Yeah one second…

Scottywood turns to Blaze.

Scottywood: They said there is someone out in the hallway to see you.

Blaze looks confused, but slowly walks towards the door. Dead silence fills the room as everyone watches Blaze exit. He opens the door, and walks down the hallway. The camera cuts back to Scottywood who is holding the phone to his ear.

Scottywood: Hello? Hello? No… You’re breaking up. One second…

Scottywood puts the phone to his chest.

Scottywood:  I have to take this.

Scottywood strides over to the door, and exits. A loud click is heard from the outside of the door. The camera focuses on Max who is still whispering to himself with the ICON title draped over his shoulder. The camera pulls back to show all men, who are standing, unmoving, looking the others, measuring them up, contemplating a pre-attack to gain advantage.

Crow: Something isn’t right here…

Suddenly a loud burst from above is heard and everyone turns their attention to the ceiling.

Triple M: What the hell was that?

Christopher America: They set us up!

Christopher America runs over to the door and begins jiggling the handle.

Christopher America: It’s locked!

Triple M and Triple P rush over to the door and each take turns trying to open the door, but it’s sealed tight.

Crow: What’s that smell?

Suddenly the camera turns upwards to show the vents in the ceiling. A white gas begins oozing down into the room.

Triple P: It’s gas… It looks like… tear gas.

All of the men in the room rush to the door, beating, kicking, trying to break it down. But nothing seems to work as the gas starts to get thicker, and trickle it’s way down to the bottom of the room. All of the men begin coughing, holding their chests, wiping their eyes.

Crow: Get back! Get back!

Everyone moves slightly out of the way of the door and Crow rushes in with a kick to the handle. The handle doesn’t budge. Max runs in, jumps in the air, and bring the ICON title down hard, busting the entire handle clear off! Max reaches through the hole, and yanks the door, freeing everyone in the room. All of the men run out, coughing, gagging, wiping their eyes, running down the hallway, looking for safety.

The camera focuses in on a set of rolling boxes with the HOW logo on them. Sudddenly, the top of someone’s head can be seen, then their eyes. They peak over the top of the box, looking around. Then the man gets up to his feet and everyone can see that it’s none other than the HOW World Champion, Graystone!

Laughing maniacally, Graystone steps out from behind the boxes to admire the brilliance of his antics.  As the six potential title contenders cough uncontrollably, he turns away to walk down the other side of the hall.


Just as soon as Graystone turns around, he find himself lying on the floor writhing in pain and clenching his knee.

Ryan Faze appears, standing over him with a lead pipe in his right hand.

“You think you’re funny?  You piece of shit mother fucker!”  Faze says as he strikes Graystone’s knee with the pipe once again.

“You fuck with my family again and I swear to God I’ll end your life.  You hear me?”  Faze asks as Graystone, amidst the pain, starts laughing.

Faze swings at Graystone’s knee one more time, a loud thud that sends Graystone rolling in pain. Faze looks down at Graystone and spits on him.

The camera cuts down to the end of the hallway where the AoA are trying to regain their breath, as Faze stares on with a pissed off look before turning and walking away from the scene. The camera focuses in on Graystone who holds his knee, letting out a moan as the action cuts to a commercial break.

 World Championship Match Gauntlet Winner vs. Graystone© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood©


Troy Trinidad – 0% v danmanheim – 0%

Back live from commercial and a replay of the tear gas attack by Graystone is shown once again on the HOV and to the viewers at home watching on the HOTv network.

As the video fades out the crowd shows their disdain for the World Champion by booing loudly as Joe welcomes the viewers back.

Joe Hoffman:

Well that is our Best Alliance World Champion right there for you folks. I thought we were about to get some exciting drawing of some kind for the Gauntlet match and instead we get a sneak attack and did you see how easy it was for Blaze and Scottywood to exit?

Big Buff:

The World Championship means EVERYTHING to Graystone as without it he feels that he is truly NOTHING. You know Lee and Graystone have more shit up their sleeve tonight I am sure. Just like I got more liquor here tonight.

Joe Hoffman:

*sighs* I hate to admit it but I know you are right. But we have plenty of time to talk about Graystone and the World Title picture. Right now it is time to possibly take a look into future stars here in HOW as it is time for our first match of the night.

Dan Manhiem is already in the ring as Troy trinidad’s music hits. The fans don’t really know who he is so they are quiet.

Troy makes his way to the ring, and slides in.  Manhiem gets right into Troys face as Mike Shea tries to separate these two large men.

Troy pushes Manhiem back but Manhiem retaliates with a right hand!!!!

Mike Shea calls for the bell as manhiem is backing Troy into the ropes with repeated right hands.


Manhiem whips Troy into the ropes and nails a huge clothesline onhis way back. Troy is dazed and Manhiem follows this up by picking him up and nailing a scoop slam on the 300 pounder!!!! The fans buzz a bit at the power of Manhiem. Manhiem runs to the ropes and comes back and nails a HUGE leg drop!!! Cover!!!





Hoffman states that Manhiem looks very impressive and determined. Hoffman says that manhiem looks gay.

Manhiem hits a few powermoves, but the finish of the match comes when Manhiem goes for a spear but is countered with a leapfrog and Manhiem keeps running shoots off the ropes and comes back and is hit with a HUGE Spinebuster!!!!! Troy picks up Manhiem and sets him up…..He tries for the TANK BOMB but Manhiem counters into a back body drop!! Troy gets up quickly, hurting a bit, as Manhiem tries a clothesline, its blocked and Troy grabs Manhiem by the throat, throws Manhiems arm over his own shoulder and hits his variation of a Rock Bottom, connecting with the TANK SLAM!!!!!!!!!!

Hoffman: WHAT POWER!!!!!

Troy Trinidad hooks the far leg!!!







Shea raises the arm of Trinidad as he stares down at Manhiem.

Hoffman: Well that opening contest was a lot better than last weeks.

Big Buff: Looks like Manhiem was disappointing to Trinidad afterall.

Hoffman: Well, lets continue with more HOW action!!


Oh livie…

Cameras open up backstage, Bobbinette Carey is walking back to her room with the camera following, she gets there and opens the door only to come to a halt as immediately she notices something different. She stares as she notices a video tape sitting on her table, she gets curious, but cautious, she checks back in the corridor and picks it up, the only resort to shove it into the player. She picks up the remote control, but hesitates playing, she looks around once more and then finally clicks play, the screen fuzzes and quickly notices its a home recorded video as a camera wobbles through darkness.

Rustling can be heard as the camera livens up, its dark, but a long corridor can be seen as the camera moves, it twists and immediately Crow’s face is revealed as he smiles.

Crow: Carey……. Carey, Carey, Carey.. you don’t get it do you? This is not your game, this was never your game, you play by my rules and my rules alone, you don’t create your own.

Carey looks smug that Crow is talking to her from a pre-recorded distance.

Crow: Now.. now because you’ve broke the rules and thought attacking me a couple of weeks ago would bring some justice in your life, you’ve done the wrong thing. The only game you were playing Carey, was snakes and ladders, and you just hit a snake, because you’ve slid back down, and ended up back on my bad side.

Crow moves the camera and it sees light beaming into a room, shining over a bed, a figure inside the bed, Carey watches and her expression begins to change.

Crow: Now, Carey, I warned you before, I will only warn you again..

Crow walks closer to the bed, some light breathing can be heard, as if a child is sleeping, nothing can be seen but a bump in the bed, but as he steps closer, Livie can be seen, Carey is shocked she can’t believe it, her face begins to fill red with anger.

Crow: Livie told you, I told you.. I’m always, ALWAYS watching, you can’t hide her, any time I want, I can take her, I can take your dog, I can even take you Carey.. play by the rules Carey, I’m always watching, and you stay away from Amanda, don’t play snakes and ladders with me girl, you might just get bit!

The camera continues rolling as Crow’s arm can be seen reaching into view, pulling the blanket up over Livie just that little more to keep her warm, but as Carey watches, she’s furious. Her anger explodes after finding out Crow had found Livie after she hid her, Carey launches out her spot and grabs the TV tipping it over, ending the video, and sending things to another commercial as fans watch her pant in aggression.



The HOV comes to life as a video begins to play..

~The Camera lights up showing Bobbinette Carey. Bobbinette’s face is swollen as she walks with a limp towards a rounder man in a beige trench coat with a Dick Tracy hat.~

Man: You have the money?

Bobbinette: You have the Info?

~The man nods and pulls out a manilla envelope. Bobbinette hands him a wad of cash and takes the envelope. She looks over it then smiles.~

Bobbinette: Got you!

~She has a bright smile on her face.~

Man: Who screwed you up like that?

~Bobbinette looks over her shoulder at the man.~

Bobbinette: A group of jerks… that’s not what this information is for. You’re sure she’s there?

~He nods. Bobbinette walks away taking her phone out of her pocket.~

Bobbinette: I’ve found her. We’ve got to go to a warehouse.

~Bobbinette gets into an awaiting car scene fades out for a second and then the scene lights back up showing Bobbinette Carey with a led pipe in her hand. Behind her are the KOE. They rush the warehouse. The same building that her sister was kept in. Bobbinette looks at the place then charges into the building. They try the door handle, David black kicks the door in. The three of them rush in like Gang busters and stop, it’s silent. Out from the corner, unexpected walks Joey, he looks shocked, squeals and drops his things, running. David black takes off in one direction as Dylan Nitro goes in the other. Bobbinette catches up and grabs him up by the collar of his shirt.~

Bobbinette: Where is she?

~Bobbinette screams Joey shakes his head smiling.~

Joey: I’m not saying anything!

~Bobbinette yanks his collar tighter and raises her fist higher~

Joey: …she’s not here!!!

~Bobbinette pops him in the face dropping him to the ground. Bobbinette looks at him raising the led pipe~

Bobbinette: Where is she?

~Joey’s eyes water.~

Joey: I.. no, Crow will kill me..

~She raises the led pipe higher, ready to strike~

Joey: OK! OK! I’ll tell you don’t hit me!

~He screams in fear.~

Bobbinette: Where?

~She raises the pipe as Joey thinks about saying yes or no.~

Joey: He’s got her at his Cabin in the woods. I’ll give you directions.

~David Black and Dylan Nitro both come back empty handed.~

Bobbinette: She’s not here?

~They shake their head.~

David: Are you sure he’s telling the truth?

~Bobbinette looks at him.~

Bobbinette: He’s too afraid to lie to us.

Joey: I am no..

~Bobbinette gives him an evil glare, Joey flinches as he rises to his feet. He writes down the directions to the home. ~

Dylan: Lets go..

~The three of them start to leave the warehouse. Bobbinette turns around as the other two start walking out. Joey is on his feet, Bobbinette kicks him in the groin.~

Bobbinette: For helping that snake!

~Joey holds himself as he falls to the ground. The three of them rush out to the awaiting vehicle, it’s not a limo it’s actually a black van the scene fades out.~


~The scene lights back up showing the headlights of a van. Bobbinette Dylan Nitro and David Black are heading towards the place where Joey had given them directions.~

David: We’re sort of like the A team!

~He says referencing the group once again. Dylan Nitro looks over at David black with a raised eyebrow.~

Bobbinette: None of them were women…

David: Mission Impossible?

Dylan: Who would be tom cruise then?

David: NO the original Mission impossible!

~Bobbinette squints and shakes her head.~

Bobbinette: Well Darkwing said we were the Rescue rangers…

~She says with a smirk.~

David: Yeah like I would take a que from the terror that flaps in the night.

~There are light chuckles heard through out the van though Bobbinette looks quite serious. The van pulls in front of the house to a halt. The three of them exit the van in a rush. Bobbinette goes to try the handle it’s locked. David looks over at Dylan.~

David: Do you want to this time?

~Dylan nods and kicks the door open. They see a fire in the fire place.~

David: Think their still here?

~Bobbinette nods. They search the cabin, Crow’s house is empty, but on the coffee table in the middle of the room sits a note~

“Just missed us, Sorry Bobbie maybe next time.”

~Bobbinette crumples the note.~

Bobbinette: Firetruck!

David: There’s always next week…

~The three of them leave the cabin as the crew heads back out to the van.~


Blacks Time

Back live and we cut to ringside as “Worlds Greatest” by R Kelly starts playing and the fans all rise to their feet and looks in the direction of the entrance ramp to see who is going to walk out. After a few seconds of music, the crowd cheers as David Black walks out from the backstage area, alone, and looking a good deal more serious than he usually does. He walks straight to the ring, not once exchanging words or even a single look with the fans as he usually does. David walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, where he asks for, and receives, a mic.

David: You know…to say that the past week or two has been pretty crappy for me, would be an understatement. Certain issues in my personal life that has popped back up at me again…losing to Christopher America last week, not my proudest moment, believe me!! But these things are minor things, life is life and as such, things will always pop up when you least expect it. Losing to Christopher America, that was my own fault, I took my eyes off the ball and that allowed him the time he needed to get the jump on me. But like I said, these are minor things, and certainly not things that I would let get to me, or bother me to the point that I would be standing here yapping on and on about it. But something did happen last week, on the last ever Mayhem to be exact, that gets to me, something that bothers me and, ultimately, something that has brought me to this very ring tonight, standing in front of all of you, to say the things that I just said, as well as a few more, and finally top it all off with a great annoucement in the end.

David pauses for a few seconds as there is a mixed reaction from the crowd, who are unsure what to think.

David: Last week, on the last ever Mayhem, I was reminded about something, something that I have known for the better part of my life, and something that I was keenly aware of, I hadn’t forgotten, but last week I realized that I am forced to deal with it and, even though I don’t really want to, I am forced to make certain decisions and take certain actions, all because of these annoying, but very much current, facts and realities.

The crowd still seems somewhat confused about what is going on.

David: A couple of weeks ago, I stood right here, in this very ring, and I gave a grand speech about exactly why I was backing Bobbinette Carey and I told you all about my views on things here in High Octane Wrestling. It really was a grand speech, and I’m pretty sure it sounded good at the time, but the last thing I said in that speech, those are the words that are now coming back to haunt me….

David pauses again before continuing by repeating his words from a couple of weeks ago.

David: I trust Bobbinette Carey to have my back, as I hope she trusts me to have hers, and that’s pretty much all there is to it….

David pauses once more after completing the quote.

David: Those were my own words two weeks ago, words I should never have spoken…at least not the last part of it. Last week, after I lost to Christopher America, I walked into the locker room and after a brief conversation with Bobbinette and Nitro, I agreed that had to do the right thing, being the knights that we are, once again talking the talk well enough, but then what happened? Bobbinette walks out to the ring for her match with Triple P and is attacked after the match, not by one person, not by two, not even by three, but by FOUR people!!! And they proceeded to carry out a brutal attack, and where was I??? I told Bobbinette that she could count on me, yet the very first time she needed me to back her up, I was nowhere to be found!!! Not because I didn’t want to, but because it’s just who I am. You all saw it, I did eventually come to the rescue, about thirty minutes too late…and why? Because I wasn’t paying attention!

The crowd boo’s at the mention of the AoA’s attack on Bobbinette last week.

David: And that really says it all, doesn’t it? I’m great at talking the big talk, but when it comes to actually living up to the talk…that’s where I tend to fail. And I say again, it’s not because I didn’t WANT to help Bobbinette, it’s not because I chose to not pay attention…it’s just that…these things kinda just tend to happen for me. My intentions are good most of the time, but I’m just not the heroic type…I don’t have it in me to be the big hero, not really. I want to, I really did want to help Bobbinette because I truly believe that she is on the right side of all of this, but I’m no hero…and for all my good intentions, my “help” is not the kind of help that Bobbinette needs to aide her cause.

The crowd boo’s again, clearly unhappy at what they are hearing.

David: The fact that I had to face last week, is that I am simply not the dependable type…never have been and never will be I imagine. Everybody who knows me, knows that. Even Jade…or maybe especially her, she knows not to depend on me…for anything really, she knows that if I say I will do something, I might never do it, or I might do it several times and then just suddenly not. It’s who and what I am, and most of the time I’m okay with that, because I’m not hurting anyone…Jade knows not to depend on me, she knows the whole deal, but when what I do starts hurting others, in this case Bobbinette….then I’m not okay with it. The fact is that I should never have joined the Knights of Epicness….I never should have told Bobbinette and Nitro that they could depend on me, because I knew that it wasn’t true…I guess I just wanted it to be, cause like I said…I truly did want to help Bobbinette.

David stops for a second to look out at the crowd who is still giving him a very mixed reaction. He then looks directly into the camera.

David: Before I make my announcement official, I want to say this to you Bobbinette…I’m sorry. I’m sorry I let you down last week, and I’m sorry that my actions, my lies, caused you to get hurt. I will say it one last time, I did what I did because I truly believed in you and your cause, still do…but for your sake, for Nitro’s sake….I’m leaving the Knight’s of Epicness, effective immediately.

David then drops the mic as “Worlds Greatest” by R Kelly hits again, but just as David goes to leave the ring, “Best Damn Thing” by Avril Lavigne hits and the crowd explodes with cheers as Bobbinette Carey walks out She is limping her face swollen her body sore from the week before. She gets into the ring and grabs a mic her eyes looking at him.

Bobbinette: Excuse you?

David goes to speak she puts her hand over his mic shaking her head.

Bobbinette: Times get rough things happen that are hard. SO you and Dylan didn’t get to the ring in time. Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re not leaving the knights of epicness cause you didn’t make it to the ring in time. I saw something in you Black. Same thing I see in Dylan Nitro. You have the qualaties of being an amazing Kinght. You believe in the cause? Then it’s simple I’m NOT letting you quit. You want a fire under your ass?

~She scoffs.~

Bobbinette: I got beat down worse then Chris brown did to Rihanna. They want to bring us down. The AOA, The Best Alliance, they try to break peoples spirit. They can break my bones but I’m still standing! You want to let them break you already, this early on in your career? Then I was wrong about you…

~She turns around to walk away then turns back around and points her index finger.~

Bobbinette: But I don’t think I am. If I’m not giving up on you. I’m not about to let you give up on you. You believe in what KOE Stands for, then believe you made the right choice. Believe in what I saw to knight you.

~She says looking at him. David looks Bobbinette in the eyes for several seconds before raising his mic and continuing.~

David: Okay…then let me ask you something; After what happened last week, after I have stood here this week and told you that I’m not the dependable type, and after telling you right now, that as much as I hated what happened last week…I can’t guarantee you that it won’t happen again…after all of this, can you honestly look me in the eyes and tell me you still trust me to have your back? Can you honestly say that you are completely comfortable with the thought of having me watching your back? You see for me, this isn’t about letting anybody break my spirit, this is about knowing when I am out of my league…You’re a good person, you stand up for what you believe in, even though you know it will get you knocked down, because when you do get knocked down, you simply get back up with your faith intact….I’m not like you. It takes a certain kind of person to do what you are doing, to put themselves out there like that, to make the sacrifices that you are willing to make, and as much I as I know in my heart that it’s right, and as much as I want to be able to do what you are doing….I’m just not sure I can….So you tell me, am I really a guy you want to have around??

He asks, looking at Bobbinette.

Bobbinette: Anyone can runaway. You believe in what I stand for, in what being a Knight stands for. You know what’s right? Prove it. Do the right thing right now. If you want to coward and runaway then I was wrong about you. The choice is yours Black. You either got the guts to stand with the KOE or you’re going to be a coward for your entire career.

David says nothing, as he starts pacing back and forth in front of Bobbinette, thinking things through but it’s clear that the word ‘coward’ is not sitting well with him. He then stops pacing and is once again face to face with Bobbinette.

David: I am, and have been, a great many things…but I’m not a coward.

He says, before dropping the mic. He looks at Bobbinette as several seconds pass, before extending his hand to her. She smacks his hand away and looks at him. There is a moment of tension as the crowd isn’t sure which way this is going to go, she then hugs him and Turmoil cuts to the backstage area.

Hardcore Artist?

Backstage we see Scottywood in the Best Alliance locker room preparing for his upcoming match against Slade and Faze.  In front of him is a blank canvas, about 2 feet by 2 feet and in his hand is his trademark barbwire wrapped hockey stick.

Scottywood: A blank canvas is such a beautiful thing, because anything can become of it.  You can create a masterpiece such as the Mona Lisa or something so creative such as a Jackson Pollock.

Suddenly there is a knock on his door

Scottywood: Tonight, another masterpiece will be created….

Scotty walks over to the door and opens it up to reveal Frankie the Cameraman standing outside, dressed in a new Bobbinette Carey shirt and with a camera in hand.  He sees the other camera staring back at him and seems a little confused.

Frankie: Did you call for a cameraman?  You already have one….

Scottywood: No Frankie, I was looking for you….

Scotty swings the hockey stick and cracks Frankie over the head with it dropping him right to the floor.  Grabbing his arm he pulls him into the locker room and closes the door.  He then kneels down and digs the barbwire into Frankie’s skull spilling more blood down the front of his face.

Scottywood: Some artists use paint, some use a pen or pencil and some like to use something completely different….I hope he likes it…..

Lifting Frankie up off the floor he takes his head and slams it into the canvas as the camera shot cuts out to another commercial


 World Championship Match Gauntlet Winner vs. Graystone© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood©


AoA Time

We return from commercial as the lights in the arena begin to flicker, then quickly die entirely.

Joe Hoffman: We apologize, ladies and gentlemen.  This is our first Turmoil broadcast and we’re still getting a few kinks worked out!

Benny Newell: Kinks?  This is our first Turmoil and you’re already sounding gayer than ever.

The opening drumbeat of “Invincible” by OK Go starts, causing a gigantic blast of pyro to erupt from all four corners of the ring and the stage, relighting the arena and startling Big Buff Benny, almost causing him to fall out of his chair.  The fans in the Best Arena erupt into boos almost as loud as the pyrotechnics as Christopher America, Marvelous Mario Maurako, John Sektor, and Perfect Paul Paras, The Argonauts of Awesome, walk out onto the stage and begin trading barbs with the crowd.  Maurako, America, and Paras each carry their respective red, white, and blue stable title belts to the ring, while Triple P carries his Singapore cane in the opposite hand.

Joe Hoffman: Here comes what many would say is the most hated group in High Octane Wrestling right now, the AoA.  They’ve promised to reveal a new member tonight, apparently a returning Hall of Famer, and we’ll be seeing all of them again tonight as the turncoat John Sektor puts his newly-gained Stable Title on the line against his former partner, Kostoff, while the other three members compete in the Best Invitational Gauntlet in the main event tonight for a shot at the World Title.

Benny Newell: People hate the AoA for one reason and one reason only, Joe… because they’re fucking awesome!

The AoA climb into the ring and each demand a separate microphone from the ringside area, basically using up the supply for the night.  The music stops and Triple M steps forward, surrounded by the boos of the crowd.

Maurako: All right, Chicago, I’m feeling generous tonight, so I’m giving you all one more chance to get this right…are we all ready?

The fans boo in response.

Maurako: WHO ROCKS THE HOUSE?!?!?!

Fans: RYAN FAZE!!!!!!

Maurako: NO!!  That’s it… I can’t even stand to say another word to you idiots…you don’t deserve to hear my Marvelous voice anyway! Go ahead, Paul.

Triple M walks over to the corner of the ring and ignores the fans as Triple P plants his Singapore cane and leans on it as he raises the mic to speak.

Paras: Ladies, gentlemen, and ignoramuses of Chicago…give yourselves a round of applause.  Go on, do it… don’t be shy.

Most of the fans continue to boo, while many do begin applauding themselves.

Paras: There you go.  Congratulations, peons—you’re officially part of not only the highest-rated segment in Thursday Night Turmoil history, but you’re also living witnesses of the four greatest wrestling talents in High Octane Wrestling today, in one ring, at the same time!  Now on this historic occasion, the Perfect One and the AoA are out here for many matters of great importance.  First and foremost, the Perfect One must urge you all to donate your hard-earned money to a most worthy cause.  The Populace Assembled for the Renewal and Ascension of Society is working hard to save not only the great citizens of the state of Minnesota…

The Chicago crowd boos at the mention of their rival city.

Paras: …but the rest of the country as well… except maybe Chicago, as, let’s be honest, you people don’t exactly qualify as “citizens,” seeing how most of you likely have pending arrest warrants, are back due on your house payments, or are desperately trying to abandon this godawful city and move to Arizona to see the only time the Cubs or White Sox will win this season… Spring Training!  But aside from your Windy City indolence, the Perfect One wants to address a few glaring blemishes in an otherwise Perfect HOW.  First of all, Bobbinette Carey—the Perfect One wants to congratulate you on a job well done.  “Jobs” are something you’ve grown quite accustomed to since the Perfect One arrived in HOW, aren’t they, Bobbie?  The Perfect One was “uberly” pleased to institute polygamy into the Perfect Life Movement last week…if for no other reason than I knew it would drive overbearing feminist broads like yourself crazy.  Carey, when I nearly broke your pathetic twig of an arm last week, the Perfect One whispered something very important in your ear.  No, those weren’t the sweet nothings you’ve been longing to hear for so long, Carey…those words were a promise—no man, and especially no woman will ever outclass, outtalk, or outwrestle the Minnesota Messiah.

Paras: Which brings me to Graystone, our “illustrious” World Champion.  Stoner, the Perfect One has no major qualms against you, apart from two things—number one, you put on an act to warp the minds of those around you into believing you are better than you really are… but the Perfect One isn’t fooled.  When it comes to bending the human psyche, there’s not a ring psychologist alive who’s better than Perfect Paul Paras.  And secondly… you have something that belongs to the AoA.  That World Title around your waist should very well be in the sole possession of the man to my right, John Sektor, and deep down, you know it.  Now that the other three members of the AoA are in the gauntlet tonight, we have made it our goal to bring that belt into our Awesome possession.  Graystone, all the darkness and nothingness in the world won’t stop the Argonauts of Awesome.  Tonight, no matter who wins, it begins.

Paul smirks arrogantly as Christopher America steps forward.

America: Good evening, my fellow Americans.

The crowd boos.

America: My name is Christopher America. You can call me Triple A. And I am YOUR number 1 contender to the LSD Championship.

Christopher pauses as the crowd boos louder.

America: I want to let you all know that my 50 state tour is coming along nicely. I will be coming to all of your states very very soon. I’d like to take this small opportunity to address everyone. A lot of your fan letters have gotten mixed in with my hate mail. I apologize for the delay in writing you all back. To answer my detractors: Yes, it felt good to crack Bobbinette’s skull with a steel chair. Yes, I do think Graystone and Scottywood are vastly overrated as champions. Yes, the LOD fails at life…in America. And yes, I am your….American hero.

America: Tonight, I will take place in a gauntlet match with my fellow Argonauts. Finally, you all tonight will see the answer of who is best: Someone Perfect, Someone Marvelous, or Someone American. In fact, we all agree that a crow, a blaze, a witness, and a prime minister cannot top three Argonauts. Rest assured that a member of the AoA is going to be the new number one contender to the World Championship…


Sektor begins to step forward, but Triple P cuts in before he can speak.

Paras: Whoa there, Johnny boy, I know this is your first ever official Argonaut interview and you’re no doubt excited to tell these people exactly how you feel, but something’s… missing.

Sektor looks at Paras confusedly as the lights suddenly go off again.  “Live Your Life” by T.I. begins to play as a spotlight shines down on Sektor.  Suddenly, the fans begin to boo furiously as a new custom lime green Stable Title belt begins lowering from the heavens!  The belt is lowered carefully into Sektor’s waiting arms.  The music stops and the lights come back on as Sektor takes his custom Stable Title into his hands and stares at it with pride before holding it up for all the arena to see. The crowd boo him fiercely and he begins to laugh. He then takes the microphone.

Sektor: It’s a shame our fans from Minneapolis aren’t here to witness this moment as opposed to you useless fucks!!

The crowd continue booing.

Sektor: I completely agree with Triple P– I’ve been living here in Chicago a month and all I’ve seen is ex convicts, drug addicts and the occasional inbred! As for the Bears…well I hope you all enjoyed the 1985 Superbowl Championship because that’s the last one you’ll ever see!

The crowd’s boos turn fierce now as Sektor, Paras, and America crack up in the middle of the ring. Sektor manages to compose himself as he lifts he microphone back to his mouth.

Sektor: But onto business. This is a very proud moment for me indeed. I haven’t ever felt more at home until joining the AoA! It is an honour to call myself a fellow Argonaut of Awesome and gentlemen, I will not disappoint tonight when I show all these worthless crack addicts just how big a jobber Chris Kostoff really is! You see Chris, like I said at a press conference earlier this week, it’s not that I was planning this. I do appreciate everything you have done for me. But the deal you made with Lee Best forced me to throw any shred of respect I once held for you in the trash. The Argonauts only look out for each other and we are the meaning of the phrase “team unity”! There’s not a team in this company who can take these custom belts away from us! Kostoff, if you honestly think you have a chance of taking this belt off me then you’re as delusional as Darkwing! I’m not going to waste any more time talking as I believe my good friend Paul over here has somebody to introduce to you all.

Paras: That’s absolutely right, John.  Scum of Chicago, the Argonauts of Awesome have risen up from humble roots to become the single greatest collection of talent in HOW history.  Just two weeks ago, we added the National Treasure, Christopher America, to our ranks.  Just last week, we shocked the world again when we were joined by the Seksational, the Sekceptional, the Seks Machine himself, John Sektor.  Now this week, you’ve all heard the rumors, and they are absolutely TRUE!  It’s time for the AoA to add another piece of elite talent…HALL OF FAME talent!  So without further ado…

Joe Hoffman: It looks like the AoA are going to fulfill their promise!  Who do you think it will be?  Mark O’Neal?  Lynx?  Narcotic?

Benny Newell: Maybe Carey came to her senses and decided to join a REAL stable?

“Because I’m Awesome” by the Dollyrots begins to play as the fans turn toward the entryway.

Paras: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…representing the TWIN CITIES GENTLEMEN’S CLUB HALL OF FAME… SUMMER PASSION!!!!

The fans’ boos soon turn to cheers as a busty blonde bombshell emerges from the backstage area, wearing a deep pink robe that stretches down to her feet.  She smiles seductively, raises her arms to the crowd, and does a little spin before walking down to the ring.  America opens the ropes for her as she cautiously steps in as Joe is irate at ringside.

Joe Hoffman: What the hell is this?!  The AoA promise a Hall of Famer and they bring in…a STRIPPER?!

Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up, Joe!  I think she’s about to show why she’s awesome!

Paras: Summer, as a Hall of Famer, why don’t you give all these HOW fans an idea of exactly what you’ll be adding to the Argonauts of Awesome?  Hit the music!!

“Because I’m Awesome” begins to play again as Paul reaches toward Summer’s waist and pulls the belt off her robe.  She begins to dance around the ring ropes and each member of AoA, slowly removing the robe to reveal a pink lace bra and panties, knee-high stockings and high heels, getting a huge pop from the Chicago crowd.  She leans over the ropes, giving the fans in the front row an exceptional view of her cleavage, then does the same on the other side of the ring.  She walks over to Sektor and feels up his new Stable Title before doing the same to his chest and abs.  As Sektor and the fans are loving this display, Summer turns around to walk toward Chris America and begins to reach back toward the strap of her bra, slowly unhooking one of the clasps.  Before she can finish, though, Triple M bursts out of the corner and SMASHES her in the face with his fist, knocking her out cold!!!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God, no!!  Triple M just added another woman to the “Whack-o-Meter”!  Somebody get some help out here for this young lady!!

Triple M smiles down at the fallen stripper as other AoA members crowd around Summer Passion’s body.  Sektor walks up to Maurako and looks to take exception to the treatment of the woman, causing a brief staredown between the two… but it is broken by Sektor delivering a quick kick to Summer’s ribcage and laughing along with the rest of the group as the fans shower them with boos and profanities.  Maurako breaks his silence as he raises the mic to his mouth.

Maurako: Let this be a lesson to all those non-Awesome pieces of trash out there.  There’s no fifth member of the AoA here tonight because NOBODY is good enough to be a part of the elite stable of High Octane Wrestling!  We are taking HOW by storm and at March to Glory, you’ll be seeing even more gold around our Awesome waists!  Learn it, live it, love it!

“Invincible” plays again as the Argos raise all four their Stable Title belts into the air, soaking in the boos of the capacity crowd.  Paramedics finally rush to the ring to tend to Summer as we cut to a commercial break.


kostoff – 0% v Sektor© – 0%

Back live and the lights dim out as “Name of the Game” begins to play across the pa speakers. Coming out to a mixure of boss and cheers, Kostoff glares down at the stage. Making his way slowly to the ring he slides in under the bottom rope and walks to a corner where he sits on the turnbuckle as his gaze never leaves the entrance ramp.

The lights dim again and green lazers flash around the arena. The intro to Live your life by T.I feat returning Rihanna hits and the fans begin to chant Sektor’s name. He makaes his way on to the top of the ramp in his wrestling atire and a hooded top on. The hooded figure looks down at the floor as he slowly struts towards the ring.

As Sektor enters the ring Kostoff charges forward without a seconds hesitation, knocking his former stable mate out of the ring and down to the floor. The referee, Mike Shea, tries to get between Kostoff and the ropes however Kostoff fires off a right hand, striking the man across the face as he drops to the mat holding his face. The fans cheer wildly as Kostoff jumps out of the ring and grabs Sektor throwing him into the near by ring pole with a loud thud.

Benny Newell: Jesus Christ! Kostoff has gone insane!


Joe Hoffman: I.. I don’t even think this match has officially begun yet since Sektor didn’t actually get into the ring and the bell hasn’t rung yet..

Benny Newell: I hate Kostoff.. but I also hate Sektor.. fuck, let them kill each other!

Sektor tries to scramble away from Kostoff as he charges forward jumping over Sektor once again raining fists down on the back of Sektor’s head as the crowd cheers him on. Kostoff, clearly still enraged about last weeks betrayal, picks Sektor up and throws him into the near by ring steps with a loud crashing sound before he lifts his hands up into the air.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff is really taking it to Sektor right now and unless someone can get a handle on this match it’s going to end well for Sektor to say the least.

Benny Newell: Oh well! That’s a real shame for poor little Sektor to say the least. Really, a tragic story.

As Kostoff moves forward to grab Sektor by the back of the head Sektor manages to escape by back kicking Kostoff in the groin causing the man to go rigid before falling over to the side holding his crotch. Sektor stumbles forward holding his face as he tries to regain his composure having purchased himself a short reprieve from Kostoff’s onslaught.

Joe Hoffman: If Sektor is smart he will get in that right and try to get referee Mike Shea back up on his feet so this match can start officially. The longer he tries to fight Kostoff without rules the less of an advantage he is going to have to win this match.

Benny Newell: Well I hope these two idiots just get this over with soon! Hopefully with both of them getting their asses kicked! HA!

Sektor moves into the ring and moves to Shea, shaking him as he slowly gets back up to his feet. This gives Kostoff enough time to get back up and head into the ring as well. Shea is aware enough to start the match as Sektor immediately attacks dropping a knee on Kostoff’s left ankle causing Kostoff to scream out in pain.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor focusing on that ankle of Kostoff immediately of the bat, no doubts in hopes of setting up the Di-Sektion ankle lock, a good strategy for the technically sound Sektor.

Benny Newell: What the fuck ever, throw a midget and a hooker into this match and I might begin to care about it some more..

Joe Hoffman: Thank you for that Benny. Sektor going on the offensive now as he works over Kostoff’s leg dragging him do the center of the ring, stomping on that ankle of Kostoff. By taking away Kostoff’s leg he takes the power game away from Kostoff as you know Benny.

Benny Newell: Hookers and midgets, Joe.

Back in the ring Sektor begins hitting a series of toe locks, rolling through several times as Kostoff roars in pain in the center of the ring. Finally Sektor rolls up to his feet holding onto the ankle he has been focusing on as he yanks on the leg trying to pull and tear at the ankle. Mike Shea checks on Kostoff to see if he wants to give in however there is no answer beyond a series of swears and derogatory remarks directed at the ref.

Sektor, staying keen on his mission, doesn’t hesitate as he continues to work over Kostoff’s ankle with methodical skill, the pace of the match slowed down to a crawl. Rolling Kostoff onto his stomach Sektor locks in an Indian Death Lock and falls backward torcing the knee and ankle of Kostoff as he roars out in pain once again, his wild eyes searching for the ropes or anything he can use to get some kind of leverage from the torture that Sektor is putting him through. For his part Sektor takes the moment, while wrenching Kostoff’s knee and ankle back, to check his own forward for any lasting damage from the attack that Kostoff leveled against him before the match started.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor is punishing Kostoff in the middle of the ring and the leader of the LoD just has no where to go right now! He is going to have to show some real guts to get himself out of this situation and if I know Kostoff the way I do, its only a matter of time before he shows us something special.

Benny Newell: Hopefully its a midget and a prostitute.. or maybe two prostitutes.. I can go without the midget honestly..

Joe Hoffman:..Joe how much have you had to drink tonight already?

Benny Newell: Clearly not enough if I’m still trying to focus on this match.

Benny pours himself a shot glass of jack and shots it back as we return to the action in the ring. Once again Mike Shea moves in to check on Kostoff only to get shoved away by the former LSD Champion. Letting out another roar of frustration Kostoff powers his upper body up with his arms before shifting his wait grabbing a surprised Sektor by the throat, yanking him into a headlock. While the action causes Sektor to put more torc on Kostoff’s leg, he also beings to choke the life out of Sektor who must choose between releasing the hold to escape Kostoff or to try to get he big man to submit before he himself is knocked out.

Kostoff screams for Sektor to give in and after a few moments Sektor untangles his leg from Kostoffs leg as he tilts his body back ot put Kostoff in a pinning situation.




Unwilling to let himself get pinned in such a manner Kostoff forces Sektor over, still holding him in the headlock as the fans start to rally behind Kostoff. Now Sektor is placed in a situation where he can’t manage to get to the ropes as his face begins to turn scarlet due to the pressure being put onto his neck by Kostoff’s powerful arms. Once again Sektor attemps to roll Kostoff back over for a pin but Kostoff manages to keep Sektor done. However Kostoff seems to grow bored with the situation and drags Sektor up, still in the head lock.

Joe Hoffman: Well Kostoff managed to get himself free of the submission hold but we’ll see how much damage was actually done to his leg. That could spell the long victory road ahead for Sektor if Kostoff can’t use his power game to his fullest advantage.

Benny Newell: Yeah, yeah, poor Kostoff’s ankle. Joe have you ever seen some of the prostitutes down off 2nd and Broadway? You wouldn’t even know about a quarter of them were actually men until you got htem home!

Joe Hoffman: Benny! Try, at least, to focus on the match!

Benny Newell: It’s Thursday Night Turmoil, Joe! I’m trying to add a little sizzle to the bland steak thats in the ring! Plus this thing happened last week wh-

Joe Hoffman: Tha’s really.. enough. Kostoff heaves Sektor up by the neck a BAM! Headlock slam!

Kostoff drills Sektor down on the back of his neck and head, falling down with him though its obvious his ankle is in alot of pain as he rolls to the side holding it rather then going for the pin. Sektor seems momentarily incapacitated as well as he is laid out in the middle of the ring holding the back of his head. Kostoff gets to the ropes and slowly pulls himself up, limping slightly as he nursed the ankle that Sektor had focused on. Moving around behind Sektor who was starting to get to his feet Kostoff sent a stiff kick to the base of his spine causing Sektor to scream out in pain, arching up light a lighting bold had just struck him. Kostoff dropped down into a stiff elbow drop to the top of Sektors head knocking the man to the mat again. Kostoff continued his savage attack from earlier, mounting Sektor as he threw punches thunderous lefts and rights striking his former stable mate with increasing fury.

Benny Newell: Ok.. ok.. I will say this for Kostoff.. The man throws sledgehammers when he gets riled up. And who needs to have power when you’re opponent is pinned to the matt with you slamming your firsts into his head?

Joe Hoffman: Point taken there, I am not sure Sektor is going to have a face left if the ref doesn’t step in there and top Kostoff from throwing those closed fists.

Sektor, with a limited capacity to defend himself, simply raised his arms up to shield the blows as best he could while Kostoff continued to lay into the man he had pinned onto the matt. Referee Mike Shea, noting Kostoff’s illegal use of the fists, begins counting to five warning Kostoff that he will be disqualified if he does not stop punching..


Kostoff spits at Mike Shea and stares at the referee with a hateful glare as he balls up his fist and strikes Sektor clean in the forehead.


Kostoff looks down at Sektor and fires off another punch, striking the same area as a small crimson dot appears.


Kostoff strikes the small dot again on Sektor’s head which soon turns into a smear as Sektor’s eyes roll slightly in confusion of what is going on.


Kostoff grabs Sektor by the head and issues forth a full bore headbutt causing the small smear to turn into a full fledged crimson stream that starts to run down Sektor’s face. Kostoff smears his hand over Sektor’s face before he stands up, once again spitting at Mike who berates him about potentially being disqualified. As the crowd cheers Kostoff wipes his bloody hand across his chest leaving a red streak before he points down at Sektor whom is dazed and bleeding in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff has just busted Sektor open the hard way and the crowd is eating it up! Kostoff drops down for the cover!





Joe Hoffman: Somehow Sektor has enough presence of mind that even in his state he is able to kick out and keep his hopes for winning this match and maintaining control of the stable titles alive!

Benny Newell: Yeah but he looks like he went carpet muching in Bobbinette’s living room if you know what I mean.

Joe Hoffman: That’s disgusting Benny!

Benny Newell: Yeah? So? I made a reference to Sektor eating Bobbinette’s pussy out, you wanna fight about it?

Back in the ring Kostoff pulls himself back up to his feet and drags Sektor up to his feet hitting a short arm close line sending Sektor back down to the canvas hard. Kostoff, clearly weak on his ankle, powers back up though, pain written on his face as he starts to zero in on a weakened and bleeding Sektor who still appears to be off in lala land after the beating Kostoff just gave his head. Kostoff moves toward the corner where he waits for Sektor to get back up onto his feet, clearly still wobbly. Kostoff charges out and hits a second hard closeline on Sektor though he falls down once again holding his leg. Still, it seems that Kostoff’s hatred overrides his pain as he drags himself over Sektor’s prone body once again.




Once again Sektor manages to avoid defeat by getting his shoulder up in time which only works to further irritated Kostoff who pulls the man up to his feet again. This time Kostoff locks Sektor into a Belly to Belly slam and pulls the smaller man over sending his body crashing down to the mat with an authoritize slam. Sektor lets out of aweak yelp as he holds his back clearly unprepared for this kind of abashed onslaught that Kostoff is putting him through. Kostoff slowly rises to his feet looking down at his fallen foe before he holds his hands up in a triumphant manner while the fans cheer him on.

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff is really taking charge of this match right now and if it continues on this track I would say the LoD are our new Stable Champions, ironic considering that Sektor left them just last week to join the A.o.A. whom he is representing currently.

Grabbing Sektor by the back of the neck, Kostoff sends the man out of the ring indicating that Kostoff wishes to inflict more direct suffering upon his former stable mate. Even as the referee argues with Kostoff and warns him of a potential D.Q., Kostoff follows the bleeding Sektor out of the ring with malice in his eyes. The fans cheer Kostoff as he begins to stalk Sektor who is started to crawl toward the ring steps before turning to see Kostoff standing near him. Lifting both hands Sektor starts to plead with Kostoff not to continue his attack however Kostoff, ever the resentful man, charges forward making a critical mistake as he does so. Sektor, utilizing his quickness, twists his body and grabs Kostoff’s tights using his momentum to send him into the steps with a thunderous slam, the majority of the blow going to his knee and leg that Sektor has been working on. Kostoff howls in pain as he rolls over the steps while Sektor gains a mild reprieve.

Benny Newell: Well howdy doo! Look’s like Kostoff just got outsmarted, as per usual hey Hoffman?

Joe Hoffman: Kostoff might have seriously injured his already weak ankle and leg on that blow as those steps really do not yield at all!

Sektor, slowly rising to his feet as he bleeds from his forehead, takes a moment to look around the arena as the fans boo him loudly. He takes a moment to flip the fans off before he limps to Kostoff who is still on the floor clutching his leg. Playing up his roll, Sektor sets his hands on his hips as he takes pot shots at Kostoff’s leg looking rather like a poacher torturing a wolf he caught in a bear trap. Confident that Kostoff has been rendered a none factor thanks to his clever actions Sektor starts to chuckle to himself before he trash talks the fallen Kostoff, moving around to his head where he idly kicks Kostoff in the head goading the man to do something.

Suddenly Kostoff, like any animal that has been provoked to much, springs to life suddenly, tackling Sektor to the ground as the crowd errupts into cheers. Looking more now like a bar brawl then an actual match, Sektor and Kostoff punch and jab at eachother on the ground as neither side seems to want to give an inch and neither side seems willing to back down for what ever reason. However the small brawl ends when Sektor sends a wicked short kick to Kostoff’s leg and ankle again causing the big man to roll away holding his leg and cursing out loud. Sektor, now fully aware not to get near Kostoff, backs off a little as he tries to collect his thoughts.

Joe Hoffman: Sektor there just got bit by Kostoff in his over confidence! You just don’t try to piss Kostoff off, the man will beat you every time with his anger alone. Lee Best can attest to that..

Benny Newell: You shut up about that you hear!? Kostoff was lucky and Lee had the flu! Its true!

Joe Hoffman: well either way Lee Best looks like a bond villain now and Kostoff is still the toughest asshole in HOW.

Sektor, remembering the referee was starting to count them both out has enough presense of mind to roll into the ring and then back out to break the count up and restart it. Once he rolls back out he begins to stalk Kostoff now, how is once again rolling on the ground holding his ankle. Seeing his chance Sektor rushes in and punt kicks Kostoff in the side of the head effectively nuetralizing him for a few moments as the crowd boos loudly for Sektors retaining of control of the match. Sektor rolls Kostoff back into the ring before he wipes some of the blood out of his eyes so he can see again before he follows in. Kostoff crawls slowly to the center of the ring where he grabs Mike Shea using him as a pillar to stand up with. Behind him the bloody Sektor starts to move forward with a smirk on his face.

SUDDENLY Kostoff spins around and sends a stiff kick into Sektor’s midsection taking the Stable Champion by surprise! Kostoff sinches the man up in a power bomb position and lifts! He hovers for a moment as his leg buckles but Kostoff roars definance straight into the surprised face of Sektor who seems to be fumbling with something in his tights right in front of Kostoff’s face!


Joe Hoffman: Kostoff better drop hi-!

Suddenly Kostoff’s face jerks back and he drops Sektor to his feet who lands some what wobbly. As Mike Shea scrambles to check on Kostoff, Sektor tosses and a small can away before he rushes up behind Kostoff who can clearly be seen clutching his face and screaming as he leans up against the ropes to take weight off his bad ankle. Sektor yanks Kostoff away from the ropes and hits the C-Sektion on the injured and apparently blinded Kostoff, rolling him over before he drapes his exhausted body over Kostoffs.







Sektor, exhausted and bleeding, continues to lay across Kostoff’s prone body, he himself unable to move. Where his head rests blood can be seen starting to pool while a secondary camera focuses on the small canister that Sektor had tossed out of the ring. The label makes it clear what it was. “MACE”.


Somone bought the damn ticket!!

We’re backstage and we see “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze barge into an unnamed locker room.  Inside, he finds Issac Slade sitting on a folding chair taping his wrists.  Slade looks up and acknowledges Faze with a fist bump.

Faze:  You’d think they’d give you a name plate by now… so, you ready or what?

Issac gives Faze a nod but returns to taping his wrists. Obviously, something’s distracting him.

Issac:  It’s a tall order to fill but I think we’re going to go out there tonight and show those two what we’re made of.

Faze:  Just what I wanted to hear.  I’ve been itching to get my hands on Graystone again ever since our World Title match.  Are you sure everything’s ok?

Sighing, Issac shakes his head no.

Issac:  What happened last week… someone lured my friend Mary to the arena.  They sent her a ticket and got her alone in the parking garage with a man who abused her in the past.  Next thing I know, Darkwing conveniently appears to attack me.  I feel like a puppet who’s strings are being pulled from above.  I don’t like it… I don’t like it one bit.

Issac says, seething through his teeth.

Issac:  I want to know who sent her that ticket and I want to know who’s pulling the strings!

Faze:  Whoa, whoa… calm down for a minute.  You can’t be worrying about that kinda stuff right now.  Let’s focus.  You show any signs of weakness tonight and Graystone and Scotty will pounce on you like wolves.  Besides, you know Jimmy over in ticket sales?  He can probably trace the source of her ticket for you.  If they paid with a credit card… you got your guy.


Issac suddenly looks up at “The Phenomenal One”.

Issac:  You’re right!  I’ll just head over now and clear my suspicions.  Why didn’t I think of that?  When I get back, we’ll teach the Best Alliance a lesson in what it costs to underestimate the good guys.

Faze:  Do what you gotta do… but in that ring tonight, it’s business as usual. You feel me?

Issac turns as he’s heading out the door.

Issac:  You know it Ryan… Have Faith my friend.  I’ll be back in no time to help you school these “non-believers”.

Faze:  Phenomenal…

Faze nods as he follows suit to get ready for the match.

The camera follows Issac as he hurries down the hall to find ticket office.  After some searching, he finds the Jimmy fellow that Faze recommended and anxiously describes his problem to him.

Jimmy:  Ok, so that chick that was with you last week?  What was her name?

Issac:  Her name is Mary… I need to know who bought that ticket for her.

Jimmy:  Listen man, I dunno.  I could lose my job over this…

Issac:  LET ME EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU AGAIN… I NEED… to know… who bought that ticket for her.

Slade exclaims, raising his voice.

Jimmy:  Ok, ok… just give me a minute to look it up in the computer.  You better pray this person paid with a credit card, otherwise I can’t do anything for you.

Jimmy says as he types away.  A few moments pass before Jimmy looks up and nods.

Jimmy:  Pay dirt Mister Slade… I’ve got a name.  I hope this means something to you, cause it doesn’t mean anything to me.  Our mystery contestant is… Rufus Jackson.  That name ring a bell?

Issac shakes his head.

Issac: Nope.  But I’ve got a name and that’s all that matters… thanks Jimmy!

Jimmy:  Hey listen, if anyone asks… I never saw you here tonight.

Looking at his watch, Issac realizes his match is starting soon.  He nods, assuring Jimmy he’s got nothing to worry about before the scene fades to another part of the backstage area.

Hardcore Graffiti

Backstage Christopher America is walking down the hallway towards the AoA locker room.  He reaches the door and opens it up and takes a step back as in the middle of the room is an art easel with the canvas that Scottywood had earlier, but now we see three letters written on it in blood.


And if that wasn’t enough, below the easel lays Frankie the Cameraman unconscious and a bloody mess.  You can see the anger building in America’s face as he steps over Frankie’s body and picks up the picture as he stares down at it in his hands.

Christopher America: What the….Oh he is going to pay for this….In America.

America slams the door shut to his locker room as he walks back down the hallway as TNT goes to commercial


 World Championship Match Gauntlet Winner vs. Graystone© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood©



Joe Hoffmann:  I know we have a match coming up, but I am being told that there is some kind of commotion going on backstage.

Cut to the backstage corridor, there is screaming and the sound of furniture breaking coming from behind the door which reads “Best Alliance”.  The sounds suddenly silence and the door opens.  Emerging from within the locker room, the masked man responsible for putting an end to Jatt Starr just one week ago.

The figure slowly walks down the hallway as the camera pans to inside the locker room where there is debris from wrecked furniture and broken bottles scattered about and in the middle of the floor lies the unconscious body of Scottywood.


He is here…?

Back live and we are in the backstage area where HOW medics have put Scottywood on a stretcher and are loading him into an ambulance.


We have to hurry… appears as those he has taken a severe blunt blow to the head……..Cmon boys..load him up!!!

The medics slam the stretcher into the back of the ambulance and seconds later with sirens wailing the ambulance rushes away from the Best Arena.

As the ambulance turns out of camera view the camera turns and we see the face of Lee Best staring at the spot the ambulance just was.

Lee Best:


Lee turns and walks off very much pissed off and as he walks down the corridor and out of camera view a man suddenly comes into focus out of the shadows. We cannot see his face but the light green on his chest, apparently his shirt, comes into focus and we get a glimpse before the masked man hustles away avoiding detection.

The letters are none other than…


Darkwing – 0% v David Black – 0%

Cameras return to ringside as Darkwing is on his way down to the ring, fans cheering and getting ready, he tags a few hands and waits in the ring. Soon after as DW stretches out David Black’s music kicks in and he comes out in a hurry, not running but makes a quick entrance to the ring, DW gets ready and the ref rings the bell just in case.

Joe Hoffman: This should be a great technical match.

Benny Newell: Technical shmecnical, forget old school, it’s like baby school when the Duck’s in the ring, fucking idiot.

The two quickly lock up, battling for strength, DW first gets the better, the Black fights back, but DW overpowers launching Black over the ropes and out the ring, the fans go crazy and cheer, but Black runs back in after recovering. They stare eye to eye, sizing each other up, they try again, and again fight for strength, DW attempts another launch but Black capitalizes and drop toe holds him and sits on his back riding him like a cowboy.

Benny Newell: Ha! Ha! Alpha Black Man my ass, he just got the white treatment..

DW snaps and throws him off, annoyed, they begin brawling, launching rights and lefts at one another, DW backs him into the ropes and sends him running, attempts a back body drops but Black lands on his feet. DW chases him, Black tries to take DW down but results to sliding through his legs, but DW grabs him by the throat and lifts him in the air, Black reverses and hurricanranas him into a roll up..



Kick Out!

Joe Hoffman: Holy Hell, David Black almost ending this one early.

DW rises again annoyed, Black small packages him.. 1.. 2.. thr.. No, DW kicks out again, again rising annoyed, he goes for a clothesline, Black ducks and crucifix pins him.. 1.. 2.. thr.. No, again a close call, they rise again but DW drops him out of nowhere with a huge Trans Darkwing Express, he makes his own cover but Black gets his foot on the ropes.

Benny Newell: Come on Black!

Joe Hoffman: What did you just say?

Benny Newell: Did I just say that? Slap me if I say that again..

DW, after a few rights and lefts, boots to a downed Black, locks in a rear naked choke, he wares him down, but Black attempts to recover, DW lets go, puts him back down, beats on his legs some and locks in an early figure four. It fails as Black reaches the ropes, DW signals the end, he goes to lift Black up but bends into an eye poke, Black distracts the ref by pointing, he looks, Black low blows DW and rolls him up. ONE.. TWO.. THREE!…… somehow DW manages to escape in time but rolls around in pain, Black gets his breath and delivers a few kicks, punches, even an elbow and a leg drop, he picks DW up and hits a suplex, he follows with an armbar attempt but DW powers out lifting Black into the air, Black capitalizes again and hip tosses DW.

Joe Hoffman: I told you this would be a technical one Benny!

Benny Newell: Yeah, yeah shut the fuck up.

The crowd are clapping and Black is showing off flexing to the fans, DW is annoyed even more, as if angry that Black got the better of him, he comes from behind but its as if Black was aware and moves, DW runs into the turnbuckle and Black rolls him up…




NO! DW threw his legs out that much it sent Black flying onto the top turn-buckle, DW rises quick, climbs up and sets Black up after a few rights and amazingly hits a HUGE NIGHTFALL off the top rope. The crowd go nuts but DW’s too tired to go for the cover with Black bouncing across the ring, he crawls, slowly, slowly, he eventually gets there, he goes to pull the leg but lazily just lies on him instead, the ref counts..








The ref signals for the bell, but people point and he looks, DW is up and celebrating not realising Black’s foot was on the ropes, the ref cancels the bell but DW doesn’t notice.

Joe Hoffman: Oh this is not good.

Benny Newell: Ha! Ha! I love it, if only Jatt was here, god rest his soul..

DW signals for the ref to raise his arm, he informs DW of the situation, DW starts screwing at him, going mental, he grabs him and out of nowhere launches him over the ropes. DW snaps, he pulls Black to his feet, beats on him with rights and lefts, he hits a European uppercut, he lands a double axe handle to the face knocking him into the turn-buckle, he swings him off into the other and follows knocking him down with a clothesline. He hits an elbow drop, he picks him up, power slams him, he does it again, and again, Black is almost limp but DW picks him up again and sends him off the ropes, he drops him with a drop-kick.

Joe Hoffman: Oh he’s angry Benny, Darkwing wants this win!

Benny Newell: Black kick out you fuck, don’t let this son of a bitch win..

DW still looks pissed and covers him, he signals for the ref, he was barely hurt from getting chucked out but takes his time outside shaking off a hurt ankle. DW gets more angry and slides out, grabbing the ref and slides him into the ring, he follows and begins yelling at him, and makes the cover, the ref looks annoyed but counts, and counts slowly.




NO! Black just about throws a shoulder up, DW can’t believe it, he looks tired, Black looks even more tired, he rises, pulling Black with him, he strikes, but out of nowhere Black strikes, the two exchange, a right for a right, a left for a left. Black fights DW off and runs off the ropes, he ducks DW’s clothesline attempt, he ducks DW’s big boot, he ducks his spinning heel kick, and on his return he comes flying in with a HUGE superman punch, but only runs into one from DW. They both drop, dazed and confused, and try there best to get back up, crowd chanting for Darkwing, crowd chanting for Black, and there both up.

Joe Hoffman: Oh watch out..

The two turn and stumble in each others direction, out of nowhere Black strikes with an unexpected Blackout but DW sees it just in time, ducking and capturing Black with a Shadow Smash and covers, the ref counts..




DW finally gets the cover and rises in relief as the fans go nuts, his music kicks in as the ref raises his hand.


Duck time…

Joe: Well I am being told that Darkwing has paid for some in-ring time and we will be finally told what Darkwing’s ‘surprise’ is for Issac Slade.

Big Buff: I think Darkwing’s surprise is hes a fucking faggot. Its those big black guys that always are the fags in the closet.

Joe: Seriously Benny, can you be anymore…..forget it…..Darkwing with a tough match against David Black, that saw a lot of back and forth action, counters and re-counters, and Darkwing and Black both went all out in that match. But now we discover what Darkwing has in store for Issac Slade after Darkwing picked up the big win with that countering ability of his using the Shadow Smash.

Big Buff shrugs and takes out a bottle of SKY Vodka.

Darkwing tells Hortega to get out his ring as David Black is still lying there from the vicious Shadow Smash. Darkwing picks up Black and grabs him by the head and runs with him and tosses him over the ropes and to the floor! The fans cheer for Darkwing as you can see him saying ‘This is my ring you lame-ass!’

Darkwing looks around and signals for a mic and takes one from a ring attendant. He signals for the fans to quiet down, as he tries to catch his breath.


The fans go apeshit for Darkwing and you can hear them chanting his name.

Darkwing: You just couldn’t do it, could you David? Dispite your little emo-speech with the Princess of Mediocrity herself, it didn’t matter, did it? I told you the end result would be the same, regardless of how much you ‘think’ you know, the fact of the matter is that you lack the ability to stop the MAIN EVENT, the star attraction, the greatest Hall of Famer ALIVE, DARKWING!!!!

The fans begin a Darkwing chant and Darkwing smiles.

Darkwing:  Now I have this allotted time to reveal some footage from my time in Louisiana this past Sunday and quite frankly this footage is for one man….the man I promised id have a surprise for…..Issac Slade.

A very weak Slade chant can be heard. Darkwing turns around towards the direction its coming from. He then continues.

Darkwing:  Now I know I know…..the Darkone is the center of attention here and I have quite a knack for drawing controversy, criticism and acclaim. But Issac Slade you have drawn something from ME that you shouldn’t have….(gets quiet)……my anger. Slade I know you are here with your little new butt-buddy Ryan Faze and you both can take a gander at some footage from Darkwing…..attending Sunday Night church.

Darkwing points toward the HOV screen and it comes to life.

Darkwing is sitting at church in the very back of a crowded Baptist congregation. He is dressed in red power tie, black collared shirt and slacks, along with black Stacey adams dress shoes. The  preacher is an older Caucasian man with half grey half black hair. He is slightly overweight, one would say a beer belly but since it’s a pastor it is unknown why. The man is easily in his late 50s, with large observant eyes and strong looking worn hands. He wears a typical Baptist church black pastor robe.

Pastor: and When Jesussssssss-A….comes again… better be ready…..get your heart right with the Lord or you will go straight to hell…….

Darkwing: AMEN!

Pastor: Can I get a witnesssssssss-A!

The people start praising the Lord and clapping. Darkwing stands up and is clapping.

Pastor: Now next week…bible study will be at 8 instead of seven thirty so make sure you are on time…..everybody have  blessed week and see you Friday!!!

The people start to get up and leave, but Darkwing quickly gets up and makes his way to the front. A doorman is standing by the entrance to the pastors study, and Darkwing is stopped by the man, a tall black man who is very thin.

Man: Im sorry. Service is over.


Darkwing: Im sorry. I have something to tell Paul about…..his son.

The tall thin man stares at Darkwing and doesn’t know what to do. Darkwing suddenly steps forward as if to enter anyway, the man is frozen, the mention of ‘son’ seemingly a paralyzing agent. Darkwing knocks on the door.

‘Come in’

Darkwing motions for the camera man to enter, and Darkwing enters.

The Pastor is now dressed in white shirt and blue tie. Darkwing shakes ands with him.

Darkwing: Please don’t mind the camera. I don’t know me, I am Matthew Crawford.

The camera zooms in on the name plate in the desk….it reads…..


Paul Slade: Ive seen you on BET and on a few Saints games. What brings you here?

Darkwing: I don’t like beating about the bush. So let me just flat out ask you…..whens the last time you’ve seen Issac?

Paul Slade: Issac? Oh my Goodness……its been……years….

Paul looks stunned to hear the mention of his son.

Darkwing: Well, I want you to know that I work with your son.

Paul Slade: You are a friend? Because I believe God sent you, Mr. Crawford. You see I get messages from Issac….and I never have the strength to call back because I blame myself with him leaving home so many years ago….I know he thinks I hate him…..but I believe God sent me a messenger through you. I cant bear to do this…so can I please tell you to relay a message?

Darkwing: What is it?

Paul Slade: Sarah….Issacs mother……im sorry this is something I had been concealing from people.

Darkwing pats Paul on the shoulder reaching over the desk.

Darkwing: Im not a friend of Issacs….more like a senior co-worker. I don’t think I could be qualified to pass a long such a personal message, even if you trusted me with it.

Paul Slade: You are right. Where do you work with Issac?

Darkwing: I work for HOW…High Octane Wrestling. We are based out of Chicago and have a show next Thursday….the 26th would be the soonest. Your son will be there. If youd like I can arrange…..

Paul Slade: No…..I will be there that Thursday. I have heard of this company….your owner is a heathen.

Darkwing: That’s a very colorful way of describing Lee. But you are serious, Mister Slade? You are coming to Thursday Night Turmoil?

Paul Slade: Yes….I will be there…I must tell him about Sarah. Now if you please, I must pray and prepare for my trip.

Darkwing: Can you…..pray and agree with me that God will protect Issac?

Paul Slade: I always pray for my son. You pray for him too?

Darkwing: I do now. Because he is about to walk through the valley of the shadow of death. He will face trials and tribulations unknown to him. He will need your support.

Paul Slade; I agree. Now if you excuse me.

Darkwing nods and the scene fades…..

We now are back with Darkwing in the middle of the ring, the fans are a bit taken aback and are no longer cheering.

Darkwing: Issac you heard the man. Your father will be here next week on TNT, and he wants to talk with you. I already know why….I played dumb but Paul isn’t that great with keeping secrets. One of the Bishops already told me. So Issac we will see how fired up and intense and all gung-ho you are after your father talks to you next week for the first time in years. You should thank me Issac. I went through all this trouble to do something the two of you didn’t have the courage to do, and that is get you to meet face to face.

The fans are still unsure of how to take this. You can hear a few cheers, but not much. Darkwing looks around, and he is very serious.

Darkwing: I told you Issac that I was going to pray for you….and I told you that Nightfall begins tonight.

The fans still are stunned, and you are getting an odd reaction from the crowd.

Darkwing: Issac Slade…all of HOW….no one, and I mean NO ONE can stop the TRANS DARKWING EXPRESS,  it doesn’t matter how Epic you are, it doesn’t matter how American you are, how Marvelous you are, how perfect you are, or how Starr-tastic you are, the bottomline is that this is MY show, I draw more ratings in my pinky than all two hours of TNA Impact and Greys Anatomy COMBINED and dispite attempts on my career, my pride and my ego, I will CONSTANTLY remind you all that I am the single most CHARISMATIC MAN in HOW…no! The most CHARISMATIC MAN in professional Wrestling history, the ALPHA BLACK MAN and the PARAGON OF POPULARITY, DARKWING!!!!!!

Darkwing raises the mic over his head slightly as the fans are buzzing now, back on Darkwing side in anticipation….

Darkwing(with fans): CAUSE THE DARKONE!!!!!!!!

Darkwing pauses looking at the fans who complete his catchphrase (HAS SPOKEN) without Darkwing. He again raises the mic.

Darkwing(with fans): HASSSSSSSSS……..Spoken.

‘The Animal Ive Become’ by Three Days Grace hits and Darkwing drops the mic and goes to a corner and throws his fist into the air as the fans cheer.

Hoffman: What a message by Darkwing, what the hell is Slade going to do? Its like he has Darkwing and and another person out to get him. Darkwing is bad enough, but another shadowy figure?

Big Buff: Aint shit he can do. Duck may have him.

Hoffman: Well, we will be back after this advertisement!

 World Championship Match Gauntlet Winner vs. Graystone© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood©


Another Arrival??

Back live and the HOV has come alive once again…

Moments before the car’s engine had echoed deafeningly off each of the parking lots walls, but now all was silent. Partially shrouded in darkness, the vehicle sat motionless in one of the corners. All that could be seen was that it was black and obviously expensive. That and the licence plate.

MK 50 it read – and it was a reference everyone currently watching immediately understood. Nothing happened for a few moments, but still everyone continued to watch the scene unfold with baited breath.

Suddenly, the driver’s door opened and a chauffeur stepped out onto the concrete, immaculately dressed in a black suit and white shirt, a hat on his head and his shoes perfectly polished. He walked briskly with purpose to the back door on his side, gripped the handle and pulled it open. A few seconds passed and suddenly another set of feet appeared. They also wore black shoes, but they were nowhere near as neat and polished. Neither was the rest of the man’s attire, we saw, as he stepped out of the car and into view: tatty black trousers, a tight-fitting black top beneath a long black jacket. His hair cascaded untidily right down over its shoulders, obscuring the view of his face.

‘Everything set?’ He asked the driver, with a voice wholly familiar to many.

‘As far as I know, sir.’ The driver nodded as he spoke.

‘Good, you know what time to pick me up? I want to get this part out of the way as soon as possible.’

The driver nodded a second, and final time, for this conversation.

‘Then I guess I better get down to business.’

The scruffier of the two men then suddenly turned, revealing his face and sighing as he spotting the camera. It was painted pale white with traces of black around his lips and eyes. It was a face as familiar as his voice. It was the face of Shane’s Reynolds and he quickly headed towards the parking lot entrance into the arena as the driver watched on.


Masked Man?

The cameras cut back to ringside where Joe informs us that during the week, another tape mysteriously appeared at the HOW headquarters and that we are going to take a look at the tape right now…

The screen starts out black but words then start appearing….

March 16, 2009….

March To Glory….

Zorro rides again!….

The screen then goes black again and the cameras are back at ringside, where Joe wonders if this means that Zorro will indeed be at the March to Glory pay per view, to which Benny replies that Joe is a dumbass and that it obviously means exactly that!


 Next week on TNT… Darkwing vs. Sektor for the Stable Title and a date with Besty at March to Glory

Who is this now??

We are back live and the footage we are seeing is very grainy and apparently its via a hand held camera as the picture is bouncing with each step of the person filming.

We follow the footage as the person walks down a hallway and we see along with the cameraman a dark masked figure darting in the distance..

“Who the fuck?”

The person then continues walking and makes a few turns until we see the desination….

The AoA locker room.

The door is barely open and the picture zooms in as we see Sektor  being patted on the back as the AoA is clearly celebrating the big win over Kostoff earlier in the night.

We see Sektor’s head snap up and look towards the door and suddenly the camera turns and it is obvious the person filming is running away.

Then all we hear is footsteps as we have a weird side view of the ground and the camera is then picked back up and we see the AoA members come into picture as Sektor has picked up the camera that was dropped.

“Had to of been one of Lee’s flunkies…..wait….”

Sektor hits rewind and as the camcorder clicks to a stop, Sektor turns the camera towards the rest of the AoA members.

As they watch Sektor’s eyes grow wide…..he then shuts the camcorder abruptly…

“I know who it is…”

The feed cuts as the AoA head back to their locker room as they look around making sure no one else has seen what is going on as Benny states how stupid they are as they are on HOTv right now…although its no longer HD!

Not so fast…

Action cuts back to the parking lot and we see an ambulance pulling up. It screeches to a halt and none other than Scottywood hops out of the driver seat and looks pissed off as he re enters the The Best Arena as the announcers cut to another commercial as up next it’s the Best Alliance taking on Ryan Faze and Issac Slade in tag team action!!

Graystone© – 0% v Scottywood© – 0% v “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze – 0% v Issac Slade – 0%

Scene cuts to ringside with Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell as Hoffamn alerts us that it is time for the big tag team match pitting the Best Alliance against two new superstars.

Big Buff tells us that Slade and Ryan Faze will do better not even coming to the ring as Joe counters if its even safe for Scottywood to return and questions how in the hell did he even get control of the ambulance??

Suddenly Ryan Faze’s music hits. Faze comes out, apparently the knee feeling good as he has a bounce to his step and he is slapping hands with the fans lining the ramp. He slides into the ring and extends his arms as the fans cheer for him and a ‘FAZE’ chant starts.

Hoffman comments that this is the best condition we have seen Faze in in a while.


Hoffman comments That Graystone hit the ring from the crowd so fast you barely saw it even dispite the knee brace hes wearing.  Graystone is standing over Faze who is lying on his stomach. Graystone turns him over and Hortega is trying to get Graystone away from Faze.

Hoffman reminds us that earlier Faze attacked the World Champion in retaliation and damaged the Champions knee with a lead pipe.

Graystone rolls Faze out the ring, and Faze just lies on the floor at ringside, motionless. The fans are giving Graystone hell as Hoffman states that Graystone mustve been planning this along with Scottywood after the attack from earlier. Suddenly Issac Slade’s music hits the arena, and the fans explode as Slade rushes to ringside!

Slade slides into the ring and Graystone escapes, and Slade chases him, but you can see Scottywood running down as Graystone rounds a corner, Scottywood comes from around the ringpost and nails the pursuing Slade with a clothesline!

Big Buff is praising the BA on their teamwork while Hoffman is saying how deplorable this is. Graystone and Scotty pick up Slade and throw him into the ring.  Graystone goes to start the match as Scottywood goes to his corner and hands the LSD title off to an attendant. Hortega signals to start the match….


Graystone pulls up Slade and connects with belly-to-back suplex. He covers the dazed Slade….





Graystone keeps up with the offense, nailing Slade with multiple right hands and hitting all kinds of slams and suplexes on Slade, however they do not look as effective due to the knee injury Graystone is suffering from. Graystone even takes time to go to ringside and nail the dizzy Faze with a running knee lift to drop him to the floor. Faze is still out of this match and Hoffman says that Slade is in for a fight if he cannot tag out.

Graystone nails finally a HUGE tilt-a-whirl powerslam on Slade and covers hooking the far leg…..





Big Buff says its only a matter of time. As he is reminding Hoffman how great the Best Alliance is, Darkwing can be seen walking down to the ring!! The fans start cheering as Graystone and Scottywood both are staring at Darkwing wondering what hes gona do, Darkwing is in his ring gear and he ignores whats going on in the ring and heads straight for the announce table.

Graystone leaves Slade on the ground and walks to the ropes with arms in the air wondering what Darkwing is doing. Darkwing walks over to Big Buff.

Darkwing: Hey benny….they got some Bushmills in the back. Thought id just let you know being an Irish liquor man myself.

Big Buff: Fuck this….

Big Buff takes off his headset and makes for the back. Darkwing sits down next to Hoffman and Darkwing points behind Graystone, then takes a seat as Slade rolls Graystone up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Hoffman: Well I am honored to be joined here by Hall Of Famer Darkwing. Darkwing, anytime you want to get Benny out of my hair you are more than welcome.

Graystone gets to his feet shocked at the fact he was almost beaten, as Slade gets up, and Graystone and Slade begin trading right hands.

Darkwing: You know that out-of-shape idiot Benny Newell has been talking about me for years and I haven’t really done much about it. A small measure of revenge, me taking the spotlight from him here on the Darkone’s show, TNT.

Hoffman: I can only guess you are here to scout Issac Slade?

Slade gets the better of the punch exchange, and nails Graystone with a quick clothesline, Gray scrambles to his feet and Slade goes for a second, but Graystone counters into a wicked neckbreaker!!!!!

Graystone looks and sees Faze slowly getting to his corner on the outside.

Darkwing: The Darkone doesn’t scout. I don’t need to. I know almost every style of wrestling. I can switch my style at will. With that ability who needs scouting?

Graystone locks in a front facelock and drags Slade to his corner. Suddenly, Slade nails a punch to the midsection and breaks free, and backs toward his corner as Scotty tags in on Grays shoulder and climbs in, both Best Alliance members try to rush Slade, but Slade ducks out the way as Ryan Faze springboards from his corner and hits a DOUBLE CROSS BODY!!!!!!!!!!

Hoffman: MY GOD!!!!

Darkwing: That kid is talented, I cant take away his physical gifts.

Faze starts brawling with graystone and the two fall out the ring and start fighting at ringside. Back in the ring, Slade nails a clothesline to Scottywood, and begins taking it to the LSD champion, connecting with an atomic drop then following up with a big dropkick.

Slade keeps up the offense with punches and kick-based attacks when suddenly he whips Scotty into the ropes and hits a big back body drop!!

Scotty’s back bows up as Slade hooks the leg for the cover!





Slade pulls Scotty to his feet and nails a punch that drops him. Faze is now back in his corner as Graystone is on the outside leaning against the apron trying to shake the cobwebs free.

Slade tags in Faze and the two nails Scotty with a big double hip toss and Hoffman comments that these two work together very well. Darkwing says that they can work together all they want, but Slade wont have a partner if and when he and Slade lock horns.

Faze hits a scoop slam, then nails a standing moonsault! Faze tags out and him and Slade connect with a double dropkick!!! Slade covers!!!




Slade throws Scotty into a corner and goes up to rain down punches on him, but as he standing on the second buckle preparing to punch Scotty, Slade notices Darkwing at the table. Slade climbs down and gets out of the ring, staring a hole right through Darkwing, as Darkwing stands and stares back. You can hear Darkwing say ‘Come on Boy’ as Slade looks like he has had enough, Graystone nails Slade from the side, and knocks Slade down. Darkwing shakes his head and sits back down. Graystone throws Slade back into the ring, and ScottyWood is able to recover and starts stomping away.

The Best Alliance takes over at this point and begin tagging in and out, nailing various double team moves, Graystone even choking Slade twice in their corner while Scotty distracts Hortega.

Finally Scottywood locks in a rear chinlock. The fans begin chanting for Slade to break free. Slade somehow manages to get to a vertical base and turns into the hold, hitting a few punches to the gut. Slade stands up and nails some right hands, but Scotty suddenly hits a quick kick to the gut and then nails a forearm to the side of the head which stands up Slade. Scottywood goes for the ICE KICK, but Slade ducks and Scotty spins around and Slade leaps and nails a hurricarana!!!!

Darkwing says that weak counters like that wont do anything to him but would be effective against a weakling like Scottywood.

Hoffman says that it was a great counter regardless.

Slade is crawling for his corner, and Hoffman says that Slade has taken a lot of damage. ScottyWood tags in Graystone!!!!!!!!

Graystone rushes in and picks up the leg of Slade, but Slade lunges and makes the HOT TAG TO RYAN FAZE WHO LEAPS IN AND NAILS A SLINGSHOT CALF KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans go wild and Faze begs Graystone to get up, he hits a kick to the gut and runs to the ropes and hits the World Champion with a huge spinning heel kick!!!! Graystone is down and faze runs to the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault!!!!!!!!!!

Faze Hooks the leg!!!!!!!!!!









Hortega is trying to get ScottyWood out of the ring, and Slade flies in and clotheslines Scottywood over the ropes but falls out himself!!!!!!!!! Hortega is distracted trying to reclaim order!

Faze signals for the end, and pulls Graystone up. He goes for the FAZE-PLANT but Graystone breaks free and nails a low blow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Graystone then hits Faze with an implant reverse DDT!!!!!!!

Graystone hooks the leg as Hortega is yelling at Scotty and Slade to get back into their corners!!! Darkwing yells at Hortega to turn around and Hortega turns and sees the pinfall!!!







GRAYSTONE WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darkwing: That resilient half-cripple….


HORTEGA SIGNALS THAT RYAN FAZE GOT THE SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Graystone gets to his feet, and drops an elbow on the surgically repaired knee of Faze. Faze yells in pain, and Graystone applies a Brazillian Leg Bar applying pressure to the hurt knee!!! Faze starts yelling in pain!!!

Darkwing comments that that is a pretty good submission hold that he himself knows and is impressed a piece of shit like Graystone knows such a hold.

Faze is reaching for the ropes, but is a tad too far. Its clear the knee is still vulnerable as Faze’s right arm is hovering about the mat, seemingly ready to tap out. Scottywood is dazed and is now in his corner, cheering on the World Champion. Faze’s hand smacks the mat, as Hortega waits to see if it is followed by at least two more successive taps….



The fans start buzzing as we see a replay from a different angle of Issac Slade leaping half-way across the ring to nail Graystone with the huge leg drop.

Graystone breaks the hold and he and Faze start crawling for their corners….

Hoffman notes that faze was about to tap out there had Slade not saved him.

Graystone nears his corner….he reaches out for Scottywood but is not quite close enough……Faze is holding his bad knee while trying to drag himself towards Slade…..



Scotty rushes forward!


RYAN FAZE TAGS IN ISSAC SLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slade hits the ring, clobbers Scotty with a couple of right hands, then whips him to the ropes, Scotty comes back and Slade connects with a flapjack!!!!

Scotty is holding his face and gets to his feet as Graystone charges forward weakly, Slade ducks the World Champions clothesline, and Faze drops the top rope, and Graystone falls out the ring!!!!

Slade hits an atomic drop, then nails a straight kick to the gut, then nails a swinging neckbreaker!!!!!

Slade leaps to the top and signals for the FREEFALL, but Scottywood rolls out of range!!! Graystone pulls Faze to the outside, and grabs Fazes leg and rams the knee into the steel steps!!!!!!!!!

Slade is frozen on the top, he contemplates leaping to the outside to nail graystone, but Scotty wood is back up and rushes but Slade leaps off ignoring Graystone and instead nails a crossbody, but Scottywood rolls through and counters with a pin attempt!!





Scottywood and Slade get up at the same time, and Scotty wood hits a kick to the gut, goes for the SDT, but Slade counters quickly with a northern lights suplex for a pin!!!!!!!!!!





NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCOTTYWOOD KICKED OUT!!!!

Both men again get to their feet, as Scottywood out of nowhere lifts Slade for the GAME MISCONDUCT, but Slade counters by landing on his feet behind Scottywood, and nailing a spinning back suplex!!!!!!!!!!! Slade is in a flash on the top rope!!! The fans cheer in anticipation, as Darkwing also stands at ringside!!!!!

ISSAC SLADE HITS THE FREEFALL WITH AMAZING ELEVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Issac bounces off the LSD champion, holding his ribs as Issac crawls on top of Scottywood and hooks the near leg!!!!








Darkwing smiles at ringside as Graystone is standing over the hurt Ryan Faze, holding his own knee. Slade gets up and stares at the World Campion who backs off and reaches into the ring to grabs Scottywood and make their way to the back.

Hoffman: My God, Issac Slade just pinned the LSD Champion!!! What will this mean for Darkwing?

Darkwing merely walks toward the guardrail as Slade is staring a hole through him from the other side of the ring. Darkwing goes over the guardrail as Big Buff Benny Newell comes also from behind Joe Hoffman with a bottle of Bushmills and some shot glasses.

Hoffman: It took you that long?

Big Buff: Shit this is the second bottle. Time to make some money…..what I miss?

Hoffman: The Best Alliance was beaten! Issac Slade pinned the LSD champion!

Big Buff: WHAT!!!!? Fuck that…..mustve been luck….

Hoffman: Whatever….we will be back after this.

 World Championship Match Gauntlet Winner vs. Graystone© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood©



“Cult of Personality” by Living Color blares out over the speakers while the large screen displays the name of Milton-Karson as the crowd cheers in anticipation for official reveal of leader of the Milton-Karson group. The shadowy female steps out on stage to reveal her appearance for all to see, her appearance finally coming to light. She is an attractive blond with a large black eye patch slung over her right eye. Some immediately believe her to be Lee’s former secretary, Mindy Smith, however it becomes obvious very quickly that this woman is slightly older and sharp featured.

She was set in a black pin striped suit with her blond hair carefully tied back as she let her hands rest on her hips for a moment as the fans react with mixed cheers before she makes her way down to the ring. She clearly appears all business as she proceeds down ignoring the fans to either side of her. Using the steps to get into the ring, the woman is handed a microphone which she tests quickly before speaking.

Ms. Giovanni: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Angiola Giovanni and as you may or may not know it has been me who has entered into the primary series of negotiations and bidding in order to secure HOW for the Milton-Karson group. However that being said I would like to let you all know that I am just one person involved with a much larger Firm. However before I introduce our C.E.O. there are a few items I have been asked to deal with first.

She pulled the mic down as she removed a slip of paper that was apparently tucked away somewhere in her cleavage, opening it up before she lifted the mic up again.

Ms. Giovanni: The Milton-Karson group would like to formerly thank the actions of those stars who felt the need to donate to our excellent organization. Among them are of course, Mr. Christopher America and we were offered assistance from the rest of the A.o.A. as well as Mr. Faze though thankfully it was unnecessary.

She pauses, ever-so-briefly in the centre of the ring, and then continues.

Ms. Giovanni: Now, with those appreciative pleasantries out of the way, it is time to formerly welcome the man who has made a lot of this possible, the man who has been instrumental, if not essential, in Milton-Karson’s rise to prominence here in High Octane Wrestling. For those reasons and more, it is my deep pleasure to introduce.. SHANE REYNOLDS!

No entrance music plays and no pyrotechnics illuminate the stage and help excitement flourish in the hearts of the multitude of spectators. Nothing whatsoever…except Shane Reynolds, dressed entirely in black, with his painted face, staring straight down at ringside. Ms. Giovanni, still holding the mic in one hand, applauds lightly, a smile spread across her face. The crowd watched on in surprise at witness first-hand the return of the man who was buried alive by Graystone.

Standing on the stage for the first time in god-knows-how-long causes a twinge within Shane, one of familiarity and comfort that he hasn’t experienced for a long time. Stepping through the ropes creates the same feeling. It’s strange, but Shane manages to force it aside and focus back on business. With her smile ever-present, Ms. Giovanni offers up the microphone and Shane takes it, raising it to his own lips, causing another twinge.

Shane: Thank you. But, before we go any further, there is someone else we should thank. We thanked Christopher America and other contributors, but none of the donations were as generous as Ms. Bobbinette Carey’s personal financing. And so we, Ms. Giovanni and myself, would like to invite her now down to the ring.

A few moments pass, the crowd split between excitement and surprise over this announcement from Shane Reynolds…..and then….“Best Damn Thing” by Avril Lavigne hits as Bobbinette Carey steps out, dressed now in a classy business suit of her own design. She has an expression on her face as she makes her way down to the ring as the fans cheer her on, especially upon seeing Shane Reynolds face-to-face, in the flesh. It’s not one of fear, however, but surprise, apprehension, and confusion. Though professional in appearance she looked far friendlier then Ms. Giovanni did and it only became more obvious when Bobbinette stepped up into the ring and moved to the far corner so that she would not be surrounded should this go sour, as she undoubtedly expects it to.

Shane: When Milton-Karson investments were victorious in their quest to gain fifty percent of High Octane Wrestling, I wanted to personally bestow the necessary gratitude upon you. So, on behalf of Milton-Karson Investments, I formerly thank you, Ms. Bobbinette Carey, for helping to make this night possible. Thank You.

Ms. Giovanni applauds again now.

Ms. Giovanni: Thank you.

The woman gave Bobbinette a curt nod as she says this, which Bobbinette returned before she waved to the fans who cheered on the gesture of thanks, still watching Shane as he turns away. After a few moments he continues speaking.

Shane: Now, onto other subjects, namely the future. For a long time Lee Best has run this company with a cruel and biased fist. Scratch his back, like those such as Scottywood and Graystone,  and he’ll scratch yours. Do his bidding and be rewarded. But, dare to have your own mind, your own ambitions and ideas, and you are forever tarnished and held back. But no more. I mentioned the future and I do so because it is a brighter one. Success will only come to those that earn it, that deserve it….how it should be…..and it is for that reason that I agreed to sign over every cent and dollar I have to Milton-Karson to ensure such a future…..a Lee-Best-free future. And it is why I agreed to this one off return to so I can take the greatest honour for myself, here tonight, and introduce the person who will oversee that future…

Shane pauses as the crowd absorb this new information – shocking to some – that Shane isn’t the man who runs Milton-Karson, but must be, in fact, the mystery superstar who held contribute towards their victory.

Shane: …a fair future. The C.E.O of Milton-Karson…..

Shane pauses again as Ms. Giovanni steps forward and hands Shane a sealed envelope, as he knew she would. He tears into it quickly, reminiscent of the award-announcers at the soon-approaching Oscars….He glances down at the name, his mouth open to read…..

Shane: …

No words come. Shane’s eyes instead grow wide in disbelief and what trace of a smile was visible at the corners of his lips fades completely and contorts into a vicious scowl. Ms. Giovanni, clearly not waiting for Shane to collect his thoughts, relieves Shane of the microphone and gives him a chided look as the fans begin to buzz with confusion.

Ms. Giovanni: The C.E.O. Of Milton-Karson..

The lights die out as the name of Milton-Karson flashes up to the big screen. After a moment the letters vanish from view leaving only M.K. and then..


The name of MAX KAEL appears on the big screen as “Puritania” by Dimmu Borgir cues up, the fans booing rabidly. Could it be? Could Max Kael really be the head of the Milton-Karson Group?


Shane looks dejected in the ring as he glares up the stage. Bobbinette herself seems taken back and even more annoyed that not only had seen be tricked into giving money to Shane Reynolds but now to Max Kael. Back on the stage the Road Maxter 8000K slowly rolls out with Max Kael seated behind the drivers seat. He has a smug expression as he sets the mini-hummer’s break before he slipped out onto the stage. He raises his custom Maxopotamia microphone up to his lips.

Max Kael: For those who do not know me.. I am Maximillian Kael, the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia, Undefeated Against Darkwing, the Master of the WMD and now.. 50% Owner of the High Octane Wrestling!

More boos as the fans rebel against the news that Max Kael is now the part owner of High Octane Wrestling.

Max Kael: And what have I done? I two of my greatest enemies.. Bobbinette Carey and more importantly Shane Reynolds into backing MY Play! I tricked them into defeating my third enemy in this game, Lee Best! You all thought I was too stupid to pull this off though! I know you were! I knew you though poor little Max Kael was not good enough to figure ANYTHING out.. but I am here now and I am here to tell you that I hold the destiny of High Octane Wrestling in my hands! AHAHAHAAH!

He held his hands into the air as he continued to gloat before he lowered the mic to his mouth again.

Max Kael: But I did make some promises to get here. One.. I promised to even the playing field and that is what I plan to do. You see.. I owe my alligence to no one. I believe in no one. I trust only myself and truly only care to see myself improved upon. To that end I hate you. Each and every one of you equally and truly. Everyone is equal in the eyes of the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia and thus you shall all be treated equally! So you have that to look forward too.. of course those who have crossed me will be dealt with.

He began to slowly pace across the stage as he pointed a finger down toward the ring, specifically at Shane.

Max Kael: and you Shane.. You think you can walk away from this? You denied me the right to ruin you before but you shall not deny me now. When you signed your contact to rejoin HOW and to help Milton-Karson.. you may not have noticed a small subsection. It states that for the next Three Months you belong to me and are officially part of the Milton-Karson group! You see I don’t have time to deal with every little aspect of running 50% of HOW so I need someone else to do a lot of the work for me. That’s you Shane. You’re my bitch now Shane and you will represent the Milton-Karson Group as the President of our controlling stock here in HOW. You will work with Lee Best to ensuring High Octane Wrestling progresses forward in its best possible direction. I shall be watching you however Shane, and if I think you’ve made a bad decision or I disagree with something you are doing I shall step in as the C.E.O. of Milton-Karson. In time maybe you will figure out a way to get out of this little set up Shane and for that reason you will not walk away. You know it. I know it. We both know it. Welcome to the club.

Max smirked down at Shane who glared back up at him before he looks down at the ground. Its clear that Shane knows Max has him pinned for the moment and perhaps he is already trying to figure out what to do. Bobbinette looks at Shane with a disgusted expression at how he has been dupped by Max.

Max Kael: Now.. I leave you HOW for I have business in a short while when I face several other superstars to continue the solidification of my legacy. I am the ICON Champion. I am 50 Percent Owner of High Octane Wrestling.. and very soon I shall be the HOW World Champion. Imagine That!

With that Max shut his mic off and jumped back into his mini-hummer as “Puritania” hit the PA again, the fans booing loudly in reaction to what they had just witness. As Max leaves he leaves Shane and Bobbinette in the ring as Ms. Giovanni makes her way into the back. Shane lingers for a moment before he shakes his head and jumps out of the ring following Giovanni as we fade to the backstage area.


The scene opens on Issac Slade sitting in his locker room, looking worn out from his match and worried about the “Announcement” from DW about his father he’s just pulling his shirt over his head when he hears a knock at the door, he opens it cautiously but finds no one waiting for him on the other side.

Looking up and down the hall he frowns, he’s about to shut the door when he sees a note taped to it baring his name, taking it down he once again looks up and down the hall before shutting the door, opening the note he reads it aloud.

“So now you know my name…guess the only thing left to do now is introduce myself personally, see you next week….Rufus Jackson”

With a muffled growl he balls the paper up and tosses it into the trash can.

“Can’t wait to meet you Rufus…I can’t wait!”

The scene fades.

 Next week on TNT… Interview with Shane Reynolds


Back live and a figure emerges from the entrance ramp to music, no fanfare, no face. The masked man responsible for the assault on the HOW “legend”, Jatt Starr slowly makes his way down the ramp. The figure, dressed in his black cloak with the coat-of-arms on the back, enters the ring and prepares to address the crowd.

Masked Man: HOW. Lee Best. Tonight, your past has returned to haunt you, as it did with Jatt Starr last week. The Templar has been called upon by a Higher Power to right the wrongs of the past. To judge the sins of men and to punish those who cannot be redeemed.

But the Templar has ulterior motives. Right now, Lee Best is probably wielding his iron fist in trying to answer the question on everyone’s mind: “Who is the Templar?”

Who, indeed. Could the Templar be a man who claimed to be the Hand of God? Could the Templar be a former Best Alliance member who claimed to be Straight Edge?

Or maybe the Templar is a man who became the casualty of Lee Best’s ego which caused the Templar to lose his job. Maybe the Templar is a man who suffered from Jatt Starr’s betrayal years ago. Maybe the Templar is a man who, at one time could be considered the Hardcore Chair Swinging Freak. Maybe the Templar was a man, who at one time, considered himself Undefeatable. Maybe it is a man that you, Lee Best, and Jatt Starr, Kostoff, Shane Reynolds, and everyone else in the HOW all turned their back on years ago.

Or maybe he is none of those things. Maybe in this world of sin and deception, he has been called upon to reward the virtuous and punish the wicked. The wicked, such as Jatt Starr.

Jatt Starr has a history of deception. Using his friends to attain his own glory and then stabbing in the back and then in the heart. Lying to everyone about retiring only to return two weeks later for a fat pay check. And his biggest sin? Procreating. We cannot have a man like Jatt Starr raising a demon spawn to become like him. There cannot be a child raised as the “Prince of Jattlantis”. To his family, the Templar can only offer his condolences. Sometimes the annihilation of one man is for the greater good of the world.

But fear not, the Templar is sure that Lee Best will find a way to make Jatt Starr a martyr and to vilify the Templar. Denial is a hard nook to swallow. Lee Best, Jatt Starr’s destruction was just the latest in a long list of fallen comrades who gave their souls to you. Omar Rasheem, the Executioner, Stryker, all former Best Alliance comrades, all shells of the men you knew. All have suffered at the hands of the Templar.

Scottywood, what you received earlier this evening was just a warning. A warning to all members of the Best Alliance. Turn your back on Lee Best and the Best Alliance. Resign from the HOW. Save your soul. You can be redeemed. Lee Best, however, cannot. All those close to Lee Best will suffer the same fate as

Jatt Starr. And if you think that I am—-

The Templar begins shaking the microphone, realizing the feed has been disconnected from it.

Lee Best: Numnuts! Over here.

The Templar looks up to see Lee Best standing at the head of the ramp.

Lee Best: Don’t think this bullshit is going to fly with me! Don’t think we all don’t know who you are. You can call yourself Walrus McFucknut for all I care, you were an incompetent numnut before, you’re an incompetent numnut now. You think you can come here and run down the HOW? You got another thing coming! Maybe if you had succeeded in burning Jatt Starr to a crisp, there might be a point to the shit coming out of your mouth, but like your HOW run before, you failed.

The Templar is screaming angrily and incoherently at Lee Best, the only word the crowd can make out is


Lee Best: You don’t believe me? No body was found in that car you burned last week. Jatt Starr escaped with a few second degree burns and while he was not medically cleared to show up tonight, he will be here next week. I wanted to keep that as a surprise till the end of the show but you fucking forced my hand you fucking pussy……the only reason the Best Alliance isnt on your ass right now is because I have an idea that will bring me millions in revenue… At March to Glory it will be The Templar vs. Jatt Starr in JATT’S RETURN TO THE HIGH OCTANE SQUARED CIRCLE!!!!

TNT cuts to a commercial as a shocked crowd and Templar look on at Lee


 World Championship Match Gauntlet Winner vs. Graystone© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood© No DQ Singles Bout

Jatt Starr’s Return to the Ring

The Templar vs. Jatt Starr


Here we go…

Back live and Joe and Benny welcome us back and its obvious Benny is damn near hammered as he took several shots during the break as the return of Jatt Starr was officially announced for the March 16th March to Glory Pay Per View.

The crowd is still buzzing over the big announcement and the HOV comes alive showing a replay of Lee Best announcing that Jatt is officially back.

Joe notes that during the break it has been announced that Jatt and also the returning Shane Reynolds have both signed new three month deals.

Benny notes that all that matters is the fact that Jatt is back and he will return at the PPV and from there lead the Best Alliance to War Games !!

Joe notes that before we get to War Games it is time for 7 people to try and run the gauntlet for the right to face Graystone at M2G for the World Title.

Suddenly Christopher America and Triple M make their way out from the back and the crowd starts booing loudly as the Stable Champions make their way out as Ego by Element 80 is blasting thru the Best Arena.

Joe notes that Lee put the stable mates against each other to start the Gauntlet Match as it is obvious Lee has tried to stack the deck in Blaze’s favor.

Benny claims Joe must be getting some of Brian Bare’s shit and notes that the best man will win this and its only a matter of minutes before we see an AoA member eliminated!!

As Triple M and the newly named Triple A climb into the ring Joe reminds the viewers of the rules.

Match will start with two men. They will fight until one is eliminated by Pinfall, Submission, Countout or DQ. The next man will make his way down after an elimination and the ref will start the next match then. The match will continue until Blaze makes his way down and squares off against the man that has survived for the right to face Graystone for the World Title.


Senior HOW Referee Matt Boettcher is seen checking Triple M for objects and he finds nothing. He then goes to check America and stops as he pulls out three pairs of brass knuckles, some mist, chili powder, and several blades.

America shrugs his shoulders at Triple M as Mario shakes his head in disgust as Boettcher signals for the bell and we are officially underway!!

Marvelous Mario Maurako© – 0% v Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v Christopher America© – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Silent Witness – 0% v Max Kael© – 0% v Crow – 0%

The crowd is on their feet as the match begins and the stablemates shake hands and then proceed to lock up.

Joe notes that these men made it into the match after a grueling month and a half long first ever Best Invitational. Neither man won their group outright but did tie for the right to be in this match.

Many are picking Triple M to make it and Joe notes that America is overlooked and this is his chance.

America backs up Joe’s claim as he gains the early advantage on Mario and the two exchange some quick chain wrestling that ends with America tossing Mario to the canvas with a beautiful American DDT after floating out of a hammer lock.

America goes for the quick pinfall but Mario quickly kicks out and this brings Joe to note that America is doing the right thing as you want to get thru each part of the match as fast as you can considering the men you have to go thru tonight.

Benny continues to ignore Joe as the match continues and he continues to celebrate the return of Jatt Starr.

Back inside the ring America is overpowered by Mario as Triple M reverses a suplex attempt by the No.1 contender for the LSD title, into a stalling suplex of his own.

Joe marvels at the strength of Mario as he gets his first near fall of the night.

The AoA stablemates continue to go back and forth as its obvious neither man wants to make the fatal mistake that will cost them the match.

Mario is able to run some offence for a few minutes as he powers America around the ring and nearly gets the win with a powerbomb into the turnbuckle that Joe notes is called The Red Scare by the Stable Leader of the AoA.

The crowd is nearly silent as the match continues as there is no one in the match for them to root for. The however jump to their feet as Mario locks in his Marvelosity finisher in the center of the ring.

America is flailing frantically as he tries to break the hold but Triple M’s grip is too much and America falls down to a knee.

Boettcher is screaming at America if he gives up and America screams out NEVER several times.

America then begins to fight back and Mario is shocked as America is able to get back to a standing position and starts to muscle out of the hold that no one in HOW has yet to break.

Just as America is seemingly about to break the hold a fan jumps the railing and slides into the ring and nails Triple M from behind!!

Joe and the fans are going crazy as the Mario and America fall to the canvas, Mario out cold, and America just from the force of Triple M falling.

The HOW cameras then zoom in and we see a man standing over the two AoA members and he is holding a hockey stick which makes Joe scream out that it is Scottywood.

But then it is very apparent it is not Scotty wood as we get a close up of the man as he stares down at America as Boettcher signals for the bell.


Post FALL Joe tells us that the man that just nailed Triple M with the hockey stick and in result cost America a shot at the World Title is none other than former HOW superstar and former Champion here in HOW…..Chris CK!!

HOW security grab America and escort him to the back as Chris CK climbs the rail and escapes back thru the fans as Joe notes how Chris CK just returned and screwed Christopher America while Mario is still alive in the Gauntlet match but is out cold and it is time for the next person to come down!!

Marvelous Mario Maurako© – 0% v Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v Christopher America© – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Silent Witness – 0% v Max Kael© – 0% v Crow – 0%

As Boettcher tries to revive Triple M, Joe notes that it is obvious now that the man that was targeting the AoA earlier in the night with the hand held was none other than Chris Ck.

The Arena is still buzzing over the return of the controversial former HOW superstar and of all people for him to take out……America.

Joe notes that America had him coming to him possibly with his Anti Canadian remarks earlier in the week and his actions while in Canada. Seeing that CK is living in Canada it makes perfect sense for Chris to come out and make a statement against the AoA, namely America, in his return to the HOW arena.

Benny just blows off the return as not Jatt like as Joe wonders out loud what everyone is wondering….

Who’s Next?

The answer comes in the form of Silent Witness who does not wait for his theme music or entrance video on the HOV to play as he races down the entrance ramp and towards Triple M who is just now getting to his feet while holding the back of his head.

Witness rolls into the ring and Boettcher quickly calls for the bell as Witness charges the groggy Triple M and is promptly met with a Simply Marvelous slam after Mario ducked a big right hand from the former LSD Champion.

Mario falls on Witness and covers as Boettcher makes the count…







Post fall we see a still hurting Triple M kick Witness right out of the ring where HOW officials are waiting to help Witness to the back.

Mario then leans up against the ropes and waits for his next opponent.

Next Man down is…

The crowd stands as one as Come with Me by P.Diddy hits the PA system and the former ICON Champion and man that currently is holding Triple M’s wife Amanda hostage makes his way out..


Triple M stands up off the ropes and glares at the man that many are considering the favorite in tonights match up.

Joe notes that Crow is one of the few people in HOW that have won World and ICON gold and it is no secret that Crow wants his ICON title back. Joe then also notes that this is going to be a fight and not a wrestling match considering the personal heat between the two wrestlers.

Crow slowly makes his way down and climbs into the ring as Triple M stares a hole thru him as Boettcher signals for the bell and our next fall is set to start!!

Marvelous Mario Maurako© – 0% v Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v Christopher America© – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Silent Witness – 0% v Max Kael© – 0% v Crow – 0%

Mario is ready to battle but Crow motions for Mario to pause as he pulls a microphone out from his pocket and raises it to his lips.

Crow: Now wait up here a minute, Triple M, Mario, Marvelous fiddlestick, Charlie whatever the fuck your name is, stop what your doing and listen up..

Triple M is more angered, foot ready at the ropes, ready to charge the former ICON Champion and beat the hell out of Crow, Crow just smiles.

Crow: Triple M, your more then welcome to fight, I’ll fight with you all day, I’m sure these guys would love to see me beat you, but where’s the fun in that? What’s the point?

Crow paces about the ring.

Crow: Let me get to the point and make this pretty simple.

Crow points up, and straight away the HOV lights up and Amanda appears, tied up and looking tired, messy hair and tears running across her cheeks.

Crow: Mario, take a good look, that’s Amanda, and based on your next decision that could be the last image you ever see of her.. Now, your going to forfeit this match, your going to exit the ring, take a nice stroll to the back, and get counted out, because if you don’t, Amanda is gone, for good.. What will you decide Mario?

Crow stares  at Mario, Mario staring back, pissed off, hurt, he looks at Amanda, and he hurts some more.

Crow: It’s a pretty simple decision Mario, but you better decide quick, the clock is ticking, walk away now, give up this match and you can keep Amanda safe, for now, or stay, and there’s a whole lot of woods I can bury her in.

Mario with force reacts slamming his fist into the turn buckle, Crow smiles, fans cheering, fans booing, unsure who’s side to take in this.

Mario then slowly climbs thru the middle rope and jumps down to the arena floor as Boettcher begins a count.

Crow smiles as Mario slowly makes his way around the ring and walks slowly towards the entrance ramp as Boettcher continues to count.

Joe is clamoring for someone to put a stop to this as Boettcher reaches eight……

Crow turns towards Boettcher and motions for him to count faster…


Crow raises his arms in victory but it is short lived as Triple M turns back towards the ring and dives under the bottom rope and literally spears Crow down to the canvas as the crowd literally begins cheering for Triple M as he unloads on Crow.

The fans are with Mario with each punch as he is unloading on the former TNT World Champion from 2003.

Mario brings Crow to his feet and sets him up for a Road to Maurako but he pauses as the cries from Amanda can still be heard on the HOV.

Mario turns Crow with him and looks up at the HOV and Mario is transfixed by the image of the bound and gagged woman.

Mario turns his attention back to Crow but it is too late as Crow has worked his way out of the hold and is now lifting the big man up directly into a tombstone piledriver position…and brings him crashing down to the canvas with his Fallen Finisher….

Crow covers and Boettcher counts as Amanda is bawling on the HOV…







Post fall the HOV goes black as HOW crew help Mario to the back as Joe wonders out loud if Crow didn’t have Amanda would it be Mario advancing right now and not Crow?

Crow is smirking as he waits for the only man that can be next…MAXIMILLIAN KAEL!!!

Marvelous Mario Maurako© – 0% v Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v Christopher America© – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Silent Witness – 0% v Max Kael© – 0% v Crow – 0%

Puritania hits the PA System and a very paranoid looking Maximillian Kael makes his way out from the back.

Joe notes that the cockiness that Kael showed earlier is now gone as it is official that Jatt Starr is back. Benny notes that Max is a pussy and he doesn’t care if he owns half of the damn company.

Joe notes that Max just might be paranoid cause up to this point Lee Best has done nothing in regards to the big announcement that it was Max who was behind the MK group winning the bidding war to gain 50% of the company.

Benny states that Lee found out early in the process and has had time to deal with it and is now really focused on getting March 2 Glory together as it’s a vital PPV for HOW in terms of finances.

As Max enters the ring Joe notes to the viewers that the ICON title that is around the waist of Max belonged to Crow earlier this year and Crow is dying to get it back.

Suddenly Undead by the Hollywood Undead begins to play and Lee Best makes his way out to a very loud chorus of boos as in the ring Matt Boettcher just signaled for the bell.

Both Max and Crow fix their eyes on Lee who is flanked by Blaze, Scottywood and the World Champion Graystone.

Lee motions for the music to stop and starts to talk while in the ring Crow rolls up Max from behind and Boettcher counts!!!







Lee Best:


Lee begins to laugh as inside the ring Crow has full control of Max and begins working over the new half owner of HOW as Lee resumes talking..

Lee Best:

Max I am out here for one simple reason and that reason is to let you know that although we might be partners …in reality we know that this is my show and all you are going to do is sit back and watch the money come in. You tricked Carey into giving you a million and you think you got Shane as your new lapdog. But you know and I know that all it will take is for a few buttons to be pushed and Minister will come fully out and you will do something stupid to lose your half of the company….

Inside the ring Max ducks under a clothesline attempt by Crow and bounces back and nails Crow with a flying elbow smash….

Lee Best:

….I know it is only a matter of time so until that time I will play nice cause quite frankly we need the funds to keep this ship afloat and god forbid if HOTv falters then you will be owning half of NOTHING….

…Max nails Crow with a running knee strike that sends the man falling to the outside where Max quickly follows suit.

Lee Best:

…..but I think you missed something when you signed on the dotted line this week. You see if you are in a sanctioned match you are not allowed to make or change any stipulation as that was just drawn up in case the investor was someone from the outside and they were coming here just to take our titles and leave…ahempwxahem…….

Crow blocks Max’s right hand and sends Max back first into the guard rail…

Lee Best:

….But seeing as I do still own 50% of the company and do not have that clause in my contract, I CAN make fact its my job… with that said…this match is now a NO DQ match…I mean we wouldn’t want two matches ending in a DQ tonight would we???

Lee smiles as inside the ring Max and Crow are back inside the ring and Max just set up Crow in the tree of Woe.

Lee then motions and taps on his forehead and Joe wonders what is going on and then it is apparent as suddenly out from under the ring Best Alliance member Static makes his way out and climbs into the ring and rushes Max from behind and nails him with steel chair to the ICON champions back as Max was stomping on Crow.

Max tries to roll out of the ring but Static grabs Max and then proceeds to nail him with an implant DDT right on the steel chair. Static quickly rolls out of the ring as Crow falls out of the turnbuckles and literally crawls to Max and covers…..







Post match we see Static climb back into the ring and HOW’s human wrecking ball takes the chair and plants it to the back of the head of the former ICON champion, leaving both Max and Crow out cold in the center of the ring as HOW officials climb in and slowly help Max out of the ring as Static makes his way back up the ramp and the Best Alliance leaves as a group it is time for our next fall and Triple P is up next!!

Marvelous Mario Maurako© – 0% v Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v Christopher America© – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Silent Witness – 0% v Max Kael© – 0% v Crow – 0%

Headspace by Velvet Revolver hits the PA system and Triple P comes running down to the ring as Crow is literally just now coming to from the chair shot courtesy of Static.

The crowd has no time to react as Triple P slides into the ring and covers as Boettcher counts…

























Boettcher continues to scream as Triple P cannot believe it.

Joe notes that all week long people have said the match could come down to these two and right now Triple P, one of the two outright division winners, has a golden opportunity to make it to the final fall versus Blaze.

Paras picks up Crow and proceeds to punish the former ICON Champion from pillar to post as its obvious that Paras is determined to make his mark here tonight and to live up to the hype that is surrounding him.

Paras is on fire as he nails Crow with several different suplexs and martial art kicks. The crowd is starting to cheer for a Crow comeback however as the Chicago fans know all too well how much Paras hates the windy city.

Paras continues on the offence and gets a few more near falls and it is looking like Crow’s great run is set to end as he just looks dead on his feet.

Paras nails Crow with a superkick and again goes for the pinfall victory but again Crow kicks out.

Just then Blaze makes his way out from the back and starts making his way down the ramp and proceeds to start  yelling at Paras and Joe notes that Blaze is not supposed to be out here until the very last fall is to occur.

Hearing Blaze, Paras turns and the Best Alliance and AoA member begin a heated exchange as Crow is seen crawling to the turnbuckle to try and help himself up.

Now outside the ring, Paras and Blaze are nose to nose and talking heatedly towards one another as Boettcher nears the ten count for a count out…







Paras rolls back into the ring and then pauses and rolls back out, but when he does he is met with a red storm of dust as Blaze just nailed Paras with his own Chili pepper!!!

Paras screams out in pain and stammers around the ring blindly as Sektor comes racing out from the back but he is quickly nailed from behind by Kostoff who is holding a barbed wired baseball bat.

Kostoff begins to grind the bat on Sektor’s forehead as inside the ring the blinded Paras walks right into Crow and Crow nails him with his Fallen finisher and both men collapse as up on the rampway Triple M struggles to the entrance ramp and nails Kostoff from behind as suddenly all hell is breaking loose on the rampway as inside the ring Crow places on arm on the chest of  Paras as the ref counts…



Triple M nails Kostoff with an implant DDT on the entrance stage…


Blaze climbs into the ring …..



Post match we see Dylan Nitro and Bobbinette Carey come racing out and they jump on Triple M as Darkwing, Scottywood and Static all come to the aid of Kostoff and soon enough its LOD and the BA against the AoA and KOE members as America comes out to help Triple M..

There is chaos all over the entrance way but suddenly an unseen man begins laying out EVERYONE….

One by one each superstar is knocked down hard by a right hand and after a few moments we see the picture of the new HOW signee….ACELMADA!!

Acelmada lets out a primal scream as he tosses Scottywood off of the stage and down to the Best Arena floor as inside the ring Blaze has just slid in and has Crow covered and is screaming for Boettcher to ring the bell!!

Marvelous Mario Maurako© – 0% v Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v Christopher America© – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Silent Witness – 0% v Max Kael© – 0% v Crow – 0%

Blaze pounds the mat three times and then another time before Boettcher finally signals for the bell as up on the entrance ramp HOW security have finally gotten Acelmada under control as the crowd is shocked at the visual of the HOW stables laid out by just on man.

Boettcher immediately gets into position and counts….



Joe puts over how tired Crow must be as he has gone thru the very best HOW has to offer so far in this match and has barely escaped each fall.

Blaze pounds the mat in protest and gets in the face of Boettcher but its to no avail as Blaze, the fresher of the two, jumps back on Crow and begins to work him over.

For the next several minutes it is all Blaze as he continues to dominate and Joe hints that although Benny might be passed out you know he is rooting for the BA member.

Blaze goes for his DDT like finisher but Crow counters with his own DDT and both men are out as the fans are on their feet for the finish of what is truly a great debut for Turmoil.

Both men slowly get to their feet and begin exchanging rights and lefts and finally Crow is able to get the crowd behind him and gains the upper hand only to have Blaze use a powerful clothesline to recapture the advantage.

But it isn’t for long as Blaze charges Crow again only to see the former ICON Champion pull the top rope down and Blaze goes flying over the pulled down top rope and to the outside where he crashes and burns.

Suddenly Maximillian Kael appears on stage….


You hear Lee….I am not in this match so I can name a stipulation and it is now a Falls Count Anywhere Match!!!!

The crowd erupts as Crow quickly slides out of the ring and covers Blaze who has dominated the whole match….







Turmoil comes to an end as an exhausted Crow stares up at the man that just helped him become the Number one contender for the World Title….

Maximillian Kael.