Road to MTG09: March 5th Turmoil
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Road to MTG09: March 5th Turmoil

Turmoil Thursday 5th Mar 2009

The Best Arena, Chicago IL

The HOTv logo gives way to the Turmoil banner and the final show before the big March to Glory pay per view begins as the fans inside The Best Arena stand as one as Undead by the Hollywood Undead begins playing and everyone in the building knows that Lee Best is set to appear and the boos begin immediately as Joe Hoffman and Benny Newell welcome the viewers to another TNT.

Joe Hoffman:

Welcome everyone to the final Turmoil before the big PPV on March 16th, March to Glory. I am Joe Hoffman and as always I am joined by none other than Big Buff Benny Newell.

Big Buff:

Enough with the usual same ole same ole……Lee is out and he has a mic!!

Indeed, the founder and self proclaimed GOD of HOW, is standing at the top of the entrance ramp with a mic in his hand as he sports his customary HOW colored three piece suit.

Lee Best:

Thank you for that usual warm welcome….my great hometown fans …..Ahem.

The crowd boos even louder for the Chicago born Lee Best as he just smiles before continuing.

Lee Best:

There is no better rush in the whole world than coming out here each and every week and hearing you assholes boo me. I know some might call me a liar and claim that smacking women around is a bigger rush. But unlike that soon to be retired Triple M, I prefer to spank my women on the ass as I shove my official HOW penis into their …..well you get the picture.

Joe Hoffman:

Official HOW pee pee??

Big Buff:

Don’t ever say that shit again…EVER.

Lee Best:

Enough about my 7”of fury. I came out here tonight to announce that per agreement with Max that we redid all the superstars contracts this past week and this will free up a lot of money for the company and I wanted to kick off tonight’s show with a big announcement…

Lee pauses as the crowd goes quiet and once again he knows that he has them on the edge of their seats.

Lee Best:

On June 8th High Octane Wrestling will present War Games and because of all the money we will save via payroll and coupled with our new endorsement with Canada Dry, I have reached an agreement with the United States Armed Forces for them to host us during War Games.

The crowd erupts with the big announcement but the fans quickly go quiet as Lee holds up his hand and continues…

Lee Best:

Now the USAF is not only going to be the sponsor for War Games….the event itself will take place outside of an arena….outside of the United States…and on the outskirts of Baghdad totally secured by the brave men and women serving over there!!!

Joe Hoffman:

Oh my god….we are going to Iraq!!!!

Benny literally just takes a shot and realizes that this might not be a good idea.

Lee Best:

I wanted to announce that tonight to ease everyone’s mind that their pay cuts were for a good reason and …..well…the show must go on and before we can get to War Games everyone must put their focus in on March to Glory and trust me…later tonight you will hear the fates of none other than the half owner of HOW Maximillian Kael and HOW Hall of Famer…Chris Kostoff!!!

With that Lee heads backstage as Undead plays and the Arena is still buzzing about the location for War Games.


The action cuts to another part of the backstage area where David Black is seen lurking around inside one of the Best Arena locker room, carrying a steel chair in his right hand. After a quick search of the room, he realizes that he is the only person in the room. Frustrated, he throws the chair to the floor and goes to leave the room, when footsteps are heard coming from the other side of the door. As the footsteps gets louder, he quickly picks up the steel chair again, before turning off the lights as the room goes almost completely dark. After a few seconds of waiting in silence, the door opens and a person enters the room, but due to the darkness it is impossible to make out who it is. David wastes no time however, and immediately swings the chair at the person and a loud thud is heard, as the chair connects with the unknown person’s head. David laughs as he turns the lights back on.

David: Static I told you that…

A look of absolute horror appears on David’s face, as he turns around and see’s his victim lying in front of him. It is not Static, as he clearly thought it was, but instead it is Static’s newfound sister Melissa, lying unconscious on the floor with blood flowing from her forehead. Horrified by what he has done, David drops the chair on the floor, while staring at Melissa as it is slowly sinking in what he has done. David panics, as he quickly backs out of the locker room and closes the door behind him. He quickly looks left and right, making sure that no one heard anything, before storming off down the hallway as the scene cuts to another part of the backstage area where we see Static walking the hallway with a big grin on his face. Static’s in his ring attire and his mumbling words to himself, psyching himself up for the match against David Black later tonight. Static continues to walk until he reaches the locker room area. He reaches for the doorknob but it distracted by a crewmember. ::

“Hey good luck tonight Static.”

Static: “Thanks, but I don’t need luck tonight.”

:: Static grins as he turns and opens the locker room door. ::

Static: “Hey Mel, How you enjoying the show so far? I got you a ringside seat for when my match kicks off soon.”

:: Static walks through the door, the light has been switched off, he stands in the doorway and looks flicks the switch. ::

Static: “Hey Melissa, you in here?”

:: As the light comes on Static is taken aback by the sight before him, Melissa us still out cold from the earlier attack by David Black. Unaware of the fact it was indeed Black, Static’s thoughts first and foremost is his sister. He throws himself forward and tries to bring her round. ::

Static: “Hey Mel, MEL! Who did this to you? WHO FUCKING DID THIS?”

:: Static shouts at the top of his lungs for medical assistance as he continues to try and bring her round. He grabs a nearby bottle of water and pours it on her face, without a reaction Static screams again for medics. Two of the EMT’s come sprinting in as Static takes a step back to allow their expertise. ::

Static: “She’s going to be ok right?”

“We can’t say yet sir. What happened?”

Static: “I don’t know, I found her like this….”

:: Static tries to look and see what the EMT’s are doing, with no luck he looks down at his hands. Seeing a small amount of his sister’s blood on his hands, his eyes narrow as he becomes more and more frustrated at not being able to help. ::

Static: “I’ll find out who done this Mel. I promise I’ll get revenge on who ever it was. This wasn’t supposed to happen.”

:: Static walks over to his locker and takes out a steel baseball bat. He slams his locker door shut and turns to face his sister who’s now being loaded onto a stretcher. He swings the bat hard against his locker, venting his anger before walking to the door and looking back down one last time. ::

Static: “Nobody hurts my family, nobody fucks with me. I’ll get him for you sis.”

:: Static then walks out of the locker room as the camera zooms in on Melissa before fading to black..

Cutting Ties..

The action cuts to the backstage parking lot of the Best Arena where a large black 4×4 pulls up directly in front of the main entrance to the backstage locker rooms. The windows are blackened out as so no-one could catch a glimpse as to who was inside, no media surround the car, as per the success of the blackened out windows. From the drivers seat emerges the driver, a large specimen with bald head and black ray ban sunglasses. He looks around him to ensure that the coast is clear, then he opens the passengers door at the back. Emerging first is Dick Avery, sporting a very luxurious white suit. His mobile phone resting on his shoulder as he makes a phonecall. Next to emerge, sporting a long leather jacket and leather trousers is Aceldama. His t-shirt underneath bears his symbol ((–A–)). The two enter through the door and into the backstage area where there is a lot happening. Scores of young undercard wrestlers preparing to warm up the audience as they make their way to the arena stare at the dark and mysterious character as he walks behind Avery, still on his mobile phone, he stops an official for the arena*

Avery- Son, could you tell me where the dressing room to Aceldama is?

Official- Its just right here sir (pointing at the adjacent door)

Avery- Why thank you (back to his conversation on the phone) No not you numbnuts, I was speaking to the official. And this is legit? Not bad, I will see if I can get to talk to him later.

*Avery opens the dressing room door and walks inside, followed by Aceldama, Aceldama takes a seat on the bench as Avery is still on his phone. He hangs up*

Avery- Now, I got to see a man about a contract, get yourself ready, we have a nation to address. And dont think you can walk out of this door until then, it will be guarded.

*Avery exits the room, closing the door behind him. Two men take guard at each side of the door as Avery puts two fifty dollar bill notes in each of their pockets*

Avery- Make sure he does not leave this room, or else you will be cleaning shit out of toilet bowls with your tongues for the rest of your lives, get me?

*The two nod in unison as Avery makes his way down the corridor. Meanwhile inside the dressing room Aceldama sits on the bench, alone with his thoughts……a dangerous situation for someone so unstable. As always when he speaks to himself, the camera does some trickery to make you believe there is another in the room, across from him his thoughts tells him how it is…*

Aceldama (t)- Look at the dog, patiently awaiting his masters return, you disgust me!

Aceldama- I cannot leave, my future here depends on it.

Aceldama (t)- So you really are going to let him speak for you? Does the dog not bark?

Aceldama- I have… choice.

Aceldama (t)- Have I not taught you anything? You can choose me….or to be nothing. How can he speak for you? Does he truely know what you are thinking, how you feel? No! I do, because I AM your thoughts.

Aceldama- Maybe you are right, I dont want to be nothing, simply a puppet doing what others tell me to do. Maybe I should be the one who speaks, not him.

Aceldama (t)- No, we will both speak, forget him, we dont need him, lets go to that ring and show them all who we truely are.

Aceldama- But I cant leave through the door, he has guarded it.

Aceldama (t)- Then we must take other avenues……(points into the bathroom area where there is a small window slightly opened)

*Aceldama gets up from the bench and walks into the bathroom, moving the window across more, attempting to quietly slip out, to which he does, but with great difficulty, his leather jacket rips on the latch as he jumps to the outside. He is now at the back of the arena, he walks over to a door and tries to open it, no luck, he continues to walk on*


*The two guards are still standing by the door as Avery returns*

Avery- So, any hastle?

Guard- Nothing, not a word from inside at all.

Avery- Good, now…..I hope you are ready we are on in…..(opening the door to notice no-one there) fuck! Hes not here!

Guard- Impossible, we never left our posts!

Avery- I am telling you he is not here!

Turmoil takes its first commercial break as everyone is scrambling backstage to get things under control.

Newest sponsor of High Octane Wrestling

David Black – 0% v Static – 0%

We return to HOW with Static making his entrance to the ring. Joe makes mention that he is surprised Static is still here in the state of mind he is in and not with Mel. Benny says that the human wrecking ball of HOW doesn’t need to take time off, he can run over anyone that steps in his way. Static’s mood is clear as he moves pass two tables set up outside of the ring. He pauses and simply kicks one over before he picks the other up, folding it and sliding it intot he ring.

Before the announcer can introduce David Black, Static grabs the mic from him and clocks him across the face sending him to the mat.

Static: Whoever the FUCK touch Meg.. you’re end is drawing FUCKING NIGH.

Suddenly, from out of the crowd David Black appears, sliding into the ring behind Static who is still too involved with what he is saying to notice.

Static: There are extremes I am willing to go –

Black nails Static with a chop block from behind cutting the leg out from the much larger Static who drops the mic causing it to fizz out. The crowd has mixed cheers as they know that Black was the one who struck Mel. Black works over the back of Statics head with his eblows trying to keep the big man down as he is certainly at the disadvantage in a Table Match. Static finally gets a hold of Black’s head and shoves him away with his superior strength to buy himself some time to sort himself out. Black tumbles to the ropes however he knows he can’t let up and he once again hurls himself at Static.

Benny mentions that Static COULD have ended this match several minutes ago however he just wants Black to feel better about himself. Joe believes that Static’s current state of mind probably lacks the moral compucture to made that kind of personal sacrifice for another human being. Black maintains control of the early goings of the match constantly keeping the attack on Statics head as he tries to keep the power house from getting his footing. As his fists seem to become less and less effective, Black is forced to take more direct measures.

Rolling out of the ring Black grabs a chair and rolling back into the ring. He lifts the chair and strikes Static straight in the crown causing the big man to crumble down to the ring. Black tosses the chair to the side and goes for the cover.

Unfortunately Joel Hortega begins to explain, in Spanish, that there is no pin fall in this match. Black gets back up and shoves Joel a little as the crowd reacts negatively to his sudden hostility. Joe mentions he has never seen Black acting like this before and Benny says it seems like he finally grew some balls.

The distraction is enough for Static who finally has the ability to regain his advantage. As Black is done trying to intimidate Hortega he turns around to be met with a face full of fist from the HOW Wrecking Machine.

With a roar Static grabs Black and heaves him back up to his feet, tossing him into the near by corner before he begins to work him over with several short arm closelines and solid closed fists.

Black tries to defend himself however the overwhelming power of Static is too much and his weak defensive jestures are easily swept asside by the massive Static. Wearing Black down to the mat, Static moves over to the table he slid into the ring earlier.

Setting it up Static turns and grabs Black with rough hands. Setting him up for a power bomb, Static lifts him up and turns toward the table. Aiming to drive him through it Static beings to pull down!



Black Counters!

He uses the momentum of being picked up to slide off Static’s back and onto the mat where he crumbles to the ground, rolling out of the ring. It is clear the work over by Static has taken its toll on Black and left him worn down. Static, his mind set on violence, follows Black out of the ring.

The two men fight it out just outside the ring, Black using his quickness only to be countered and thrown into the near by pole by the physically dominate Static. Static grabs a near by chair and heaves it up taking a strong swing at Black.


Black manages to drop out of the way as Static connects with the metal bars of the ring. Scampering back into the ring, Black motions to Static to get in.

As Static gets back into the ring Black rushes forward and strikes the side of his head with his knee causing further damage to the attack he iniciated on static earlier. Black grabs the chair that Static held in his hand and picks it up slamming it down on Statics head as the man’s body goes limp.

Black drags the incapacitated body of Static toward the table where he lifts him up. Suddenly Static seems to have a moment of life as he knees Black in the gut! He grabs Black in a double underhook position and lifts him up!

Black tries to wiggle free…..however Static has him cinched in. He turns and drives Black through the table causing wood spliters to shatter in all directions. Static glares down at the broken Black as Hortega calls the match in Statics Favor!


Post match we see Static point towards Hortega to raise his hand again as the crowd boos the victory by the Best Alliance member as the action cuts once again backstage…

Meet and greet

The scene backs once again backstage…

…..opening the bathroom door, noticing there is no-one there Avery lets out a massive roar, then the guard notices the ripped piece of fabric from Aceldma’s leather jacket. Avery looks at it, then throws it to the ground. From the other room, there is a slamming sound, then the sound of someone locking the door, Avery runs out to the door, it is indeed locked, he begins to slam and bang upon it. Camera then moves to the outside, a youngish boy, wearing Best Arena staff attire, shaking a set of keys out of the lock panicly turns to the dark character who is holding his other arm behind his back. It is Aceldama, he looks at him with his dark stare, then smiles*

Aceldama- Shhh, shhh, you done well. Now go….before he changes his mind.

*The young official trips and he hastilly runs away from Aceldama. The bangs and slams are louder with expletatives heard mumbled behind the door. Aceldama proceeds to the main arena area. Stands by the curtain which leads to the main ramp*

Aceldama- Lets show them the true Aceldama.

*Inside the arena, the crowd grow anxious as the lights dim and the large screen begins to flash with a symbol ((–A–)) several times, the sound of a heartbeat can be heard, then the sound of it flatlining. A voice is heard, it is Aceldama’s, he says ‘Time for your fears to become reality’ as the PR system begins with the bellowing air sirens that begin ‘Indestructible’ by Disturbed. When the sirens end and the music begins Aceldama shows his face. The crowd to ballistic beginning to boo frantically. He stands at the top of the ramp, looking around him, taking in all the boos, he seems to like it, even enjoy it. A smile comes on his face*

Joe Hoffmann- Ladies and gentlemen we were expecting Aceldama to be coming to his ring with his so called manager Dick Avery, but as you seen a moment ago, he has decided he wants to do this interview on his own.

Big Buff- Can he even speak?

Joe Hoffmann- Even though he is from Germany he does speak good english yes. This interview however was requested by his manager to explain Aceldama’s recent actions, his attacks during the Gaunlet match, his throwing Scottywood off that ramp he stands upon and his vicious attacks on both Dylan Nitro and Troy Trinidad prior to their matchup last week on Turmoil.

Big Buff- Well I can explain all those actions, the man is nuts! Now lets save this audience precious time and get Kostoff out here to teach him a lesson.

Joe Hoffmann- Thats right folks, up next is in fact Aceldama’s match against Kostoff, and that one does promise to be a bloodbath. Two very unstable wrestlers there.

Big Buff- There does seem to be one thing missing from this interview though, the interviewer.

Joe Hoffmann- Thats because I was not expecting him so early, and to be on his own.

Big Buff- You? You are going to interview him? Good luck! Can I have your ipod if you dont make it?

Joe Hoffmann- I will be fine, this is national television, and all I am doing is asking questions…could of done with his manager here though.

*Looking rather nervous, Joe removes his headset and grabs a microphone and makes his way to the steps, climbing them slowly, looking at Aceldama as he walks down the rampway and to ringside, he goes under the rope and stands in front of Joe, the boo’s still raging on as his entrance music stops. Joe puts the microphone to his mouth, pauses for a while, then begins*

Joe Hoffmann- Aceldama, since your first appearance here on Turmoil two weeks ago you have been on a vicious rampage, taking out nearly the entire roster. What message are you trying to get across?

*Joe puts the microphone to the mouth of Aceldama, who looks at it, continues to look at it, but no response vocally. He stands and looks at Joe who looks extremely uncomfortable*

Aceldama- Do I scare you?

Joe Hoffmann- Sorry?

Aceldama- Do I scare you?

Joe Hoffmann- Yes, I mean no, I mean….a little.

Aceldama- Why cant you hold that microphone steady then?

*Looks at the mircrophone in Joe’s hand, its trembling*

Aceldama- Maybe you would like me to hold it?

*Joe looks at Aceldama for a while, then hands over the microphone to him*

Aceldama- So you ask what message am I trying to get across? I think you just answered your own question there. That every one on this roster has every reason to fear me, to feel uneasy in my presence, because……well I put this one to you……why do I make you uneasy?

*Aceldama points the microphone to Joe who confused at the turn of tides here, the interviewer is now being interviewed. Reluctantly he goes with it*

Joe- Because I dont know what you are going to do.

Aceldama- Why I am here to answer your questions, an interview am I not correct. Well? Am I?

*Aceldama gets closer to Joe, he winces back, Aceldama goes forward*

Joe- Yes, yes!

Aceldama- But you believe I am unedgy, unpredictable. You dont know what I might do. Very smart to assume that. I am unpredictable, who knows what I may do next, only me and my thoughts..good opening question, you may proceed with your next one.

*Puts the microphone back to Joes mouth, he is panicing now, he fear not to ask the wrong question. He thinks thouroughly before asking*

Joe- Your debut against Silent Witness lasted not even a minute……

Aceldama- (pulling the microphone away from Joes mouth) Next question, I have nothing to say about that unworthy opponent. He was not a challenge to me, and not worth a single breath. Tut tut, good start, wasted by that question, maybe you can redeem yourself with your next one.

*Microphone forcefully goes back under Joes mouth, he is sweating badly now, again he decides to be careful with what he asks*

Joe- Scottywood and you go back, you have history with him…..

Aceldama- Ah good, a very good question, redeemed yourself there, oh I would not of wanted to think what I would of done if there was another poor question, it bears thinking really. Ah Mr Woodson, well the history between us all stems down to where I have been for the past three years, sitting rotting inside a prison cell. At a time of great pains for me three years ago, I went for help, yes, even I know when you should admit you cant do things on your own anymore, I called upon his offices and told him of my pains….instead of understanding I got bitter rejection! He threw me out of his office like I was nothing! He froze all my assets when I was no longer capable mentally nor physically to fight, I had nothing, NOTHING!! All taken away from me! I went back to that I remembered, to the comfort of the four walls. I never forgave him, but someday I will get my revenge. Scotty if you are listening back there, I can wait, but can you? Can you sit in your office knowing that soon you will meet someone who you truly know you cannot fight? Someone with a fire and desire to destroy you and see you beg for mercy, mercy you will not get? Days go by, tick tock, tick tock……it wont come closer, but it will linger in your mind, I am coming for you, but I will wait for you. Next………………..

Joe- You have Kostoff tonight, he has said some things about…….

Aceldama- I have heard them, I heard them all. He says I overlook him, ha, hes just another victim to me. But maybe I have underestimated him yes, he reminds me of me a little. To him it is not about victory, but how much pain he can administer, to me that is important too Kostoff but if your opponent does MORE damage to you by beating you………it does kind of undermine what you stand for. Perfect Paul Paras and Sektor have both defeated you within the last month, to say that you have hurt them is an understatement, they WALKED out winners on both occasions, leaving you in that ring. Maybe the only thing that has been hurt recently is your ego. To tonight, yes bring it all, bring everything, I want it all, pull no plugs, hide nothing. Give me the challenge I have been waiting for……do you think he will be the challenge I do desire?

Joe- Ammmmm…..yes?

Aceldama- Wrong answer….

*Aceldama grabs the throat of Joe, looking at him menancingly as he walks around the ring with him, hand to throat. Suddenly from the top of the ring a figure arrives, it is his manager Dick Avery, standing at the top of the ring with microphone in hand*

Dick- Let him go, do you think it is worth it to take out another official, drop him.

*Aceldama looks at his manager then looks at Joe, who is really panicing now*

Dick- You do that, I cant bail you out, it would be the end for you, do you think it is worth it?

*Suddenly Aceldama lets go of Joe and he scurrys out of the bottom rope and back to the ring announcers table where Buff is laughing at him, so much so he near falls off his chair. Joe puts his headset back on and sits at his desk, very angry*

Big Buff- Oh, my, god!! I honestly thought I had an ipod there. I think you best leave the interviewing to the professionals and stick with what you are good at. By the way, what are you good at?

Joe Hoffmann- Shut up Buff, I am not in the mood!

Big Buff- I honestly thought he was going to end you there

Joe Hoffmann- Just get Kostoff out here to teach that bastard a lesson

*Aceldama stands in the ring looking at his manager, the microphone on the canvas*

Dick- How dare you lock me in that dressing room and come out here on your own and try and pull this stunt? I told you I speak for you……

*Aceldama bends down and picks up the microphone, not taking his eyes off Dick*

Aceldama- Noone speaks for me except myself, now be gone with you, I have someone to attend to. Kostoff, get your ass out here, you want this to be a bloodbath?……

*Aceldama goes into his left boot and pulls out a small shard of glass, and pushes it across his chest, the blood begins to spill. He only leaves a small slit, but he puts his finger in his blood and points one finger in the air. Avery, still standing at the top of the ramp, is shocked*

Aceldama- I will bleed for the cause, but I will also make you bleed, are you ready to bleed? Then put two minutes on the clock and come on down to the end of your career? This may get messy folks, all children may want to vacate the building.

*Aceldama stands in the middle of the ring looking at the ramp as Avery leaves in disgust. He is patiently waiting the arrival of Kostoff to the ring*

Big Buff- That boy is mental!

Joe Hoffmann- Your telling me, Kostoff/Aceldama is next folks, and for those of the weak of heart, this one may be a miss for you….

kostoff – 0% v Aceldama – 0%

Suddenly, Chris Kostoff’s music hits and he is getting cheers from the crowd. Hoffman notes that Kostoff looks fired up for this match, and that Kostoff really does need to win here to get some momentum for a possible spot on the PPV.

Big Buff Benny Newell says that Kostoff is a numnut who cant keep shit together, pointing out the status of the LOD.

Kostoff gets into the ring, and salutes the crowd, as Aceldama’s music hits, he comes out with a deranged look on his face, and walks briskly to the ring. Aceldama slides into the ring, and the fans start booing this large crazy man as Hoffman says that Aceldama might be the creepiest man in HOW.

Matt Boettcher keeps the men separated somehow, and then calls for the bell!!


Kostoff and Aceldama quickly lock up; Kostoff gains the early advantage with knee lifts to the abdomen. Aceldama is caught off guard by the quick strikes and Kostoff manages to follow up with a clothesline followed by a scoop slam and then a big elbow drop….Kostoff covers…





Aceldama gets to his feet and Kostoff continues with the offense. Kostoff with another knee lift, then a clubbing blow to the back then a forearm shot to the side of the head then a kick to the gut then a gut wrench suplex!!!! Kostoff covers again…..






Hoffman comments that Aceldama is kicking out right at two and Kostoff may look impressive so far but needs to step things up.

Kostoff continues with striking offense based around shots to the gut and back. Kostoff whips Aceldama into a corner and attempts a clothesline, but Aceldama gets out of the way. Kostoff backs out of the corner then turns, hurting a bit, as Aceldama rushes and hits Kostoff with the BERLIN EXPRESS, a spear that lifts Kostoff off his feet and crashing back into eh corner!! The fans buzz at the power of Aceldama as Hoffman points out that Kostoff is the bigger of the two men; Aceldama seemed to have no problem at all taking Kostoff off his feet. Aceldama hits a few shoulders to the midsection then picks Kostoff up on his shoulders and rams him into the opposite turnbuckle, hits more shoulder thrusts, and then lifts Kostoff to where he’s sitting on the top.

Aceldama climbs up, but Kostoff head butts him desperately. Aceldama responds with a throat thrust. Aceldama then hits a huge superplex!!!!!

Both men are down for a moment, Boettcher begins a 10 count, but Aceldama beats him to it and covers Kostoff……






Aceldama cant believe it, Kostoff rolls away from him, and Aceldama continues the pressure. Aceldama nails Kostoff with a variety of impressive power moves, a power slam, Oklahoma Slam and a sidewalk slam, but is not covering Kostoff. Aceldama grows tired of beating up on the Hall Of Famer, and nails Kostoff with a thunderous variation of a short-arm clothesline Aceldama calls the FALL OF THE BERLIN WALL. Kostoff looks out of it, and Aceldama signals that that is all. He covers Kostoff…..





The fans buzz as they thought Kostoff was finished, but Kostoff somehow kicked out. Aceldama looks frustrated; he pulls Kostoff to his feet and whips him into the corner. Aceldama looks angry as he walks slowly towards Kostoff. He grabs Kostoff by the head and hits an open handed chop to the chest….



Aceldama then climbs atop Kostoff and measures him…he rains a heavy right hand into the head of Kostoff…..He begins to pummel Kostoff. He hits 3 more right hands, but then suddenly Kostoff reaches up and grabs Aceldama, and walks out of the corner with him in the air……

Hoffman cant believe the power of Kostoff walking around with a 275 pound man……


KOSTOFF HITS THE NO REMORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kostoff is laying o0n his back and Aceldama is also out of it. Boettcher utilizes his 10 count….









Kostoff is stirring; he crawls over to Aceldama quickly and hooks the near leg…….






NO!!!!! ACELDAMA SOMEHOW GOT THE SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fans start cheering for Kostoff as he gets to his feet, Aceldama struggling as well. Kostoff grabs Aceldama and pulls him in the powerbomb position, but Aceldama counters with a back body drop!!! Kostoff scrambles to his feet, worn down as Aceldama turns; Kostoff grabs him around the throat for a chokeslam……



The two men are trying to either choke the life out of each other or power each other over, both men staring at each other crazily. The fans cheer for this display of power versus power, suddenly both men seemingly try to power each other up, but of course that fails, suddenly Aceldama pokes Kostoff in the eye with his free hand and then nails Kostoff with the huge chokeslam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hoffman and Big Buff both cant believe Aceldama choke slammed Kostoff with such authority. Aceldama covers….








Aceldama cant believe it!!! He locks Kostoff in a rear chin lock.

The fans start clapping their hands for Kostoff as he is shaking his fists, signaling he is not out of this, he powers to his feet, turns into the chin lock, and hits elbows to the gut. Then a right hand, he breaks free and Kostoff runs to the ropes….he comes back and Aceldama goes for a back body drop, but Kostoff sees it coming, counters by catching Aceldama in a set up for the NO REMORSE, but Aceldama rolls away, gets to his feet and Kostoff charges, going for a running big boot, but Aceldama sidesteps, and Kostoff crashes into the ropes, his leg catching 0on the top rope, semi-crotching him! Aceldama pulls Kostoff off the ropes and nails a powerbomb!!!! Aceldama gets to the top rope and goes for a huge elbow drop, trying for the second part of his BLITZGRIEG finisher, but Kostoff rolls out of the way!!!! Kostoff somehow gets up at the same time as Aceldama and Kostoff goes for a Dragon Sleeper, Aceldama counters by powering up and lifting Kostoff onto his shoulders, but Kostoff slides behind Aceldama, lands on his feet, and turns him around, grabs Aceldama around the throat and nails a giant chokeslam of his own!!!!!!!!!!!


Cover by Kostoff!!!!




NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACELDAMA KICKED OUT AT THE LAST SECOND!!!!!

Hoffman asks the fans at home just what does Kostoff have to do to put away Aceldama!?

Kostoff pulls Aceldama to his feet, and powers him into a corner. Kostoff now mounts Aceldama on the second rope and starts raining away punches. The fans count with him….







Kostoff looks tired and pauses, measures Aceldama for a sixth punch, but the moment of pause was enough and its Aceldama’s turn to grabs Kostoff for a powerbomb, and walk out of the corner but near the ropes….Aceldama nails a powerbomb!!!

Aceldama holds on however, pulls Kostoff up halfway and nails the second of a double powerbomb!!! Aceldama stays on Kostoff and Boettcher counts the pinfall!!!





Kostoff slipped the right shoulder off the canvas!!! Just as Hoffman is saying that now Aceldama has got to be wondering how he is going to beat Kostoff, Aceldama powers Kostoff halfway up and nails a THIRD powerbomb, this time folding up Kostoff for a cover! Boettcher is right there in front of Kostoff shoulders to make the count!!!




Aceldama places his feet on the ropes!!!





Aceldama gets off the ropes as Boettcher stands and calls for the bell!!!






Aceldama rolls out of the ring as Hoffman is screaming bloody murder and Big Buff is enjoying Kostoff’s ‘one millionth loss’.

Scene fades t commercial as Aceldama raises his arms in the ring as a new era might of just dawned in HOW.

Testing almost complete….First shows airing next week!!

Scottywood© – 0% v Silent Witness – 0%

We return to action at ringside where we see Silent Witness already in the ring awaiting Scottywood.  Benny comments on how Witness hasn’t had much going for him lately, especially with his 49 second loss to Aceldama last week.  Joe counters that just cause he has had some rough matches, Scottywood shouldn’t take him lightly at all.

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH, You Gotta Keep em Separated

“Stricken” by Disturbed cuts in as The Best Arena fills with boos as we see Scottywood making his way out onto the stage.

Amy Smeets: And making his way to the ring, from New York City, New York and weighing in tonight at 265 pounds.  He is the Reigning HOW LSD Champion and the Commissioner of HOW….The Hardcore Artist…Scottywood!!

On Scotty’s shoulder sits the LSD title and in his left hand is his trademark barbwire hockey stick, which Joe comments to it being completely legal in this no disqualification match.  Also in Scotty’s hand is a microphone which he uses to tell the tech crew to cut his music as he stays up on the stage looking down at Silent Witness.

Scottywood: So finally it happens.  Scottywood vs. Silent Witness for the LSD title.  The so-called greatest LSD champion of all time, against the greatest LSD champion on the new era of HOW.  And tonight one of us will be able to lay claim to being the undisputed greatest LSD champion in HOW history……I will also give Christopher America a preview of what is going to happen to him at March to Glory at The Alamo…So like I said, for all intense purposes, tonight you are Christopher America…

Scotty drops the mic on the stage as he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring, not taking his eyes off Silent Witness.  Benny comments on how America is in for one hell of an ass kicking tonight as he takes a shot from his official HOW double shot glass.  Joe then reminds the viewers that America is not fighting in this match at all.  Scotty then enters the ring and the referee Mike Shea steps in between Scotty and Witness as he asks Scotty to hand him the title over and head to his corner.

His face seems drained of emotions as he hands Shea the LSD title and heads to the corner where he props up his hockey stick and removes his t-shirt as Shea raises the title above his head and then hands it off to the time keeper as he calls for the bell and the match to begin.

At the sound of the bell Scotty charges out of the corner and instead of locking up with Witness in the middle of the ring he tackles him to the ground and starts unleashing punch after punch to Witness who can only try and cover up until referee Mike Shea pulls Scotty off of him.

Benny Newell: He can’t do that!  This is No Disqualifications!

Joe Hoffman: Well Shea must be worried about the safety of Witness after atleast 15 hard punches thrown by Scottywood.

Scotty shoves Shea away and explains to him that he is here to only count pinfalls and submissions and nothing else.  He then turns back to Witness who has used the distraction to get back up to his feet and hit a standing drop kick which knocks Scotty down to the mat.  Witness grabs him by his dreadlocks and pull him up to his feet as he irish whips Scotty into the ropes and goes for a big clothesline but Scotty ducks Witness’s arm, hits the other ropes and then lands a big shoulder block on Witness.  Witness pulls himself back up to his feet using the ropes but it doesn’t last long as Scotty clotheslines Witness and himself over the top rope as both men crash to the floor outside the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Huge clothesline by Scottywood, and now both men are in an environment they are familiar with.

Scotty is the first back up to his feet as he grabs Witness and slams his head into the steel guardrail knocking him back down to the floor.

Benny Newell: And things look like they are about to get interesting as Scotty is looking under the ring for only Lee Best knows what.

After digging under the ring for a few seconds, Scotty pulls out what is a roll of barbwire as there is a slight pop from the hardcore fans in the crowd.  He the proceeds to wrap the barbwire around his right forearm, almost ten times until he has used it all and the moves back over to Witness who he starts to stalk as he climbs back to his feet.

Joe Hoffman: What in the world is he thinking now….he has barbwire wrapped around his own arm here…

Witness gets back up to his feet and Scotty charges at him and hits him with a nasty clothesline that almost takes Witness’s head off.  He drops to the floor and we can see the blood start to run from his chin and chest.  Witness checks his chin for blood with his hand and gets a handful of it.  He tries to get back up to his feet but Scotty comes back and hits a forearm shot to the head of Witness, busting him open there too.

Benny Newell: I was talking to Scotty earlier today and he calls that clothesline The Barbed Line.

Witness is down on the floor as Scotty removes the barbwire from his arms and we see the probably hundred puncture holes in his arm, each with blood running from them.  He then grabs the nearby Amy Smeets and whispers something in here ear.

Amy Smeets: The Commissioner has just stated that this match is now a falls count anywhere match.

The crowd boos as Scotty goes back over to Witness and goes for an arrogant cover by placing his foot on the chest of Witness and Shea makes the count.





Witness somehow gets the shoulder up and Scotty can’t believe it as shoves Shea and tells him he needs to learn how to count.  Shea yells back at him, but it is futile as Scotty just ignores him and just grabs Witness and throws him up against the steel steps and grabs his barbwire hockey stick, which is in the same corner.  He takes a few steps up against the guardrail as there is a few unexpected cheers and Scotty lifts the hockey stick up above his head as suddenly someone in the wrong grabs the stick out of his hand.

Benny Newell: What the hell?  Security!!!

Scotty turns around and sees nothing but a red, white and blue painted steel chair crashing against his head.  Scotty falls backwards down to the floor as we can now see that Christopher America is sitting in the front row with a hoodie on that he now tears off as he jumps the barricade.

Benny Newell: He can’t do that!  Security!  Remove him from the ring!

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood is the one that made this no disqualification, there is nothing he….or you can do about America being here.

America has Scotty’s hockey in hand as he tosses it to the ground and shakes his head as goes over to the ring apron and pulls a barbwire baseball bat out from under the ring as he states how he will not use a Canadian weapon.  He then proceeds to dig the barbwire into the head of Scottywood and we can see the blood start to run from his forehead.

Blood is now covering the face of Scotty as America tosses the bat to the side and motions Witness who is also covered in blood to come over and make the pin which he does as Shea is quickly there to make the count.




Witness raises his arms in victory as America grabs the LSD title and hands it over to Witness, but we can see Shea waves his arms behind them, but neither Witness can hear him over the roar of the crowd.


Joe Hoffman: Looks like Shea is saying that Scotty just his shoulder up just before the three count.

Benny Newell: Finally he gets a damn call right.

Witness raises the title up over his head, thinking he has become the 5 time LSD champion as Scottywood climbs back up to his feet and picks up his barbwire hockey stick that America discarded earlier and as Witness turns around Scotty cracks Witness over the head with it dropping him to the ground.  The crowd starts to boo as Scotty grabs his LSD title and as America turns around to see what is going on he gets a face full of the LSD title, laying America out on the floor.

Joe Hoffman: How things change quickly.  Witness and America thought Witness had won the title, and now both men are laid out on the ground.

Benny Newell: That is because no one can beat The Best Alliance….not even America.

Joe Hoffman: You mean the Christopher America, right Benny?

Benny Newell: No, I meant the actual country America can’t even beat The Best Alliance.

Witness lies in front of the announce table which Scotty tears the top off and throws Witness on top of.  Joe and Benny scatter as Scotty climbs up on the table too and carefully lifts Witness up and into a fireman’s carry as he then executes his Game Misconduct finisher, sending both men crashing through the announce table.

Joe Hoffman: Scottywood sacrificing his own body to hit that move on Silent Witness, now does he have enough to make a cover.

America is still laid out as Scotty pushes some of the debris from the table off him and rolls over as he drapes his arm over the chest of Witness and Shea makes the count.









Shea calls for the bell as “Stricken” by Disturbed plays and you can hear the boos from the fans as Shea raises Scotty’s arm as he still lies on the ground and hands him his LSD title.

Winner of the match in 8:48 and STILL the LSD Champion….Scottywood!!!

Joe Hoffman: Well after 70 days of not defending the title, Scotty goes through one hell of a match here retain his title.  The question now is, how will he fare against a much tougher Christopher America at March to Glory.

Benny Newell: He is going to take care of America, just like he took care of Witness tonight.

America now starts to get to his feet as we suddenly see Frankie racing down the entrance ramp and making a b-line towards America as he is screaming “murderer” over and over.  Frankie reaches him and throws a wild punch, which America easily dodges, and America then lays Frankie out with a boot to the face.  America just looks down at Frankie and shakes his head as he picks up his red, white and blue steel chair and makes his way over to Scottywood.

Joe Hoffman: America doesn’t look happy that his plan was thwarted and Scotty retained the LSD title.

Benny Newell: Well he is going to be really mad after March to Glory then…

Scotty is starting to get back up to his feet as America walks over and swings the chair and cracks it over the head of Scotty, dropping the champ to the ground.  He then places the steal chair on top of Scotty face as he grabs another nearby chair and stands over Scotty with a huge smile on his face.

Joe Hoffman: I think America is gonna try and make sure Scotty never even makes it to The Alamo….

America lifts the other steel chair up over his head as HOW Security rush down the ramp, obviously sent by Lee Best, but they can’t get there in time as America crashes the chair down, and it sounds like a gunshot goes off in The Best Arena.

Joe Hoffman: America may have just cracked Scotty’s head open with that shot….

America drops the chair as security reach him and start pulling him away from Scottywood as EMTs also start to make their way down to attend to Scotty.  The first EMT there removes the red, white and blue chair from ontop of Scotty’s head and all we can see is his face covered in blood, along with a pool to the side of it.  America has a sick smile on his face as he licks his lips.  He manages to break free from the security as he walks back over to Scotty and picks up the LSD title as he raises it up over his head and the feed from the ring is cut, likely by Lee Best who doesn’t want anymore shown as Joe takes TNT to another quick commercial break.


World Championship Match Crow vs. Graystone© ICON Championship Match

Respect will be earned

Darkwing vs. Issac Slade© TLC Stable Title Match

Only the best will climb to the top..

Blaze and Static vs. Bobbinette Carey and David Black vs. Sektor and ???© LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood© No DQ Singles Bout

Jatt Starr’s Return to the Ring

Ryan Faze vs. Jatt Starr


Hello Mr. Woodson

Back live and backstage we see Scottywood being attended by the HOW medical crew.  He has a large bandage on his forehead and his right arm is wrapped up with gauze and tape as the medic tries to clean some of the remaining blood and cuts on his face.

Medic: I really think you should go to the hospital Mr. Woodson.  You lost a lot of blood and you may have suffered a concussion.  You really need to be checked out by some doctors.

Scottywood: I refuse to leave this show because of a few minor cuts and a headache.  You patch me up and then I am going find Christopher America bludgeon his fuckin’ head in.  Do you understand me?

Medic: Ok sir.  I’ll be finished in a few minutes.

The camera pans to the left and we see Frankie being wheeled out the arena on a stretcher as he seems to still be out cold from the big boot he took from America.  Scotty spots this and shakes his head as he laughs.

Scottywood: He’s never been able to take a shot well…..Now can you hurry up here?  I have an American sized ass kicking to get too.

Medic: I’m trying to hurry Mr. Woodson, but some of these cuts really require stitches.

We then see Max Kael’s assistant Miss. Giovanni and two large men make their way into the shot.  She walks up to Scottywood and looks him up and down to survey his injuries as she shakes her head.

Miss. Giovanni: You really have some nasty cuts there Scotty.

Scotty looks up and sees Miss. Giovanni standing there as he obviously looks annoyed that Max’s assistant and two henchmen are standing in front of him.

Scottywood: First off, it’s Mr. Woodson to you.  Second, yes they are some nasty cuts.

Miss. Giovanni: Well we wouldn’t want them to get worse and jeopardize your PPV match at March to Glory, now would we.  So Mr. Kael has ordered that neither you nor Christopher America are allowed to lay a hand on each other again until your match at The Alamo.  If you fail to follow this order, then you will be removed from the match and your LSD title will be stripped from you.

Scottywood: Well tell Max thanks for caring so much about my health, and that I’ll play his little game.  It will only piss me off more, and when we reach The Alamo, America will wish I had taken him out tonight.

Miss. Giovanni: I’ll pass that on to Mr. Kael.  Now you get your rest and get those cuts taken care of so your ready for the PPV.  Have a good night Scotty.

Miss. Giovanni smiles as she turns and walks away as the annoyance turns to anger at the blatant disrespect from Miss. Giovanni and the fact that he now can’t touch America until March to Glory.

Medic: Now can you have these cuts properly taken care of?

Scottywood: Just hurry up and fuckin’ finish.

The medic continues to attend to the cuts as the camera fades out.

Hype video

The lights dim down in the Best Arena and the attention of the crowd is drawn to HOV, which is now lit up with a blurred image.

A ‘PWX’ logo flashes. The camera shakes as the voice of Alexis Lace hits the stadium. Flashbacks are shown, starting from January 2006. “And here is your NEW PWX WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… BRIAN WATTERS!!!”

Solo: He’s won three matches in one night!

The fans explode with cheers-and begin to throw streamers into the ring. “With You” kicks into high gear as Brian Watters celebrates in the ring…

At New Horizons, he was crowned King.

The images cuts over… Brian is getting to his feet-as PKA gets to a knee. Brian delivers a hard shining wizard kick as the crowd explodes. He gets up and calls for the Crackerjack as the crowd cheers…he picks up PKA and sets him up, then delivers the final blow! He rolls over PKA…




The bell rings as Fort Minor comes over the PA and the ref holds up Brian’s hand in victory–

Alexis Lace: Here is your winner..and 19:02….and the NEW..PRO WRESTLING X CHAMPION….BRIAN WATTERS!

At Final Fight, he regained what was taken from him…

The screen fades to black, and the crowd is silent, waiting for more.

Joe Hoffman: Watters is back? And here?

At March to Glory, you will all remember the name.

The screen fades out with the HOW logo shining, followed by the promotional screen for March to Glory as the action cuts backstage..


Besty getting stood up??

~Backstage we see Bobbinette walks out of the office of Lee Best. She has a smile on her face as she has Princess in her arm. Sektor appears on the screen and boos are heard from the arena. He has a smug look about him as he presses his hand against the wall next to Carey head, leaning against it.

Sektor: Why so happy…thinking about me were ya?

~She rolls her eyes and shakes her head.~

Bobbinette: No but beating you will be a reason to be happy. Now quit wasting my air space.

~She snaps quickly.~

~Sektor laughs and takes a step back.~

Sektor: Fiesty! Well listen up sugar because I’m about to piss on your parade!

~She raises an eyebrow~

Bobbinette: Your childish banter can’t bring me down I’m epic

~Sektor quirks an eyebrow.~

Sektor: Oh really? Well you may have heard that I bought my way out of the Besty thing at March to Glory, as well as become immune to any further Besty treatment. For an added kick I get to name my replacement. Guess who I chose?

~Sektor smirks and gives her a wink.~

~She looks at him her smile fades.~

Bobbinette: You can’t do that. I didn’t agree to it I don’t care if you tried to buy me in as your replacement.

~She argues with her eyes widen.~

~Sektor places a hand on her shoulder.~

Sektor: No need to worry. I figured this news would be hard for you to take. So I came up with a back up plan, which I think deep down you will love!

~She raises an eyebrow.~

Bobbinette: What back up plan? You can’t do that this has nothing to do with me.

~She says swatting his hand away from her.~

~Sektor shakes his head.~

Sektor: I’m afraid I can, as Lee Best himself has given me full jurisdiction on this one. The alternatives are either go on a date with Besty…or go on a date with ME?

~Sektor is smiling like mad now waiting for her to respond.~

~Her jaw drops~

Bobbinette: are you firetrucking serious? I am SO not going on a date with a cow!

~She says indignantly.~

~Sektor beams with delight.~

Sektor: Looks like its me then huh? Easy choice I suppose..

~She glares at him.~

Bobbinette: I hate you…

~She shoves past him.~

Bobbinette: Fine I’ll go on a firetrucking date with you… AND your paying.

~Sektor nods, still smirking.~

Sektor: Hey that’s fine, I’m no cheapskate. Good luck in our match! I wont bust you up too bad…want you fit and healthy for our date.

~He gives her another wink. She shoves past him using both of her hands to push him out of the way in disgust. Sektor watches her as she storms off down the corridor. As she moves out of sight his smirk turns into an expression of seriousness as the action returns to ringside.~


:::The lights in the arena as “Everybody Wants You” by Billy Squire blares across the arena. A single yellow spotlight shines in front of the entrance ramp revealing Jatt Starr (who happens to be dressed in jeans, black casual shoes, the Best Alliance T-shirt, and the silver UAD Championship around his waist). The ramp then lights up with yellow spotlight after yellow spotlight as Jatt Starr makes his way down the ramp to an eruption of jeers and boos. Starr walks up the rings steps, enters the ring, and is handed a microphone.:::

Starr: Liar. Deceiver. Manipulator. Fibber. Man with pants on fire. Over the past week, the Ruler of Jattlantis has heard them all. But there is one question that is always asked: “Why?” People want to know why did the King of Grapple from the Big Apple go through with this elaborate charade. The answer is simple in it’s complexity.

People who are fans of reality TV, much like the fans of the HOW, are easily duped. Look at shows like “Survivor”, “The Apprentice”, “Top Chef”, and to an extent “The Amazing Race”. The producers use the power of editing to manipulate the masses. They remove the virtues and only show the flaws of the contestants they want you to hate. Then they remove the flaws and show the virtuous footage of the contestants they want deemed as the hero.

Do you see the outline of the picture that the Jattlantic City Idol is painting for you? To put it in simple terms: You cannot rely on what you see and what you hear and take it as the truth. You, the people in the audience here tonight and the people watching at home….you are simpletons, easily led into believing what you want to believe while ignoring the facts.

You saw a car get set ablaze but you never saw the charred remains of the Charisma King, Jatt Starr….yet you all bought into the illusion that the Marquis de Madagas-Starr was deceased. Then you bought into the fact that “The Templar” laid out Scottywood when you didn’t actually see it. All you saw was Scotty lying on the floor and “The Templar” leaving the room. You took it for face value there was an attack when, in reality, it was a simple ruse perpetrated by Lee Best, Scottywood, and myself.

Then when I came to the ring and listed motivations behind the so-called “assaults”, you all bought it. Most of you actually believed it was Splinter while others thought it was someone else. You never suspected it was actually the Sultan of Starrgentina.

Every single person here proved my point. You are all idiots. Every single one of you. From the fans in the audience to the would-be talent in the back.

For far too long the Hero of Starraguay has sat back and watched as the HOW slowly deteriorates into a joke. Maybe the Czar of Ant-Starr-ctica is feeling a bit nostalgic, but I remember when the Best Alliance was the most dominant force in the HOW. How does the Best Alliance allow the Knights of Septicness, the Legion of Dorkness, and the Argonauts of Annoyance surpass them? Simple. Lack of leadership. Lee is a great general, but even a great general can lead a group of cub scouts in a battle against cannibalistic Mongolians armed with chainsaws and bazookas.

The HOW Hall of Fame is an even bigger joke. There is only one person who belongs in the HOW Hall of Fame and that’s the Sovereign of Starraguay! No one man has done more in the HOW than me!

In fact, the HOW Hall of Fame is a total sham. I remember when the Hall of Fame actually meant something. The way I see it, there’s only one person in the history of the HOW that deserves that honor besides Lee Best: ME. JATT STARR. Look at my list of accomplishments: Former Internet Champion, First Ever Interlantic Champion when I defeated Shane Reynolds to merge the Translantic and Internet titles. Check that First Ever and UNDEFEATED Interlantic Champion. Two time ICON Champion. Two time HOW Tag Team Champion. Two time HOW World Champion. I am the ONLY person to hold the Tag Team, ICON, and HOW Championships at once. I am the UAD Champion!

:::Starr raise the title in the air to a chorus of boos.:::

Starr: My goal is to bring you all back to reality and make you realize that just because people like Bimbonette Carey, Lynx, and Darkwing are in the Hall of Fame, they are not TRUE Hall of Famers! When people think of the face of HOW, they don’t think of Kostoff or Shane Reynolds or the Prince of Maxipadophilia, Max Kael. It’s me!

Which leads me to Ryan Faze. The man who wants that title. Sorry Ryan, but you don’t have the foresight, the longevity, or the credentials to hold that title. Sure, you are the flavor of the month right now, the man the crowd yearns for….but that will soon be over.

The Champion of Starronto remembers someone who came into the HOW claiming to be the champion for the people. When he came onto the scene people erupted in cheers. He had the potential to be something great….but then he faced me. The Jattanese Samurai put him in his place and it ruined him. Try as he might, he kept coming back to prove to himself that he could bring down the Risen Starr of the HOW, and with each loss it took more and more out of him until he became a miserable, bitter little man who cannot let go of the fact that the Duke of Jattcramento is and always will be better than him. I don’t think I need to say that I’m talking about Darkwing Duck, do I? It’s pretty darned obvious!

But anyway, Faze, you will live up your name. You’re time here is just a phase. A mere fad, if you will. And soon, very soon, you will go the way of the Macarena and the Furbie, into pop culture extinction. You will go the way of disco, the leisure suit and huge ugly gold chains like they wore in—-

Erm- uhm-, excuse me… this thing on? Eh-he-he-HEM!

Says a determined Ryan Faze, clearing his throat intentionally as he steps out from the back onto the entrance ramp. He curiously taps the head of a microphone that results in a couple of loud thuds and a piercing noise throughout the arena. Jatt looks visibly annoyed at the interruption as Faze makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Ryan approaches the HOW Hall of Famer by extending his right hand, only for Jatt to ignore him. He looks carefully at his microphone, inspecting both ends making sure it’s on.

Faze: Are you sure th- … … -n? Are we that broke that we can’t get some decent equi- … … ere?

Much to Jatt’s surprise, Faze rips away the microphone he was holding from his hand. He scowls at the “Phenomenal One”, appaled that this rookie would have the audacity to do such a thing to a HOW legend. Before Jatt can object, Ryan holds up his hand and tosses the faulty microphone aside.

Faze: I’m sorry, were you in the middle of something important?

Jatt’s face turns beet red, his blood pumping with rage as his veins bulge from his neck.

Faze: Really, we thank you for the history lesson but I, for one, am not interested. One thing I will give you credit for is the elaborate ruse that you and Mr. Best so carefully executed over the past several weeks. VERY well done. So much so, that I’m fairly positive you gave Lee a Jatt-gasm after Turmoil. Still… the question I’ve been asking myself over and over this week… is why choose me?

Ryan pauses briefly as a “Faze of HOW” chant breaks out. He looks towards the crowd and smiles, soaking it in as the chant gets louder and louder. Jatt, not believing the hype, just shakes his head and gestures for Faze to “get on with it.”

Faze: Ah yes, thank you all for reminding me. Take a listen, Jatt…


Faze: Now I agree… it takes time to earn your keep around here. Couple-a months ago, I was nothing, not even a blip on the HOW radar. Today, I stand before you with not one, but TWO victories over our current World Champion. A man that gave you your first pay-per-view loss if I’m not mistaken. And since you’re making your big return at March to Glory, I thought I’d welcome you with your OWN dose of reality.

Ryan’s flaring eyes intensely burn a hole through Jatt’s.

Faze: You may have been “something” in HOW’s past, but this is a dawn of a new era. I am the “Faze of HOW”… I am the face of this organization… and that’s something that you, and ESPECIALLY Lee Best, will just have to get used to.

:::Starr snatches the microphone away from Faze.:::

Starr: How can you sit there and state that you are the “face” of the HOW? You say you’ve beaten Graystone….but I don’t see any gold around your waist. You ask me “why choose” you, and you look to these people for validation. And that right there is why you will always choke when it comes to the big matches!

::::The crowd boos as Ryan Faze stares intently at Jatt Starr, the crowd begins chanting for Ryan Faze.::::

Starr: These welfare cases! These peons! These disciples of depravity! These HOW fans don’t care about you! Yet, you need their validation! You foolishly gave your money away to the Milton Karson Group….why? Because you hate Lee Best and you did it for these people! And what did you get for it? A co-owner more interested in the perfect cup of water than your needs and your sacrifice!

:::Ryan Faze is unfazed by Jatt Starr’s explanation, Faze just continues to bore a hole in Jatt Starr’s head.:::

Starr: You didn’t even get a title shot. Instead, a man who defeated Graystone twice, has to prove himself worthy. Is that the treatment that someone who is the “Face of the HOW” deserves? Battle-Starr Jattlactica doesn’t think so.

Last week, you said you didn’t want fame or glory, just respect….right?

:::Faze nods.:::

Starr: You, sir, are in denial. You want that fame and glory. You want to mentioned in the same breath as Starr-son City Saint! That will NEVER happen! You have to win four straight matches to be CONSIDERED for a shot at the HOW Champion! I could simply go up to Lee Best and say “I never got my rematch” and BAM! Next week, HOW Championship match Champion versus Jatt Starr. But Jatty don’t play that. My legacy is already etched in stone. You…

:::Jatt Starr pokes Faze in the chest.:::

Starr: ….aren’t even in the same league as the Jatturday Night Fever! You….

::::Starr pokes Faze in the chest again, Faze is boiling over with rage.::::

Starr: ….have zero chance at ANY championships after “March to Glory”. The Five Starr General of the Best Alliance will guarantee that! You….

::::Starr pokes Faze in the chest again, this time Starr sees the contempt and anger in Ryan Faze’s eyes.::::

Starr: I’m sorry, does this bother you? You don’t like to be poked?

::::Starr places his finger an inch in front of Faze’s face.:::

Starr: How’s this? You see? I’m not touching you….I’m not touching you….I’m not touching you….

::::Faze, tired of Starr mocking him, grabs Starr‘s finger causing the Ruler of Jattlantis to yelp in pain. Starr pulls his hand away in obvious pain:::

Starr: You do NOT lay your hands on the only TRUE HOW Hall of Famer!

::::Starr slaps Faze hard.::::

Starr: Now, where was—

:::Faze immediately shoves Jatt Starr to the mat as the crowd erupt in Ryan Faze chants. A stunned Starr looks up at Faze who has taken a fighting stance, shouting at Starr to fight. Starr looks at the crowd and back to Faze and immediately grabs the UAD Championship and rolls out of the ring. Starr begins raving at Faze who invites him back into the ring to fight, but Starr continues to retreat towards the back as TNT cuts to a commercial!!!:::

Live on HOTv on June 8th live from Iraq!!!

AoA Team finalized..

Backstage Sektor and Triple P are outside Bobbinette Carey’s locker room door. They are talking quietly amongst themselves. Suddenly Sektor boots the door wide open, were Carey looks up in shock from the fashion magazine she was reading.


Bobbinette: What in the firetruck are you uber douche bags doing here?


Paras: Well, if it isn’t the queen of imperfection herself, Bobbinette Carey.  The Perfect One and the Seksational One have come to grace your pathetic presence with a very important announcement.


Sektor smirks at Carey as the two AoA members walk further towards her. Carey now places the magazine down next to her, as though she is preparing to defend herself.


Sektor: Since you managed a cheap win over the marvellous one, you have now become the number one target for the AoA! So I thought it would only be fair to introduce you to the man who will be walking into the TLC match with me at March to Glory..


Sektor turns and points towards Perfect Paul Paris who walks face-to-face with Carey and smirks arrogantly before snapping his Singapore Cane against his hand.


Paras: That’s right, doll…it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…another perfect night with the Minnesota Messiah.  Speaking of which…how’s your arm feel?


Bobbinette glares at Triple P and rolls her dark brown eyes.


Bobbinette: Okay first you call me doll again..and I will shove that cane where the sun doesn’t shine.


She pauses.


Bobbinette: The arm feels better and it will be epic enough to put you both in your place and retain the stable title. That Triple M lost to me. Yes your LEADER lost it to me. and you two think you can do better than that? Seriously… lay off the roids it’s effecting your brain.


Paras: Listen woman, I don’t know if you got ahold of some contraband blue punch, but the AoA is a TEAM and has no leader stealing our glory, unlike your sorry band of ignoramuses.  And because we are the longest-reigning Champions in HOW history and actually win team matches, also unlike your ignorant asses, the Perfect One would recommend you plan for a short holiday with that Stable Title.


Triple P after making his feeling clear, rejoins Sektor’s side in the middle of the locker room, still glaring at Carey, whilst leaning on his Singapore cane.


Bobbinette: Yeah, yeah, I’m uberly fearing the womanizer. If that’s all you two came for you can feel free to leave and close the door behind you on your way out.


Sektor puts his hands up, almost laughing.


Sektor: Woah now not so fast. Aside from the fact that we have a match tonight and at March to Glory…you and I both know we’re going to be seeing a lot more of each other.


Bobbinette: That’s one date and it’s only due to blackmail. Don’t flatter yourself with this at all.


Triple P turns to Sektor with a confused look on his face.


Paras: Date?  With Carey?  Are you that desperate?


Sektor: Dont you remember..


Sektor leans over and whispers into Triple P’s ear so that Carey cant hear.


Sektor: Remember when I made a bet with you guys that I could get the Queen B in bed?


Triple P says out loud.


Paras: All right, fine.  Just don’t be offended if she screams out the Perfect One’s name while you’re getting it on!


Bobbinette carey’s jaw drops as her eyes widen.


Bobbinette: Okay that’s enough. Get the firetruck out of here! Or you’ll be limping out.


She says picking up a chair that is near the side of the table. She folds the chair up and raises it.


Bobbinette: There is NO getting it on and I would never scream out your name Triple P.


This just goes over Triple P’s as Sektor arrogantly walks towards Carey putting an arm around her.


Sektor: You can deny it for now. But once we’re done with the date…you’ll be putty in the Seks machines hands!


Carey swings the chair as Sektor backs off narrowly missing him. Triple P and Sektor burst into laughter, and suddenly run out as she lifts the chair up, throwing at them. The chair bounces off the wall as Bobbinette lets out a scream of sheer frustration as the action cuts to the office of Lee Best!!!

Final M2G Match!!


Lee slams his fist down on his desk as he just watched Triple P be announced as the partner for Sektor in the TLC Stable Title match at March to Glory.

Lee Best:

I thought that motherfucker didn’t agree to a new contract…..fuck….fuck…fuck…

“Calm the fuck down and shut your man pleaser for a minute and let me run this by you…”

The camera pans over to see none other than a battered Chris Kostoff sitting across from Lee.

Lee lets out a sigh and sits down looking exhausted as the HOW Hall of Famer leans forward and with a evil smile throws an idea at Lee…

Chris Kostoff:

Obviously I don’t have a match at March to Glory and quite frankly I know I don’t deserve one especially after losing to a fucking retard like I did earlier tonight….but I gotta admit that guy went at me and earned a little bit of respect in the process..even after his two minute bullshit talk.

Lee Best:

What is your point Chris?

Chris Kostoff:

Let me and Aceldama on the PPV….we are still in a working agreement are we not? So why not let me on the show and let us run wild and destroy those fucking pole greasing son of a …

Lee cuts off Kostoff in mid rant….

Lee Best:

Fucking brilliant………you are right….Kostoff and Aceldama NEED to be on the PPV….but not as a team…that’s idiotic….no……..yes…yes…..Aceldama will take on Maximillian Kael in a Last Man Standing Match and you…………um… will join Blaze and Static on the Best Alliance team  in the TLC Stable Title match and you will bring home the titles to the Best Alliance!!!

Kostoff goes to speak and then instead just shakes his head as Lee continues to ramble to himself about how brilliant he is as Kostoff just slowly stands up and walks out of the room…..looking very reflective as the action cuts to commercial.

World Championship Match Crow vs. Graystone© ICON Championship Match

Respect will be earned

Darkwing vs. Issac Slade© TLC Stable Title Match

Only the best will climb to the top..

Blaze and Static and Kostoff vs. Bobbinette Carey and David Black© vs. Sektor and Triple P LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood© No DQ Singles Bout

Jatt Starr’s Return to the Ring

Ryan Faze vs. Jatt Starr


Bobbinette Queen B Carey© – 0% v Sektor – 0%

Back live cameras liven up at ringside as Bobbinette Carey can be seen making her way down to the ring with the stable title wrapped around her waist, she tags a few hands and enters the ring, posing and rallying up the fans as she gets ready for her match.


Benny Newell: I can’t believe she won the title..


Joe Hoffman: Why not?


Benny Newell: I can’t even believe the AoA held the title, but Carey..


Benny shakes his head at the idea, but following the lights hit green and out comes Sektor to his music. The fans boo as he makes his way down to the ring, taunting and teasing fans on the way, he gets to the ring and has eyes locked on Carey, she also keeps her eyes on him. Sektor slides into the ring and the ref rings the bell, the two immediately begin circling each other.


Joe Hoffman: I must remind people, this is a hardcore match, so expect some violence from both of these two athletes, don’t let appearances deceive you in any way.


Benny Newell: I hope they demolish each other.


Immediately out of nowhere Sektor runs at Carey hoping for a clothesline, she ducks, Carey catches Sektor off guard though with a clothesline of her own on his return. She pulls him up, hits a few rights, and sends him running into the turn-buckle, Sektor thinks smart and tries to push off and leap backwards, hoping to leap over Carey, but Carey leaves out her foot and Sektor lands crotch first on her boot.


Benny Newell: Fucking women, always have to abuse our balls.


Carey lands an early suplex on Sektor and goes for an early cover, Sektor quickly kicks out after 1. Carey sits up and taps her head, she makes exit from the ring and lifts up the apron, she digs around and pulls out a steel dustbin, she throws it into the ring, and follows with more items, steel objects and more. Sektor starts getting up and Carey quickly picks up the steel dustbin slamming it into his head, and again, and again, Sektor stumbles out the ring and Carey follows.


Joe Hoffman: Is that better abuse for you Benny?


Benny Newell: Were getting there..


Carey again uses the beaten steel bin to smash off Sektor’s back, he tries to escape and Carey follows him slamming rights and lefts into him the whole time. Carey digs under the ring again and yanks out a table, but pushes it aside, and pulls out another steel bin, and straight away slams it into Sektor’s face, he drops to the floor. The ref keeps a close eye the whole time and Carey places the bin onto Sektor’s head, she rams him into the steel ring post and he drops to the floor. The fans begins chanting for Carey as they watch her set up the table she pulled out, she places Sektor on it and climbs in the ring, feeding off the chants. Carey then climbs the turn-buckle, eyes on Sektor the whole time, and she leaps, she hopes for a diving elbow to the outside, onto Sektor, through the table, but he moves, Carey goes through the table and smacks hard off the concrete floor.


Benny Newell: NOW this is the abuse I was looking for, Carey beating herself up, haha!


Sektor makes quit work to his feet, rolling Carey in the ring, he picks up his own trash can and slams it into her, she’s already down so he continues to slam away, denting and moulding it to the shape of Carey’s limp body. He looks confident and goes for a cover..









Kick Out!



Sektor looks at the referee as if he’s doing his job wrong, Sektor begins slapping Carey about, rights, lefts, slaps and chops, kicks to elbows and everything possible to a spare limb. Carey stumbles about, almost dazed and Sektor begins teasing as he pinches her butt, she slaps him away, he does it again, Carey gets annoyed and lands a right into his face, he drops her. Sektor follows hitting a few different style suplex’s on Carey, he lands a hard DDT and gets a rise out the fans as he pulls out some rope, he ties Carey up, and wraps it around her neck and locks her in a Crossface Chickenwing. The fans boo and chant for Carey but Sektor keeps her down, even grabbing her breasts as he holds her down, she’s almost out and the ref checks on her, she goes limp and he lifts up her arm…


It drops once..


Benny Newell: Oh this will be good..


It drops twice..


Joe Hoffman: Could it be?


It drops three tim… no…


Carey’s arm bounces back up and a chant rises from the fans, Sektor panics, he squeezes and yanks, rolling around to try keep her down, but she manages to bring Sektor to his feet, a few elbows cause the release, she yanks off the rope. But as she turns around Sektor stomps a huge super kick in her face sending her back to the mat, Sektor endures the boos as he mounts Carey holding his crotch and shoving it in her face, he smiles, but starts searching around the ring, and after much searching lifts up a fork to the fans. Sektor grabs Carey he jams the fork into her head, and again, the fans react with an ouch, but Sektor jams it in again, and again, and once more, blood is now pouring from the head of Carey.


Benny Newell: There’s nothing better then seeing a woman bleed.


Sektor begins climbing the turn-buckle, Carey is on her knees, almost out of it and Sektor leaps off aiming the fork for her head again, but all it takes is a hand as she lifts it up, Sektor lands crotch first as Carey grips and yanks away, eventually Sektor just falls to the mat.


Benny Newell: BALL ABUSING! It should be banned!


Joe Hoffman: It’s a Hardcore match!


Benny Newell: This isn’t a porno!


Carey gains some energy and manages to pull up a steel chair, Sektor is getting up, he turns, and WHACK! Carey slams the chair into his head, he falls against the ropes, Carey whacks him again, Sektor is almost limp. Carey throws the steel chair to the ground and grabs Sektor, slamming him hard with a huge DDT head first into the steel chair, she covers..












SEKTOR KICKS OUT! Just about, the ref is panicking himself, Carey begins to complain, grabbing the ref by the scruff of the neck, getting her own blood on him. A confused Sektor comes crawling up behind and takes advantage of a distracted Carey, surprisingly he uses the wrong move, attempting a low blow on her. Carey stands still, confused, Sektor is confused, dazed, smiling, he slaps her ass and Carey turns around, she looks down at Sektor and he realises what he’s just done. He dives to his feet, he goes for a right, Carey blocks, she goes for her own, he blocks, he tries a kick, she moves, Carey attempts a back kick and he ducks. The two seem to be getting some second wind, Carey sends Sektor off the ropes, goes for a clothes, he ducks, he comes back for one of his own but Carey grabs him arm and swings him. Sektor reverses himself and sends Carey into the ropes, he goes for a back body drop but she leaps over him, Sektor then runs off the opposite side of the ropes as Carey is still running, the two then come diving at one another and slam into each other hard with a double clothesline, both dropping to the mat.


Joe Hoffman: These two giving it everything they’ve got.


Benny Newell: Clearly not, because I’m not entertained, I want to see Sektor arm separated from his body, Carey blood soaking every bit of the ring, so until then, I’m not happy.


Joe Hoffman: I didn’t know this was a ‘lets please Benny’ match.

The two begin getting up the same time, but Sektor rolls out the ring while Carey uses the ropes. Sektor can be seen yanking the Stable title from officials at ringside, he rolls back into the ring, Carey is up and moves toward Sektor but Sektor strikes. He launches the belt at Carey’s head, she ducks, Carey lands a boot and Sektor drops the title, she bends down to get it only to receive a boot in the face from Sektor. Sektor grabs her, kisses her.. and hits the C-SEKTION landing her face first into the title, he covers..













TNT goes to commercial as Sektor stands over Carey and smiles…..

Fisher Price Fed love….


Back live…

Triple M is sitting on a folding chair in his locker room with his head down and his elbows resting on his knees. Suddenly HOW’s newest member Totally Bitchin Asshole runs into the room and stops when he sees Triple M sitting in the chair.  TBA puts his hand on Maurako’s shoulder and Mario picks his head up and looks at TBA.

Mario Maurako: What on earth are you doing here?

TBA: You asked me to come remember?

Mario Maurako:  Yeah I asked for you to come to HOW… not… not…. I don’t even know what to call this.

TBA: It’s my Super Hero alter ego all the cool kids have them these days. You know like you have Blue Thu-

Mario Maurako: I have more important things to deal with tonight.

TBA: Then whey did you ask for me to come here?

Mario Maurako: I asked you here to offer you a spot.

TBA: A spot?

Mario Maurako: Not a just any spot. Not a liver spot, not a spot like your dog Spot.

TBA: I’ve always wanted a dog named Spot.

Mario Maurako: Dude, I’m offering you MY SPOT… My spot in the Argonauts of Awesome.

TBA: Where are you going?

Mario Maurako: Man you have to take that mask off if you’re going to be in the AoA.

TBA: Ah man… I was starting to like it.

TBA pulls his mask off and reveals himself to be longtime friend and Championship Tag Team partner of Triple M, Silver Cyanide.

Mario Maurako: That’s much better Cyanide.

Silver Cyanide: But if I’m taking your spot where are you going?

Mario Maurako: I have to retire. If I want to save Amanda I have no choice but to do what Crow says and retire tonight.

Silver Cyanide: I’ll go with you tonight… we’ll take Crow out and Save Amanda.

An envelope slides under the door. Cyanide picks it up and hands it to Maurako. Triple M opens the envelope and reads the letter out load.

Mario Maurako: Mario, meet me at the Skyway Bridge as soon as possible. I’m already there and Amanda’s future now rests on your shoulders. Make your choice.

Triple M stands up and tosses the envelope and letter on the ground. He turns around and grabs a purple jersey off of the back of his chair. He slides it on and it is revealed that it is his #1 Minnesota Vikings Jersey with “Maurako” on the back.

Mario Maurako:  Why did he have to pick the bridge where I have to pay a Toll? So now I have to pay a toll to save my own wife.

Silver Cyanide: Yeah that’s like a double slap in the face.

Mario Maurako: Well I’ve got to go get her back. But Cyanide, I know you will do the AoA well in my spot.

Silver Cyanide: Yeah yeah liver spot, dog spot, bald spot, ketchup spot, ink spot, hot spots, vacation spots, roster spots… your spot. I got it.

Mario Maurako: Cyanide there is just one more thing you need to know.

Silver Cyanide: What’s that?

Mario Maurako: If it’s not Awesome… We don’t like it.

The camera fades as Triple M walks out leaving Cyanide and the letter in the locker room.

Chris CK – 0% v Totally Bitchin Asshole – 0%

The action returns to the ring where CK is already centred and waiting for Silver Cyanide to enter. He watches as the newest member of AoA flaunts his way around the outside of the ring posing for the crowd to his theme music. Benny and Joe mention the confusion over who the masked totally bitching asshole was. Speculation was being made about him possibly being C-Rod or even his brother Customizer. But as it turns out the man is none other than former tag team partner of Triple M Silver Cyanide.


Cyanide enters the ring and ignores CK as he continues to pose for the crowd with his back turned. The crowd let out a big cheer for CK as he runs up and nails a drop kick between Cyanides shoulder blades, sending him to the outside. Before Cyanide has a chance to regroup on his feet, CK is already vaulting over the ropes and landing with a cross body. Joe mentions how CK has been more of a fan favourite since his return to HOW. CK drags Cyanide to his feet by his hair and knee’s him in the gut, before rolling him back into the ring.


The momentum stays with Chris CK as he whips Cyanide to the ropes and scoops him up, dropping him hard to the mat with a sidewalk slam. He covers and Hortega counts..




Cyanide gets a shoulder up with ease. CK wastes no time as he drops a couple of elbows across the sternum of his opponent. He raises an arm to the crowd who are behind him one hundred percent. He goes to bring Cyanide back to his, but Cyanide sends a stiff punch to the intestinal area of CK. Joe mentions how this is a bit of a low punch, but Benny sarcastically reminds him that this isn’t boxing. Cyanide looks to capitalise but CK blocks a punch, and delivers a couple of elbows before whipping him to the ropes. CK bends down to hit a move, but Cyanide stops in his tracks and kicks CK in the face, causing him to stand upright. CK turns around, allowing Cyanide to his a diving reverse DDT! Cyanide now covers..




CK kicks out. Cyanide spends the next minute and a half wearing CK manages to get to his feet and push Cyanide back to the ropes, but Cyanide turns him around and releases the hold, instead executing a Russian leg sweep. The crowd boo Cyanide as he climbs up to the top turnbuckle looking for a high risk move. He poses at the top, not realising that CK has sprung to life. CK springboards off the ropes and connects with an enziguri to the back of Cyanides head. Cyanide falls into a sit down position on the top of the turnbuckle, getting a painful reaction from the crowd. CK climbs up and looks to his a superplex from the top rope, but Cyanide punches him in the ribs, and instead hits a reverse suplex dropping CK on his stomach. CK rolls over in pain and Cyanide quickly leaps into the air and lands on CK with a frogsplash. The moves causes Cyanide to wince in pain as he throws an arm over CK.








KICKOUT! Cyanide looks around at the crowd with his jaw wide open. He shakes his head and gets himself back to his feet. Showing a vicious side his kicks CK in the head a couple of times before dragging him to his feet. CK breaks free and sweeps around the back of Cyanide landing a perfect yet devastating german suplex. Cyanide holds the back of his head in pain, as CK takes this time to get some rest bite. Joe mentions how this is twice now that CK has come from nowhere to land a high impact move and perhaps Cyanide should be more aware of this.


CK is back on his feet and walks straight over to Cyanide. He sends a low dropkick to his head, and then flips him over, locking in an ankle lock. Whilst Cyanide screams in pain Joe reminds the fans that this is also a signature hold used by CK’s former tag team partner Sektor, and now CK is using it against one of Sektor’s AoA team mates. Cyanide meanwhile holds his arm out reaching for the ropes, whilst CK screams at him to tap out. Cyanide drags himself a little closer to the ropes, but CK drags him back to the middle, however Cyanide uses his leg strength to pull CK nearer and kicks him with his free leg in the shoulder forcing him to break the hold. Cyanide struggles to get to his feet as CK bares down on him with a stiff elbow to the head. CK then whips him towards the corner but Cyanide has other ideas as he reverses and sends CK crashing into the corner. Cyanide then performs a handspring and elbows CK in the corner, causing him to fall forwards. Cyanide nurses his ankle for a second before stomping away at CK with his good leg.


He pulls CK to his feet and drops him with a spinebuster, flipping him over and locking in a Boston crab. Benny comments on the turn of events as it is now CK on the verge of tapping out. Cyanide continues the pressure for almost two minutes before CK finally reaches the ropes, forcing Hortega to tell Cyanide to break the hold. Cyanide ignores Hortega as he counts towards a DQ.








Cyanide finally releases the hold and pulls CK to his feet. Out of nowhere CK kicks him in the gut and goes to hit the Killed Cold. The fans go wild but Cyanide sweeps the legs of CK and catapults him towards the ropes. CK bounces off them and turns around only to be greeted by a reverse STO, which benny points out is Cyanides DEMENTIA PUGILISTICA!!! Cyanide covers for the










The crowd boo fiercely as the exhausted Cyanide holds a tired arm in the air, looking down at CK with an enormous smirk on his face.


Joe takes TNT to commercial as the newest AoA member is victorious in his debut….

All original programming starting next week!!

Have Faith in Max

Back live…

The Office of Max Kael within the Best Arena looked more like it belonged in a castle somewhere in Europe. The wooden walls were covered with paintings of country sides and “important” persons in Maxopotamia’s history. A faux fireplace sat against the far wall with a portrait of the Prime Minister above it and two statues of Max Kael to either side of it. Max Kael was currently sitting in a large black leather chair behind his desk, the back of it turned toward the door.

Issac Slade opens the door and sticks his head in, The ICON Championship is around his waist but he’s covered it up with his jacket, not wanting to rub his victory in Max’s face

Slade: You wanted to see me Max?

Coming in he looks around the room taking in the various pieces of art and sculptures decorating it, it’s without a doubt the most lavish office he’s ever been in

Slade: It looks good in here Max…but it needs a Chandelier for a better lighting effect you know?

Issac’s tone is friendly and light as he speaks to Kael who’s back is still turned

Max slowly turned the chair around to look at Slade, the squeaking of his chair piercing the air as he did so. He wore a black suit with his Maxopotamian arm band snug on his right arm. White bandages cover part of his face and cover his left eye, testimony of the damage he received during the ICON match last Turmoil. The rest of his face is frozen into a deep frown with his brown eye glaring at Slade who stood in front of him. Max’s fingers rattled off the leather arm rest as he looked like one bitter little nugget.

Max Kael: You’re suggestion is noted. Thank you for being so prudent Mr. Slade, I was eager to speak with you about my choice to put you in a match with Shane Reynolds this week. Do you know why I did it?

Bruised and battered as he is Issac is nowhere near as in rough a shape as Kael, taken back for a moment he decides that perhaps a less light hearted approach is necessary

Slade: I Don’t, but I didn’t expect representing the ICON Championship would be a walk in the park, but please tell me what your motives behind it are

Max eased himself up out of his chair, straightening his tie and his suit as he moved around his desk toward one of the paintings on the walls of a rather cruel looking man with wild grey hair and a dead eye. He was dressed in the black tunic of the Catholic Church and his expression was a mix of sour disinterest and zealous madness.

Max Kael: That is my grandfather or was.. his name was Father Obediah Kael, Sr. I do not imagine he would have approved of the life I live. He was a hard man, one who did not approve of much you know. But that’s family for you.

The tone in his voice is a mix of admiration and loathing, a strange sort of combination as he folded his hands behind his back.

Max Kael: You’re going to face Darkwing and Triple M at March to Glory and if you have any hope of defeating those two you will need a trial of fire that will put you there. You won a ladder match for the ICON title, too be sure, but do you believe you can defeat a Hall of Famer who made his career with the ICON title and Triple P, one of the longest reigning Stable Champions in HOW History?

Slade pondered the picture for a moment

Slade: I know what it’s like for family to not approve of the life you choose, unfortunately thanks to Darkwing last week the entire viewing population also knows it

Shaking his head he continues

Slade: It’s an interesting question you bring up Max “Belief” is a powerful thing, what one “Believes” in often gets forced on others, much like our family members didn’t believe in what it was we do, and yet here we are because we believe in what it is we do beyond a shadow of a doubt

Issac looks into Max’s one good eye

Slade: Do I believe I’m going to go out there and win? No, every night I got out there prepared to lose, because I feel that going out there and believing I’m always going to win would turn me into an arrogant shell of a man, what I will tell you Max is that every time I go out to that Ring I “Have Faith” that I’m going to win, I have Faith in myself, in my abilities, and in my beliefs, and so far? it hasn’t let me down yet, so to answer your question Do I believe I can beat Shane Reynolds? No, I could very well lose tonight, become a one hit Champion who couldn’t hold onto something he worked hard to get, that reality is very real, but I do Have Faith that I can go out there tonight and show Shane Reynolds what I’m made of, and get that win

Max Kael: Pha! Slade you’re going to have to have more then Faith. Faith is that little lie in the pit of your heart that exists only to ensure that when the end comes you’ll be complacent enough with yourself to let it happen!


Max’s voice altered slightly to more of a hiss as something terrible flashed in his brown eye. A soft blink later and Max’s hand lifted to his forehead where he rubbed the bandages before turning around again.


Max Kael: Irregardless, your in a business where nothing is sacred. Darkwing got into your head, provoked you to attack last week. He’ll do that too you for you see Darkwing relies on trickery and psychological warfare to defeat you. You’re better then he is but you won’t admit that. You’ve already accepted failure even at the best of your ability. He has already won. This is not the business for the pious, for the kind and the giving Slade. Not the business for people with.. faith.

Slades face Darkens at the mention of Darkwing, he can’t deny the man has gotten into his head and he loathes that fact

Slade: Nothing in this business is sacred because no one’s tried to make it Sacred Max, we can agree to disagree on faith, but accepting Failure is a part of life, I can accept Failure as long as it always makes me stronger, as far as Darkwing goes I will deal with him at the PPV.

His voice rising in anger as he discusses Darkwing he shakes his head

Slade: You’re trying to help me…I understand, if I can’t beat Shane Reynolds than I stand no chance against Darkwing and Triple M

Max let out a hiss that sounded like he was trying to hold back a laugh before he turned around setting a bony hand on Slades shoulder, a toothy, shark like grin stretched across his face.


No. If you can survive Shane Reynolds you have a chance against Darkwing and Triple M. If you can defeat him well.. Then you’re far better then I thought. I didn’t book you in this match to win, Slade, I booked you in this match to see how you cope. Maybe its true, maybe no one in this business has tried to make things sacred. But you’re not talking about a Sunday function at the local mission, here there be Monsters.


Max squeezed Slades shoulder before he released his grip moving back to his desk.


They’ll tear you apart if they can. They’ll attack your family. They’ll attack your loved ones, friends, even pets here. And there isn’t some bright, counter force in this void to defend you if you can not defend yourself. Morality is a punch line. Kindness tainted by arrogance. No virtues in this place that isn’t shaded with the severity of sin. You think Darkwing has stepped across the line and gotten into your head? What happens when Crow comes for you? Or Graystone?.. or me? You’re faith won’t be enough, I promise you.

Issac ponders what he’s been told before shaking his head

Slade: I understand you a lot better now Max, I don’t know when you lost your Faith, or how it was taken from you, but I see the depths to which you’ve fallen, and you’ve fallen Hard haven’t you Max? You surround yourself with all of this? but you’re not happy, you have more experience than me and you’re a bitter teacher Kael, but you’re lessons are sound, But I’m sad for how far you’ve fallen, as far as what else you’ve said…

Issac leans down placing his hands on either side of Kael’s desk and looks down at the Half Owner of HOW

Slade: If Crow…or Graystone…Or you comes for me, I won’t be hard to find

Meeting Max’s piercing one eyed Gaze Issac points a finger at him

Slade: You own Half of HOW, You hold Half the Power around here, You make half the choices, Half the booking, but at what cost Max? Half your soul? The entire thing? Because if you had a soul you would see that all of this? All your power, it doesn’t matter in the long run, Lee won’t rest until he’s taken it all away from you, You’re sitting here in this office and you may be thinking you’re planning, protecting what’s yours, but in the end you’re just waiting for it to be all taken away from you, because by your logic HOW is a godless, faithless cesspool, a veritable hell full of demons, and here Faith isn’t enough.

Issac shakes his head

Slade: I’ll take my faith over what’s in this room any day of the week Max, besides, according to my father and your grandfather we’re already going to hell anyway…so what do you have to lose?

Max’s teeth ground together but he did not answer as he glared at Slade for a moment. His hand clenched the arm rest of his chair as a little scarlet stain spread from the bandages on his fore head. His eye flickered toward the door.

Max Kael: Get out of my office, Mr. Slade.

Issac was grateful for the dismissal, wound up by the conviction of his words he felt staying in this room any further would have led to bad things happening, taking a deep breath he stood up and left but before he shut the door he looked over his shoulder and spoke, his voice softer, less angry

Slade: Have Faith Max…it’s the only thing they can’t take away from you here, it’s the only thing that matters.

Not waiting for a response he shut the door behind him extremely grateful for the drab mundane colors and scenery of the hallway after having been in Max’s office

Max stared a hole in the door where Slade had just exited. After a moment he lashed out, his arms sweeping all the items off his desk off and onto the ground with a loud crashing noise. Max’s raspy voice hisses between clenched teeth as he settles back into his chair.

Max Kael: When Faith fails you, what will you do then, eh?.. Imagine That.

Just then the door opens again and Shane Reynolds bursts in, his face drawn with irritation and annoyance. Max blinks slowly and sits down, still stewing about what Slade had said.

Max Kael: I didn’t summon you, Reynolds..

Shane sneers at Max who is happy to return the favor, the bitter enemies sharing nor formalities at the moment as Max’s mind was deeply into the Minister aspect of his bitter personality.

Shane Reynolds: Though I am.. Loathe to do so.. I’ve come to ask a favor.

His statement catches Max of guard as he snaps out of his blank stare, one hand going to his bandage where it appears blood has started to seep through. Pulling out his handkerchief Max stands up, moving around his desk careful not to step on any of the trinkets he had knocked off.

Max Kael: My goodness Shane.. you’re asking me for help? Imagine That..

Max moved to the door and slammed it shut once again as we fade to black.

Testing almost complete….First shows airing next week!!

Shane Reynolds – 0% v Issac Slade© – 0%

“Exploder” kicks up over the speakers as the “Prodigal Son” Issac Slade makes his way out onto the stage to a thunderous ovation from the crowd.  The ICON champion stops at the top of the entrance ramp, taking in his surroundings and the reaction of the crowd.  He slowly makes his way down to the ring as the chorus of the song plays:

If you’re free you’ll never see the walls

If you’re head is clear you’ll never freefall

If you’re right you never fear the wrong

If you’re head is high you never fear at all

Sliding under the bottom rope, Issac stands and salutes the crowd, proud as he holds his ICON championship high in the air.

Joe Hoffman:  Issac Slade is something special, Buff.  Just listen to this crowd!

Benny Newell:  You can blow him after the match, Joe.

As Issac reaches down to hand his title to the ring attendant, the music of Shane Reynolds hits and the former ICON champion reluctantly makes his way out under the watchful eye of Ms. Giovanni.  It’s clear he doesn’t want to be here, wrestling on Turmoil against Issac Slade, or against anyone for that matter.

Benny Newell:  If Shane Reynolds would have minded his business during the bidding war, he wouldn’t be in the spot he’s in today.  That’s what you get for spite-ing Lee Best.

Joe Hoffman:  You have a point there Benny.  Shane Reynolds is making his return after a several month absence from the ring.  One has to wonder what’s going through his mind as his head’s not in the game and he’s got a tough task ahead of him in Issac Slade.  As one of the most anticipated matches of the night, this should be a highly contested matchup.

Ms. Giovanni keeps a safe distance on the outside as Shane climbs into the ring.  He stretches his arms using the ropes for leverage before approaching his opponent in the middle of the ring.  Issac Slade extends his hand toward Reynolds, and having no problem with the ICON champion, Shane accepts the handshake, returning it firmly.  Matt Boettcher signals for the bell while both men, similar in size and stature, anxiously prepare to lock up.

They do and Issac Slade gains the initial advantage by kneeing Shane in the midsection.  He Irish whips Shane into the turnbuckle and follows that up with a running splash.  Issac sizes up his opponent and executes several piercing knife-edge chops to the chest of Reynolds, which prompts the crowd to respond with “WOOOO”s.

With his chest already swelling with red marks, Reynolds turns the tables on Slade and fights back with right hands.  He reverses him into the same turnbuckle, steps up successively on each rope, spins, and delivers a beautiful Tornado DDT.  Shane covers but Slade quickly kicks out after 1.

Shane pulls him up by his hair and into a side headlock.  Slade pushes off, sending Reynolds into the ropes.  Slade attempts a clothesline but Reynolds ducks, bounces off the opposite rope and into Slade with a flying clothesline of his own.  He pops up, SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!  Beautiful execution by Reynolds and it doesn’t look like he’s lost a step at all.  Issac Slade rolls out of the ring to recover while Shane himself needs some recovery time after the impact from his moonsault.

Matt Boettcher begins the count on Slade but Reynolds retrieves him after a 4 count.  Shane slides in after Slade though, which allows Issac to regain the upper hand.  He kicks Reynolds down, face first to the mat then stomps his knee to his back.  He does this several more times as Reynolds writhes in pain.

Noting the opportunity, Issac applies the Camel Clutch submission hold on Reynolds who is now struggling.  Shane squirms toward the ropes but Issac is having none of it.  Suddenly, the crowd gasps as they turn their attention toward the HOV screen.

Joe Hoffman:  A picture of Michelle Reynolds-Creedy sleeping on a bed?

The picture quickly fades out before the cameras catch the specifics.  Only those in attendance at The Best Arena have seen the picture, including what appears to be Shane Reynolds.  A look of rage occupies his face as he immediately breaks free of the Camel Clutch and delivers a snap suplex to Slade.  Slade’s back up quickly, Reynolds kicks but Slade catches him… ENZIGURI by Reynolds!  He drops down and applies a headlock to Slade with an intense look in his eye.

Joe Hoffman:  That picture seems to have fueled the former ICON champion!

Benny Newell:  Huh?  What?

Joe Hoffman:  Are you even paying attention to the match?

Benny Newell:  Damn, did someone slip a roofie in my drink?  I feel like shit.

Issac screams in pain as he is in a sitting position with Shane behind him, headlock secured.  Issac reaches out for the ropes which probably appear closer than they actually are.  After another half minute, Shane releases the hold and delivers a standing dropkick to the back of Slade’s head!  Slade rolls around, holding his head in agony.  Shane goes for the cover, but Slade is too close to the ropes and quickly grabs it.

Shane stares down at Slade while his opponent looks up at him in an intense stare down.  Slade uses the ropes to get to his feet and once again and the two wrestlers circle each other.  Shane initiates another lock up to which Slade counters into an Arm Drag.  Shane is back to his feet and is met with a running lariat from the ICON champion.  Shane’s up again… another lariat!  And another!  Slade has the momentum and lifts Reynolds up, allows the blood to rush to his head, and then slams him down for a timely Inverted Suplex.  With Shane down, he calls to the crowd as he quickly climbs up the top rope.

He pauses briefly, signaling for his Freefall finisher, but that’s all the time Shane needed to move out of the way.  Both men are down on the canvas and Matt Boettcher begins another 10 count.  The senior referee stands between both men, checking on them in between counts.

Shane is up first but Issac is not far behind.  Shane lunges towards Slade but Issac ducks, allowing him to hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep on Reynolds.  Slade covers but it’s not enough with Shane kicking out after 2.  Exhaustion is setting in for both men as they looking for an opportunity to capitalize.

Slade helps Reynolds up and sizes him up with several more knife-edge chops.  Reynolds’ chest is beet red at this point and the chops are getting louder and louder with each strike.  The ICON champion hits successive body slams followed by another pinning combination.  Shane kicks out again after 2 and gives a thumb to the eye of Issac Slade.

Joe Hoffman:  What’s this?

Slade and Reynolds are both distracted by the crowd’s reaction to yet another photograph on the HOV, this time, an old torn photo of Shane and a 3 year old girl.  Shane is boiling and grabs Slade and tosses him through the ropes outside of the ring.  He assesses his damage while Slade tries to recuperate, then BAM!  SUICIDE DIVE ONTO SLADE!  BOTH MEN ARE DOWN ON THE CANVAS!

As Reynolds and Slade struggle to recover, a third picture appears on the HOV screen, this time of Michelle and Graystone, standing hand-in-hand over an unconscious Shane Reynolds in a dug grave.  Despite feeling extremely fatigued, Shane Reynolds has had enough.

He struggles to get to his feet and Slade is still down from the impact of his suicide dive.  He nudges Slade, then again, gesturing for him to “get up”.  Slade is dazed though and Reynolds assists him back into the ring right before Matt Boettcher counts them both out.  Clearly, Shane doesn’t want this to end via count out.


He bodyslams Slade into position on the mat and drops an elbow to his sternum.  Seemingly on his last legs, Shane slowly climbs his way to the top rope.  He takes a deep breath and looks down at Slade.

Joe Hoffman:  Could it be?  Noooo!  No way can he execute… NO!  SHANE REYNOLDS JUST MISSED THE DIABLO’S INFERNO!!

At the last possible moment, Issac Slade moves out of the way of Shane’s double moonsault attempt.  Shane is down and Issac isn’t even sure what just happened.  Using the ropes to pull himself up, Slade finally notices Reynolds on the mat, unmoving.

He climbs up the same turnbuckle as Shane did and signals for the end, slashing his throat with his thumb.



Issac Slade drags his near lifeless body over that of Shane Reynolds.

1 … … …

2 … … …



Benny Newell:  Shane Reynolds just blew it!  He should’ve let Issac get counted out when he had the chance!

As Slade takes in the roars of the Chicago crowd, the HOV comes to life with some actions that went down earlier tonight..

Earlier in the night…

Cameras liven up on the big screen, the world is watching and ready, the moment has finally arrived. Triple M pulls up on the Chicago Skyway Bridge as anticipated, Triple M can already see Crow just feet away standing along the walkway of the bridge, its clear triple M shouldn’t be parking on the bridge but exits his vehicle anyway, and stares over. Crow now spots Triple M, and smiles, inviting him over, Triple M takes his time but eventually starts to stroll over, he crosses the steel beams separating the road from the walkway and stops. Immediately he sees Crow, alone, no Amanda or anyone else and becomes weary, curious and cautious looking around, but nothing, just Crow standing feet away, staring back, and with an aggressive tone snaps at Crow.


Triple M: Where is she?


Crow signals for him to be calm, and smiles.


Crow: Don’t you just hate that I made you love again Mario, don’t you just hate that I made you feel for her again?


Mario looks pissed, impatient, unsteady as he takes paced steps around his area.


Crow: Calm down Mario, this will all be over in a matter of seconds, all this time, these matter of months, finally ending your suffering, I bet you must be relieved?


Triple M: I’m not here to make small talk, lets get this over with.


Crow: Lets get this over with? Why Mario, you sound like you’ve made up your mind.


Crow stares at Triple M, wondering.


Crow: I gave you a choice Mario, Amanda, or your career, you hesitated, and yet your still to answer, that alone shows you still care for Amanda, and clearly shows your career is not that important.


Crow rests against a steel beam and places his hands in his leather jacket.


Crow: I ask you Mario, have you come to a decision? Have you decided between, your career, and your wife?


Triple M bows down his head, annoyed, pissed off, cold air floating up as he breaths heavily.


Triple M: Where is she?


Crow looks, and indicates for Triple M to look over the edge, confused, he does so, he peeks over only to panic with shock as he sees a tied up Amanda, hanging over the bridge, she shrieks, crying.




Crow: Now, now, calm down..


Crow steps forward and unwinds a piece of tied up rope, on release he feels a tug but holds on tight.


Crow: Now, Mario, this rope is tied to your wife, in THIRTY seconds I’m going to let it go, and your either going to be holding onto it to pull her back up… or she’s going to have a fall, and you’ll never see her again.




Slamming his hands onto the ledge, looking out at Amanda.


Crow: TWENTY FIVE seconds Mario, we both know why your here Mario, otherwise you wouldn’t have showed up.


Triple M looks over at Amanda as she cries for help.




She cries, but with some relief knowing Triple M is here.


Triple M: Let her go Crow!


Crow: Let her go?


Crow allows some slack in his grip and Amanda slips some, she screams and Triple M dives to check she’s ok.




Crow: TWENTY seconds Mario.


Mario clenches his fist and stands looks at Amanda.




Mario panics and leaps out his spot towards Crow who readies to release the rope, Mario reaches out his hand..


Crow: TEN seconds Mario.


Mario grabs the rope, but only with one hand, he leans over the ledge and looks at Amanda, panicking.


Triple M: You son of a bitch.




Mario closes his eyes and squints as much as possible, gritting his teeth.




Mario grabs the robe tighter and Crow goes to let go..


Crow: THREE… TWO.. ONE..


Crow smiles and goes to let go fully, but.. Mario lets go, Crow’s face drops, Mario still has his eyes closed and turns away.


Crow: I’m not playing Mario, last chance, grab the god-damn rope now.


Mario starts walking, walking away from Crow and Amanda, he stops and looks back.


Triple M: Too fucking bad.


Crow: Too fucking bad?


Triple M turns and goes to walk to his car, when he hears a whipping sound, the sound of burning rope whipping over the steel ledge, followed by a huge scream. Triple M’s eyes widen as the loud scream attacks his ears, but it fades, the scream dies down as its soon followed by a thudding, but silent splash. Triple M whips around, Crow is gone, the rope is gone, everything is silent, Triple M turns with an evil grin and holds it as he walks back to his car, scene fading back to the HOW arena.

Darkwing Speaketh

The scene opens with The Darkone standing in the middle of the ring, surrounded by the ever present mix of cheers and boo’s he soaks it all in with a grin on his face that says he’s got something he wants to say and he’s going to enjoy saying it.


Darkwing: Its just like when youve been at a job for 5…10…20 years and you know what you’re doing. You know your’re the best at what you do, then  some young upstart noob jumps in and tries to imply that you are irrelevant, that you have no idea how to do what you do. What would you do? Thats right, you take the floor out from under them. You bring them down to size, and thats what ive done. There are people in this full house here at the Best Arena who wouldve done the same.


Darkwing was smiling, but the smile fades as he looks around as he addresses the crowd. The fans start booing the Hall Of Famer.


Darkwing: Well let’s just say that it’s time for Issac Slade to be taken down a peg! He’s walking around here all high and mighty; I thought he’d learned his lesson last week that he needs to stay in Louisiana with his mama, but apparently our newest ICON Champion needs further encouragement! So Issac Slade! I promised you that this week would be no different from the rest, so get your punk ass out here.

No sooner does Darkwing finish than Issac appears from behind the curtain, striding down to the ring with the ICON title slung over his shoulder and a Mic in hand he wastes no time in sliding through the bottom rope and getting in Darkwings face


Issac Slade: Darkwing I’ve had just about enough of you!


Several “Slade” chants can be heard from the crowd, his ICON title win seems to have earned him some more crowd support, but neither man pays any heed to the fans.


Issac Slade: I thought we were going to settle our problems at March to Glory, but if you’re anxious to “Take me down a peg” then you’re welcome to try right here and right now!”


This gets a cheer from the fans who also want to see such an encounter, Darkwing begins to laugh


Darkwing: Issac! Calm down kid! We’ll give these good people a fight but we’ll give it to them at March To Glory….at a Pay per View, where statistics and odds state that you are the underdog. Take it from someone who’s been in this business a lot longer than you have! Good things come to those who wait…and I’ve been waiting a long time for this.


Gritting his teeth Issac is in no mood for The Darkone’s speeches or mind games


Issac Slade: I don’t know what you could possibly have up your sleeve that could be any more heartless than what you did last week Darkwing, but get it over with; I’m tired of these games!


Darkwing: Oh finally we can agree on something Issac. I look at you and I see a real waste, you have such talent and yet when the Darkone tried to remind you of your social status here in High Octane Wrestling you spat on my words and threw them back in my face, you know what that says about you Slade? Poor Judgment! To really succeed in this business you have to know who your betters are! And thus far you haven’t paid any dues to the men who’ve been here longer than you, you’ve shown no respect! So yes, we both grow tired of this ‘lonely game we play’ to quote a great singer.


Raising his Mic once more Issac’s patience seems to have run out


Issac Slade: Darkwing if you don’t get to the point right now then you and I are going to be giving these people a preview of what’s going to go down at March To Glory!


Darkwing only laughs. This garners a few cheers from the crowd who still support Darkwing, although its apprent his fan base has mostly turned on him.


Darkwing: That’s what I’m talking about! Poor Judgment! And Impatience! I look at you and I see a small child, Issac. Besides I can’t kick off this play until all the actors are here on the stage! So if you don’t mind Mary? Why don’t you come on out so we can….get this show on the road.


As Mary appears on stage a little wind seems to go out of Issac’s sails, he watches in confusion as Mary makes her way down the ramp looking unsure and uncomfortable as she does, she’s wearing Issac’s riding Jacket that he’d given her, making her way up the stairs she slips through the ropes, with a Mic in hand she moves to stand next to Issac


Mary: What do you want Darkwing?


Darkwing looks at the confusion and uneasiness in Slade’s eyes and nods


Darkwing: NOW you’re almost in a position to hear what I’ve got to say to you Issac, now that our star actress is out here with us we’re only missing one other person


Darkwing pauses and looks Mary up and down


Darkwing: All this time you’ve been living with her and you haven’t once sample a slice of THAT? Damn Slade! Talk about poor Judgment all over again! You should be hitting that every day of the week! I’m sure she wouldn’t mind, if you wanted to make her more comfortable with the situation you could pay her a little each time just like she’s used to!


Issac lunges forward and gets in Darkwing’s face but as he does he turns his back on Mary and it’s at that moment she strikes! Dropping the mic and falling to her knees she hits him with a vicious low blow!


Dropping the Mic Issac falls to his knee’s a look of utter disbelief comes over his face as he turns to Mary, Mary backs away looking like she can’t believe what she just did, she raises her hands in a pleading gesture and speaks to Issac as she backs into the corner turnbuckle, Issac can be seen mouthing the word “Why?” to Mary, the look of hurt and utter betrayal on his face is painful to look at.


As Issac turns his full attention to Mary a flamboyant figure jumps the Security barrier, sliding under the ropes the colorfully dressed man raises a cane and brings it down over the back of Issac’s head as he pleads for an answer from her, Issac falls to the mat like a sack of bricks as the crowd begins to boo, shocked at what just happened and how quickly it went down.


Darkwing applauds and Hands A Pimp Named Rufus Jackson his Mic.


A Pimp Named Rufus Jackson: Gotcha bitch! Got you with my PIMP CANE! YEEEEEEEAH, Its A pimp Called Rufus, BITCH, somebody bout to get fucked in ass!


Laughing A Pimp Named Rufus Jackson throws off his jacket and places a few well aimed kicks to the downed ICON Champions ass, looking down at the belt he shakes his head


A Pimp Named Rufus Jackson: I told yo dumb ass that that Gold Belt didn’t make you a PIMP like me! If you was a PIMP you woulda seen this coming! But naw you went and broke the cardinal rule of sellin them hoes! You fell in love with yo trick! Didn’t ya! Didnt ya!?


Mary scrambles out of the corner and grabs her fallen Mic.


Mary: Stop it! You said you wouldn’t hurt him if I did what I was supposed to do! Let him go!


A Pimp Named Rufus Jackson doesn’t appear pleased


A Pimp Named Rufus Jackson: Biiiiitch! Pour yo’self a nice tall glass of shut the fuck up! The men are talking here! In case you aint figured it out you was just a tool to be used! And now you just about used up! So you just sit there till I tell yo ass to move! Or I’ll take my gun out an PISTOL WHIP yo face! And just so you know A Pimp Named Rufus Jackson aint packin no metal gun tonight, but I’m still packin PLENTY of heat…know what I mean?


Mary opens her mouth to say something but the Darkone reaches down and yanks the mic from her hands, raising it to his lips he kneels next to the beaten and battered Issac Slade


Darkwing: I bet you want an explination, dont you? Well thats fine. You see it all came together like a simple puzzle. You decided to play guardian angle here and rescued Mary from one of Rufus’ subordinates…..Now Rufus found out, then happened to remember you from HOW which then got me involved, as Rufus and I went to Inglewood High School together. From there it was just a simple matter of pulling you in two directions at once. You being the simple-minded naive buffoon that you are, you were easy to string along, by both rufus and myself, Rufus and I getting Mary the two things she wanted long before you got invovled……that envelope she was handed? It contained scolarships to any college in the United States enough to pay for about a years worth. The other 3 years upon completion of you being brought….to your knees. See she just wanted to go to school for her dear mom, may she rest in peace. You are so mad at me for ‘what I did’, but really, was it so bad? All I did was unite you and daddy, I didnt give your mom cancer…..yet its my fault right?

Fans are booing now….lots of heat from the crowd being thrown at A Pimp Called Rufus and Darkwing.

A Pimp Called Rufus: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!! BITCHES!!!

The fans boo even more and A Pimp Called Rufus starts flailing his cane in a rage as Darkwing just glares at him and continues. Issac is stuggling to his knees, sluggish from the attacks.

Darkwing: You see Issac, as you are humbled here, you can go back and think of the string of events that will cost you your status and eventually your ICON title, MY ICON title. It was Rufus who arranged for Mary to be at Mayhem a month ago as you know, but it was ME who got the information from mary about your dad, then Rufus did the rest…the letters photos….and it was HIM who told dear dad you were living with mary and what she was.

Darkwing kicks at Slade who slumps down to all fours. Mary is screaming at Darkwing, Darkwing looks up at her, then goes over to her. He allows the mic to pick up her words….

Mary: STOP IT!!!! You said you wouldnt hurt him!!!

Darkwing: Yeah I did……I said that I didnt PLAN on hurting him. But plans change….but since you seemingly care so much about him, then fine…care about him know that you are nothing but a backstabbing pathetic whore. Thats all you will ever be. I wont hit you, im not as low as Triple M and the rest of the AOA, but Issac…..

Mary: NO!!!!!

Darkwing turns towards Slade, the fans starting a SLADE chant as Slade struggles to get up. Hes on all fours still, trying to get his wits about him. Rufus holds back mary threatening her.

Darkwing: Issac Slade, you and I will go ONE ON ONE at March To Glory….youll march your little southern ass down to that ring the ICON champion, and you will leave with NOTHING! You know why?

Darkwing leans down and is right over Slades head.

Darkwing: BECAUSE ISSAC!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE FACING THE ALPHA BLACK MAN AT MARCH TO GLORY….THATS RIGHT!!! Ive exercised a contractual stipulation ages ago pending my match at the pay per view,  so it was safe from being voided by the new contracts! You will go One on One with the Darkone for the HOW ICON Championship……in a match that has only happened ONCE in HOW histoy, and it was a match where I helped cement my legacy by dominating! YOU WILL BE DEFENDING YOUR ICON TITLE AGAINST THE SCAFFOLD KING!!!!

In the return of the SCAFFOLD MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fans get quiet, as the realize the danager of the Scaffold Match and how Darkwing has proven he has dominated that stipulation.

Darkwi9ng: Issac Slade, March To Glory will be the final stop for your ride on the Tras Darkwing Express, and that last stop will see you plummet 20 feet to the mat and me on top, still the SCAFFOLD KING, and your NEW HOW ICON Champion.

A Pimp Called Rufus: Yeah BITCH!!!!

Issac reaches up and grabs Darkwing’s leg. Darkwing smiles.

Darkwing: CAUSE THE DARKONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darkwing suddenly pulls Slade to his feet, and nails Slade with the second DARK REALITY in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fans gasp as Slade is laid out spead eagled again.

Darkwing takes Rufus’ mic.


‘The Animal Ive Become’ by Three Days Grace hits and Darkwing drops the mic as the fans are giving him hell. Darkwing picks up the ICON championship and holds it in the air and the fans boo him, no cheers at all for Darkwing, which causes the hall of famer to look around at the crowd. Rufus tries to leave the ring and take Mary with him, but Mary slips away and lays next to Issac Slade with his head in her hands as he struggles to regain consciousness. Darkwing goes to a conrer, and holds up the ICON championship as we cut to Hoffman and Newell at ringside….

Hoffman: What a turn of events, Darkwing and Rufus jackson were working together to torment Issac Slade and used Mary against them!

Big Buff: Dumb bitch. Thats what she gets! Hey I may actually like Darkwing now, hes fucking friends with a Pimp for Christ sakes.

Hoffman: I wouldve never thought Darkwing would stoop so low! And to think Darkwing used his contractual stipulation before his contract was voided so it waqs protected from the new contracts being issued around HOW! Now the ICON title will defended in the second-ever Scaffold match! Darkwing won the first Scaffold Match while Issac Slade hasnt even been in a special stipulation match!! This is trouble for the ICON champion.

Big Buff: Lets take a break or something, I got some tequilla I wanna get from the back real quick…..

Hoffman: My goodness Benny….

Scene cuts to commercial

World Championship Match Crow vs. Graystone© ICON Championship Scaffold Title Match

Respect will be earned

Darkwing vs. Triple M vs.Issac Slade© Last Man Standing Match

Two men…four personalities….one mission….brutality

Aceldama vs. Maximillian Kael TLC Stable Title Match

Only the best will climb to the top..

Blaze and Static and Kostoff vs. Bobbinette Carey and David Black© vs. Sektor and Triple P LSD Championship Match No Holds Barred inside The AlamoChristopher America vs. Scottywood© No DQ Singles Bout

Jatt Starr’s Return to the Ring

Ryan Faze vs. Jatt Starr


Graystone© – 0% v Crow – 0% v “Phenomenal” Ryan Faze – 0% v Darkwing – 0%

TNT is back from commercial, and Darkwing and Ryan Faze are standing in the ring. Suddenly, the lights go out and ‘Come With Me” by Puff Daddy hits. Crow appears at the top of the ramp. The number one contender for the HOW World Title makes his way down to the ring. His music cuts as he stares across the ring at Ryan Faze and Darkwing. Then, he looks back towards the ramp.




Crow looks at referee Mike Shea, who then looks at the ring announcer. The ring announcer shrugs.


Joe Hoffman: Where’s Graystone?


Crow looks angry, as he points at the referee, but Mike Shea holds his hands up in the air saying he has nothing to do with this. The ring announcer then announces by the order of Lee Best, this match will be No Disqualification! The crowd gives a huge mixed reaction.


Joe Hoffman: That’s not fair! Lee is just using this to soften Crow up for the World Champion!


Benny Newell: Are you kidding me Joe? Max Kael booked this match. The Best Alliance doesn’t have to observe his bookings. It’s in the rules.


Mike Shea says he has no other choice to start the match. He directs Darkwing out of the ring so Faze will start the match. Crow has a stern look of anger across his face.


Joe Hoffman: Well, I bet this doesn’t sit well with Crow. Graystone’s leaving him to fight this battle on his own.


Benny Newell: Smart man.


Crow and Ryan Faze lock up in the center of the ring. Crow backs Faze into the corner and delivers hard chops to his chest. Faze manages to lift his knee into Crow’s gut and Crow stumbles backwards. Faze runs in for a clothesline, but Crow ducks. Faze turns around. Crow kicks him in the gut and runs off the ropes. Faze manages to counter with a back body drop! The fans cheer as Faze is riled up and plays to the crowd. Crow makes his way to his feet and looks as pissed as ever.


Both men lock up once again. Crow manages to push Faze back into a corner. Faze manages to turn it around and throw Crow into the corner! He begins blasting Crow with right hands to the face, over and over. Crow finally lunges out of the corner and hits Faze with a hard elbow to the face. Crow grabs Faze’s arm and hits him with a shortarm clothesline that knocks the wind out of Faze! Crow covers.








Crow picks Ryan Faze up off the mat, and launches him into the ropes. Darkwing steps over and makes the tag. Mike Shea signals it’s legal. Darkwing gets into the ring. Crow ducks down and delivers a huge back body drop, but Darkwing is there and catches Ryan Faze in the powerbomb position! The crowd goes wild!


Joe Hoffman: Holy shit!


Darkwing powerbombs Ryan Faze onto Crow, and the two men crash into each other and down to the mat!


Joe Hoffman: What the hell was that!?


Ryan Faze rolls out of the ring, and Darkwing covers.






Crow gets a shoulder up. Darkwing picks Crow up by his hair, and then locks in a sleeper hold! A minute goes by, as it looks like Crow is beginning to fade. Crow begins to fall to one knee, then grabs Darkwing’s head and jumps into the air. Crow falls down hard with a huge stunner to Darkwing! Darkwing falls backwards, stunned. Crow manages to drape an arm over him.




Darkwing gets the shoulder up quickly.


Both men stir, and are able to get up to their feet. Crow and Darkwing begin exchanging punches back and forth, then Crow ducks one of Darkwing’s punches and comes back with a kick to the gut and a surprise DDT! Darkwing’s head bounces off the mat, and Crow covers quickly.






Darkwing gets the shoulder up.


Crow pounds his fist on the mat in anger. Just then, the lights to the arena go out and “Hey Foxymophandlemama That’s Me” by Pearl Jam hits the airwaves. The fans immediately boo as the lights come back on and Graystone is slowly making his way down to the ring with the HOW World Title over his shoulder.


Joe Hoffman: Oh now he decides to come out!


Benny Newell: Shut the fuck up and give him some respect. He is your World Champion.


Crow gets distracted watching Graystone come down to the ring, as Darkwing is able to make the tag to Faze. Faze blazes into the ring and hits a huge dropkick to Crow’s back, sending him through the ropes to the outside! Graystone drops his World Title and sizes Crow up. Crow makes his way to his feet and Graystone spears him into the ring!


Joe Hoffman: Come on! That’s bullshit!


Benny Newell: No it isn’t, you idiot! That’s strategy.


Graystone backs away and steps up the ring steps, staring at the fallen Crow on the outside. Then, he turns his attention to Ryan Faze. Graystone walks up to the ringpost, pauses, then outreaches his hand for the tag. The crowd boos as Graystone stands staring at his hand. Darkwing is on the outside, and rolls Crow into the ring. Faze stands back in his corner as he watches Crow stir, then get up to his knees. Crow stands up, then turns around. Graystone punches him in the mouth! Mike Shea calls for the tag! Crow turns around holding his mouth as Graystone starts to enter the ring. Graystone is half way in, half way out as Crow turns back around and throws a huge ball of fire into Graystone’s face! The crowd goes nuts as Crow slides out of the ring and Graystone falls down, rolling around on the canvas screaming.


Joe Hoffman: HOLY SHIT!


Benny Newell: WHAT THE FUCK!?


The crowd begins to chant “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” Graystone holds his head as he makes it to his feet. Faze runs in and locks Graystone up and hits the Faze Plant! He makes the cover.








The crowd goes nuts as Faze jumps into the air in victory!




Crow slides into the ring and begins stomping on Graystone’s head over and over. The crowd lights up. Then, suddenly, the crowd turns to a mixed reaction as Jatt Starr carrying a steel chair, Scottywood, Blaze, and Static rush down to the ring. Jatt Starr slides into the ring, Ryan Faze turns around and notices he’s there. Jatt Starr levels Ryan Faze with a chair! Darkwing lunges in to attack Jatt Starr but Blaze and Static rush in and tackle him to the ground! Scottywood sends Crow over the top and to the outside!


Joe Hoffman: It’s an all out brawl!


Suddenly, the AOA come running down to the ring. Christopher America slides into the ring and tackles Scottywood to the ground! The two men roll around in the ring, as Christopher America gets a few pot shots in to Scottywood’s eye! Scottywood turns it around and unloads several hard shots to Christopher America’s jaw!


Here comes Bobinette Carey and David Black! And Kostoff! The whole ring is in a huge brawl!


AOA get tossed from the ring, and regroup on the outside… the KOE, BA, and LOD are all out of the ring and everyone begins brawling to the back.


The camera focuses in on Graystone, who is getting up from the mat. His forehead is singed, a line of bubbled flesh.


Joe Hoffman: Oh my god! He’s been burned!


Security holds back Crow as he tries to fight his way back into the ring. The camera cuts to the top of the ramp as Max Kael appears out of nowhere and stands with a microphone in hand.


Max Kael: Wow…


Crow turns back, looking at Kael, as he continues to fight the security guards.


Max Kael: So isn’t it interesting that I book the main event of TNT, and Lee Best gets to decide the stipulation?


The crowd boos.


Max Kael: Well, that’s okay Lee. Because you see, tonight I am out here to make a huge announcement regarding the March To Glory Pay Per View… In particular… I have a huge announcement regarding the Main Event.


Joe Hoffman: A huge announcement?


Max Kael: As per my purchasing half of HOW, I also won the right to name the stipulation of the Main Event at March To Glory….


The crowd begins cheering.


Max Kael: And seeing as you both are content with burning HOW to the ground… what better stipulation than… AN INFERNO MATCH!


Joe Hoffman: An Inferno Match! They’ll kill each other!


The camera cuts to Crow who looks back at Graystone, more subdued now as security has a tight grip on him. Graystone is on his hands and knees with his head towards the ground, then all of the sudden he slowly raises his head to reveal a sinister smile. This incites Crow to attempt to burst through the security again.


Max Kael: But that’s not all! You see, Graystone, it seems as though Lee is content with stacking the deck. But I am here to even the odds. To make things completely fair and to ensure NO outside interference, I am also making this… A HELL IN A CELL MATCH!


Benny Newell: What the hell!? That’s not fair!


Joe Hoffman: Hell in a Cell Inferno Match at March To Glory! I swear they’re going to kill each other!


Max Kael goes to leave to the back… but stops himself then turns around.


Max Kael: Oh… I almost forgot… and one more thing… To make sure that everything is completely fair, that this HOW World Title Hell in a Cell Inferno Match crowns the number one force in HOW… I decided to name a special guest referee…


The crowd goes nuts!


Max Kael: And that person is…. M… m…. m…


Max pauses, then points to the backstage.


Then, the crowd goes nuts as the man that will referee Graystone Vs. Crow in a Hell in a Cell Inferno Match for the HOW World Title makes his way out to the top of the ramp…


And that man’s name is….



TNT comes to an end as the crowd is still going crazy….