Road to MTG2009: Feb 26th Turmoil
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Road to MTG2009: Feb 26th Turmoil

Turmoil Thursday 26th Feb 2009
The Best Arena, Chicago IL

HOTv’s logo gives way to Thursday Night Turmoil’s and we cut to a live shot inside The Best Arena. The crowd stands as one as pyros go off throughout the small arena as Joe Hoffman and Big Buff Benny Newell welcome us to the second ever Turmoil.

Joe Hoffman:

Welcome everyone to Thursday Night Turmoil!! What a show we have for you tonight and god knows it will be hard to live up to last weeks debut show but I know the boys and girls in the back will do their best. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by Big Buff Benny Newell and Benny we have a huge ICON title match tonight!

Big Buff:

This is true and everyone knows that Blaze will come out on top in that match after getting cheated out of his World Title shot last week when Maxipad changed the rules of the match.

Joe Hoffman:

He is co owner now and it was refreshing to see someone dishing it back at Lee. Speaking of Lee and Max we learned over the last several days over on that they have come to some terms of their working agreement and the biggest news out of all this is that in June at War Games we will see a Team Best taking on a Team Kael with the winning team capturing 100% ownership for either Lee or Max…talk about a HUGE announcement months in advance.

Big Buff:

Well it is War Games but before we get to that we got March to Glory and quite frankly I see the Best Alliance leaving Glory with damn near every title and that starts tonight when Blaze wins the ICON and then in the TLC match where he will team up with Static to win the Stable Titles from those roid freaks the AoA.

Joe Hoffman:

Those are definitely two big matches but the biggest match of them all is now set as Crow won the gauntlet last week and is now the number one contender for the World Title and folks he requested and paid to come out here to open the show….

Big Buff:

Great….this should get people to turn their channels right away.


Number One Segment

TNT is wild, fans screaming and cheering when quickly cutting in hits ‘Come With Me’ by Puff Daddy, fans look towards the entrance as Crow comes walking out. A mixed reaction echoes the arena as Crow makes his way down to the ring, a casual stroll ignoring any fans on his way, he makes a slight detour around the ring, staring the fans in there eyes as they cheer, boo, curse, or throw confidence at him, he quickly grabs a mic and enters the ring.

Crow: Some quiet time please, quiet!

Crow waits as he circles the ring, one hand in his leather jacket pocket, the mic in the other resting at his side, eventually the crowd dies down.

Crow: Thank you, now tonight, right now, you look upon the most feared man in HOW, myself, Crow!

Again some cheers and boos rise from the fans.

Crow: And you can surely argue your case, but last week I went through Triple M, I went through Max Kael, Triple P, and Blaze. Four of the top guys in this company right now, but one after the other I went through them all to rise as the number one guy, the number one contender for the HOW World Title. I availed with a great chance to become the new champion of this company, and that’s exactly what will happen, I’ll go onto March to Glory, and I’ll beat Graystone. So take your pictures guys and girls, snapshot your cameras, your phones, take a good luck, because March 16th I’ll be shining with gold, and I’ll be your new World Heavyweight Champion!

More cheers then boos appear from the fans, Crow continues to march the ring.

Crow: Now although I’ve just walked out of a big win, although I’m walking onto March to Glory to win a World title, there are still other matters of concern right now. You guys might remember a while back I took advantage of someone who took advantage of me; Triple M took my ICON title away from me, and a title I still want back. But I took full advantage of him, I ripped his loved one away, and you know what I got from this? Everything, people questioned it, because Mario was suffering a divorce here, he stated he didn’t love her any more, but you know what I found out from this? He does love her, and every single day he now wakes up knowing, it’s his entire fault, every day he goes to sleep knowing, it’s all his fault.

Crow wonders about some more, he rests on the ropes with a slight smirk.

Crow: Mario it is all your fault, you brought this on yourself, and I just want to publicly announce this for those that don’t know. I sent Mario a notice, and he has until March 5th to make a decision, I gave Mario the choice, NEXT WEEK, next week, Mario will decide if he really loves Amanda. NEXT WEEK, Mario will choose, he either stays in HOW and Amanda disappears, for good, or he walks away, for good, and he gets Amanda back, for good.

Fans seemed shocked over this.

Crow: NEXT WEEK Mario will have to decide if he wants to renew his contract, you see his contract expires on March 7th, so it allows for plenty of time, I’m sure he’s already thought about his next contract. But, now he decides if it’s really worth it, now he decides if Amanda is worth losing, for good, now he decides the fate of next week. NEXT WEEK Mario, I’m going to give you a letter, it’s going to contain the details of my location, and your going to show up, it won’t be far, a five minute drive maybe, but next week, your going to show up, and it’ll either be the last time you see Amanda, or the beginning of your new life together, as you retire from HOW, for good!

Fans seem even more shocked as they gasp, listening on.

Crow: Now that brings me to Bobbinette Carey, Bobbi, listen up chick, I know your all in this for the sake of good versus evil, and your trying to do the right thing here. But Bobbi, girl, listen, your way out of your game here, you have no idea the possibilities beyond your beliefs, you don’t understand the rules, but you continue to try and play my games? When are you going to learn that you can’t stop me, and the more you try, the more you continue to put Livie in danger, and I warn you girl, I’m one step away from delivering her to her grave.

Crow just smiles as he thinks about the possibilities.

Crow: And last, but definitely not least, the serious matters here in HOW, Max Kael, Shane Reynolds, but most importantly, Graystone. You’re all the most important to me, you’re all the most, how to say it, you have the most I can gain out of a victory, and I mean that in the sense, you know when you’re a kid, and you go to the fair. You have all the different stands, but whichever one you always win a teddy, and you always want the biggest one there, well Max, Shane, Graystone, they’re all the pins I have to knock down, the bulls eye I have to hit, the hole I have to land in at that fair stand to get that big teddy.

Crow just laughs to himself at the reasoning behind his motives.

Crow: Max, as many times as I keep beating you, it doesn’t get boring, my crows laugh at you as the caw in the skies, seeing how pathetically you hold and savor my title, until I get it back. I want my title back Max, and I will be coming to get it. Shane, I will finally get to end you after all, my initial reason for coming back to HOW, to put good and reason back into this company, and end your career for the pure evil and destruction you left behind in your path, you will be going down my friend, and I couldn’t be more happy. Graystone, come on, what have you done since winning that title? Nothing, absolutely nothing, you’ve sat around on your ass pathetically pulling tricks on those you’re scared of, well my friend, you’ve only one man to be scared of now, and that man is the posing figure of threat standing before you.. myself.. Crow..

Crow stands before everyone live on Turmoil and stretches out his arms with a pose showing himself off, but as proud of himself he is, suddenly Blaze, Static, and Scottywood slide in from behind him. The crowd goes wild, booing, cheering, and Crow turns around.


Scottywood kicks Crow in the side of the head with an Ice Kick. Crow stumbles back and Blaze and Static tackle him to the ground and bombard him with a flurry of punches and kicks. The camera cuts to the top of the ramp where Graystone appears with a solemn look on his face, carrying a lead pipe. He slowly makes his way towards the ring. Blaze and Static and Scottywood are all putting the boots to Crow. Graystone slides into the ring and the Best Alliance pick Crow up off the mat.

Crow manages to elbow Static in the head, then Blaze, then Scottywood, and he rushes forward and blasts Graystone down to the ground with a flying forearm! The crowd goes nuts as Crow begins laying in the punches.

Scottywood rushes in and blasts a hard right hand to the back of Crow’s head. Crow jumps off Graystone and blasts Scottywood with a hard forearm. Scottywood stumbles back.


Graystone blasts Crow in the back of the head with the lead pipe. The crowd boos uncontrollably as Graystone stares at Crow lying in the middle of the ring. Blaze and Static roll outside of the ring and pull the apron up. They both work together to retrieve a table an push it back into the ring. Scottywood tries to pick Crow up, but Crow is limp.

Blaze and Static set the table up in the middle of the ring, and then pull Crow out of the way. Graystone grabs the microphone from the mat.

Graystone: The most feared man in HOW? The most feared man in HOW?

The crowd boos as Scottywood, Static and Blaze pick Crow up and hold him in front of Graystone. Graystone grabs the unconscious Crow by the mouth and leans in with bulging eyes.


The crowd boos as Graystone slaps Crow across the face. Graystone falls to his knees, staring at Crow.

Graystone: You think that the tear gas was pathetic? Well, Crow. You’re right. That was pathetic. That was stupid of me. I could have killed you all while I had the fucking chance! But I didn’t. And you know why? Because I saved you for this week. I wanted you all to myself.

Graystone stands up and pulls a yellow bottle from his leather pants.

Graystone: Why wait for March to Glory… I can pull your fucking wings off right now! You think you’re going to fly? You think you’re going to be the HOW World Champion? You aren’t going to be anything! You will be nothing!

Graystone drops the microphone and pours the lighter fluid all over the table. Graystone stops, and turns to look at Crow. Graystone begins pouring the lighter fluid all over Crow!

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God! He can’t do this!

Graystone pulls out the lighter and flicks it on. After a few moments of hesitation, Graystone drops the lighter on the table, igniting it into huge flames! Scottywood falls down to the ground, covering his face from the heat. Graystone sets Crow up for a powerbomb. Security begin running down to the ring, but it’s too late as Graystone lifts Crow up in the air and crashes him down through the flaming table! Crow begins rolling around the ring as one of the HOW crew quickly jumps into the ring with a fire extinguisher.

Graystone grabs the fire extinguisher from the crew member, and nails him in the head with the but end of it. The Best Alliance hops out from the ring, as the crew members try to beat the fire off of Crow as the scene quickly cuts to a commercial.

 World Championship Match Crow vs. Graystone© TLC Stable Title Match

Only the best will climb to the top..

Blaze and Static vs. Bobbinette Carey and David Black vs. Sektor and ???© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood© No DQ Singles Bout

Jatt Starr’s Return to the Ring

The Templar vs. Jatt Starr


Aceldama – 0% v Silent Witness – 0%

Back live from commercial and  HOW crew members have already helped Crow to the back and they are already have replaced the canvas with a new one and the High Octane Vision screen above the rampway airs the replay of just went down and the crowd is still buzzing as the feud between the Champion and Challenge has literally heated up.

That replay quickly cuts to a replay of the mayhem that was the end of the Gauntlet match last week on Turmoil.  Footage of HOW newcomer Aceldama is shown, who made quite a statement by laying everyone out with right hands and tossing Scottywood off the stage.  The footage fades and we see two men standing at the top of the entrance ramp who are there to supervise the forthcoming time bomb.

Aceldama’s music hits and he emerges from the back with a loud roar.  This surprises the fans and even scares a few children sitting alongside the entrance ramp.  Aceldama hisses at the kids as he makes his way to the ring, causing them to hide behind their disapproving parents.

Joe Hoffman:  Folks, his name is Wolfgang Bruggemann, otherwise known as Aceldama.  6 foot 2, 275 pounds, quite a specimen wouldn’t you say?

Benny Newell:  Ackel, acel-what?  Fuck it.  I refuse to acknowledge him unless I can pronounce his name. Did you see what Graystone did to Crow??

Joe ignores the Graystone comment as it is literally best not to feed Bennys excitement when it comes to the Best Alliance.

Joe Hoffman:  Buff, Aceldama is a diagnosed schizophrenic that was recently granted parole from a Bogota, Columbia prison.  Quite frankly, he scares the be-Jesus out of me.

Benny Newell:  That’s because you’re a pussy.

Aceldama climbs up the top turnbuckle and looks around into the crowd with an evil expression.  He jumps down into the ring and stretches his arms, showing no signs of nervousness.  Out of nowhere, Silent Witness rushes Aceldama from behind and slaps on his Silent Night submission finisher!

Joe Hoffman:  What the-?  Silent Witness from out of the crowd!

Benny Newell:  Obviously, he’s looking for an edge after an embarrassing showing in the Gauntlet match last week.

After initially being caught off guard, it doesn’t take long for Aceldama to turn the tables.

Joe Hoffman:  Would you look at the strength!  Aceldama just countered the Silent Night!

Aceldama quickly slips out of the submission hold and behind Silent Witness.  He spins Witness around, kick to the gut, POWERBOMB on the former LSD champion!  With intense eyes fixated on his fallen opponent, Aceldama pops up and twitches, seemingly fighting off an inner demon or conscience.  After a loud shriek, he vigorously climbs to the top turnbuckle.

After a devastating elbow drop to the sternum, Benny Newell even says he’s impressed.  Aceldama completes his combination finisher known as the Blitzkrieg by flying off the ropes into a sliding tackle to the face of Silent Witness.  Mike Shea counts what has been clearly a dominant performance by Aceldama.

1 … … …

2 … … …



Post match..Aceldama quickly slides out of the ring, leaving Silent Witness dejected and unable to move, but Aceldama is stopped in his tracks by the theme music which brings boos to the Best Arena

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Separated

”Stricken” by Disturbed plays as Scottywood makes his way out onto the stage with his hockey stick in hand and flanked by Blaze and Static who must be there to protect Scottywood from Aceldama who looks like he is about to race up the ramp towards Scotty

Scottywood: Hold it right there Aceldama!  Now I let you get away with it last week, but if you lay your hands on me again, I will have your contract with HOW terminated on the spot.

Joe Hoffman: Can he even do that with Max Kael owning 50% of the company now?

Benny Newell: He can do whatever he wants Joe, he’s the Commissioner.

Scottywood: Now first off Aceldama, congratulations on your first win here in HOW, very impressive.  But that doesn’t make me forget about what you did to me last week on Turmoil, tossing me off this ten foot stage, right down to the concrete floor.  Now I know we have some history in a past federation, which isn’t even important enough to acknowledge here.  But if you want to lay your hands on me, then it is going to happen in that ring.  Next week on Turmoil I am going to be putting the LSD title on the line, against a man who has proved that he is what the LSD division is all about.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama vs. Scottywood for the LSD title next week?  That is huge Benny!

Scottywood: And that man certainly ISN’T you Aceldama.  But you will have a match next week; you are going to be taking on the man that I beat to win this title at ICONIC.  You think you have social and mental problems, well just wait until your introduced to Chris Kostoff next week on Turmoil.

There is anger on the face of Aceldama for not getting his match with Scotty, but you can see him mouthing the words “I’ll get you soon” up to Scotty.

Joe Hoffman: Aceldama vs. Kostoff next week then, that is still a huge match folks, which given those two men’s mental states, there is no good way for that match to end.

Benny Newell: Good, maybe they will both take each other out of HOW for good.

Scottywood: Now as for my opponent next week, I said that I will be taking on a man that has proved he is what the LSD division is all about.  He has won the LSD title on 4 previous occasions and consistently refers to himself as the Former LSD Champion….well next week on Turmoil Silent Witness will get a chance to make it 5, as I face him in a no disqualification match.

Joe Hoffman: While Scottywood vs. Silent Witness for the LSD title is a huge match, it doesn’t seem like Witness has really proved anything as of late, especially with such a quick loss to Aceldama…seems like Scottywood is trying to take advantage of a weakened man here.

Benny Newell: It is Scottywood taking on all challengers Joe.  What a champion!  The show before his huge PPV match and he is going to put his title on the line in a No DQ match.  That is why he is the greatest LSD champion of the new era of HOW, if not of all time.

Scottywood, Blaze and Static make there way backstage as Silent Witness who is struggling to pull himself to his feet in the corner of the ring, stares at the stage with a smile on his face.


We cut backstage to the parking lot where the Road Maxter 8000 sits by on idle, the low rumble of the engine purring. Suddenly the sound of feet running across the ground can be heard along with the creaking of wheels. Suddenly from around the bend two people dressed in black suits wearing sunglasses could be seen.

The men have had their hands on a bar which was attached to a small box car that had a canopy over it with two large wheels on either side. Both sides of the rickshaw held up Maxopotamian flags and it became obvious of who was arriving.

As it pulled up next to the Road Maxter 8000 two figures could be seen sitting in the back. Max Kael and Shane Reynolds.

The two men pulled to rickshaw to a stop and rushed around to the back of the cart pulling out a small box which they set next to the exit where Max could step out. The Prime Minister hoped down out of the rickshaw and waved his hand after Shane.

Max Kael: Come along, Shane, we’ve got business to take care of tonight. Lee wants to meet some more..

Max moved to the passengers side of the Road Maxter 8000 while Shane stepped out of the rickshaw with a disgusted look on his face. Pausing for a moment his hands clenched tightly.

Max Kael:…NOW.

The word pierces Shane like sword as he turns his head, his eyes burning with rage before he lets out a deep breath moving forward. Climbing into the driver’s seat, Shane pulled the car out of park and drove off into the backstage area.

WTF..part 1

We cut backstage where Blaze is seen walking around a corner. An unknown man is then seen running after him and turns the same corner. A loud commotion is heard, which continues for several moments, until things again go quiet. The cameraman quickly runs up and turns the corner as well, and we see the unknown man lying unconscious on the floor, while Blaze is seen walking away while wondering out loud who the hell that guy was and why he attacked him. Suddenly David Black is seen walking by the scene of the crime. David stops and looks at the man on the floor, then in the direction Blaze went, and then back down on the man on the floor. David then continues on his way as we cut back to ringside.

Chris CK – 0% v Christopher America© – 0%

“Hyper Music” by Muse hits and out walks Chris CK to a bevy of cheers.

Joe Hoffman: We need better security backstage cause quite frankly I don’t think anyone should be safe..someone just tried to attack Blaze….was it the Templar? I don’t know but right now its time to focus on our next match and it should be a classic match of Canada versus America, Chris CK versus Christopher America.

Big Buff: And America will win as always.

Joe: Well, if anything, Triple A will be able to scout how the Canadians wrestle, he may be able to take something from this match and utilize it against Scottywood at March To Glory.

Chris CK is now in the ring, he raises his arms in the air to the fans, then suddenly….


And Christopher America’s music hits and he walks out. America stops on the stage and looks backward as if waiting for something. Suddenly….

Joe Hoffman: What the heck!!!? Unless I’m seeing things, Christopher America is being accompanied to the ring by C-ROD!!!

Big Buff: YES!!! C-ROD is BACK!!!

Joe Hoffman: I’m being told ladies and gentlemen that C-rod is NOT under HOW contract.

Big Buff: They are lying, he’s obviously back!

Joe Hoffman: C-Rod is NOT under contract; ignore my…esteemed partner here. C-Rod is Christopher Americas guest, and it is obvious he is playing mind games with Chris CK as C-Rod and CK have quite a history of bad blood.

America gets onto the apron, as does C-Rod, and the two men start talking trash to Chris CK. Hortega explains in his poor English for C-Rod to get down from the apron. C-Rod obliges, and is staring right at CK. Ck is visibly distracted by C-Rod presence, and America takes the opportunity and charges forward looking for an America Clothesline!


America misses the clothesline, and CK begins the offense with forearm shots and punches. CK keeps the pressure on with a couple of backbreakers and some more strikes.

Chris CK runs to the ropes after this but C-Rod grabs the leg, stopping the momentum of CK. CK goes to the apron as C-Rod backs off and America takes control, with a shoulder block that sends CK crashing into the guardrail!!!

America slams CKs head into the guardrail then throws him back into the ring.

Triple A then nails a variety of moves, after each one trying to beat CK quickly…

American Suplex…….2 count.

American Neckbreaker…..2 count.

American gutbuster….LONG 2 count.

American Leg Sweep….


NO!!!! Chris CK grabs the ropes and Triple A hits the mat!!! CK slumps into a corner, tired from the punishment. America manages to get up, holding his head. CK charges, but America hits an American Kick to the gut, then tries for a American DDT, but CK spins free wrenching the arm, and pulls America into him, and nails a belly to belly!!! Chris CK then locks in his KILLED COLD Anklelock finisher!!!!!

America suddenly rolls through and CK sails right into Joel Hortega!!!!

Hortega and CK are down, Hortega trying to come to his senses, C-Rod slides into the ring and as CK turns, C-Rod connects with a HUGE DDT!! C-Rod grabs Hortega and plops him near the middle of the ring, the gets out of the ring himself as America pulls CK up….

Christopher America: FOR AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Triple A hits the FOR AMERICA modified neckbreaker!!!!!!

Christopher hooks the far leg as Hortega is still a little dazed but is able to see the pinfall and make the count!















Triple A gets up and looks down at Chris CK and smiles. C-Rod slides into the ring and raises the arm of America.


Joe Hoffman: What a match between Canadian and American,. but Benny, I don’t think America would’ve won that match had it not been for the interference of C-Rod.

Big Buff: Chris CK would’ve have lost that match had he not been a Canadian Numnut.

Joe Hoffman: Spare me…..we will be back after some more HOW action after this!

Epic Arrival

~Bobbinette walks into the arena. She sees David Black walking fast as if there is somewhere he has to be in a hurry.~

Bobbinette: Hey, I wanted to say good luck out there. I have faith in you.

David: Oh hey… Thanks.. too bad you seem to be the only one.

~ He says, with a somewhat nervous laugh. Bobbinette shrugs her shoulders.~

Bobbinette: That’s part of the course. If you win tonight you’ll hold a title I haven’t held yet.

David: Really?

~ David nods, as he checks his watch discretely. Bobbinette nods.~

Bobbinette: I think you can bring that belt back to the Knights. Then March 2 Glory we are going for the Stable titles. Me and you.. Ladder match.

David: I head about that. You didn’t put the D-Man and yourself in it?

~Bobbinette shakes her head.~

Bobbinette: Because you showed you know how to work in a team in that match we had. Darkwing was the one who got pinned but we vibed. Besides I want to show you that team work and being a Knight actually stands for something.

David: Well thank you, for this chance…. I can’t promise I won’t let you down though.

~Bobbinette shakes her head.~

Bobbinette: Just try. Good luck tonight.

David: You too… and Bobbie.

~Bobbinette looks over her shoulder as she starts to walk away.~

Bobbinette: Yes?

David: Should anything happen tonight with AoA… I got your back.

~Bobbinette smiles.~

Bobbinette: Thanks David.

~ Bobbinette continues to walk away, as David checks his watch again and then quickly walks away himself..~

Happy Times…

Action cuts away from the KOE members and this time we are backstage right outside a door that reads..

Best Alliance

The cameraman pushes the door open and we see Lee Best sitting behind his desk with a huge grin on his face. He motions for the cameraman to come on over and as the camera crew gets closer he hangs up his phone.

Lee Best:

What took you so fucking long…oh forget it. It doesn’t matter. Have I ever told you guys that you do an awesome job here in HOW and if it were totally up to me I would give you guys a raise.

There is an awkward silence as Lee stands up and walks over to the front of his desk and takes a seat and looks at the camera.

Lee Best:

This pose work for you guys….oh fuck it…lets just get going….man what a wonderful night it is tonight here in Chicago….man am I feeling good….

Lee smiles and straightens his jacket and begins the statement he has prepared for this moment during Turmoil.

Lee Best:

Tonight folks begins the journey to War Games. Of course we have the huge March 2 Glory PPV on March 16th in between now and then, but after a great week of negotiating with Maximillian Kael I am ecstatic that it is now official that I will get another shot to own 100% of the company that I started from all those years ago. Obviously there is going to be a huge recruiting war to get the best eight men on each of the teams but in the end is there any doubt that The Best Team will not prevail?

Lee pauses as he pulls out a cigar from his jacket pocket. He runs it under his nose breathing in the smell of the high priced hand rolled cigar.

Lee Best:

You see I like the finer things in life and there are only a few things that top a hand rolled Cuban cigar. Tonight my Best Alliance has already taken steps in making sure that people know which side of the fence they need to be on.  The Best Alliance has been waiting for the perfect time to show the world that all this AoA is nothing but pure hype and no substance. By the end of the show everyone will know that if you are not with the Best Alliance then you might as well go find another place to call home because all those that go against me and the Alliance heading to War Games…well….lets just say I have another one of my favorite finer things waiting for you…

Lee pats his jacket pocket where his infamous Bottom Line pen sits with blood stains from many former and even a few current HOW superstars as well.

Lee Best:

Before I go back to watching my great plans being carried out I want to say a few words to the men in the next match Darkwing and Sektor. You two have decided to put your manlihoods on the line tonight when we find out who will have a date with Besty at March 2 Glory. Granted I do not like bringing her onto shows where she isn’t going to be properly used. But I had no choice in granting this stipulation as quite frankly publicly humiliating both of you is always at the top of my list. So go out there tonight boys and give it your all…cause afterwards one of your careers in HOW is all bout over. I mean who respects a guy that just got off courtesy of a calf?

Lee begins laughing as the scene fades to black and cuts to ringside for our Stable Title Match is next!!

Darkwing – 0% v Sektor© – 0%

Action cuts to the ring where Darkwing and Sektor are already in the ring and just got done watching the Lee Best promo.

Joe Hoffman:

Lee sure was in a good mood tonight and who can blame him. The Best Alliance is running the show so far and still we have yet to hear from Maximillian Kael.

Big Buff:

Who cares. Just like Lee said it is only a matter of time now before Lee owns 100% of the company and everyone knows it.

Joe Hoffman:

Well that is months away and quite frankly I think we need to focus on the match at hand as a date with Besty is on the line!!

Back to the action in the ring…

Darkwing and Sektor circled each other in the ring as Matt Beottcher signals for the bell. The technical savvy Sektor and the pure athletics of Darkwing should make for an excellent match as the crowd already begins to get behind either man.

Benny Newell: Sektor or Darkwing.. White Meat or Dark Meat?! It’s like the Colonel’s Classic Fried Chicken, I just can’t decide on who I want to win in this!

Joe Hoffman: Colorful and derogatory comments aside I would agree with you Benny, this match could go either way and as usual when you have two technical and equally matched men in the ring it all comes down to who makes a mistake first..

The two men lock up in the center of the ring however after a few brief moments of contested strength they break the lock up, staring each other down. The fans continue to cheer as both men lock horns once again, once again to no fruition. Sektor, smug and confident, points at his Stable Title before patting his midsection as if he knows he is walking away a champion. Darkwing answers by slapping Sektor across the face.

Darkwing’s provocation draws Sektor’s ire but not his intelligence as Darkwing is able to dodge his return strike and begin to press his own advantage, hammering away on the side of Sektor’s head before Matt steps in pulling Darkwing off. Sektor checks his forehead briefly before the two of them lock up again. Darkwing takes advantage again as he forces Sektor back down onto his knees.

Benny Newell: Darkwing is railing on poor John Sektor right now.. that lovely custom Stable Title of his is looking paper thin right now!

Joe Hoffman: Well the Dark One is a hall of famer here in HOW and his style really works well when the crowd is behind him like they currently are!

Darkwing sends Sektor into the ropes before hitting a back body drop on him. Darkwing hits a snap leg drop before rolling Sektor up for a quick pin.



Kick out!

Darkwing dragged Sektor back up to his feet before sending him back into the ropes. Darkwing put his head down for another back body drop however Sektor is able to counter with a stiff kick to the head followed by a short arm close line which takes Darkwing down. Sektor takes the moment to get himself a breather as he rolls over into the near by corner. Darkwing, obviously stunned by the attack, slowly gets up to his feet before he is taken down by an explosive close line from Sektor. For the next minute or so Sektor works over Darkwing’s shoulder with a series of stiff knee strikes and nerve holds while the crowd rallies behind their hero, Darkwing.

Sektor fights against Darkwing’s slow gaining of moment by repeatedly head butting Darkwing in the shoulder blade causing further damage to the Dark One’s shoulder. Hoffman theorizes that Sektor must be attempting neutralize Darkwing’s ability to hit a lot of his signature moves which has to utilize that arm. After a few more attacks on the shoulder Sektor locks in an arm bar and tries to get Darkwing to tap.

Struggling Darkwing fights it out as Benny screams at him to give up. Matt checks the arm over for a moment before he asks Darkwing if he wants to give up. Sektor, obviously growing tired and wanting to get this over with, arches the arm back and grabs the ropes for added leverage. Matt notices and kicks Sektor’s hand off the ropes, chastising him for his actions. Darkwing uses the distraction to power over, rolling up over Sektor, while still in the arm bar putting him into a pinning situation.



Sektor uses his own strength to force Darkwing over and back into the full arm bar position over in the process one of Darkwing’s legs connects with the back of Matt’s head knocking the ref out. Still, unaware, both men continue with the match as Darkwing screams out in pain. Sektor grabs the ropes once again and it is not long before Darkwing is forced to tap!

Believing he has won Sektor releases the hold and poses in the ring however without his theme music hitting Sektor immediately grows suspicions until he sees that Matt Boettcher is knocked out. He berates the near unconscious wrestler before he is blind sided by Darkwing who chop blocks Sektor from behind before he locks in Inglewood Cloverleaf!

After a few moments Sektor is forced to tap but Matt Boettcher is still knocked out. Darkwing holds the move in place for as long as he can before his own exhausted nature forces him to release the hold. Matt Boettcher starts to stir as Darkwing checks on him. Hoffman talks about how now both men have officially tapped but there was no ref around to take a check on it. Sektor slips out of the ring and grabs a chair, hoping to score an easy win on Darkwing.

For his own part Darkwing has propped Matt in the corner and has moved to grab the Stable Title to use on his own. As both men turn to strike the other they are both greeted with their opposing forces. The chair crashes against Darkwing’s skull as the title slaps across Sektor’s head resulting in both men falling to the mat, each man with a hand over the other as they are both laid out cold.

Michael Shea makes his way down to the ring to make the pin fall as Matt Boettcher is still believed to be incapacitated. Matt Boettcher for his part sees the pin fall from his side and pushes himself forward to make the count.




Mike Shea lifts Darkwing’s Arm!

..Matt Boettcher lifts Sektor’s Arm!

Both Benny and Joe are left in confusion as to who has won. After the referees argue for a moment it is announced that the match has ended in a draw with Sektor retaining the Stable Titles.. but what does this mean about an individual’s fate with…

…Besty the Cow?


Post match the HOV comes alive and Lee Best appears on the HOV and is greeted with the loudest boos of the night so far.

Lee Best:

Looks like I have to make a decision here and since Max has no ruling on a match that I booked I am going to go ahead and make it official. Obviously Sektor will retain the Stable Title and because of a request of Triple M earlier in the week that means that later in the show Triple M will defend the Stable Title against Bobbinette Carey.

The crowd cheers loudly at the announcement as Lee continues…

Lee Best:

But the big news out of this double pinfall…..BOTH MEN WILL BE MEETING BESTY AT MARCH TO GLORY!!!

There is a buzz in the arena as Joe takes TNT to another commercial break as Benny falls off his chair laughing.


 Tune into a special unedited HOR after TNT!!!

Not supposed to air!!

Back live and the HOV has come alive and Joe is telling people that this was meant to air earlier on in the evening but Lee Best cut it and now Maximillian Kael has demanded that it air. Benny counters that this is just Max making sure he is embarrassing the Best Alliance!

Nonetheless the video begins to play on the HOV…


Scottywood arrives at the arena and heads towards his locker room. He arrives at the door to his locker room and opens the door. He doesn’t enter. He stands at the door and looks around. Anger begins to quickly show. He grits his teeth and enters his locker room. The camera steps inside and sees that Scottywood’s locker room has been painted entirely in red, white, and blue.

On a table in the locker room lies a white envelope. Scottywood picks up the envelope, he takes the message out and reads it:

My dearest Scottywood,

Words cannot express my undying love of your fabulous kindergarten-esque fingerpainting you left for me. I figured that since words could not express my undying love that I would, instead, repay your painting with one of my own.

Look at your locker room. Notice how the red on the left and the blue on the right merge together with the white in the center. It is the epitome of harmony.  I figured that the regalness of the red, the emotionality of the blue, and the purity of the white would help you find a center and balance that you will need before you enter our match at the Alamo.

Just in case you were wondering, the answer is yes. Your locker room has converted to Americanism.

Loving America since 1984,

Christopher America

Scottywood throws the paper on the floor. He pulls out his trademark hockey stick and begins smashing it around his locker room 

As the video ends the fans in the arena begin laughing and one has to wonder now how will the Alliance, namely Scottywood, respond to the footage actually airing.

Hes Back…

Nostalgia filled Shane’s eyes as he turned a full-circle on the spot, taking in every inch of the locker-room. There was nothing special about it – it was just your typical, run-of-the-mill locker-room but it was a room he had vowed never to set foot in again – not for a long while yet, at least – and the feeling had crept up on him before he could acknowledge it and swat it away like a tiresome fly.

It vanished as quickly as it arrived, however, when a knock on the door echoed off the walls and filled his ears. He turned quickly, away from the lockers – the doors stood open and empty, Shane had no need for equipment or a change of clothes tonight  – and stared intently, fiercely, towards the person in the door way. Shane recognizes them instantly, but there is no nostalgia this time, only contempt.

Shane: Brian Bare!

The contempt pours through into Shane’s voice. Brian smiles broadly, clearly not detecting it in the slightest, as he steps in through the open door way, his free hand outstretched before him, eagerly awaiting Shane to shake it in a sign of mutual respect, but Shane has none and does not. He doesn’t even look at it, merely stares ahead, burning a hole through Brian’s face and into the wall behind him.

Brian Bare: It’s good to finally have you back, Shane.

The hand continues to hang ahead of him, and it is now Shane notices it. Still he doesn’t shake it, however, but instead slaps it hard away, the sound of both hands connecting stings the ears, but not as much as the blow does to Brian, who winces slightly. He has little chance to do anything else as Shane suddenly grips him tightly around the throat and slams him back against the wall. Brian groans now and his face once again contorts as a sharp pain shoots up his back. Shane stares him intently – fully in control of his rage this days, he allows it to flow out of him, full force.

Shane: Let’s get one thing straight, right now. I. Am. Not. Back! None of this was ever part of the plan. The moment I can break this contract, I am out of this infernal hell of a company. And as far as this interview Lee Best announced goes, if you ask me one question. Ever! I am going to tear your eyes out with my bare hands and make you eat them. This interview is not going to happen.

…I’m afraid it is.

A third voice interjects. A female voice. Shane turns instantly, unconsciously tightening his hold on Brian as he does so, driving the air out of his windpipe, turning his face into a worrying shade of red. His nails dig into Shane’s hands, trying to claw free, but Shane doesn’t feel it and relents not even a little. Miss. Giovanni stares back at Shane, showing his fear towards him.

Miss. Giovanni: Under the instructions of Mr. Kael, agreed upon by the contract you signed, the interview is going to take place. I’m afraid you have no choice in the matter. Don’t worry, though, he–

She nods towards Brian.

Miss Giovanni:–won’t be asking any question. Also under the instructions of Mr. Kael, I am to conduct your first interview. So, perhaps, it’s best you let him run along now, don’t you?

She notes not even a hint of compassion towards Brian in her voice as she says this – almost as though she wouldn’t care if he had choked to death except for the fact she, too, wants him out of the way. Shane releases his grip. Brian coughs and splutters, crouched over onto his knees. He glances up at Shane and then at Miss Giovanni. Both are staring at him, impatient, more contemptuous than before, and continue to do so as he leaves.

Shane turns away as Miss Giovanni steps into the room, closing the door behind her, leaving them both alone in the room – save for the masses of people watching on the HOTv and at home. He considers for a moment reverting back to his tactic of refusing and tossing her the hell out…..but he remembers, then, what she said. “He has no choice in the matter”. And it’s true. He’s locked into this entire situation, with no visible way out, as far as he can see.

Shane: Let’s just get this over with!

Shane mutters, subtly watching Miss Giovanni in the mirror hanging beside the row of open lockers. It’s now he notices that she in fact has an eye-patch. He wonders how he missed that – just because of everything going on at the time of their first meeting, he eventually supposes – but then switches to the thought that it seems to do nothing to lessen her attractiveness and her considerable obvious strength – it heightens it, if anything.

Miss Giovanni: As you wish. Mr. Kael has prepared some questions that he has implicitly requested by asked.

Shane doesn’t turn, but his head flicks fully upright suddenly, staring into the mirror as though it was the real Milton-Karson representative. His long black hair floating through the air as he does so, landing on the shoulders of his long black jacket.

Shane: I’m not answering any questions from him.

Now he turns, and moves a step closer towards her. Still, no reaction from her, not even a step back. Even as Shane continues moving forward, mirroring Brian earlier, with his arm outstretched, his index finger pointing towards her one good, blue eye.

Shane: I will not be made a fool of!!

Miss. Giovanni smiles, but it’s not a comforting one. It’s a cold, unrelenting smile that essentially is spread across his face to reiterate that he has no choice. Shane’s arm drops and the two stare at each other intently again. Her smile disappears and her face returns to a lets-get-down-to-business expression. She cleared her throat as the camera moves in closer to them, now standing side by side, in a traditional interviewing position. From out of nowhere, she pulls out a set of white cards and glances down at them briefly. Shane glowers – detesting the situation being beyond his control.

Ms. Giovanni: Mr. Reynolds, since your arrival here in HOW, you have been considered a reasonable contender for most titles. However, since leaving, you had no intentions of returning in lieu of what was taken from you by Max Kael and Graystone. And yet here you are and, more then that, under contract to serve Mr. Max Kael. How do you feel about that Mr. Reynolds?

Shane doesn’t answer, and for a long time he considers not answering, or giving the traditional ‘no comment!’ But his anger, unleashed during his encounter with Brian Bare doesn’t allow him to and his instinctive answer spews forth like the venom of a cobra.

Shane: I am servant to no-one! Understand?! There aren’t many times when people have made me look like a fool. That have lied to me and deceived and manipulated me. But Maximillian Kael–

Shane pauses, the mere mentioned of his name makes Shane’s head whirl with hatred and plots of revenge.

Shane: –managed to do just that. When I was…..buried…as the dirt cascaded upon me, and Michelle’s eyes stared down at me, I made a vow. Max not only made me look a fool, he made me break it. And these are two things I never will forget. I sincerely hopes he savors this small victory, because in the grand scheme of things, it is a small victory. The winner of the war will be me.

Ms. Giovanni: Does that mean we can expect you back in the ring for competition, anytime soon, and if so, what will you be aiming to achieve?

She asks next, reading for the second of the set of cards.

Shane: Unless I’m battling for my freedom….Never! I don’t care about championships, or rankings, or match victory tallies. All I care about is getting the hell out of High Octane Wrestling and getting back to what I am supposed to be doing…..

Ms. Giovanni now skips through the cards, clearly looking for one in particular that she perhaps feels relevant to what Shane just said. She quickly finds it and proves herself right.

Ms. Giovanni: Crow has stated that he plans on defeating you. What do you say too his boasts that he can defeat you? Does that mean you will not be taking him up on his challenge?

Shane: Most especially not. Crow is nothing to me. I have nothing to prove to him or anyone else when it comes to defeating him. The only reason he had the ICON championship is because I decided to set a stipulation to drop it. He will never be a true ICON champion. His holding of that championship will be forever tainted. If he wants to face me….I suggest he get some patience, because it’s going to be a hell of a long wait….and when it does come around, he better come and find me in a street somewhere, because I’m not going to ever face him, or anyone, in that ring again.

Ms. Giovanni: Really? Well, you may not know, then, that Max Kael has put up his half of HOW along with Mr. Lee Best for Controlling Stock of HOW. It will be Team Max Kael Vs. Team Lee Best. Max has said that you will be on Team Max Kael. Lee has promised that you will, in fact, be on Lee Best’s team. Given the option of being on either man’s team, which would you choose?

This is news to Shane and it’s clear on his face for all to see. Shane can also see in her face that this was the question Ms. Giovanni switched around and held back on…..Allowing Shane to build up momentum in his rant about never setting foot in the ring because unleashing this nugget of information direct from the penmanship of Maximillian Kael.

Shane: This interview is over! Forcing me back, humiliating me, labeling me his bitch, is one thing. And it’s bad enough. But I am no pawn. I refuse to be a pawn. I agreed to sign my money over to assist with the downfall of Lee Best – not to participate in a war between them. Who will I be helping in War Games? Neither….because either I will be gone by then, or Maximillian Kael and Lee Best will be corpses rotting on their office floors….Where they belong.

Shane moves away now, shoulder-barging passed Ms. Giovanni as he does so, moving quickly towards the door.

Ms. Giovanni: Apologies, Mr. Reynolds, but you can’t leave just yet. I still have one more question.

Shane: Just watch me.

Shane grips the door handle now and pulls it open, but the Milton-Karson’s representative asks it regardless.

Ms. Giovanni: What about the threats made against your Niece? Speaking of Michelle Reynolds-Creedy, how is she doing?

Shane stops, his hand on the door. He remains so still and silent for a moment, it is kind of eerie. Then he snaps. He throws the door wide open and turns, flying at Ms. Giovanni. The door bashes hard against the wall as he reaches her. He hovers directly over her now. Still no flinch. Normally Shane would rely on that fear – fear being what drives him and fuels his pleasure in such situations as the one he is currently contemplating but he doesn’t care now. Snapping her neck would be fun regardless. A few security staff are on hand behind the camera, having arrived with Ms. Giovanni. They go to circle around and move into position to defend her, but with a barely seen hand gesture, she holds them off.

Shane: Don’t you ever mention her name again! I don’t want to hear it or any questions regarding her. You understand me? Anybody who ever mentions her name to me is dead.

She opens her mouth to respond, but this time it is her turn to be interrupted. It’s a male voice this time, one Shane recognizes instantly and causes his rage and fury overflow.

…How could I ever resist such an opportunity? Do I just have to say Michelle, or does it need to be in a full sentence?

Shane locks eyes with Graystone for the first time since their buried-alive match. If hatred could cause an explosion, the amount passing between their cold stares would be one of a nuclear nature.

Graystone: How about this: you may have been buried alive…but you can take solace in the fact that I was buried in Michelle!

Saying Michelle was enough for Shane, but the way he said it – with such sinister emphasis drives Shane somersaulting over the edge and he flies directly at Graystone. Ms. Giovanni doesn’t stop them now, and the security members that came along with her pour like a wave between Shane and Graystone. Shane throws punches and kicks in every direction, aiming to break free and take out Graystone, but it’s to no avail; there are too many of them. Sweating and trembling with fury, they hold Shane still. Graystone stares back at Shane through the crowd of people, the faintest hint of a smirk visible at the corners of his lips.

Graystone: Your time is coming, Shane. Soon enough. You will have nothing!

Graystone then turns and vanishes from sight up the corridor as the scene fades to black and cuts away, leaving behind a furious and hilarious Shane Reynolds.

Match Destroyed

The action cuts to another part of the backstage area where we see two bodies lying in a heap.

Dylan Nitro and Troy Trinidad

The camera pans up and we see none other than Aceldama standing over the two bodies and we can see the big man’s face convulsing as he stares down at the carnage that he just caused.

Joe notes that there went our next match and with that he has been instructed to take TNT to a commercial as everyone tries to gather themselves.

 World Championship Match Crow vs. Graystone© TLC Stable Title Match

Only the best will climb to the top..

Blaze and Static vs. Bobbinette Carey and David Black vs. Sektor and ???© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood© No DQ Singles Bout

Jatt Starr’s Return to the Ring

The Templar vs. Jatt Starr


WTF…part 2

Back live and we are backstage where Issac Slade is seen walking down one of the hallways of the Arena. An unknown man is seen standing at the far end of the hallway.

The unknown man then starts running down the hallway after Slade, quickly gaining ground on an unsuspecting Slade, but just as the man is about to attack Slade, a door swings open and hits the man right in the face, sending him to the floor down and out.

The loud thud causes Slade to turn around and wonder what the hell is going on, while the HOW staff member who opened the door seems to be just as confused. Slade continues down the hallway, while the staff member checks on the unconscious man on the floor.

Just then, David Black is seen walking by, once again stopping to look at the unconscious man on the floor. David shakes his head slightly, before continuing on his way and we cut back to another part of the backstage area.

Favor…por favor

We head backstage as Max Kael, having received a brief reprieve from negotiations with Lee Best was carefully examining the water within a water cooler, specifically pouring a cup, staring into it before dumping it out only to pour another glass. The absurdity of his actions did not seem to strike him as odd as he did so over and over again unfaze. Sektor appears standing behind him watching with deep confusion as Max continues to assess the water cooler. He finally straightens up and adjusts the custom lime green stable title on his shoulder before clearing his throat.

Sektor: AH-HEM!

Max stiffened as he quirked his eyebrow looking down at the water as if he believed it had cleared his throat at him. After a moment he turned his head slowly to look at Sektor.

Max Kael: Was that ahem or ah ham?

Sektor: It was an ahem..

Max Kael: Ah, that’s a shame. What do you want Sektor?

Sektor humbles himself to Max attempting to show great respect.

Sektor: Well first of all let me congratulate you on becoming a co owner of HOW! It’s about time we got somebody who we from the AoA could consider awesome! …Oh and I’m not getting sucked off by a cow..don’t worry!

The flattery seems to work as Max grins a toothy smile before he looked back down at the water in his hand. The smile vanished as he tossed the water away, crumbling the cup up.

Max Kael: Well one does what one can. Anything else, or was that all?

Sektor: Well actually there was one other thing. I couldn’t help but notice that Lee Best has us defend our titles almost every week. Hell tonight will be my second title defense in the two weeks I’ve been a member of the AoA. So I was just wondering what the great Max Kael could do to show his support to the greatest stable in HOW?

Max looked thoughtful for a moment as he considered that, before he stepped to the side so Sektor could see the water cooler.

Max Kael: I have been here for five minutes attempting to get the perfect cup of water from this machine. Every cup I get seems perfect until I examine it more closely. At first I thought it was the cup, then I thought it was the water.. then I considered the machine and that was when it hit me. Because all the equations within this puzzle were themselves imperfect, I could not receive the perfect cup of water. Still, something in side of me told me, you know, I may still get my perfect cup of water. You know they say you’re insane if you expect a different result for performing the same task in exactly the same way. I call it being open minded but there are theoretical papers on it so I assume then that it must be true. You know, I will sell you this water cooler for ten dollars, that’s the friend bargain.

By this point Sektor’s mind has completely gone with confusion. He quickly shakes off the cobwebs.

Sektor: Yeah I might take you up on that. So about what you can do for the AoA?

Max Kael: What? The friend discount is not enough? What does the AoA. need from Max Kael that it can not accomplish on its own?

Sektor: Max it’s not what we can’t accomplish. As you well know we are Awesome and have near enough accomplished everything on our own. No what we need is insurance! Insurance that we won’t have to defend our titles week in week out because Lee is hell bent on having us lose the titles. We may be the best but we are still just flesh and blood and fatigue will begin to set in. We need to know that we will have regular rest bite just like Scottywood does. I mean fuck he hasn’t defended the LSD title since he won it!

Max narrowed his eyes at Sektor as he canted his head to the side like a confused dog before he smiled again.

Max Kael: waaaait this is a test isn’t it? Too see if I know what you guys are capable of! Fatigue! Ha! I know you guys don’t get tired and have the physical potency behind you to defend those titles till trumpets sound at the ending of the world. You don’t need to convince me, Sektor, I buy the hype already ok? Now, Scottywood, he is defending his title against Christopher America at March to Glory no? I have no doubts that you’re Awesome All America team mate is quite capable of relieving little Scottywood of his title and once he has done that you won’t have anything to worry about.

Sektor nods his head.

Sektor: So what you’re saying is….if the AOA scratches your back…you’ll scratch ours?

Max Kael: That’s kinda gross. Ever thought of investing in a back scratcher? It’s like a pole with a sharp end that allows you to scratch you back on the end of it.

Sektor holds his hands up to stop Max, and shakes his head.

Sektor: No no what I mean is if AoA does the occasional favor to you…you will do a favor for us?

Max Kael: I… see. Well that is certainly up to negotiations. As If I didn’t have enough penguins to pluck this evening already old bean.

Sektors eyes grow wide.

Sektor: Well, I don’t know whether you just saw, you were probably to busy with your current problems with water, but I just drew my match with Darkwing…

Max Kael: I know that! My water broke…the news. Make sure to eat some oysters before visiting the cow.

Sektor tries to control his temper while laughs from the crowd from inside the arena can be heard.

Sektor: Well that’s exactly why I have come to you, Oh great Prime Minister Kael! I was hoping now that you have some pull around here, you could get me out of it?

Max Kael: Oh I would not know about that. Lee is pretty touchy about his oyster supply but I will see what I can do for you.

Sektor is literally glowing red at this point and is still holding back from exploding on Max.

Sektor: I mean the cow you fucking idiot! I want you to prevent me from being ridiculed by a farm animal at March to Glory, by whatever means necessary.

Max Kael holds his arms up in a defensive manor.

Max Kael: Whoa whoa. No reason to bring fucking into this! I’ll see If I can prevent the cow from ridiculing you.

Sektor smiles and breathes a huge sigh of relief, grabbing the hand of Max Kael and shaking it.

Sektor: Thank you so much Max, and don’t worry you will have the full support of the AOA!!

Sektor turns and walks away confidently whilst Max strokes his chin looking very thoughtful.

Max Kael: If she can’t see who she’s blowing…she can’t ridicule them.


Max turns back to look at the water cooler, whilst at the same time Shane cane be seen entering the picture. Max points at the water cooler.

Max Kael: I’ve been here for five minutes trying to get the perfect cup of water…

The scene cuts elsewhere.

WTF…part 3

We cut backstage where Triple P is seen walking alone, while being followed by an unknown man. Triple P does not seem to notice however, as he continues on his way and turns a corner.

The unknown man continues after Triple P and turns the corner as well, ready to strike. A commotion is heard, but after a few seconds everything goes quiet again.

HOW referee Matt Boettcher is then seen walking around the corner, shaking his head and adjusting his shirt a bit and wondering out loud why the hell a stranger would attack him like that.

The camera moves around the corner, and we see the unknown man down on the floor, with Triple P nowhere to be seen. The camera slowly moves to the right, revealing David Black standing off to the side, casually holding a newspaper while shaking his head. We then cut back to commercial.

Another break…

Back live and we see that Max was at the water cooler once again, examining the small spout that allowed the water to flow from the large bulb at the top. The whole thing was apparently still fascinating too him, so much to the point where he appeared to be paying little attention to the world around him. Of course that was what Shane was there for. The dark shape of Shane Reynolds lingered near Max watching the halls around him for anyone who might try to take advantage of the Prime Minister and part owner of HOW in the middle of his break.

Suddenly, Shane steps behind his boss, inserting himself between the Prime Minister and an unknown individual who is out of view of the camera.

Shane:  I don’t think we’ve met.  To whom do I owe the pleasure?

Shane says sarcastically.

Max leaned back up from the nossle and looked toward the off camera figure with a look of confusion before he waved off Reynolds.

Max Kael: Stand down, Shane, no need to get uppity against that one. He has a moral compus unlike most of us. Plus I was hoping to see him sooner rather then later.

“The Phenomenal One” Ryan Faze walks into the picture and extends his hand to Kael as a gesture of

“congratulations”. Max took his hand and shook it however when they let go, he snatched a hankerchief out of his pocket, cleaning his hand off.

Faze:  Moral compus, eh?

Ryan says, chuckling.

Faze:  Well regardless of our differences in values, Kael, you and I DO share the standpoint on one thing.

Max Kael:  You don’t say?

Faze:  Lee Best…

Max Kael: Oh yes.. Mr. Best has been carefully placed thorn in your side ever since you almost defeated Graystone for the title. He always was a vindictive one, that Mr. Best. But you see that’s where we can help eachother out, no? Because he isn’t my biggest fan either.. and honestly I am not his biggest fan and.. say, do you know I have been standing here for almost ten minutes now staring at this water cooler..

He turned around and looked at the water cooler as he set his hands on his hips apparently having lost track of what they were discussing.

Max Kael: Cause I want to pour a perfect cup of water and it’s not coming out the way I want it too.. well not perfect at least. Maybe my expectations are just to high. Or maybe the machine is flawed. Too many variables you think? Damn.. But let’s talk about you for a moment Mr. Faze.

Faze:  Intruiging, really… why don’t you pour me a glass.  C’mon Kael, what’s your point?

Max leaned on the water cooler slowly drumbing his fingers on the top of it, staring back at Faze.

Max Kael: What role do you want to play in the future of HOW? Beyond being Phenomienal, what does Ryan Faze want here?

Faze:  It’s simple, really.  I want to be the face of this organization.  And I’m not taking faces, heels and tweeners.  I’m talking about the true FACE of High Octane Wrestling.  The “Faze of HOW”.  20 years from now, people will be talking about the icons of our business; Lee Best, Jatt Starr, and hell… even you, Max.  I think it’s pretty clear that I want to be mentioned among the likes.  I’m not the type of person to demand fame and glory… just respect.

Max Kael: Interesting. Telll you what, Faze, you win four matches in a row and I’ll put you at the top of a short list of people I feel deserve a World Title Shot. Four matches against four dangerous opponents. How does that sound?

Faze:  You’ve got yourself a deal… but I’m not here to do your dirty work.  I’m doing this with one thing in mind… the World Title.

Faze says as he gestures the title around his waist.  He begins to head away before he turns back towards the half owner and to Shane Reynolds, still looking bitter from being duped by the Prime Minister.

Faze:  By the way, who’d you have in mind?

Max flashed Ryan a sharp grin before looking down at the water cooler once again.

Max Kael: That will obviously be hashed out at a later date. You’ve still got a PPV ahead of you Mr. Faze. I’ll speak with Lee to see who the four best potential opponents for you would be. After all we are going to want you in fighting trim for either Crow or Graystone.

Faze just smirks before nodding at Kael then leaving water cooler.


Fans are going wild when the HOV lights up and cameras kick in backstage, immediately yelling can be heard as the camera moves towards a door, it reads ‘Crow’ and they enter. Crow can be seen with a medic, his clothes burnt and minor burn marks on his skin, Joey watches on kind of grossed out, but the medic can’t quite do anything, each poke provoking more pain.

Medic: Ok, I have to get you down to my office to work on this properly.

He helps Crow up and the two go to exit the room to go treat his minor burns, but Crow stops, turning to Joey.

Crow: Don’t you let anyone know she’s here, you protect at all costs you hear me, nobodies to know she’s here!

Looking rather serious and angry he leaves the room, following the medic down the room, but as the camera turns, instead of going back into the room, Bobbinette Carey, with David Black and Dylan Nitro can be seen.

Bobbinette Carey: You hear that? She’s here, this is our chance.. Let’s go Knights.

They get ready and all surround the door, bursting in on the count of three, Joey can be seen panicking as he’s seen holding Amanda, sitting her down, still tied up, he panics more as he dives for an item to protect himself.

Bobbinette Carey: GET HIM!

Signalling for Black and Nitro to grab him, they dive forward and tackle him to the floor, Carey quickly running up to Amanda and unties her.

Bobbinette Carey: It’s ok, your safe now, It’s going to be okay…

Carey hands Nitro and Black the rope from Amanda and they use it to tie up Joey, they all exit the room and rush Amanda to safety.


A word from your Owners..

Action now cuts over to the Best Alliance locker room that has been serving as the negotiations between Lee and max all night. Up till now no one has been allowed inside the room and no one has been allowed to know any of the specifics of any of the agreements.

Now as the cameras enter the room both Lee and Max are standing side by side. Max nods at Lee and Lee begins to read from a card that obviously has contents that both men agreed to have read.

Lee Best:

During the last hour and a half co owner Maximillian Kael and I have been going over the future of High Octane Wrestling. Although we disagree on a lot of points we have been able to reach agreement on several items that we will reveal to everyone after tonight’s show. We have kept the talks behind closed doors as we feel that we would take away from the hard working wrestlers on air time. Instead we have been here in my office hammering out several things that will allow for HOW to maintain its global rise as the dominant wrestling organization. Now we will go back to ironing out some more things and we hope you enjoy the rest of Turmoil.

Lee stops reading from the card and throws it down to the ground..

Lee Best:

That was the gayest thing I have ever read in my life….lets finish this shit.

Maximillian Kael:

Who is templar?

Lee looks stunned as the cameramen are ushered out of the room and we cut to another part of the backstage area as Bobbinette Carey vs. Triple M for the Stable titles is only a few minutes away!!

Not so fast…

Cameras open up backstage, Crow is seen stretching about aching from the burns, but walks on into his locker room, immediately he looks pissed as he sees Joey tied up on the floor. Crow runs up and unties him, Joey whimpers about some but Crow drags him to his feet and looks around, clearly looking for Amanda.

Crow: Where is she? WHERE IS SHE?!

Joey flinches at the raised voice, Crow can only ache some more.

Joey: Well, like, right after you left to go get your burns checked out, like right after they come bursting through the door, they grounded me, tied me up, and took Amanda, I was scared Carey was going to kick me in the balls again.

Crow: GOD-DAMN IT JOEY! What did I tell you? Don’t let anyone knows she’s here and protect her at all costs..


Crow: Where did they take her?

Joey: I don’t know, all I heard was Carey is going to protect her.

Crow: Carey has a match right now, I’m going to get her back..

Crow quickly makes exit, the cameraman struggles to keep up as Crow makes his way through the hallways, he soon gets to Carey’s room but comes to a halt, he sees Carey ready to leave the room and watches.

Bobbinette Carey: Ok I’m going for my match, she’s with us so she’s safe. We have to get her out of here. After I go and face Triple M we will get her out of here and into protection. I’ve got a safe house already set up for you.

Crow just smiles as he watches Carey leave, he waits a few seconds, spots something and walks up, he smashes the glass on an emergency fire box and yanks out an axe. Without stopping, he walks straight up to the room with a serious pissed off look booting straight through the door, it smashes open, Black and Nitro see Crow come flying through with an axe in hand, Amanda screams as they all see Crow yanking the axe in the air ready to lop someone’s head off.


Nitro and Black seem ready to start some shit, both jumping up after Crow entered the room.

Crow: Amanda get here now..

She cries and whimpers, not wanting to go back.

Crow: I said get here NOW!

He seems furious and raises the axe with anger booting the table in front of him, she hesitates, looking back at Black and Nitro. David Black and Dylan Nitro step in front of her standing there like brick statues.

David: We’re not letting her leave with you.

Dylan: She isn’t your prisoner.

Crow: Then who’s got the guts to stop me?

Immediately raising the axe ready, but Amanda walks between the two of them shaking and afraid, she looks worried for the KOE members who are trying to protect her. Crow looks at her and goes to back out of the room with her but Nitro dives forward placing a hand on his back, Crow yells in pain from the burns and swings around blasting the butt of the handle into Nitro’s face, dropping him to the floor. Black readies himself to leap at Crow, but backs off, dropping to the floor to help Nitro, Crow leaves the room and yanks Amanda by the arm, dragging her away as Joey can be seen in the distance and Crow yelling at him.


Cameras cut back to commercial as up next is the stable title match!!

 World Championship Match Crow vs. Graystone© TLC Stable Title Match

Only the best will climb to the top..

Blaze and Static vs. Bobbinette Carey and David Black vs. Sektor and ???© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood© No DQ Singles Bout

Jatt Starr’s Return to the Ring

The Templar vs. Jatt Starr


Bobbinette Queen B Carey – 0% v Marvelous Mario Maurako© – 0%

Back from commercial the feed cuts to the ring where Triple M and Carey are being locked into their dog collars. A long chain hangs between them as Joel Hortega inspects the collars. Joe explains that Triple M has requested the match to be made a Stable title match so that the AoA could successfully defend the stables title, after Sektor drew with Darkwing earlier in the night. He also mentions how Triple M has finally used the clause in his contract which allows him to name a stipulation for one of his matches, and has chosen this match to make it a Dog collar match. Benny relishes the possibility of Carey becoming the first woman to appear twice on Triple M’s Whack O Meter.

Hortega calls for the bell and before Carey can do anything, Triple M wrenches the chain causing to snap to the mat holding her neck. The crowd boos Triple M as he laughs and begins to kick her in the ribs. He continues punishing her by choking her with the chain for a while before picking her up off the mat and dropping her with spine buster. Joe reminds the fans that the competitors must touch all four corners of the ring without intervention in order to win the match, and that pinfalls and submissions will not win this match.

Back in the ring Triple M is still having the time of his life with Carey as he begins to whip her with the chain. Carey screams with each lashing and eventually Triple M wraps the chain around her throat and drags her to her feet. He then unravels the chain and uses it to irish whip her to ropes. As she returns he holds a portion of the chain up and clotheslines her.

Benny talks about how Carey has not won a match for as long as he can remember. Joe reminds him of when she beat Tenma but Benny claims that it doesn’t count because he sucks. Meanwhile Triple M is getting ready to lock in the Marvelosity when Carey swings back her leg delivering a low blow. Triple holds his crotch as Hoffman explains that anything goes in a match like this. Carey is obviously in agony but fights through it as she smiles to the crowd holding the chain in her hands. The fans cheer wildly as she begins laughing Mario with the chain paying him back. She then finishes the melee with a leg drop.

After a series of stomps to Triple M Carey pulls on the chain forcing Mario to get to his feet or else be choked out. As he does so she kicks him in the gut and attempts a tornado DDT, but Triple M holds her in mid air and tosses her over the ropes. However the collar forces triple M to follow her over the ropes, gagging as he does so. The fans give this a big pop, as Hoffman talks about how dangerous this type of match is. Benny calls him a pussy and carries on drinking.

Triple M is first up on the outside and he drags her to her feet using the chain once again. After tossing her into the ring and re entering he attempts a right hand, but Carey blocks and kicks him in the gut. She then delivers a knee to his face, followed by an elbow, followed by a another kick and a DDT!!! Hoffman praises the combination and begins to get excited as Carey pats her hand on the first turnbuckle. Hortega holds a single finger up to the fans.


She walks across to the parallel turnbuckle and pats it.


Triple M is back up and wraps a piece of chain around his fist. He quickly runs over and nails her in the back of the head with the chain. Carey flops over as the crowd feel her pain and respond in such a manor. Triple M takes a breather for a second before finally turning around and patting his first corner. Hortega starts the count once again.


Tripple M drags Carrey to her feet and wraps the chain around her throat, forcing her to come with him as he pats the second turnbuckle.


He drags her across to the third and pats it.


He drags her across to the fourth and holds his hand out but Carey grabs the spare piece of chain in front of her and pulls with all her strength causing Triple M to back peddle and gag. Before he has chance to do anything Carey pulls his head under his arm and nails him with a reverse DDT!! Carey looks hurt as crawls to the ropes. She eventually pulls herself to her feet and notices Tripple M getting to his feet. The chain between them has almost gone tight now they are so far apart. Triple M tugs on the chain and Carey runs to towards him. She handsprings and delivers a hurricarana. Hoffman is going nuts as he shouts “ROYALITY CHECK” The fans get behind Carey as she struggles to get to the first corner. She pats it.


She walks towards the next corner and pats it.


Triple M is slowly getting to his feet, but Carey still makes it to the third corner.


Carey makes it to the fourth corner and holds out her hand. But Tripple M pulls on the chain, stopping her from patting it. The crowd boos as she turns around to see Tripple M. He runs towards her but Carey out of nowhere nails him with a right hand to the jaw. Tripple M flops back onto the mat looking as though he’s out cold as the camera zooms in on Carey’s hand as she holds it above the fourth corner. Her hand is wrapped in the chain as she brings it down for the…



~After the match Bobbinette stands up. She looks exhausted from the match that just happened. She tries to catch her breath after the match. She looks over to the crowd. She motions for a mic quickly as she stands there.~

Bobbinette: Not so fast Mario!

~She says using the ring to hold herself up. Mario looks at her getting ready to charge. Bobbinette smiles though she seems exhausted. Mario looks back at Bobbinette and mouths What.~

Bobbinette: I had a little surprise for you. COME ON OUT!

~Chicago Police officers come down.~

Bobbinette: Chicago Police take hate crimes seriously. And the stripper along with myself are pressing charges against you. Cuff him boys!

~Triple M starts screaming as the cops slap the cuffs on him and pull him back stage.~ action cuts backstage.

Can an owner get some water?

Max Kael was, as he has been several times tonight, standing by the water cooler in the back staring intently at the device. Shane Reynolds hovered near by obviously upset that he had to be Max’s handler but here none the less.

Rounding the corner Issac Slade comes into focus, he appears to have things on his mind, not even noticing Max he reached for a paper cup and fills it with water, taking a drink he sighs, wiping the back of his mouth, it’s only then he notices Max standing there, immdiately wary he looks around and follows Max’s gaze back to the water cooler

Slade: Is…Something wrong?

Max Kael:… I um.. wouldn’t have drank from that but I’m a little eccentric like that. Never know whats in those things. I’ve been trying to pour a perfect cup of water for.. how long now?

Shane: Almost fourty minutes now, between breaks with Lee.

Max Kael: Wow really? Maybe I do have problems..

The Prime Minister scratched his head before he looked at Slade, recognizing who he was finally.

Max Kael: Oooh Slade. I like you’re father’s work, reminds me of my grandfather, what a delightful old bastard he was! You know by the time I was 14 I was convinced my soul was going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the depths of hell to fall forever to the gnashing and grinding of teeth in a fire so hot it burnt my soul in a darkness so black it would smoother my existance? Oooh.. good times.. good times..

Looking more than a little surprised at having something in common of that specific nature with Kael Issac struggles for something to say

Slade: Well…my father is passionate about his work that’s for sure

Max Kael: Aren’t all men of the cloth? If I had not lost my grandfather to a Kiebler Cookie I wager I would be standing in front of a crowd back up in Arkham, Mass with a white collar on my neck discussing the nature of sin. But instead I’m here indulging in a few sins of my own.. Pride. Wrath..

He pokes the water cooler with his finger, eyeing it carefully.

Max Kael: Envy..

Not able to see a reason for his fascination with the water cooler Issac turns to look at him

Slade: What is it you envy Max?

He knows Max is an opponent of his later on in the evening but the mans laid back aloof nature is intriguing him

Max Kael: Proverbs 6:18 A heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief. What do I envy and covet? Everything. But as all men know, by different shades, Mr. Slade. You’re coming for my ICON title later but I envy the fact that you’ve managed to keep your pious face while I lost mine years and years ago. I’ve got a title.. ownership of this company and a personal slave but I can’t say what you can. I can’t say I’ve stayed true to my beliefs and I can’t say I’ve been true to my morals. I envy a man who can keep those things in a world like this.. and I’d be a liar if I didn’t say I hope you lose those things some day.

Slightly take back by Kael’s words Issac scratches his head

Slade: Well no one can fault you for not being honest i suppose, though maybe in your mind you’ve lost those things what’s to say you can’t get them back? The act of wanting those things isn’t going to get them back for you, but you can choose to make yourself a better person no? Who’s to say you can’t find those things you’ve been missing and be true to your values and morals again? Personally i think you Can Max, the question is

“Do you” want to make that Change?

Taking a paper cup he fills it with water and puts it in Max’s hand

Slade: Maybe if you do make those changes you’ll find that perfect cup of water in the end

Max was shocked for a moment. Slade was being nice. That was uncanny, no one is ever nice to Max Kael. He paused for a moment and looked down at the cup then back up at Slade. Something in the back of Max’s head flickered for a moment and his hand twitched, spilling the water a little. Max looked back down at the small pool of water on the floor a slightly defeated look on his face.

Max Kael:.. it’s.. Just not in my Nature, Mr. Slade. Some men are made to create. Some men are made to destroy. I envy the man who can do both. Good bye Mr. Slade, oddly enough… I think I hope you win tonight.

Max looked at the cup in his hand for a moment longer before he set it on the water cooler, hurrying away as Shane followed in tow. He left quickly to escape any more observations by Slade.

Standing there looking at the water cooler Issac shrugged, walking away he tried to figure out whether he’d just had a very deep philosophical conversation? or if he’d merely been distracted by the ramblings of an interesting but confused man.

The action cuts away as Max continues to “enjoy” his breaks from talking with Lee.

Pep talk

Jaxson is alone in his locker room. He opens up the duffle bag beside him and pulls out a t-shirt. Blaze slings the shirt over his shoulder as he turns and zips the bag closed. Jaxson Stands up and shoves the duffle bag into his locker and slams the metal door closed. He shuts the combination lock and gives the dial a spin. He takes the shirt and puts it up and over his head before slowly pulling it down. As his head pops out of the hole in the shirt, Jaxson spots Lee Best standing at the door. One of his hands has the door propped open. Lee doesn’t look to enthusiastic at the moment.

Lee: “Jaxson. I think we need to have a chat. Let’s take this to my office while I am still on break from talking to that fucker Max.”

Lee turns and walks out of the locker room as Jaxson slowly puts his arms through the sleeves one at a time.

Jaxson: “Shit. This can’t be good.”

Jaxson pushes the door open and begins walking down the hall. Lee is already far ahead walking with his usual confidence. Lee hangs a left and momentarily disappears. As Jaxson approaches, there is a reporter about to knock on Lee Best’s door. Before the reporter’s clenched hand can contact the surface of the door, Blaze grabs him around the wrist. The reporter looks at Jaxson.

Reporter: “I want to interview Lee about the take over plot successfully run by Max Kael. I want to know the truth straight from Lee himself!”

Jaxson shoves the man’s arm down.

Jaxson: “First off you little bloodsucking bitch, it’s Mr. Best or God of HOW to you now… and forever beyond this point. Remember that before I take your notepad and shove it down your narrow throat. Second… Max’s plot isn’t successful. Mr. Best is currently doing a little company restructuring and this is nothing but a temporary monetary miscalculation so get that through your thick skull. Thirdly, Mr. Best isn’t in right now. You would be better to come back at another time. Actually it would be much better if you never came back at all.”

Reporter: “But I just saw Lee… I mean Mr. Best walk into that office! I know he’s in here and I want to exercise the freedom of the press!”

The reporter shakes his small notepad in the air. Jaxson gives the guy a shove causing the reporter to stumble back a few steps. Jaxson rips the notepad from the reporter’s hand and tosses it like a Frisbee down the hall.

Jaxson: “Go fetch your little book asshole and if you come back, I’ll exercise my freedom to put my boot up your ass!”

The reporter scurries off to retrieve his book and Jaxson glares at him until the reporter disappears down the hallway. Jaxson turns and opens the door. The God of HOW sits behind his desk and motions for Jaxson to have a seat across from him.

Lee: “What took you so long? I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

Jaxson sits down.

Jaxson: “A little problem with the media but I took care of it.”

Lee: “Good. Now let’s get to the heart of the matter here. As you know, in the next couple of weeks your contract is coming up. With the recent situations going on in here I can’t guarantee what you will be getting in the way of salary. What I do know is that if you don’t start winning some damn matches around here, you won’t have to worry about contract negotiations. Last week you ruined a chance to have an all Best Alliance match for the world title at March to Glory. I set that match up and I couldn’t have made it any easier unless I got into that ring myself and pinned Crow myself. It was there on a silver platter Jaxson and somehow you still managed to fuck it up. This week I put you in a ladder match for the Icon title. Besides the Stable titles… this is the only title that isn’t in the hands of the Best Alliance. This week, it’s your job to win that title and put it under the control of the Best Alliance. I don’t want Max keeping that title around his waist. That miserable excuse for a bastard has done enough! I don’t want to see a member of the AoA or the Knights of Epicness with the Icon title around their waist either.

Last week you failed miserably. I have given you a second chance here tonight. At March to Glory I have given you and Static a shot at the Stable titles. After March of Glory, I want the Best Alliance holding every single title in this federation! You’ve got one strike for the world title shot Jaxson. You lose this week in the Icon title match and that will be strike two. This week you better do something to impress me. If you fail at March to Glory to win the Stable titles, that will be strike three… and trust me Jaxson, you DO NOT want to reach strike three with me!”

Jaxson is stunned to silence.

Lee: “Now get the fuck out of my office before it starts to stink like loser in here!”

Jaxson gets up and walks out of Lee’s office slamming the door behind him as he leaves.

Hardcore Artist paints a sick picture

We return to ringside where we see the two comfortable leather recliners sitting in the ring on top of a paint-splattered carpet that is covering the canvas.  Also off to the side of the chairs is a paint easel with painting that Scottywood made for Christopher America last week.

Benny Newell: Just look at that masterpiece in the ring Joe, we are in the presence of something finer then the Mona Laura.

Joe Hoffman: It’s the Mona Lisa, and for those who are wondering what is going on here, we have gotten word that we will see a very special edition of H! True Octane Story featuring the Commissioner of HOW, Scottywood.

Benny Newell: Don’t forget, the longest reigning LSD champion in the new era of HOW.  66 days Joe, 66 days.

Joe Hoffman: We won’t get into the fact that he hasn’t defended that title since recapturing it from Kostoff, but it will be on the line in 18 days time at March 2 Glory at The Alamo.

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep ’em Separated.

“Stricken” by Disturbed blasts through The Best Arena as a chorus of boos is quickly follow.  We see Scottywood walk out onto the stage sporting his new “Kiss me….I’m Not Shitfaced” Irish Hardcore Artist shirt.  On his shoulder is the LSD title and in his right hand is his trademark hockey stick, minus the barbwire this week.  He raises the hockey stick and his LSD title in the air as the pyros explode behind him.

Benny Newell: There he is, the greatest Commissioner in HOW history.

Joe just shakes his head as Scotty makes his way down the ramp towards the ring, ignoring the comments from the fans with a cocky smirk on his face.  He slides into the ring and props his hockey stick up against the easel and takes the microphone from Amy Smeets who is outside the ring.  He goes to speak but is cut off by the Chicago fans.

Crowd: Templar Owned You!


Crowd: Templar Owned You!


Scotty just laughs at the chant as that gets more boos from the fans

Scottywood: I’d hardly call his bitch attack owning me.  Since I got back to the arena in time for my tag team match, even though I was still suffering from a mild concussion.  But believe me, there will be repercussions for Mr. Templar, whoever the fuck he is.  And if there is anything left of him after Jatt Starr is done with him at March 2 Glory, then he going to become the next masterpiece of The Hardcore Artist.

Benny Newell: It shows just how dedicated the Commish is to his job.  After suffering a severe injury, he still insisted on competing in his match.

Scottywood: And if the attack by the Templar wasn’t enough, there is a whole list of people who pissed me the fuck off last week on Turmoil.  From those two punks Ryan Faze and Issac Slade, to Darkwing and his bias comments at ringside, and Chris CK and his damn gimmick infringement…..And that’s not even including the man that I will be defeating at March 2 Glory, Christopher America.

Crowd: Shut the fuck up!


Crowd: Shut the fuck up!



You can see Scotty start to get annoyed with the fans as his face starts to get red with anger.

Scottywood: I am far from shutting the fuck up!  Now you ignorant fucks are going to close your mouths, sit down and listen to The Hardcore Artist.

More boos come from the crowd and even bits of garbage are thrown towards the ring.

Scottywood: Now last week I gave Christopher America a peace offering of a masterpiece painting, something worthy of being put in The Louvre.  But how am I repaid for this gesture?  I find my masterpiece in the dumpster outside and my locker room painted to look like an American flag.  So I have rescued this masterpiece of a painting and am going to have it kept at ringside permanently for everyone to admire.

Benny Newell: I hope he puts it right next too you Joe, maybe it will make ya look better.

Joe Hoffman: Ya, a blood stained canvas, that’s exactly what I want sitting next to me.

Scottywood: But now I’d like to introduce you all to tonight’s special guest of the show.  Last week I got a judge to order her to take a paternity test to prove that I am in fact the father of her baby.  So ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you all to the biggest bitch in NGW history….Kelly Fisher.

“So What” by Pink plays as there is a small pop as we see Kelly Fisher make her way out onto the stage with a microphone in hand and makes her way down to the ring.  She reaches the ring and climbs the steel steps and enters between the ropes as she walks up to Scottywood and her music fades out.

Scottywood: You really think that I was going to fall for all of this?  You think I was going to believe you when you said you were pregnant with my kid?  That I would just cave into your demands and give you job on the HOW staff?

Kelly: I knew you wouldn’t believe me, but it is the truth.  And when those results prove that you are in fact the father, I am going to make the next 18 years and 7 months of your life a living hell.  Just imagine the size of the child support check I am going to make you to pay me.  From what I hear you have well over a million dollars in your HOW account.  Now of course you can avoid all of that by simply giving me a job on the HOW staff…Co-Commissioner would sound very nice.

Scottywood: Your not going to get a damn penny, nor are you going to get a job here.  Those results are going to prove that the real father is any one of the many other men your slut ass slept with over the past 3 months.  So let’s get this over with…send out the suit.

Instead of getting a lawyer coming out, we get “All-Star” by Smash Mouth playing though the arena and we see Frankie the Cameraman, with a huge bandage on his head, walking out with an envelope in his hand.

Scottywood: What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Frankie: I’m delivering the results of the test that will hopefully ruin your life.

Frankie slides into the ring and walks over to Kelly who he gives a hug.

Scottywood: Ok…I’m just surprised they released you from the Children’s Hospital already.  How’s your forehead doing there?

Frankie: Make your jokes Scotty, but I’ll be the one laughing in a minute.

Scottywood: Just open the damn envelope.

Frankie nods his head as he rips open the envelope and pulls out the piece of paper from inside of it.  He unfolds it and starts to read the results out loud.

Joe Hoffman: Feels like were watching a episode of Maury here…except Kelly isn’t a teenage mother.

Benny Newell: Shut it Joe, he’s about to read the results.

Frankie: The Chicago Medical Center has concluded that after the paternity test done on the child of Kelly Ann Fisher, that the father is……..Scott Thomas Woodson!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Scotty’s jaw just drops in shock.  He shakes his head as he walks over and grabs the paper from Frankie and starts to read it over to make sure he isn’t being played.  He confirms what Frankie read out loud and crumples the paper up and tosses it out of the ring.

Kelly: Believe me now?  Hope your ready for the hell that the next 19 years of your life is going to be.

Scottywood: You won’t get a damn dime out me.  I’ll tie you up in court for so long that that kid will be graduated from college before they make a decision….

The American National Anthem starts to play and it cut in by “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor as the number 1 contender for the LSD title, Christopher America makes his way out onto the stage to some more boos from the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: This could get volitole folks, these two have been going at each other for the past few weeks, and are scheduled to face off at March 2 Glory.

Benny Hoffman: How dare he come out here and interrupt Scotty’s show.

America: Will you for once in your career here in HOW man up and take responsibility for your actions.  You knocked up that whore of a woman, so man up and deal with the consequences.

Kelly: Whore?  I and far from a….

America: For once in your life will you close your mouth….that’s half the reason why you’re here in the first place, isn’t it?

Scottywood: Chris, this has nothing to do with you.  But if you want to butt your nose into other people’s business, then why don’t you come down to the ring and I’ll give you a preview of what your gonna get at March 2 Glory.

Scotty tosses the microphone to the ground and takes off his t-shirt, which he tosses out of the ring as he motions Chris to join him in the ring.  America shrugs his head as he tosses his microphone to the ground and starts charging towards the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Like he said, looks like were about to get a preview of March 2 Glory here.

Frankie and Kelly scatter, but can’t make there ways out of the ring before America slides in and charges at Scotty.  He throws a wild punch, which Scotty ducks, and America hits the ropes.  Scotty reaches for his hockey stick and America comes back at him and Scotty swings the stick which America ducks and hits the other ropes.

Benny Newell: Come on, take his head off!

America comes back off the ropes and Scotty takes a really wild swing with the hockey stick that America slides to avoid, but the swing does make contact with someone else.  The shaft of the stick hits Kelly right in the stomach, which causes her collapse to the mat in pain, her arms clutching her stomach.

Joe Hoffman: Oh my God!  He….he hit her in the stomach……someone get the EMTs down her NOW!

The arena gasps in shock, as there is almost complete silence, except for the few screams of woman.  Frankie rushes to her side to check on her as Scottywood just stands there in shock.  He has dropped the hockey stick and both hands are covering his mouth, not even believing what he just did.  America has come to a stop and doesn’t know what to do as he rolls out of the ring and slowly starts to walk away from the ring, though continues to keep his eyes on Scottywood and Kelly.

Joe Hoffman: Folks, I don’t know what to say right now.  While it seems right now to be an accident, it seems that Kelly took the full force of that hockey stick shot right to her stomach….EMTs are now attending to her….but we are going to go to a commercial break right now, we will keep you up to date on Kelly’s condition if we get any word.

Scotty has now crumbled down to the corner of the ring, hand still covering his mouth as he is breathing hard and shaking a little as he just watches the EMTs attend to Kelly and put here onto a backboard as TNT cuts to a Maximillian Kael enforced commercial break.

 Tune into a special unedited HOR after TNT!!!

Faze Time..

The HOV comes to life and we see a video of something that happened during the break..

We cut to the parking lot to see a white limousine pull into the Best Arena.  As the camera zooms in closer, the license plate reads “HARPO”.

Joe Hoffman:  Well I’ll be darned.  This can only mean one thing, Buff.

Benny Newell:  No kidding.  What the FUCK is Oprah Winfrey doing at Thursday Night Turmoil?!?

The HOV video ends and we are back live to find Chicago native and talk-show icon Oprah Winfrey standing in the ring next to a man in his mid-50’s who is wearing a black suit and red tie.  TV cameramen, not only from HOW, but from ABC, NBC, FOX and CNN have filled the ring and have surrounded the two in what appears to be a national coverage opportunity for HOW’s upcoming pay-per-view, March to Glory.  Oprah waves to some fans at ringside and smiles before grabbing a microphone.

Oprah:  CHICAGO!!

The crowd responds with a big pop and an “O-prah, O-prah…” chant for their favorite hometown female.

Oprah:  Thank you.  I’d like to welcome you to a very special edition of the Oprah Winfrey show, that’s being broadcast LIVE on all networks across the world… right here from The Best Arena.  Now I know you’re all wondering why I, of all people, would show any kind of interest in professional wrestling.  Well I’m here tonight because I’d like to address and acknowledge a very special person.  This person is a man whose philanthropy and generosity has touched my heart in ways you cannot even imagine.  This man also happens to be one of my favorite members of the Oprah Book Club.  Ladies and gentlemen, give it up… for Mr. LEE… BEST!!!

“Undead” by the Hollywood Undead hits the speakers and the crowd rises to their feet to boo the half owner of HOW.  They wait for several moments, only for no one to appear.

Oprah:  C’mon Lee, don’t be shy!

His theme music hits again and this time, Lee emerges from backstage with a very confused expression on his face.  He stops at the top of the entrance way and pulls a microphone from his pocket.

Lee Best:  Listen bitch… I don’t give a fuck WHO you are.  I don’t have time for this.  Can’t you see I’m in the middle of some very important negotiations that will determine the roles for MY company?  Now I don’t know who paid for your ring time, but if you don’t leave my ring right NOW, I’ll be sure that Mario Maurako and his Whack-o-Meter give you a proper introduction.

Oprah:  I- I- think you’re mistaken.

She says, visibly shaken by Lee’s comments.

Oprah:  Mr. Wallace and I just wanted to personally thank you for your kind and generous donation.

Lee Best:  DONATION?!?  What the-

The HOV screen pans over to the man standing next to Oprah; the Chairman and CEO of SADD, Stephen Wallace, who is prepared with a microphone of his own.

Stephen Wallace:  That’s right Mr. Best.  Your 150 THOUSAND dollar donation to the national chapter of Students Against Destruction Decisions will go a long way in achieving our mission; to provide students with the best prevention tools possible to deal with issues like underage drinking, drug use, impaired driving and other destructive decisions.  On behalf of Oprah Winfrey and the entire SADD organization, I’d like to thank you for your support.

Lee Best stands with his mouth open in disbelief as Oprah and Stephen Wallace begin clapping inside the ring.  Then, “Phase” by Breaking Benjamin hits the arena and the crowd roars in anticipation for the “Faze of HOW”.  In street clothes and lacking his knee brace, “The Phenomenal One” Ryan Faze bounces out to a huge ovation from the crowd.  After a quick pose, he playfully approaches Lee Best by wrapping his arm around his shoulder, only for Best to shrug him off.  Faze is handed a microphone.

Faze:  What’s the matter, Lee?  This should be an exciting moment for you!

Lee Best:  You son of a bi-… You did this, didn’t you?  I’ll fire your a–

Faze:  Now Lee, take a look at ALL of those cameramen in the ring.  Look!  There’s FOX news. CNN… ABC… say hi to the folks watching at home.  I mean, I’m a charitable man myself, but THIS?  This just takes the cake.

Faze grabs Best’s hand and shakes it vigorously in appreciation before the half owner of HOW rips it away.

Faze:  It’s become obvious to the world how much you care about our nations’ teens.  And I’m here to publicly apologize to you.  Because maybe I was the one underestimating you this whole time.  Lee, I’m sorry for judging you.  Now I know you’re a busy man, but tell the world and the gratuitous folks at SADD the reasoning behind your philanthropy.  And remember… we’re on LIVE national television…

Lee Best:  Fu-

Faze:  …only a FEW WEEKS away from your prized pay-per-view, March to Glory.  What do you say?

Lee Best:  …um…..err…..enjoy the money you SADD motherfu….

Faze:  And that’s not all!  On top of his $150,000 donation, Mr. Best here has volunteered himself and the ENTIRE Best Alliance to lead the Chicago chapter community service project!  Let’s give ‘em a round of applause!!

The fans roar, clapping more for Faze than for Lee and knowing “The Phenomenal One” pulled a fast one on his boss.  Stunned, Lee Best slowly retreads to the back but Faze grabs him by his wrist.  He raises his arm as if he was a victorious hero, leaving the crowd laughing as we cut to a Lee Best enforced commercial this time.  Before letting go, Faze’s light-hearted expression turns serious.

Faze:  I guess I didn’t make myself very clear, MISTER Best…

Lee Best:  I’m listening.

Faze:  DON’T… fuck… with Faze.

Lee Best: Cut to commercial…..NOW



During the break..


The HOV comes alive and we are shown footage of what took place during a long commercial break as yet another paid interview time was cut by Lee Best…

The scene fades to the entrance ramp, as out walks Paul Slade, dressed in 3 piece suit. Paul walks down to the ring, the fans starting a weak ‘SLADE’ chant as Paul walks up the steps and into the ring. Paul is handed a mic from an attendant from the outside.

Paul Slade: You people may not know who I am, that’s fine. I was told I was to come out here if I wanted to address my son Issac and here I am. Now Issac, id appreciate it if you came out here this instant!

Suddenly ‘The Animal Ive Become’ by Three Days Grace hits and the fans start cheering. Darkwing walks out, microphone in hand, dressed in his ring gear. He walks briskly down to the ring, slides in and is looking right at Paul Slade. Darkwing looks like he is choosing his words carefully as the fans settle down.

Darkwing:  Mr. Slade….um….I thought it would be….appropriate if I came out here first. Paul, can I call you Paul? Your son is very…distraught. Hes unfocused. Undisciplined. If you tell your son whats going on….it may….destroy him.

Paul Slade: Mr. Crawford I cannot even begin to understand what my son has went through on his own these past six months. Only God has been with him as Lord knows I obviously didn’t have the strength to be. Now, if you want to be here, that’s fine. I will go through with this. Issac! Please. Your father is calling you. Please come down here so I can talk to you.

Joe: Didn’t Darkwing initiate this whole sequence of events with Pastor Paul? Why is he trying to talk him out of it?

Suddenly, ‘Exploder’ hits the speakers and Issac Slade comes out with a mic staring a hole right through Darkwing. He then sprints down to the ring, and Darkwing just stares at him. Slade goes right to Darkwing and the two are nose to nose. Neither man is backing down.

Looking put upon Paul Slade gently puts a hand on each mans chest and pushes them back from each other, both men comply Issac more reluctantly than Darkwing, Issac raises a Mic to his lips and points at Darkwing.

Issac Slade: Leave this ring Darkwing…this is family business, you have no right to be here!

Paul Slade: Issac!

Darkwing just looks at both men. Tired of dragging it out Paul Slades voice has a demanding tone to it

Paul Slade: Issac…Mr. Crawford is your peer in this world you’ve chosen to surround yourself in, even if he was not in this ring we would still be surrounded by all these people! His proximity to us does not alter the importance of what i have to say to you!

Issac levels one last Glare at Darkwing before turning to his father

Issac Slade: Alright…please tell me what’s going on with mom, is she ok?

Paul Closes his eyes and mutters something so softly the Mic barley picks it up

Paul Slade: Lord give me strength….Issac your mother has Breast Cancer, she’s going into surgery next week, God Bless them they’ve discovered it early on so there’s a chance of it getting better, but she needs the surgery.

For a second Issac looks like a scared little boy in the middle of the ring hearing the news everyone would dread to hear, the crowd has fallen deathly silent, all eyes on the three in the middle of the ring, then Issac shakes his head.

Issac Slade: H-How long have you known?

Paul raises the Mic to his lips

Paul Slade: We’ve known about this for three weeks, we’ve prayed for guidance and the good lord has shown us the way.

Overcome by emotion Issac steps forward raising the Mic to his lips

Issac Slade: You prayed for guidence? And while you were praying for Guidence did it ever occur to you to call your son! My God dad how could you not tell me this sooner I…

He’s cut off as Darkwing speaks up

Darkwing: Don’t yell at your father Issac, ‘Honor your Mother and Father’ hello? Must I quote the Bible? Can’t you see how hard this is on him?

Issac raises his Mic.

Issac Slade: I told you to stay out of this once, Darkwing…this is FAMILY business, don’t make me tell you again!

The two get in one anothers faces again and Paul’s patience reaches it’s limit.

Paul Slade: ENOUGH! I’ve had enough of this foolishness! Issac your mother is in the hospital! And you’re in the middle of this….of this circus making a spectecal of yourself! I won’t be a part of this any longer! I do not want to be part of this world of yours!

Throwing down his Mic, Paul struggles to get through the ropes and makes his way down the stairs, he strides up the isle and through the curtains, Watching him Go, Issac clenches his fists and looks as if he want’s to scream, turning he kicks the turnbuckle and buries his face in his hands, Darkwing steps forward and raises the Mic to his lips

Darkwing: I guess it’s time to figure out where your priorities lie Issac, it sounds like you’re needed at home, maybe it’s time to stop playing a game pretending to be something you’re not and go back home to your mother….where you belong.

The crowd Boo’s returning to life after the scene in the ring, but Issac suddenly spins around and points at Darkwing

Issac Slade: Oh i’m going home next week Darkwing, but then i’m coming back! Because next week it’s going to be you and me one on one, i’m sick you following me, i’m sick you of you standing over me like you’ve got a lesson to teach me, and i’m sick and tired of you having ANYTHING to do with my family’s business, No more Darkwing! NO MORE! This is what you want isn’t it Darkwing? The chance to step into the ring and prove to everyone else that you’re better than me? Well he’s your chance! Next week!

Darkwing Smirks knowing he’s finally gotten to Issac. He gets right into issac’s face.

Darkwing: No.

The crowd explodes into Boo’s for the Hall Of Famer and Issac looks like he’s about ready to go Down the Darkones throat.

Darkwing: You want to challenge me to a match….thats fine. After the events earlier in the night, Im going to need to have ‘other’ plans anyway. But it wont happen next week….see a lot people pay good money to see me, and im not going to cheat them out of a spectacle, and frankly I DO want to teach you a lesson….but this isn’t a big enough stage, so if you are serious, then you wont mind going one on one with me not next week, but at MARCH TO GLORY!!!

Issac Slade: You want to wait till the pay per view….thats fine…..we can have our MATCH at the pay per view.

The fans cheer and a ‘LETS GO DARKWING, LETS GO SLADE’ chant starts up.

Darkwing: Just what I wanted to hear. You know Slade, maybe your mom wouldn’t have gotten sick if you had taken the time to actually give a damn about her and stay by her side in the FIRST PLACE, instead of running off like you could conquer the world. Maybe…just maybe….your ‘family business’….wouldnt be so problematic. Don’t you agree?


Issac Slade: You know….im sick and tired of you bringing my FAMILY INTO THIS!!! We WILL have a match at March To Glory…..but tonight, we are having a FIGHT!!!!

Slade drops the mic and starts nailing Darkwing with repeated right hands. Darkwing is stunned as Slade whips Darkwing to the ropes and drops Darkwing with a hard jumping clothesline!! Slade mounts Darkwing and tries to rain down punches, but Darkwing quickly escapes, shoving Slade to one side. Darkwing gets to his feet seemingly stunned, as Slade charges at Darkwing, Darkwing out of NOWHERE lifts Issac up and plants him with a HUGE straight spinebuster!!!!

Darkwing gets up and checks his head for blood. He finds none and looks back at Slade angry now. He grabs Slade and pulls him up, and chickenwings the right arm, in a set up for his finisher, Slades head unprotected. Darkwing then nails the DARK REALITY!!!!!

Slade is on his back spread eagled. Darkwing stares down at him Darkwing picks up Slades mic and stands over him, to a Cena-like reaction, cheers mixed with boos.

Darkwing: Issac Slade…..this is just the beginning….Besty or not, it wont stop me from sending you to hell at March to Glory….Cause the Darkone…..has Spoken.

The video then ends and we cut back to live action..

Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v David Black – 0% v Issac Slade – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Max Kael© – 0%

We are back live and Joe and Benny , along with the Chicago fans, cannot believe what they just witnessed as Oprah Winfrey took to the ring and Faze literally got one over on Lee Best and during the break we have learned that it will Issac Slade taking on Darkwing at March to Glory as Darkwing literally used Slade’s family against him.

After a deep breath Joe tells the viewers that it is finally time for the main event and Slade is already in the ring and clearly distraught and clearly not 100% as he has propped himself up against the turnbuckles after taking a Dark Reality only a few minutes ago and learning about his mother.

Joe Hoffman:

Folks we have had a lot going on tonight and quite frankly I don’t think I even can remember the first half hour of the show…there has been that much going on.

Big Buff:

Everything that happened up to this point doesn’t matter anyway. Right now it is time for the ICON title holder Maximillian Kael to come out here and hand the title to Blaze.

Joe Hoffman:

I doubt that anything will ever be handed to Blaze…a man that really is on the outs with Lee Best and has everything to LOSE in this match if he is unable to bring the title down from the rafters.

On cue the arena goes black and a single strobe light flickers from the rafters illuminating the middle of the ring. The Best Arena crowd stands as one as HOW cameras focus in on the HOW ICON Title that can be seen hanging from the rafters.

The crowd cheers as they know it is time for the match they all have been waiting for.

The arena lights up again as Headspace by Velvet Revolver hits the PA system and former Stable Champion Perfect Paul Paras makes his way out and down to ringside.

The viewers at home see a replay of Triple M losing to Bobbinette Carey earlier tonight in a Dog Collar match.

Joe notes that Paul looks almost naked without his Stable Title and this just brings Benny into a plethora of gay jokes and that continues even as Worlds Greatest by R Kelly hits the air waves and David Black makes his way down to the ring.

As Benny continues the gay jokes the HOV comes alive and shows all the various near attacks by an unknown man earlier tonight..even an attempt on Triple P. Each of the vignettes featured David Black nearby.

Joe wonders exactly what was Black doing near all these attacks and Benny calls him out claiming that obviously Black hired an inferior hitman to do his bidding. He should have called the Best Alliance as they know all the good hitmen.

Joe ignores Benny as Spit Shine by Xzibit hits the air waves and the maligned Best Alliance superstar Blaze makes his way out. He looks very determined as he enters the ring and joins the other competitors who are all glancing up at the white strapped ICON Championship belt.

Puritania by Dimmu Borgir hits the PA system and the crowd all turn towards the entrance ramp again as the ICON Champion and now 50% owner of HOW makes his way out to the ring….

In his Maxter 8000 being driven by Shane Reynolds….who looks like he could choke the easter bunny right now.

Max is smiling ear to ear as he is led to ringside by Reynolds. Joe goes over the history of the men really quickly and a quick replay of Shane’s interview from earlier tonight is shown on the HOV.

Finally the Maxter 8000 makes it to ringside and Max exits it and slowly makes his way into the ring. The other four men are itching to start the match…well maybe not Slade who is still sitting up against the turnbuckle almost in tears it appears.

Max motions for Shane to head to the back and the former ICON and World Champion obliges and heads to the back gritting his teeth the whole time.

With each competitor in the ring senior HOW referee Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and the crowd erupts as the Ladder Match for the ICON Championship is underway!!

Joe quickly reminds the viewers that the only way to win the match is to climb a ladder and take full possession of the ICON Title belt. Kael literally could lose the title without getting pinned or submitted.

The viewers at home are treated to a great camera view from above the ring and we see all the men standing and staring at each other and it is at this point we can see all the various ladders laying on the outside of the ring.

Suddenly everyone goes after someone and we soon have a brawl on our hands as Blaze goes right after David Black while Triple P runs at and begins pummeling Slade in the corner while the ICON Champion slowly slithers out of the ring and ducks against the ring and watches the action unfold.

Benny calls shenanigans as inside the ring KOE member David Black just nailed Blaze with a low blow followed by a stalling suplex while over in the corner Triple P is nailing Slade with several knees to the mans face as he sits in the corner unable to protect himself….or not wanting to.

The match continues like that for several minutes as the champion continues to watch on the outside as Black and Paras continue to be the dominant figures in the match inside the ring.

At one point the KOE member and AoA member work as a team as they nail double DDT’s on both Blaze and Slade.

The teamwork is short-lived however as Paras nails Black with a powerful clothesline and as Blaze and Slade are out of action Paras begins to show his dominance as the match continues with him all over David Black.

The first ladder finally comes into play as Blaze slides one into the ring and follows it in. He picks it up and nails Triple P with it as Black reversed an Irish whip from the former Stable Champion.

Joe reminds the viewers that Kael is not the only champion in the match as Black is now a Stable Champion and one has to wonder if that is playing on the mind of Paras during this match.

Back in the ring Black has knocked the ladder from Blaze and now the Stable Champion Black is on the offensive as he works over Blaze as Paras rolls to the outside to shake off the ladder shot while on the other side Slade is debating if he even wants to wrestle as Kael continues to snake around the ring watching as this all unfolds.

Black surprises the fans as he continues to dominate the match and nails Blaze with his Blackout finisher. He quickly sets up the ladder that is in the ring but just as he sets it up Paras climbs back into the ring and shoves Black down hard to the mat.

The crowd begins chanting for Slade who just looks emotionally lost as he is standing at the bottom of the entrance ramp unsure of what to do.

Joe notes that this has to be tearing him up as one on hand he wants to kill Darkwing but with another he knows that his mom would want him to focus on this huge opportunity.

As the chants for Slade get louder Paras smiles inside the ring and executes a perfect stalling suplex ON BOTH Black and Blaze…with both men landing back first on the ladder that Paras had previously knocked down.

Joe notes that uncanny strength of Paras while Benny claims that will happen when your boys shoot you in your ass. As a replay of the double suplex plays on the HOV Benny points on the huge amount of zits on Paras’s back.

Joe claims to have not seen any and as Paras resets the ladder and begins to climb it is apparent that only Kael and Slade can stop him as Black and Blaze are writhing on the mat each holding their backs in pain.

Kael looks out to Slade who seems unsure of what to do. Max motions for him to get into the ring….people at ringside can even hear Max telling Slade to do it for his mother…

That does it.

With a fury Slade slides into the ring and just as Paras has his fingertips on the gold Slade gives the ladder a hard push and Triple P falls along with the ladder and Triple P lands crotch first on the top rope as Benny claims that there is no way that hurt unless the rope had really good aim because of all the shrinkage to Paul’s jewels.

Now it is Slade alone in the center of the ring and he quickly pulls the ladder back into position and begins climbing.

Outside Kael knows that there is no one else to stop Slade and he finally climbs into the ring and starts up the ladder and within moments Kael and Slade are exchanging right hands onto of the ladder as the crowd cheers on both men!!

Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v David Black – 0% v Issac Slade – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Max Kael© – 0%


Both men are unable to garner any kind of advantage as they continue to slug it out. Both Blaze and Black are back to their feet and both men work together and they push the ladder over and neither Max nor Slade land on the top rope like Paras before them…

The go crashing over the top rope and down to the arena floor as the crowd chants..




Blaze and Black both turn to each other in the middle of the ring and now they are slugging it out but Black quickly gains the advantage and tosses Blaze over the top rope and down to the arena floor. Black notices Triple P getting back to his feet and just as he does Black nails him with his superkick Blackout finisher and Paras goes thru the middle ropes and to the outside.

The crowd begins a KOE chant as Black picks up the ladder but notices that is now broke and he quickly scrambles to the outside and grabs another one of the ladders and slides it into the ring and quickly follows it and sets it up in the middle of the ring and smiles up at the ICON title.

He starts up the ladder just as Blaze and the rest of the wrestlers are stirring to their feet. It is clear that no one is going to get to Black in time as he starts up the ladder.

The KOE member reaches the top rung of the ladder and reaches up for the ICON Ladder but it gets a little further out of his reach. Confused, Black stands up on the top rung of the ladder and reaches up for the belt but again it is not within his reach and suddenly the HOV comes alive and we see a laughing Lee Best watch as Static can be seen working a switch that is obviously raising the ICON title up towards the rafters.

The crowd begins booing loudly as Black’s face goes red with anger as the he looks up at the ladder and in desperation jumps for the ICON Title and grabs a hold of it as a panicked Lee yells at Static to raise the damn title…

Black is holding on strong as he and the title go further and further up into the rafters of The Best Arena.

The other four men have made it back into the ring and all are staring up at as Black is literally now screaming for someone to let him down.

On the HOV Lee smiles and whispers into the ear of Static who in return smiles and suddenly Black and the ICON title come rushing down from the ceiling and towards the ring!!

Perfect Paul Paras© – 0% v David Black – 0% v Issac Slade – 0% v Blaze – 0% v Max Kael© – 0%

Black and the ICON title lower all the way to the ring as Lee pushes for Static to make the contraption lower faster…finally Black and the ICON belt make it all the way down to the canvas where the four men literally attack Black and soon enough the ICON title is raised again and this time there is no one clinging to it as no one was able to get a good grasp as everyone was knocking everyone else off it.

Joe is screaming that Black should be the ICON champion and that Lee should be punished…

Just then on the HOV screen none other than Bobbinette Carey appears and nails Static with her Stable title belt and Lee hustles out of the picture as Carey spits on Static and then proceeds to break off the switch, thus keeping the title belt directly in place where it was meant to be…but only a couple of feet higher than at the beginning of the match.

As the men in the ring continue to pummel each other in what has turned into an all out brawl the HOV shows a replay of Black literally riding with the ICON title all the way up to the arena ceiling and then down as Static and Lee controlled the whole thing.

Back in the ring Triple P has just launched Blaze over the top rope with a gorilla press slam and Max and Slade have just executed a perfect double suplex on Black sending the Stable Champion over the top rope and crashing hard onto the arena floor.

The three remaining superstars all look at each other and the crowd erupts again as Slade, Paras and the ICON Champion all look at each other and instead of rushing each other each of the men exit the ring hurriedly and each man grabs a ladder from the outside and all three rejoin the ring at the same time and fight to set up a ladder underneath the ICON title.

Kael backs up and then nails Paras in the back of the leg with his ladder causing the AoA member to drop his ladder and he grabs his knee in pain as Kael says “sorry” and turns towards Slade but Slade nails Max right in the jaw with the ladder sending the champion over the top rope and to the outside.

The crowd starts another SLADE chant as he sets up his ladder and begins to climb as Paras slowly gets to his feet and starts to limp up the ladder as Slade is a full rung ahead of him.

Joe mentions that this could be it but one has to wonder if Paras can make it to the top in time with his hurt knee.

Using nothing but his upper body strength Paras does indeed catch up to Slade and the two men literally get to the top at the same time.

Again two men begin exchanging blows at the top of the ladder and after several blows Paras has the advantage and almost knocks Slade from the top but Slade holds on and in an ingenious move Slade holds onto the top rung of the ladder and swings his legs thru the rungs on his side and thru the rungs on the other side and literally dropkicks Paras right in the knee and the AoA member loses his footing and smacks his head on a ladder rung and falls limply down to the canvas.

Slade pulls himself out from the rungs and the ladder almost falls as a result but he slowly steadies himself just in time to realize the reason he is steady is because Max is coming up the other side of the ladder with a bloody crimson mask and it is no longer Max but the Minister racing up the ladder.

Slade makes it to the top and reaches for the ICON belt but he cannot reach it cause of what Lee and Static did earlier.

He knows he can reach it if he jumps and he jumps blindly for the title and reaches it and holds on!!!

He reaches up to unstrap the belt but suddenly he is met with a bunch of extra weight as Max has jumped from the ladder and is now wrapped around Slade’s waist as the ladder falls below them.

The force of the jump have both men swinging and Max is holding onto Slade’s right arm keeping him from reaching up to unstrap the title.

Max …err..Minister…screams at Slade to let go but he does not.

Slade works his fingers with his left hand up the strap and undoes one strap..then another….then another….


Both men go falling to the canvas as the crowd gasps.

They both literally bounce and are knocked out from the fall as Matt Boettcher races over and sees the man that now has firm grasp of the belt and is declared the winner…


Post match we see HOW medics rush down to the ring as the men are all helped to the back and the crew get the ring ready for the big Templar interview to end the show!!!


 World Championship Match Crow vs. Graystone© ICON Championship Match

Respect will be earned

Darkwing vs. Triple M vs. Issac Slade© TLC Stable Title Match

Only the best will climb to the top..

Blaze and Static vs. Bobbinette Carey and David Black vs. Sektor and ???© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood© No DQ Singles Bout

Jatt Starr’s Return to the Ring

The Templar vs. Jatt Starr


The Templar Revealed!

“O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana plays as the lights go out in the arena and suddenly illuminate showing The Templar standing in front of the entrance, wearing his cloak and familiar black mask. He slowly makes his way down to the ring. There are a few cheers, there are a few boos, it is apparent that the HOW crowd knows not what to make of the man.

Hoffmann: Here comes the man that calls himself “The Templar”. No doubt coming down to handle the rumors that Jatt Starr is not dead and that he will be here TONIGHT.

Newell: The Templar my ass! It’s Splinter!

Hoffman: Whoever it is, according to the facts, the Templar IS someone who was in the Best Alliance at SOME point. Based on the rumors, the Templar IS Splinter.

The Templar enters the ring.

The Templar: The Templar has been waiting patiently for the arrival of Jatt Starr and the Templar has noticed he has not been seen nor heard of since the Templar executed Jatt Starr, the way all so-called martyrs were executed, burned alive. Allow the Templar to correct himself, Jatt Starr has not been heard from except for what Lee Best alleged last week. So? Where is he? Where is Jatt Starr? Forget it. The Templar is hearby DEMANDING that the lying, deceiving coward Jatt Starr come out and face the


The crowd erupts, a full minute passes, nothing. No Jatt Starr. No one.

The Templar: See? Nothing. Lee Best came out here last week, his rage was burning like the pits of hell when he announced that Jatt Starr would be back. Does anyone see Jatt Starr? The Templar doesn’t. So that means, like Jatt Starr, Lee Best is a LIAR. Lee Best loves to pull fast ones. Lee Bst does love his little, insignificant swerves, or deceptions as the Templar likes to refer to them as.

Or maybe Lee Best had deluded himself into thinking that since no body was found after the fire was extinguished, Jatt Starr had somehow escaped. The Templar has another theory on why there was no body. Jatt Starr has been cremated. He was burned into a pile of ashes. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Jatt is no more. No more ruler of Jattlanta. Jatt Starr is the past, the Templar is the present and the future.

And presently, the future of Scottywood hangs in the balance. Last week, the Templar left Scottywood lying in the filth that is the Best Alliance locker room and made Scottywood an ultimatum. Leave the Best Alliance, turn his back on Lee Best or the Templar will rain down on you a world of brutality not even Nero or Caligula could have imagined.

Scottywood, tonight, you make your decision. The Templar will wait right here until he receives an answer.

The Templar stands there waiting. The “Undead” by the Hollywood Undead plays as Lee Best emerges from back carrying the silver UAD Championship belt he had fashioned for Jatt Starr.

Newell: That’s not Scottywood! That’s LEE BEST!

Hoffmann: What is he doing out here?

The Templar: Well, looks like the Templar has ruffled the grass and the snake-

Lee Best: Just shut the fuck up! Okay, so Jatt Starr is NOT here. I was wrong! Who knows where he is? But one thing I do know is that I’m going to walk down to that ring and beat you to death with this championship belt that I was going to personally present to Jatt Starr before you fucked it all up!

The Templar: All you do is talk, talk, talk. You never back it up, Lee! You never did! You had your little Jatt Starrs and Lynxes to do your dirty work for you! You come near the Templar, Lee, and the Templar will shove that belt so far up your ass, you will have silver miners plowing your ass for years. But then again, you have Graystone and Scottywood to that for you.

Hoffmann: Oh my….

Newell: He just pissed off Lee Best and it looks like we might see a Bottomline tonight!!!

Lee Best charges to the ring. Lee Best goes to nail the Templar but misses, and drops the belt. Both men begin exchanging punches when suddenly, Lee Best knees the Templar in the groin, dropping him. Lee Best then pulls out his fountain pen. He raises it up, the crowd begins cheering. Just as Lee Best is about to bring the tip of the pen into the Templar’s eye, he turns to see Ryan Faze coming into the ring. Lee Best immediately rolls out of the ring. The two men begin shouting at each other. The Templar slowly rises to his feet, picking up the UAD Title.

The Templar raises the title at Lee Best as if to say “Jatt Starr is dead, this title is nothing.” Lee Best is clearly livid. Ryan Faze has the crowd in a frenzy……





The Templar nails Ryan Faze in the back of the head with the UAD Championship dropping him to the mat. The crowd and even Lee Best looks confused. The Templar removes his cloak to reveal a BEST ALLIANCE T-Shirt!

Hoffmann: What the hell?


Hoffmann: The Templar has joined Best Alliance! I don’t believe it!

The Templar grabs the leg of Ryan Faze and drops an elbow on it. He places the UAD Title on the injured leg of Ryan Faze, takes a few steps back, the charges and drops a knee on it. Ryan Faze writhes in pain. The Templar places the UAD Title in the middle of the ring. He does the unthinkable and removes his mask.

Newell: That’s not Splinter! That’s….that’s….

Hoffmann: Oh My God!

Newell: JATT STARR!!!

Jatt Starr tosses the mask at Ryan Faze, picks him up, and delivers a Falling Star on the unsuspecting “Faze of HOW”. Lee Best picks up the microphone as Jatt Starr proceeds to lock in the modified Texas Cloverleaf.

Hoffmann: The Jattaclysm!

Newell: I love it!!!

Lee Best, smiling ear to ear, enters the ring and after about thirty seconds, Jatt Starr releases the hold.

Lee Best: By the way, at “March for Glory”… will be Jatt Starr versus Ryan Faze!

“Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squire blares across the arena as Jatt Starr lifts up the UAD Championship as the crowd boos and chant “Jatt Starr Sucks”.

The only person applauding is Lee Best as Jatt Starr smiles smugly down at Ryan Faze as TNT comes to an end with Jatt and Lee smiling and standing together once again!!