Bergman Confronts Stevens at MVW House Show
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Bergman Confronts Stevens at MVW House Show

Coming off the Pearl Harbor-ish attack Scott Stevens laid on Joe Bergman and Sunny O’Callahan on Saturday night, it comes as no surprise that Bergman showed up at MVW’s Coralville, Iowa house show last night to confront ‘The Demi-God of HOW”.

It all started with Sunny O’Callahan coming out and waiting in the ring with J.J. Bittinger when Stevens walked out onto the stage only to be greeted by O’Callahan defiantly flipping him off.   Stevens walked to the ring and the two immediately began what would charitably be called a ‘heated’ dialogue with each other.  Sunny slapped Stevens in the face.  Stevens shoved Sunny down to the mat, and then with tensions and tempers flaring Joe Bergman came out to confront him.

Which brought out the rest of the Stevens Dynasty to back up Scott Stevens…

Which brought out all three members of the Alabama Gang to back up Sunny O’Callahan…

And finally, MVW Owner and former HOW World Champion Ray McAvay had to come out to put a stop to the shenanigans.  This is what he said.

Ray McAvay:  Joe, I get you’re understandably pissed off at Scott Stevens for his latest cheap attack from behind on you and Sunny last night and you want to get retribution on him.  Scott, I know that Sunny O’Callahan is living rent-free in your head and in the heads of the rest of the Stevens Dynasty and also apparently Jatt Starr too.  But no, we’re not doing any of this crap here.  This is MY house.  This is MY company.  The petty evil empire bullshit stays at the other company.  I don’t do that here.

McAvay then had Bergman escorted out of the building and sent O’Callahan, the Stevens Dynasty, and the Alabama Gang to the back so the Stevens-J.J. Bittinger could take place.

Stevens would go on to win the match.