It’s happened again!
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It’s happened again!

News has come in here to that once again for the third week in a row, a random Indy wrestler has been attacked and handcuffed outside of an arena hours before Chaos is set to air live.

The Indy wrestler in question goes by the name of [CENSORED] and he was found handcuffed and beaten to a bloody mess outside of the famous Madison Square Garden arena. Different fans have taken pictures and videos of [CENSORED] and have posted them all over social media.

[CENSORED] can be seen unconscious and a pool of blood on the ground. The only thing left on the scene is a King of Spades playing card floating on top of the puddle of blood. Why anyone would want to handcuff and attack an innocent person is beyond us here.

This can’t be good for Lee Best and High Octane Wrestling as surely the cost of medical bills and other damages will be sent to The Best Family in the form of lawsuits. Even though tonight’s event is a sell-out, one has to wonder how many more times this has to happen before fans start to fear for their own safety while attending a HOW event.

The New York City police department we’ve been told has been on the scene and clearly, an investigation will be launched over the assault of [CENSORED] and the other two victims from previous weeks.

How will this affect ticket sales for March 2 Glory in Manchester, England? Will extra security be necessary for each and every HOW show moving forward? Or will the person or persons responsible for these attacks continue to terrorize the High Octane faithful?

We’ll have continuing updates on the situation as they arrive here but for now, the 24th edition of Chaos is set to air later tonight right on schedule. This is the Go Home show before we head into the March 2 Glory PPV where we have a stacked lineup.

Headlined by Conor Fuse challenging Christopher America for the HOW World Championship belt.

As always you can check the action live on the PWA-TV and the HOTv Network.