HOTv Tag Team Champions Add More Gold
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HOTv Tag Team Champions Add More Gold

Last night at Missouri Valley Wrestling’s Normal, Illinois house show, this went down during the Men’s Tag Team title match between champions The Stevens Dynasty (Bo and George Stevens) and challengers The Alabama Gang (R.G. Jenkins and Mark Hendry)…

(Last night-MVW’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland-Normal, IL)
Thunderbolt Smith: Hendry back to his feet.  He eyes Bo.  Bo eyes him right back.  They lock up.

Rick Hall: These guys have been killing each other all night long.

Again, Sunny O’Callahan gets the attention of referee Ron Martin. 

Thunderbolt Smith: Once again, Sunny O’Callahan is distracting the referee and buying her team time.

This pisses off Cary Stevens to no end.

Thunderbolt Smith: Wait a minute.  What’s Cary doing- CARY STEVENS IS IN THE RING! 

Rick Hall: HE’S GOT A CHAIR!

The patriarch of the Stevens family climbs into the ring behind Hendry with a steel chair in hand as Bo grapples with him and Ron Martin is engaged in yet another conversation with Sunny O’Callahan.

Cary raises the chair.

Jenkins yells at Hendry. 

Cary swings – Hendry reacts at the last second.


Thunderbolt Smith: HE JUST HIT BO WITH THE CHAIR! 

Cary blasts Bo in the face with the chair.  Bo drops to the mat.

Jenkins rushes in and tackles George Stevens who’s trying to get there and help.

Hendry rolls up Bo Stevens.

Sunny points Martin at Hendry.

Keels drops down to make the count.



George’s not going to get there in time.



Thunderbolt Smith:: NEW CHAMPIONS! 

So with the assistance of Sunny O’Callahan- returning to the ring after a week of recuperation following Dan Ryan’s Headliner (Burning Hammer) knocked her out cold at Chaos 20- The Alabama Gang have added MVW’s Men’s Tag Team title to the HOTv Tag belts they have.

Stevens’ family patriarch Cary Stevens was understandably upset at what went down last night and vowed the Stevens Dynasty would not only be back for the MVW tag belts but the HOTv ones as well.  Does this mean we could see the Stevens Dynasty in the mix for the HOTv tag belts as well as the tag team that comes out of the Lethal Lottery on Friday night?  We will see.